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#F1 Lewis: "It's a shame, we had a chance for a one-two (finish. I mean we are all going into Turn 1 as hard as you could, but when someone destroys your race through an error, it is kind of a tap on the hand. Those things happen. I thought I was going to get rear-ended. (But) we are all fighting for world championships. We are not twiddling around."

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Why Our Brains See the World As "Us" Versus "Them"

Brain imaging studies have found increased signaling in the amygdala when people make millisecond judgments of “trustworthiness” of faces.

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"When somebody comes in, we must immediately, with no judges or court cases, bring them back from where they came." - President Donald Trump

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Watch A Republican With Integrity Destroy The Fake Outrage Over Sarah Sanders Getting Kicked Out Of A Restaurant: Former Bush Commerce Sec. Carlos Gutierrez destroys the fake outrage over Sarah Sanders getting kicked out of a restaurant. The post Watch A Republican With Integrity Destroy The Fake Outrage Over Sarah Sanders Getting Kicked Out Of A Restaurant appeared first on POLITICUSUSA.

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Update Seewatch for WatchMaker ver. 3.3

Watchfaces collection with 56 watchfaces for WatchMaker

- Added #031 watchfaces with white and black version.

Download link:

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Gut Bacteria Influences Metabolism Through the Immune System

A specific innate immune receptor on enteroendocrine cells, PGRP-LC, is required to receive the acetate signal.

The research is in Cell Metabolism. (full access paywall)

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The latest Splatfest has been happening this weekend in Splatoon 2 for the Nintendo Switch and it is Team Pulp which has emerged victorious, beating Team No Pulp. Team Pulp managed to score a 2-1 win. If you participated in the event then well done to you…

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ANAS EXPOSÉ: An Open Letter From Great Olympics’ Abel Manomey To President Akufo- Addo - On 6th June 2018, Investigative Journalist Anas Aremayaw Anas, brought an expose that showed several members of the Football Association and referees allegedly collecting bribes on tape. Your Government in your own wisdom was compelled to suspend all activities of the Ghana Football Association as well as barring its officials from undertaking any duty at the Football Assoc ...

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Microsoft Graph: Everything you need to know - We have already seen Microsoft bringing in many services focused on consumers and enterprise in the market that sometimes it becomes difficult for us to keep up with different services on different devices. Microsoft launched Windows Phone way back. People [...] This post Microsoft Graph: Everything you need to know is from

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How Four Cups of Coffee a Day Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Coffee consumption has been associated with reduced risk for heart disease in correlational research, but the mechanism of this benefit and the vital dosage necessary have previously eluded discovery.

New research published in PLOS Biology has now shed light on this, identifying a critical role for a protein called mitochondrial p27. Caffeine doses found in four (or more) average cups of coffee induce movement of this protein into mitochondria, setting off a series of responses which enhance multiple mechanisms of protecting and repairing heart cells (and presumably other types of cells, though this research focused on heart cells).

This adds to a growing body of evidence that coffee drinking is, in general, health promoting, and that its greatest benefits even require more than just a morning cup of Joe to obtain.

#BlindMeWithScience #ScienceSunday #Coffee

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It's Building! Stand Up People!
Hold them Accountable!
Vote them Out! Take Back Our Country!

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Sailor @ Brandenburg gate

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rainbow door

#hqspmacro +HQSP Macro
#btpmacropro +BTP Macro Pro
#spectumsunday by +Laura Ockel +Spectrum Sunday

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Could Playing Fortnite Lead to Video Game Addiction? The WHO Says Yes, But Others Disagree

However, not everyone is on board with the idea that gaming addiction could be a real medical condition. The APA says there is a lack of evidence to support the idea that gaming addiction is a unique mental disorder.

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Kingsoft Office Beta (WPS)

What’s New

WPS Office V11.0.4 is available now. There are 32 new &improved features, including:

[WPS Premium]
Add custom watermarks when exporting to PDF;
Add PDF annotation function in PAD version;
Simplify the payment process by subscription;

[Document Management]
Simplify the user interface;

Add Converted Image to Text function (Only support Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English versions currently);

#kingsoft #office #kingsoftoffice #business #androidoffice

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Are you expecting 8,192 pressure sensitivity levels?

#android #news #samsung #galaxynote9 #smartphones

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Deal: Refurbished Google Pixel & Pixel XL Starting At $232 - June 2018

#android #deals #sale #google #discounts

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The yellow dot. Forensics of printer tracking.

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Microsoft and Razer might be working on an Xbox keyboard and mouse partnership

Keyboard and mouse support for Xbox remains a hot topic, despite never fully materializing. Support for keyboard and mice would open up Xbox to a far larger array of games, potentially, since many titles like Age of Empires DE simply won't work well with a controller. Minecraft (Bedrock version) already supports mouse and keyboard on Xbox One, but so far, that's it.

Earlier in the year, Microsoft spoke to developers about its plans for keyboard and mouse support on Xbox One. Leaked documents we've recently received detail how Microsoft was at least planning to bring mouse support to the April update of the Xbox dev kit. Redmond showed off the sofa-friendly Razer Turret keyboard and mouse peripheral in partnership with Razer, who joined Microsoft for the presentation.

Whether these plans are still set to go ahead or not remains a mystery, but we can at least get a glimpse at what the two companies might be working on.

The presentation details a Microsoft and Razer partnership to enable Razer Chroma RGB lighting support directly on Xbox in games, showing off how it works today in PC versions of Overwatch, DOTA2, and other titles. Chroma lighting can provide visuals cues for abilities coming off cooldown and so on, which can be useful and immersive.

The presentation also details some rules and guidance for developers on their implementation of mouse and keyboard support for Xbox. Gamepad support is still a requirement for all titles, and the Xbox can only support one mouse and keyboard per console, unlike gamepads, of which it can support several.

Microsoft also offers some guidance on the impact mouse and keyboard support might have for competitive multiplayer titles. It notes that it's entirely up to developers on how they want to utilize mouse and keyboard support, emphasizing that the presence of mouse and keyboard can be detected, meaning a developer could potentially lock players to specific playlists based on their inputs to preserve balance.

Microsoft encourages developers to monitor how mouse and keyboard players compete against gamepad players and make adjustments where necessary, while "highly suggesting" that use of mouse and keyboard should be used in separate matchmaking rules.

The presentation notes that support for all USB mice supported by Windows would be available on Xbox, including mice with wireless dongles. Mice with custom drivers or Bluetooth reliance would remain incompatible, however. The presentation also discussed unauthorized peripherals which emulate controller behavior. In response, Microsoft is introducing a new API developers can leverage to detect (and potentially block) mouse and keyboard accessories that mimic controller inputs unfairly.

The presentation closes noting that mouse and Razer RGB lighting support for games was at least supposed to arrive in the April 2018 XDK update, targeting a Fall 2018 Windows 10 Update rollout, internally known as RS5. We haven't been able to verify if it actually did land in the hands of developers as of yet, or whether it got cancelled or delayed.

Whether these plans go ahead or not remain to be seen, so take it with a pinch of salt. However, maybe soon, gamers could get a lot more choice over how they control games on Xbox, and the list of games jumping across from PC could also grow.

#Microsoft #Razer #keyboard #mouse #leakeddocuments #plans #rumors #rumours #Xbox

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Poor diet is the biggest cause of a weakened immune system in healthy individuals. While an all-around healthy diet is the key to stronger immunity, these 5 immune system-boosting foods can keep you in fighting condition.

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The FBI Is Using Unvetted, Right-Wing Blacklists to Question Activists About Their Support for Palestine
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