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Do you know how to create a novel plot? Read this now. Download the free PDF available.

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Originally shared by Priyanka Sharma
#Book #Review: A Perfect Wife by Caro LaFever

#bookreview #fiction #romance

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A sequel will blast off to your planet as soon as we get the A-OK to begin launch sequence!
“Bonadonna has constructed an empire and galaxy that largely escapes the looming shadow of Star Wars and Star Trek to exist as an original work in its own right. ‘Three Against The Stars’ is a rip-roaring adventure ride.” — William Patrick Maynard, Black Gate Magazine, author of “Lawhead,” “The Terror of Fu Manchu,” and “The Destiny of Fu Manchu.”
On the distant alien planet of Rhajnara a conspiracy created by the fascist Khandra Regime is set into motion to overthrow the rightful Rhajni Republic and instigate a policy of ethnic-cleansing. The conspirators are cunning and it seems nothing in the universe can derail their mad apocalyptic scheme. Nothing that is but three rambunctious Space Marines from the Third Regiment Company E of the United States Space Marines assigned to Rhajnara with the Terran Expeditionary Force. Sergeants Fernando Cortez, Seamus O’Hara and Claudia Akira are the most unlikely trio ever to don starhead camouflage and become military heroes. To their superiors they are wild, reckless and incessant troublemakers always in the thick of things. Yet their courage, loyalty and devotion to duty prove them to be the toughest Devil Dogs in the Corp. Now, with the aid of a Medical Corpsman named Makki Doon, a young Felisian native proto-feline humanoid, these three futuristic musketeers are about to become the one factor capable of exposing the traitorous Khandra coup. But to do so they will have to put their lives on the line one more time and risk all to save the day facing off against incredible odds. To save an empire they will truly become … “Three Against The Stars.”
Published by Airship 27 Productions, “Three Against The Stars” is available worldwide in paperback, Kindle, and audio book editions. #jobobooks #spaceopera #sciencefiction

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Originally shared by Lewis Liberman
The best libertarian fiction in 2017!

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A great #writing software can be the difference between a novel sitting permanently on your hard drive, or one day sitting on your bookshelf.

Here I break down two of the most popular writing programs to help you make an informed decision about which is the best one for you!


//Hey all! I just sorta wanted to post my story here, just so I could get some opinions on how it so far and such! This story is supposed to be a mystery superhero tale, and is only part of the first chapter to the tale, so I hope you all enjoy!//

Moral Gray: The Neutral Detective

Chapter 1

Police Detective, Henry Saige, sat at his desk; examining the files for his latest case. The brutal and morally absolute man, had been demoted to a Missings Persons Investigator, after his attack on a local gang of street punks when he was a Vice Detective; the type that search for the people that do really bad stuff. Saige didn’t care if those guys were innocent, he just wanted justice to be dealt to those who committed the Sin of Omission; the act of not speaking of their gang’s illegal activities. He angrily slammed his fist down on the desk, just thinking about how he was demoted infuriated him; but he knew that it shouldn’t even be his focus for the moment. No, his focus should be the missing person in question: Jeanie Thompkins.

He read the file; scanned it twice with his eyes to memorize every detail. Ms. Thompkins was a young, 17 year old girl; her hair was blonde, her skin was white and her eyes were a pretty blue; her body was slender, her height was short; she read books and did not wear make-up; she got good grades in school, almost all A’s in each of her classes; and her father was the one who provided all of this. According to the guy who worked the front desk of the station, James Thompkins was crying and begging everyone in the place to search for his daughter. It just so happened that Saige ended up with the case.

