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An actual play report of a one-shot I ran for my bloodthirsty (but in a good way) theatre arts students.

So, I just started playing FFG's Star Wars ... like literally, it's only been a few days, and I'm already loving the new system, it works so much better than Wizard's d20 versions.I think the storytelling aspect works well for the SW Universe, and helps keep the action moving.

The GM of the game was talking about how, as a GM you get the urge to play, and while running a game is enjoyable, playing has its benefits too.

So I had made mention that I've been wanting to run SW Saga's Dawn of Defiance campaign for last last several years, but every time I started running it, the game fell apart for one reason or another. But rather than run the game with Saga rules, which doesn't work in this forum, I thought it would be cool to try it with FFG's system.

So I'm wondering if anyone has any interest in playing in a pre-gen campaign with some on-the-spot conversations that'll need to be made as the game progresses. If there's enough interest we'll discuss further.

Hey! I’m trying to get together a tabletop role playing group for Star Wars Edge Of The Empire. It’ll be online. So far I have three players who are all new to the system so I am welcome to any new players looking to try out the system or RPG’s in general or longtime players.
I wanna do a long term rebellion campaign. We're scheduled Wednesday nights around 5-7 MST.

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I wrote down the 10 things I'd love to happen in SWTOR in 2017. What are yours?


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WARNING: The very first paragraph bit states: "Spoilers obviously but if you want to know the important choices, companion recruitment and companion death here is where all the action are."
SOooooo. If you want to go in 'blind' to the story choices / impacts then don't read the info, not even a little bit!

Otherwise, I am crazy impressed that she (& others?) have had time to [a] complete all chapters [b] make notes / recorded cut scenes and then [c] provided this write up!

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Kylo Ren in the new Battlefront 2 is so OP!!!
His powers are so lit...

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Has anyone attempted to update West End Games material for the FFG system?

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Seems like a good read / review of Week one of Galactic Conquest :)

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Wrote a checklist for KOTET! (see link)

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