So our party have finally reach the lowest level of Mystra's Rest.

The poor bastards had to fight the same half orc they already battled in Fort Farshaw (that'll teach them not to kill their mortal enemies, finish him properly next time), unfortunately for them he returned with a few extra abilities and some new gear and a thirst for blood. He basically kicked the shit of the party's main damage dealer and they ran to the bottom of the Rest. Having no idea where the trap door at the bottom lead to, but feeling it was either jump into the abyss or die, they jumped leading to a place unknown.

Now we're through the rest I can share the DM's guide with you, some of it may make no sense as it was designed for my encounters but you're welcome to make of it what you will.

Happy Adventuring

Original post & map

DM's guide

Full map collection

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#Inktober2017 - Map 18 - "Filthy"

Since i had just released my redraw of the Dungeon! boargame map today, I decided that the obvious choice for "Filthy" (sewers) should combine with the Dungeon! map into something more. So here we have the underdungeon that is connected by a number of grates to the chambers above.

Right in the middle we have the upper drainage area, linked to the Main Gallery above (and designed to keep the rest of the dungeon from flooding from rains above by moving the water down beneath the corridors as soon as it reaches the bottom of the gallery stairs). The water flow continues down to chambers underneath the guardroom (where the water generally gets... less pleasant) and then to the kitchens. A long run brings the waterflow to the torture chamber where it picks up whatever is washed out of that chamber and brings it down to the Queen's Treasure Room Annex which in at least one more recent edition of the boardgame is illustrated with a large hole in the centre - this is where the resident Otyugh lives and leaps up to try to snack on adventurers in the treasure chambers. It then flows down beneath the king's chambers (but is not connected to those chambers where it meets the flow from the wizard's laboratory before flowing out to the river outside.

On the northeast side we have the ghouls' runs, a set of corridors dug out by the ghouls and other foul creatures living beneath the north side level 4 crypts.

(All the grates in this map are actually the grates set in the floors above when mixed with the classic Dungeon! map - there's also a small stair error in the ghoul crypts that has to be reversed when I finally scan this for release)

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Three Googly Heroes Brandishing - for +N. Phillip Cole

Isle of Dread -

Expedition to the Barrier Peaks -

Warhammer Fantasy RPG 1e -

Thieves' World Boxed Set -

Heroes of Horror -

Temple of the Frog -

Legion of Gold -

Against the Atomic Overlord -

Gangbusters -

The Croaking Fane -

Otus Wizards Dividing Loot -

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In B/X D&D a flask of oil in a lantern lasts for 4 hours (24 x 10 minute turns).

At a request from +N. Phillip Cole I'm putting together business-card sized cards to track lantern and torch burn times for B/X games.

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#Inktober2017 - Map 15 - "Mysterious"

The eight stones loom around Prior's Hill. Grasses never grow tall here, and the druids' paths lead here according to those willing to track their travels through the forest.

On the right nights, with the right rituals, you can open the portal on Prior's Hill and climb down the stairs to the black dungeons below.

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#Inktober2017 - Map 19 - "Cloud"

ThunderHead is one of the rare cities on the elemental plane of air, near a boundary of the plane of water. It has become home to many expats from the Prime who have found themselves here - crime is low, magic is plentiful, and the birdwatchers find the place incredible.

While I know the original Dungeon! board game map was drawn by David R. Megarry for his prototype - but which artist drew the version that appeared in the original board game?

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#Inktober2017 - Map 17 - "Graceful"

I don't think the "grace" really came through at all - in the end this became a practice session for crunchy crumbly isometric stone ruins.

The Pillars to the Temple of Rains

At the edge of the Falleck Promontory overlooking the Dry Badlands of Korush, a series of bizarre (and probably unnatural) stone pillars reach 60 feet up from the dry floor of the land and support a series of small bridges that in turn lead to the ruins of the Temple of Rains. Some say rebuilding the temple will bring water back to the badlands, but most believe the temple was built here in the first place because water is so rare.

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Well, that project came together ridiculously quickly. Torch and Lantern business-card sized cards for B/X D&D and Labyrinth Lord games (and other D&D variants where torches burn for 1 hour / 6 turns and lanterns burn for 4 hours / 24 turns).

I recommend you get these printed on Kraft card stock using Vistaprint or a similar printer. 100 two sided B&W cards on kraft stock cost about $27 in Canada from vistaprint.

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Good day! Explorers of fantastic places, this day I bring you a MEGA bundle of Forgotten Realms locations. A cartography bundle that includes my illustrations for 11 different places along the Sword Coast. Places included in this bundle are:

Sword Coast - poster
Baldur's Gate
Baldur's Gate Regional Area
Chult Peninsula

You can use any of them for other adventures or products in the DM's Guild. They are also great props for your home games. Hope you have fun exploring all these places, the aggregated value of this pack means there's a 65% discount on the price tag.

Find it here:
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