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Originally shared by Ifinder Ifindi
We are under Watch. . .
(It's so! believe it or not!)

You keep away to God ?
But, feel happy doing good !

You are not at philosophy ?
Yet, never for doing wrong !

You love Science, so much ?
And, like it to be in service of Life !

▶ Sailing, with and Under 'Watch and Ward', divine
▶ Salutes, You are a saint within, under any walk of life

Meditation makes you aware the depths of being watched
We are under 'Watch and Ward', Divine

( #Meditation #Yoga #God #Philosophy #Science )
* * * * *

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This post is for you, you, a happily married mid-forties man which wife does yoga.

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Ready to brush up on all things asana?

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Biomedical research has begun to appreciate what yogis have known for centuries...

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If you're among the people that are less than thrilled about the trend of yoga, that's perfectly understandable. But, it hurts to say this, you're missing out many things. Yoga has many physical, spiritual and mental benefits.

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