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Originally shared by AnimalsEtc.
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Ben has been diagnosed with Feline Leukemia.
The other day I noticed that he seemed lethargic, bony (very odd for Ben), and didn't want to eat (VERY WRONG for Ben!!!). The next day my mom took him to the vet and he tested positive for Leukemia. I set up an extra X-Pen in my room and that's were he is now. We're giving him subcutaneous fluids twice a day. He still won't eat. Cat owners, please make sure to test your cats for Leukemia (if you can) and vaccinate them for it. The virus is passed on by cats, and it takes 2-5 years to appear (at least that's what I've heard). It can be fatal. Please pray for little Ben.

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Here is beautiful Kiki! 👍🐕😀🐾👏
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I'm a nice guy I treat others nice no matter what even though sometimes I'm sensitive and sometimes get into fightes but who cares I'm also a Jake Pauler but I don't really care I just like him better I just feel terrible that these days people treat each other bad but can't we just all work together and just make the world great again I'm a nature kind of guy to butterfly's like me and other animals to nature is beautiful I'm also a cat lover and a dog lover the world is waiting to still be all explored so u can still explore I'm just a person who has like one or a little bit of friends people these days hate black people even though I'm white who cares I have talked to black people before and they were kinda nice I don't like it when people get harrased, so let's just make it better cause littering is causing the world to end to , this is going to be one of my daily reports see ya guys tomorrow (maybe)

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Originally shared by Simply Audrey Cat
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VIDEO - Dog Rescued from Well
Sheriff Has New Therapy Dog
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FL County Looks to Regulate Dog Trainers
News and more:

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My dog Brize :3

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Took Tibbs out for more car training today, and he takes to it like the car isn't even there. He has two things on his mind: are there more fish treats, and can you get this annoying harness off me? Not much reaction when I start or move the car, although he found it a bit offensive when the fan blew up his behind when those startet going while he was sitting on the dashboard ;P We didn't go for a long drive, just a few meters down the road, but it is enough to tell me that he hasn't got a problem with it. I don't think he'll be anything like Rufus though.
We'll work a bit more on the harness thing while he is inside, just wear it around the house, and see if he enjoys going for walks.

#caturdayeveryday #catpasity #caturday #cats #cat

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Freckles is the new member of the Gardens Gang and fits into the gang of Spaniels perfectly

Pic OFFSD Sanctuary Tennesse
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