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Italian Tiramisu Gelato Pie (18-Minute Dessert) - Food Contessa

This Italian tiramisu gelato pie is so creamy, semi-cold, and very delicious! It has an intensive tiramisu taste, so if you like coffee desserts then this one is the ideal sweet treat for you! It took me exactly 18 minutes to prepare it, plus around 5 hours to set. Here is the recipe: Servings 10 (s...
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30-Minute Mad Chocolate Fudge Cake - Simply Ina

This wicked chocolate fudge cake is so rich, chocolatey and packed delicious flavor, ideal for chocoholics everywhere! Plus, it is very simple and easy to make! You will need around half an hour to prepare it and you are getting a beautiful and moist chocolate fudge cake that you will love it! Here ...
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The Whoopiest Chocolate and Peanut Buttercream Pies - See Stay Share

The most delicious, the whoppiest chocolate and peanut buttercream pies I ever tried! So rich, creamy, and cute! Plus, extra moist and ideal for special occasions… along with a nice, refreshing cocktail. Just perfect! Try them: Servings 10 to 12 whoopie pies Ingredients: For the cakes: 1 cup brown s...
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Easy and Fancy Chocolate Cheesecake Cake Dessert - See Stay Share

If you like chocolate this easy and fancy chocolate cheesecake cake is your dream dessert! It is a rich and moist cake with a chocolate cheesecake. You can prepare it for holidays, birthday, anniversaries and other fancy occasions where diet is excluded. Here is the recipe: Servings 10-12  Ingredien...
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Tasty Chocolate Craving Cake - Simply Ina

_This Italian chocolate craving cake is ideal for all chocolate lovers! So rich, so creamy…simply delicious! Plus, really easy to prepare. Here is the recipe: _
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Perfect Dark Chocolate Mousse with Strawberries - Simply Ina

This dark chocolate mousse with strawberries is so simple and easy to prepare. You will need just 20 minutes to make It plus chilling time. You can have it as an energy breakfast or a nice, creamy dessert after dinner. Plus it goes perfectly with a cup of coffee. Here is the recipe: Ingredients: 1 ½...
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Christmas 3-Chocolate Mousse Cake (Simple Recipe) - Wooz Food

Shout out to all the Chocoholics out there! This Christmas three-chocolate mousse cake is ideal for you! So rich and very delicious, but simple and easy to prepare at the same time. The holiday season is near, so try the reci...

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Chocolate & Coconut Truffles

I don't think anyone can openly say Bounties are their favourite chocolate bar, at least anyone I know. Either way, there's always someone that will take a hoard of Bounties of your hands from a box of Celebrations. I'm that person. It's extra chocolate and a sweet treat - how could you resist?!

Taking inspiration from this chocolate bar, these truffles soon appeared. With a white chocolate and coconut ganache, encased in a crisp dark chocolate shell, they are divine. Quite possibly more so than the chocolate bar itself. From the first crunch to the soft, creamy ganache, with all the coconut you could ever want in truffle you will be left longing for relaxing time in the Caribbean.


Ingredients: (Makes 35-40 truffles)

250g coconut cream/ milk
80g desiccated/ powdered coconut
250g white chocolate, chopped
10g butter

125g dark chocolate
10-20g desiccated coconut

Bring the coconut cream to the heat along with the desiccated coconut.

Once the coconut cream has heated up, add the chopped chocolate and butter.
Stir or whisk until all the chocolates melted. Then leave in a fridge to cool and set.

Once set divide the ganache into sized balls. Rolling in your hands to create a round ball. (Cold hands are preferable so not to melt the ganache.) Leave in the fridge once again before continuing.

Melt the chocolate for coating.
Dip the ganache balls into the chocolate, let the residual drip off before placing on parchment paper.

Either roll using a fork to create a spiky outside or leave to dry smooth.

If drying smooth, add the remaining desiccated coconut to garnish.

You'll find the full step by step recipe with pictures in a slideshow here:

You can pin this recipe for later here:

#foodies #chefstallorder #chocolatelover

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Singapore Sling
Because every hour should be happy hour!

3 Singapore Sling Recipes here:

An iconic name in cocktail folklore, the Singapore Sling is probably one of the most messed around, messed up and bastardised drinks in mixology history!

It has always been one of my favourite cocktails ever since I had my first sip on the hallowed grounds of The Long Bar, at The Raffles Hotel in Singapore; at the ripe old age of 22.

On my blog post, I give you three, yes three, Singapore Sling recipes, the first one is courtesy of The Raffles Hotel, as printed on the recipe cards in The Long Bar along with 2 others, including one that gives you an idea of the origin of this much loved drink.

You'll also get history, because this, is a drink with a past.

Blog post link is right at the top.
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