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New blog post at Burgos Cleaning dot Com: WHY OFFICE CLEANING PROCEDURES ARE ESSENTIAL

Whether you are hiring a cleaning company to do the cleaning for your office or you are planning on doing it yourself.

One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by making sure you know all the Office cleaning procedures that will be followed.

This checklist can assist you in cleaning the items that need to be cleaned and will make sure you do not miss something important.

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No matter how hard you try, carpets get dirty and stained. A carpet may seem spotless, but underneath the exterior lies heaps of dirt and bacteria. Read more:

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New blog post at Burgos Cleaning dot Com: ALL ABOUT POST CONSTRUCTION CLEAN UP SERVICES

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After cleaning an upholstered couch, the discoloration you're there to remove intensifies. Why? According to IICRC-approved instructor and senior inspector Jim Smith – it's the manufacturer's flame retardant. Keep reading to find out how to prevent and correct this problem.

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It's time to clean your mattress stains!

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Bond Cleaning Services Adelaide
Maid2Match has Adelaide best bond cleaners, amazing customer support and unbeaten standards. Look, these are not baseless claims but they are backed up in the reviews put forward from the thousand’s of homes we’ve cleaned and continue to clean regularly

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Being an IICRC Certified Firm helps technicians stand out from the competition and reassures customers that your firm has the knowledge and expertise to get the job done properly. Learn about the benefits of being an IICRC Certified irm here:

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Have you seen a counter rotating brush machine ? This helps get the Pre treatment deep into the fibers and remove any debris the vacuum missed !

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Read out very informative blog on expert tips to clean stubborn carpet stains.

To request a quote, visit and get 10% off on 3rd and 7th regular clean (for new clients only)


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What Light through yonder window breaks? William Shakespeare … For centuries, throughout the world, light has defined the space we live in. For most, the amount of time spent in buildings outweighs time spent in nature’s natural light. And everyone knows,…
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