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The government has produced a draft Bill in an attempt to deal with the challenges of the 'gig economy' workers. If passed, the Bill will give more rights to workers through 'worker by default' status.

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51 Ways to Make Yourself and Others Feel Better Every Day @pdiscoveryuk

Do you tap into your universal wisdom to feel better every day? What other tips can you share with others to feel better every day?

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7 Common Qualities of Inspirational Leaders - People Development @pdiscoveryuk

I have always admired people who have made a significant impact, and are inspirational people. There are many people who particularly inspire me, these are the most significant

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Top 5 Most Efficient Collaboration Tools For Large Projects

Small businesses especially can benefit from online collaboration tools. Stay tuned to find out which top 5 tools you can easily start managing the biggest projects possible.

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Introverted CEO: 7 Keys to Thrive as a Leader And Entrepreneur
@NormanArvidsson #leadership

Let’s be honest, Thanks to tv and movies, when we think of the stereotypical CEO, a certain picture comes to mind. The CEO is bold and outgoing

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Is Your Work Environment Conducive or Constraining?

Correct office design is not only a H&S requirement, but also contributes to excellent work performance. Here's some of the factors that you may want to consider for your work environment design:

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There is no point being SMART if you’re not SHARP Phil Higson

Should we be setting SMART-er goals if we are really going to achieve them? In this article we consider two key reasons why so many personal goals can be so hard to reach

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10 Ways to Develop Critical Thinking for Leaders - People Development

Unfortunately, not everybody has critical thinking as one of their strengths. It requires a lot of exercising from childhood, and well into adulthood.

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Interview with Dr. John Kotter - Harvard Business School @pdiscoveryuk

Speaking with John Kotter was phenomenal. His deeply researched ideas on change and leadership for now and the future are ones which every leader and manager must contemplate

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225 Famous Quotes to Inspire Development - People Development @pdiscoveryuk

Sometimes quotes can inspire you for the next hour, the next day or for a lifetime. Here we have listed our favourite quotes and hope you find them inspirational! #quotes
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