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There has been controversy over whether adult humans grow new neurons, and some research has previously suggested that the adult brain was hard-wired and that adults did not grow new neurons. This study, to appear in the journal Cell Stem Cell on April 5, counters that notion.
Lead author Maura Boldrini, associate professor of neurobiology at Columbia University, says the findings may suggest that many senior citizens remain more cognitively and emotionally intact than commonly believed..
We found that older people have similar ability to make thousands of hippocampal new neurons from progenitor cells as younger people do Boldrini says. We also found equivalent volumes of the hippocampus (a brain structure used for emotion and cognition) across ages. Nevertheless, older individuals had less vascularization and maybe less ability of new neurons to make connections.

The researchers autopsied hippocampi from 28 previously healthy individuals aged 14-79 who had died suddenly. This is the first time researchers looked at newly formed neurons and the state of blood vessels within the entire human hippocampus soon after death.
(The researchers had determined that study subjects were not cognitively impaired and had not suffered from depression or taken antidepressants, which Boldrini and colleagues had previously found could impact the production of new brain cells.)
In rodents and primates, the ability to generate new hippocampal cells declines with age. Waning production of neurons and an overall shrinking of the dentate gyrus, part of the hippocampus thought to help form new episodic memories, was believed to occur in aging humans as well.
The researchers from Columbia University and New York State Psychiatric Institute found that even the oldest brains they studied produced new brain cells.
We found similar numbers of intermediate neural progenitors and thousands of immature neurons they wrote.

Nevertheless, older individuals form fewer new blood vessels within brain structures and possess a smaller pool of progenitor cells, descendants of stem cells that are more constrained in their capacity to differentiate and self-renew.
Boldrini surmised that reduced cognitive-emotional resilience in old age may be caused by this smaller pool of neural stem cells, the decline in vascularization, and reduced cell-to-cell connectivity within the hippocampus.
It is possible that ongoing hippocampal neurogenesis sustains human-specific cognitive function throughout life and that declines may be linked to compromised cognitive-emotional resilience she says.
Boldrini says that future research on the aging brain will continue to explore how neural cell proliferation, maturation, and survival are regulated by hormones, transcription factors, and other inter-cellular pathways.

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Office Insider for Android

Hello Office Insiders,

Present Wirelessly from Mobile!

We have recently launched a new feature in PPT which enables you to present wirelessly from your mobile to nearby Miracast enabled projectors/ large screens, Smart TVs, and dongles.

Once connected you will see a full screen slideshow on the large screen and presenter view with speaker notes on the mobile device. You should also try using laser pointer, ink annotations etc. to bring focus to content in your slide

You can try out the feature by upgrading to the latest Android build on your phone and then clicking on the new cast icon in the slideshow toolbar.

You can turn your Windows 10 PC into a wireless display and try out this feature.

Note: This feature is only enabled for Samsung devices with Android N and above.

Kindly try out the feature and let us know how can we improve it further by filling this short survey :

Team Microsoft

#microsoft #office #officeinsider #business #microsoftoffice

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RADV Vulkan Driver Adds Vega M Support

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I... I just wanna use Hangouts... 😿

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An Interplanetary Shock Wave Hit Earth's Magnetic Field - G2 Geomagnetic Storm Warning Issued

INTERPLANETARY SHOCK WAVE: An interplanetary shock wave hit Earth's magnetic field on April 19th around 23:50 UT. When the shock arrived, the density of the solar wind flowing around our planet abruptly quadrupled. Moreover, magnetic fields in the solar wind near Earth have since intensified 10-fold. A G1 (minor) geomagnetic storm is in effect right now. Sky watchers at higher latitudes should be alert for visible auroral dispalys.

G2 (Moderate) Geomagnetic Storm Warning Issued .

