I was watching old tar Treks (classic/voyager/etc) and well as the various star wars incarnations thought how can I incorporate FTL communications into traveller?
Now before you all start ranting and flaming let my present my idea...
A PBS (or was it SCIence channel? ) had a documentary on quantum physics and even though it is a bit of a head scratch wrapping the old grey matter around it I did get one thing that peaked my interest....QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT.

So, my idea...
this can only apply to high stellar class A starports on the mains (and from major Imperial capitol ships) because:
1) they're really the only ones that can afford the expense and power needs to run it
2) it keeps the over all feel of traveller because messages still have to go out in the old fashion methods we're all used to from those receiver points.
3) the expense of private messages sent this way would be VERY expensive compared to 'normal' thus limiting it and maintaining game balance.

So, using the principle of quantum entanglement (limited to a 6 parsec distance do to shear amount of power needed) instant communications can be done between the ports I stated above and relayed one port to another.

PC's could still 'out run' the notifications about their misdeeds (a more stressful for them, but fun for the GM...) important messages to the PC's could still reach them in time to be relevant, etc...

what do you think? do-able? without being over powering?

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In HeroQuest's 'The Coming Storm', the dangers surrounding the Red Cow clan in Sartar are closing in from within and without. Occupied by the Lunar Empire, the tribes bent on their destruction are too close for comfort. The clan can see violence on the horizon— the Hero Wars are coming.

The gripping saga of the Red Cow's dire straits in 'The Coming Storm' has a brand new sequel. In 'The Eleven Lights', War has come to Dragon Pass in this complete Gloranthan campaign setting, taking the Red Cow PCs from brutal occupation to their liberation from the Lunar Empire. Whatever history holds for the Red Cow clan, players are about to find out. https://www.chaosium.com/the-eleven-lights-pdf/

What AL module (non hardcover) would you run as a teaching adventure for new players, other than the Starter Set? Thinking just as a single session for folks who want to play D&D and show up at their store or on Roll 20 or such. 

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Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2e is live on kickstarter!
If you're interested in a game that fuses the wide scope of REIGN or Crusader Kings with the vibrant post-apocalypse of Gamma World or Hyper Light Drifter, or if you liked the first edition and want to know how we've made it even better, go check out the kickstarter page!

Can you tell me about a time when you successfully played an evilly aligned character? What needs to be done so that the game doesn't just spiral out of control?

I'm putting together an online Mongoose game that starts with character creation this coming Sunday. I'm a couple slots short at the moment, and would love someone from here to join in!

Time slot is every other Sunday at about 3pm til about 7pm.

Let me know!

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More Fate Numenera Jadepunk (Nanopunk?) goodies. We have finally settled on a player's signature Artifact.

Dusk Star

Type: Device/Artifact
Functional Aspect: Cypher Powered Gunblade
Features: Focus 1(Glaive), Harmful 2, Exceptional (Discharge attack type is modified by the Cypher used; Additionally, you can make attacks from up to three zones)
Flaws: Demanding 1 (1 action to Charge), Situational (Focus; When Charged), Situational (Harmful; Once when you Discharge the shot)
Cost: 2

"Envisioned and handcrafted by an obviously mad (Who else in their right mind would merge a sophisticated energy weapon with a saber?) Nano weaponsmith of a bygone era, this monstrous weapon once used a rare breed of ammo, fashioned specifically for it.
After its rediscovery in the Ninth World, Gunblade revealed an ability to feed on Cyphers for ammo. Results of firing "non-authorised" ammunition are unpredictable at best. The fact is, it kills the enemy (if aimed right) in a very graphic, non-PG way. Other than that you can just swing it like a fancy sword."

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System: 1st Ed. AD&D
Campaign: TSR Classics Campaign (A0-4/T1-4/GDQ1-7)
Setting: Gary Gygax’s World of Greyhawk
Platform: Roll20 w/Google Hangouts

Event Invite/Teaser for Session #66: The Wilderness Lodge:

Our Heroes, having fled the Slave Pits under Highport via the sewers, follow a distant signal from a lighthouse and traverse the rocky reef path beneath the cliffs, finding themselves deep within the marshy everglades to the north of the port city, along the coast of the Woolly Bay.

Careful navigation through the mangrove swamps by the party's monks lead the company of Blackthorn's Bane through the estuaries to a low-lying sand-beached island, discovered about a half-mile before the lighthouse. A dragoon-style longboat filled with a sortie of 22 Koalinths (aquatic Hobgoblins) and a fearsome Chieftain was observed patrolling the waterways around it.

As the adventurers maneuver their way onto the sandbar island, an eight foot wide boardwalk leading through the swampland is revealed. The wooden path has a three foot high rail and wide planks. Many of the planks have rotted over the years, but the damages have been recently repaired with newly placed timber.

At the edge of the thick and course everglades, a surprising sight is unveiled through the mangrove overgrowth: a large and many-storied mansion! Despite the fact that most of the coastal areas along the Woolly Bay are uninhabitable within the swamps, salt water rivers, and estuaries, here lies a massive and beautiful building which has weathered the years and climate very well.

Ogre, the stout warrior of the company - a former slave in these parts - had heard rumors about a ship captain's manse along the coastline here, but he (along with all others) had assumed that it was long-abandoned since the humanoid invasion of Highport.

The magnificent lodge sits at the end of a peninsula that extends into the sea from the west end of the island. The area around the lodge is primarily beach and sand dunes. Several pine and palm trees grow around the area, but otherwise, there is little vegetation. For the most part, the mangroves and tropical foliage do not extend into the peninsula from the main part of island.

Some parts of the building's multi-floored sections have suffered some water damage but the vast majority of the structure remains intact. Several windows give off soft illumination from within and purple and yellow flags identifying the Slave Lords can be seen, displayed atop the terra cotta flagstone roof. Clearly, the place is inhabited.

After several hundred feet, the long wooden boardwalk ends at a large patio area made of slabs of limestone. A gable roof, covered with red, clay tiles covers the patio area which leads to a pair of massive wooden doors. The doors are flanked by full-length windows. Four ornate wooden benches rest next to the building under the porch.

As the party approaches, storm clouds gather overhead, soon followed by a steady trickle of rain against the setting sun over the Woolly Bay. The lighthouse begins signaling from across the water inlet that separates the two sandbar isles: first two flashes, then three, then two again.

Gathering beneath a small grouping of mangrove trees on the southern side of the peninsula - the last bit of cover afforded by the foliage here - the party is spotted from the sea by the Koalinth searchers in the longboat! From the range of just over one hundred feet, the vessel approaches through the dense fog and quickening rain, heavy-crossbows at the ready...

Hello! Band new to Numenera here and want to do a one-shot game for my normal gaming group as well as a group of new players.

So I am looking for a one-shot type adventure that will give a good example of the setting, mechanic and how everything works.

I have picked up the core book and the Instant Adventures set.

Any suggestions?
I see Beale of Boregal mentioned often, but I get the impression that is for several session worth of adventures and I don't see any pre-gens for me to use.


I'm running a one shot this Wednesday at my local game store for my regular group and have a bunch of pregen done....I hoping they like the system.
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