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Comment if you want to make apocalyptic theme gem drawings

ill be doing more drawings like this-sorry its a bit shabby did it on a trackpad since my mouse broke

My Diamond
Ruby Reporting in
There Winning
were retreating
please send reinforcements

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Peridot : Pleased To Meet You,Clod!

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Hello everyone! Recently I drew my fan fusion of Jasper and Rose Quartz. The gem fusion I chose is sunset aura quartz!

🌹About the fusion🌹

Sunset aura quartz is an extremely unstable fusion. They unfuse very quickly (it's a miracle if they stay fused for over a minute). This makes sense, as Jasper and rose have different views about how gems should be treated.

Although they are fused for a short amount of time, they are extremely strong. I feel like they would only fuse for a bit in a really rare situation and then never again lmao

With that, the fusion has a lot of self-doubt. They are nervous about every movement every stop every action. If they got caught they would be not trusted my many (especially if they fused after rose was considered a rebel ). When first fused, they are in shock and can hardly move. However, they aren't a perfect fusion as Jasper and rose imagined (well rose didn't necessarily think that they would be a perfect fusion but she totally didn't think that there would be a hand sticking out by the wrist area or something).

After unfusing Jasper immediately keeps asking rose about fusion but rose has little idea about the fusion either so she's pretty much useless.
Sunset aura quartz is very hesitant as well. It's not very good communication between Jasper and rose on what to do so sunset is tense and most likely shaking and not moving. I might write more about them if you'd like but for now it's just a little summary of how I think personally the fusion would act


The design of this fusion is interesting to me because I had the idea while watching dresses on a tv show (I'm pretty sure it was "Say yes to the Dress" don't j u d g e m e) and I saw this really pretty one shoulder dress and it sparked me to make it.
I loved doing this fusion so much hehe
The most difficult for me was choosing the colors and not making it look too much like a rose recolor. I did a speedpaint of it but since it's late for me I'll show it in another post~
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when cartoon network says in november with steven universe.....

(this is gonna get a few likes i guess)
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What do you think of Candace as Yellow Diamond?

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I made a new gem OC thing...its a Spinel!!!

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Pearl x Mystery Girl

(I've read that her name is Sheena or something related to that, by fans)
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A Diamond and a Quartz in a wild adventure into the land of dreams!

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looking through the art book and found these amazing old designs of ruby and Sapphire ahh
by Rebecca Sugar
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