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10 minute update: The US retains more possession but Jamaica is not making it easy. Because of a speed difference, a few Jamaican players have come close to yellow cards for ankle blows that they didn't mean to do, but did anyway trying to intercept.
Tidbit: 3 Portland Timbers players are on the US Team tonight!

Tonight was my sixth week of hockey. Which means my first session of the development program has reached its conclusion. We started out the session with a few skate and position drills. All to prep us for the second half of class, a full ice game. They mixed the beginner and advanced skaters together and separated us by jersey color.

I intercepted and blocked a few passes. Got a few shots on goal. The best moment though was my breakaway. Got the puck off the faceoff and made a beeline for the goal. I managed to keep the puck in front of me and everyone behind me. Just me and the goalie. Wrister right at the 5 hole. Shot was blocked though. Got complement for it by the coach over the hockey program. Even despite completely wiping out, sliding few feet across the ice behind the net after the shot.

All in all, I'm having a blast. I'm really glad I decided to go for it, even if it does kick my butt. No time for rest, next session starts next week. 

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Holy crap let's do this.

For those die hard hockey fans that can't wait until winter.....

No moving off the road when vehicle show up.

#hockey #canadian #canada #summertime 

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Thank you, Hammer.


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Here's the entirety of my "Fix the Future" series.

Sorry if the teams aren't in alphabetical order.
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High-living Cubs fan faces prison for duping investors of $1.67 million

Chicago trading firm founder Randall Rye was living the high life last fall when he plunked down $110,000 for the hottest tickets in town — the Cubs' World Series.

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Brain disease affects 99% of NFL players in study -

All but one former National Football League NFL player in the research were found to have brain disease.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The donated brains of college and high school players were also studied A study of American football players' brains has found that 99% of professional NFL athletes tested had a disease associated with head injuries.The report published on Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association studied 202 deceased players - 111 of them from...

#Sports #NFL

(Credit: BBC News)

#Sports #NFL

(Credit: BBC News)

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Emanuel: Cubs chose lucrative concerts over more night games

Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Wednesday shot down the idea of allowing the Cubs to play as many night games as other major league teams, saying the team instead has chosen to hold more lucrative concerts under the city rules it plays by.

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