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The Second European Vocational Skills Week is here! 🎉

Discover your talent! There are more than 1100 activities!
See the full programme here:

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[DECISION] The Ombudsman closes her inquiry on the composition and transparency of the Commission's expert groups after the a reform of the expert group system has been achieved and she will continue to monitor the Commission’s implementation of these reforms. This strategic inquiry concerned one important aspect of the Commission’s reliance on external sources of expertise, namely its system of expert groups. In 2016, in the course of this Ombudsman inquiry and following calls from the European Parliament and civil society, the Commission reformed its expert group system. It issued a Commission Decision with revised rules governing the functioning and work of its expert groups. With its reform, the Commission has significantly overhauled its expert group rules and has put in place a more robust and transparent system. The new rules are largely in line with the Ombudsman’s suggestions.
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Παπανδρέου: «Έχουν καταρρεύσει πολλοί μύθοι για την διακυβέρνησή μου»
Papandreou: "Many bad stories about my government have been unveiled as nonsense"
Translate the Greek text in the article with:
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How to tackle #FakeNews and online disinformation?
What actions could be taken at EU level?

Take part in our public consultation:!KH84pr
Our aim is to give citizens effective tools to identify reliable and verified information.

The results of the public consultation as well as the work of the High-Level Expert Group set up today will contribute to the development of an EU-level strategy on how to tackle the spreading of fake news, to be presented in spring 2018:!Qm46kP

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Awarding of the Lux Film Prize, anti-dumping laws, car safety measures, tax havens, corruption and the rule of law in Malta are the main topics on Parliament's agenda for next week's plenary session. Stay tuned!

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The Parliament, together with UNICEF and Eurochild, want children to help shape the future of Europe! Young people quizzed EU experts yesterday to mark Universal Children's Day. Find out more in our video @

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Em sexto, não mto honroso, lugar.
Os Morcões estão satisfeitos? Ficam contentes?
5.300 postos de trabalho (A descontar para a SS e IRS o que iria beneficiar todos não so a cidade A ou B) e 1,3 mil milhões de euros foi o que esta merda potencialmente custou a Portugal.
Espero que seja é a última vez que o governo tuga ceda a bairrismos popularuchos e bacocos dos imbejosos com complexos do Porto (e nem isso vos fez ganhar a câmara é bom lembrar).

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On 15 November 2017, EU ambassadors endorsed, on behalf of the Council, an agreement with the European Parliament on two banking proposals

Find out more below

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Remarks by High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini upon arrival at the Foreign Affairs Council/Defence format

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What the EU is already doing against tax evasion

The Panama Papers and Paradise Papers show that we need to take the fight against tax avoidance seriously and that EU countries should move up a gear.

The EU has been working on many fronts, including on tax intermediaries. Tax advisers played major role; we propose they report plans to authorities first:!BV98JW

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