After Henry finished memorizing all of that, he pulled his brown trench coat on and flipped his fedora onto his head, covering his side swept hair and casting a shadow over his eyes. He didn’t talk to anyone as he left, some of his fellow officers glancing in fear for they heard what he did to the gangsters; some of them muttering rumours that he had smashed the spine of one of them with a brick. He didn’t go that far; Saige was sure of that. However he still didn’t see what he did as evil, just the correct thing to do for a bunch of drugged up morons. He quickly got into his car; happy for the silence it provided, in contrast to the ringing phones and whispering of the station. He drove off to 130-Pontemiller Street: the home of James Thompkins.

Thompkins himself, is a single father; divorced because he constantly abused his wife, who chose not to take their child with her, the reason being that she did not believe she could support her. He then went to an intervention, that way his horrible habit would not carry onto his daughter. It had been 3 years since then and James seemed to have reformed because of how well he had taken care of his own daughter; he had gotten a good job and enrolled Jeanie into a top notch private school where her learning should have skyrocketed. He could have been seen as the perfect father, now that his abusive tendencies had stopped.

Henry got to the quaint housing of the Thompkins within an hour. It was painted a vivid red, all around the exterior; an odd sight for Mr. Saige who was used to the dull grays of tall buildings, and small apartments. He walked over to the door and knocked on it; sending soft, but audible thuds throughout the small interior. It opened, revealing the large figure of James Thompkins, his face full of panic; his eyes baggy and red from crying and bearing a five’o clock shadow across the lower area of his head. “So…. You’re that detective they sent?” Thompkins asked Saige, who promptly responded with: “Yes, and I’m going to help you find your daughter”, in a forcibly calm tone; he frankly thought that a man like Thompkins should not be crying. James let Henry enter, exposing the rest of the living room to the eyes of the detective. The place was utterly wrecked, perhaps in Thompkins’ grieving, he thrashed the house to get rid of his own frustrations. “Her room is upstairs” James stuttered out, as if he was about to burst into tears “it was the last place I saw her”. As Henry proceeded up the stairs, he could hear the choked out sobs of Mr. Thompkins.

The room of Jeanie Thompkins had pure white walls and shelves, with academic awards and pictures of the blonde girl adorning both; an empty slot between two pictures. A dark brown, hardwood floor provided an odd contrast to the walls and shelves; although that was merely a pointless thing that crossed the mind of the detective, who stood between both. There was also a basic wooden desk to the left, with a powerstrip laying on the top of it. Nothing was plugged into the thing, and nothing else was on the desk; implying that something was there before the girl disappeared. Henry could guess that it was a laptop, and thought that the Jeanie might have run away. Although, for what reason would she run away? The tracks of a runaway child would be easy to find, but it was as if Jeanie Thompkins, the laptop, and that one photo had completely disappeared. “There has to be a clue somewhere” Saige thought to himself, as he took a peek under the girl’s bed. Crumpled paper, and lots of it, was what the detective found.

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Just thought to share some science fiction ideas with the writers blog. It's a work in progress, some of the ideas are old, others are fantasy and some put a new spin on things. If even one of my ideas inspire a story. Then I've done well. Just remember to read the info to the pictures.

Thank you for your time.

Album Name : Imaginary Science Fiction Ideas

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Amazon Rankings

I cannot seem to make heads or tails out of Amazon rankings! At the moment I am sitting at 4,506 for free books and more interestingly 40th for Gothic Romance.

The latter is interesting because I never established keywords nor categories to show up under that genre. I advertise the book as being Horror which is currently ranked 120th.

Mind you, it's 162nd in Romantic Fantasy and I've never imagined it fitting under that genre. So what gives? Clearly the author does not have full control.

Large bump in traffic will not affect ranking either. But that's likely an algorithm to correct for spikes and look at an overall trend. That I can understand, but ranking the book under radically different genres? I just hope people aren't disappointed when they pickup the book!

Anyone else experience this?

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Originally shared by Chivalric Arts
Enjoy the american isekai web novel of a gansta gone to war only die on his first day back home in a turf war.

Darius Woodman tired of war now has to go to war in another world.

God's orders brah.

Enjoy the latest chapter released as of today.


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