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WP 4.9, vulnerabilidades en plugins, ponentes para #WCZGZ, Firefox, resúmenes de #WCSantander, entrevistas a Matt, SEO, el ecosistema, packages para editores, guía para el tono del trato con el cliente…
→ Actualidad para profesionales de #WordPress (#90)

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Con anuncios que capten la atención de tu audiencia podrías posicionarte mejor en el mercado, descubre la razón de esto en la #BibliotecaPublicar

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Si te has preguntado ¿cuál es la mejor opción para lograr el objetivo de mi estrategia publicitaria? esta nota es para ti. Ten un panorama más claro de las opciones publicitarias en beneficio de tu negocio. #BlogPublicar

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+ Geo la nueva plataforma para que las Pymes protejan su información en internet. Conoce más en esta nota realizada por #ArtículoRecomendado

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Te esperamos en la VII semana del emprendedor en San Sebastian de los Reyes.

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Utilizar mensajes inoportunos y poco relevantes puede ser uno de los errores en tu campaña de e-mail marketing, #BlogPublicar trae consejos para que mejores tu estrategia y logres cambios importantes.

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Sé el número 10 en ventas en la mejor época del año. Los mejores consejos para sorprender a tus clientes los encuentras en la #BibliotecaPublicar

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Inicia el día inspirado con alguna de estas frases seleccionadas para emprendedores como tú: osados, soñadores, creativos. Disponibles en nuestra #BibliotecaPublicar

Partners in Leveraging Affiliates (PNL) The Powers In Leveraging .

"Leveraging is the reason some people became rich and others do not" ROBERT KIYOSAKY"

I think leveraging is not only about building wealth , more important is about creating freedom. In most cases leveraging creates win -win and beneficiary all parts involved.

When i realized my employer was leveraging on me I realized leveraging is indeed us everyday, everywhere and that working for others waste the most valuable resource in the world: Time; If I lose money i can always make it back , but if I lose my time , I can not never make it back. So, I cherish time . Didn't you ? And then I decided spend my time doing things I love and with the people I care about. I don't want to be a self employed and became my own boss ans I start looking for the ways I can leverage and have more freedom in my life.The solution? PARTNERS IN LEVERAGING (PNL) .

PNL is a PRIVATE ECONOMY GROUP working for decades and creating the most wealthy people around the world in a record time. It is a private system and you need a member invitation to join. In the right minute you join you will start making steps to be financial freedom !

What our product is? Financial education ans seminars. We have 2 of them this yea(Nov/Dec ) that will take place in Beverly Hills CA y Vegas NV.

Leveraging is a science that requires commitment and dedication. I know you have all of them. Leverage is a powerful concept , a lever allows us to lift a large object using a relative small amount of force.Without of leverage most business would stay small and make a little profit for their owners and little impact to society.

I love the principle of Philosopher Archimedes" give a lever long enough and a place to stand and i can move the world" . By fully developed this principle in our lives , careers or business we can achieve vastly more than we ever could on ourselves. This is an invitation to leverage on ours energies , knowledge, money,success,ideas,credibility including failures.

Almost all success individuals understand the power of leverage and that success in any endeavor is accelerated by using leverage. You may became success without using leverage but , if you aren't using it that means you are willing to compromise the level of success , speed and time necessary to get to each level .

Leverage is an action to help achieve a purpose and has been used since time immemorial . In fact each of us has experienced , used or witnessed leverage , but we are not aware of the importance and the incredible power of leverage in everything that we do. the cost of no utilizing leverage in ours lives and business strategies is huge. We need to get intentional and strategic in the use of leverage in every part of life.

Ready to join? Let me know and you will be in a $ 5000 phone conference !!!!!! and get ready to make 6 figures income before Christmas!!!!

I hope hear from you ASAP

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