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(REPOSTED WITH HOPEFULLY HI-RES PHOTOS) Hey hey. I'm fairly new to the model making world. These are my 2nd (stug iii) and 3rd (panzer iv) tanks i've made. Theyre both tamiya kits. Theyre not really weathered. I haven't quite got that just really happy when i don't mess up melting the tracks together. They currently live on my desk at work. Please let me know what you think and how to improve.

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Found this amazing diorama pic ...

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Quite hard to find references for the U-Wing
Ended up taking snapshots of a YouTube video about a Bandai 1/144 kit build
Anyway in the picture below I've marked the missing pieces in Revell 85-1637, the 1/106 U-Wing kit I just bought from Amazon
The two missing grills are available as 3D printed parts in the "Revell U-Wing Exterior Detail Set" from Shapeways: waiting for that too 😆
The shipment should contain the quadlaser cannons for my Falcon too, and in the meantime I'm dangerously out of business 😕

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Originally shared by Joe McCaslin (Fightnjoes Model Bunker)
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With the continuing movement forward with the videos on this build it is time to throw out some better, used very loosely, quality images of the weathering.

First up, and each of these will be a kind of summary of what happened.

First the initial process was with a gloss coat I used Titanium White, cheaper oil set, to try to get some streaking and a bit of weather staining on the fuselage. I also used Burnt Umber, same set, to try to get some distinct staining on the panels of the engine area. I did not like the way this came out.

The process is started anyway. Teaser, a bit of a change in execution is next up.

All comments, critiques, and criticism are encouraged.

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Hi gents, heres my latest diorama, scale 1/72, hope you like it, greetz from germany. (original image)

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CHRISTMAS ORDERS - Don't wait to long or you won't get your orders in time for Christmas. We normally have a 4 to 5 week backlog of work. That gets longer the closer we get to Christmas. Custom painted hard hats and welding helmets #zimmerdesignz

Hey everyone!

Something's been bugging me for a while. I plan on using Future as a gloss coat to sandwich the decals on my D7.

Maybe this has been asked already, but I was wondering what kind of dull coats can go over Future. Would something like Testor's Dullcote lacquer cause issues? Should I stick with acrylic clears? What do you use or recommend?

I'd love to hear from those who have experience with this ...


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Been working on an old AMT/ERTL Snap-Together AT-AT 'Chicken Walker' for a FSM Star Wars Group Build lately. Managed to loose one of the upper leg parts and had to scratch a substitute.

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This is my first model ever. It is a Panther G from Tamiya. Please let me know how it came out and any suggestions you may have are more than welcomed.

Modellers we have a member who wants to leave. Can I please have a show of hands for +Jeff Thomas​ to show he is a much loved member of our community and that we would love him to stay.

I for one would be devastated if we lost a member because of a few rivet counters.

It's plastic, some glue and a splosh of paint. It's a hobby let's keep it that way.

Do we really care if something is the wrong colour, do we really care if the markings are wrong?? shouldn't we just celebrate the time and effort that someone has taken to build their pride and joy.

Stay Jeff you are part of this mad dysfunctional family, it wouldn't be the same without you.

Thank you

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