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This week, Joseph Dunlap presents to you a beautiful guide to the story of Kaladesh block, through the cards themselves.

Sit back and enjoy the ride as we dive into the saga of Chandra Nalaar, inventors, fighting, revenge, automatons, gremlins, chases, escapes, friendship, and Impeccable Timing…

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This is an interesting custom designed card. What do you think of the card guys? What casting cost should this card have?

What would other colours in this cycle cost and do?

mtgUK Custom MTG Cards Community -

Amonkhet Spoilers, #MTG News & Updates - #MTGAKH

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Hi there!
I'm a new youtuber that posts MTGO standard league videos, at the moment I've only posted 2 matches.
If you've got time drop by, check the channel and let me know what you think.
Cya there :)


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Cracking 216 MTG Booster Packs! Full Mixed Case Opening!

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Hey guys, we'll be live streaming on Twitch tonight at 7:15pm. The format will be Standard. Please join us via the link below!

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#deep #mtg #practicalmtgadvice #itsmorethanagame

Modern Masters 2017 Cards, News & Updates -

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What Is The Best/Worst Set In Magic: The Gathering’s History? A Brief History Of Every Standard MTG Set Ever Printed, by Craig Jones

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First Strike #18



(00:01:40) Are the current trend of higher priced GPs still worth it?
(00:13:18) GP Prize structure: Is it okay that 12-3 can’t make cash? Is playing 16 rounds the solution?
(00:32:51) GP Porto Alegre won by Temur Tower: is the Standard metagame opening up?
(00:38:32) What format is preferable, a defined metagame with few decks or a wide-open format?
(00:43:59) The bizarre new Amonkhet split card which surfaced: what about it?
(00:55:14) Modern Masters 2017, what’s the verdict?
(01:04:28) Rapid Fire Questions: Should WotC use card Restrictions instead of bans? Should the early banned & restricted announcement window be scrapped in favour of the later one? Best Mardu build for the mirror?

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The card images for Duel Decks: Mind vs Might is up!

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Let's Play The Modern Masters 2017 Booster Box Game for Magic The Gathering!
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