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I've got the printer built and it seems to be working, now I have the problems I was expecting from the beginning, trying to get my POS computer to connect to the damn thing. I stretched out a new USB cable (since there was no way the little 6" thing included would work for me) and plugged it into the computer. Windows immediately says it can't install drivers, and the device manager shows a USB2.0-Serial device. Repetire can't find it with Auto, and I'm kinda stuck now. I've no idea what to do.

I thought, "heck, I'll just do a test print from the card." but that doesn't work either. I load the STL file onto the card, but the file doesn't show up when I put it into the machine. Am I missing something here?

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New Matter launches 30% faster MOD-t 3D printer on Kickstarter, starting at $199 #3Dprinting

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New design for more efficient solar cells takes inspiration from black butterfly wings and 3D printing #3Dprinting

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SLM Solutions secures largest ever order as Asian customer requests 70 metal 3D printers #3Dprinting

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Cicada-inspired 3D printed PEKK implants could reduce bacterial infections without antibiotics #3Dprinting

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Trying to add a HS 311 Servo to RAMP 1.4

Unsure about VCC to 5V Jumper which I beleive is required for the BL Touch

With the VCC jumper plugged I beleive this supplys 5 Volts to the 5V pin which sends that to the Servo Pins, ONLY.

The BLTouch is pulgged in a Servo Port BUT if the HS 311 Servo is also plugged into a servo port it can cause the RAMPS 1.4 to reboot, current draw too much?

So the HS 311 Servo needs to be powered from a separate 5 volt supply..

Idea, is this safe, will it work?

Unplug the Jumper Pin, (VCC/5V), connect a separate +5 volt power supply to the 5V pin, to supply a five volt reliable for the Servos and the BLTouch.

Connect the Negative of the separate power supply to the Ground power input

Will this work is it OK?

Here it is using VCC to 5V Jumper
Servo driven nozzle wiper arm Testing odd

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Zoo Knoxville #turtle wears tiny 3D printed mask to protect face injury #3Dprinting

So, I'm looking for a new way to print... Right now, I design in sketchup (and export STL), slice with slic3r and print with pronterface. Everything is currently on Mac. I have raspberry pi's and a linux server at my disposal. I'd like to design in sketchup and do everything else in (new software). My printer is custom built and powered by a smoothie board. I am just tired of the file management and going between multiple pieces of software. Not to mention, I am getting tired of pronterface and would like something different.

Any suggestion is welcomed. Thanks in advance.

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MakerBot Labs: new experimental 3D printing platform is MakerBot's olive branch to open source community #3Dprinting

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How to Use 3D Printing for Product Design: Meet the Fellow Coffee Lovers
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