What is an interplanetary shock wave? It is a supersonic disturbance in the gaseous material of the solar wind. These waves are frequently delivered by coronal mass ejections (CMEs). Indeed, this one might have been a minor CME that left the sun unrecognized earlier this week. Or it might be an unusually sharp co-rotating interaction region (CIR). CIRs are transition zones between slow- and fast-moving streams of solar wind. They contain plasma density gradients that often do a good job of sparking auroras.

Clips, images credit: NOAA/SWPC, NASA/SDO,,

Music credit: YouTube Audio Library

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Regretting your Office 365 purchase? Here's how to get your money back!

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#DonaldTrump had 'serious reservations' about #MichaelFlynn's judgement, according to #JamesComey's memos

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Will You Upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS? [Poll] #ubuntu #linux

We're now a week away from the stable Ubuntu 18.04 LTS release — which means it's nearly upgrade decision time! Let us know if you plan to upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04 by voting in our poll.

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Nasa to make announcement about nuclear power in space
The 'Kilopower' project could be used to generate clean energy on the moon, Mars and further into the universe

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Twitter doesn’t care that someone is building a bot army in Southeast Asia

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South Australian Sunset

The Adelaide metropolitan coastline happens to sit on the east side of the St Vincent gulf. Which means we are lucky enough to get sunsets over the ocean all year round. I live a couple of minutes from the beach, so when I’m in the mood for some photography, I’m always keeping an eye on the clouds in the sky. Hallett Cove beach is a local for me, and happens to have an interesting coastline with many photogenic rock and cliff formations.

New website now up and running!

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#F1 "Liberty Media has another deal signed as Formula 1 becomes an equity shareholder of PlayON in a strategic partnership which will see the latter as its Official Daily Fantasy Partner, while the platform will also be used as an OTT service provider in key markets - especially in the USA."

Do you think Liberty Media is on the right path to gain more fans?

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Ultraviolet radiation from low-mass stars could render planets uninhabitable
Habitable planets may be more likely around warmer M-dwarfs.

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Allo is (pretty much) dead, Android Messages is set to evolve into Google's main texting app, while Chat technology, aka the RCS Universal Profile, is the future. Pretty confusing stuff all in all:

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#podcast: In episode 130, Jack & Miles are joined by comedian Dan O'Brien to discuss a new study about how friends brainwaves start to match up, an update on the raid on Michael Cohen's office, Trump being unable to keep the secret of the North Korea meeting, how MySpace was doing the same thing as Facebook, an analysis of the drug policy in America, a look at the Starbucks situation, & more!

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Why might Microsoft want to be so generous to users of Google's Chrome browser?

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#Melania_Trump style 2018: The latest news on what the #first_lady #Melania_Trump has been wearing. Now in her second year in her high profile #White_House position the former model has continued her polished, uber-luxe style. Keep scrolling for the latest on what the frist lady Melania Trump has been wearing in 2018.

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“Climate scientists are collecting and analyzing data from dozens of Earth observation satellites circuiting our planet to monitor glacial ice melt and sea-level rise, detect desertification and even issue early warnings of natural disasters like hurricanes and floods."

... data are even more valuable if they confirm a mathematical model, which allows to compute future data, which cannot be measured today. However, it seems that there are billions for satellite programs, data analysis and new computing center, but there is almost no money to develop better numerical methods to improve the mathematical models. I think most of these multi-million climate models would not pass an mathematical assessment; i.e. it can be shown that some results are unrealistic, that climate researcher cannot differentiate between modeling artifacts and relevant results.

"Most of the data from Earth observation satellites is now open and accessible to governments around the world, free of charge. The UN hopes policymakers will use it to up their contributions under the Paris Agreement to cut emissions."

"Only when you have the facts do you know what needs to change, Villagran de Leon says."

..... physical data are related to an aspect of the current reality, however to understand how the climate system evolves, data must reveal there underlying pattern, which requires generally an validated model. There is a difference between military reconnaissance and the scientific method.

Are most position at the UN related to a political promotion?

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The Case of the Incredible Shrinking Mammal!
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