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Broken Shuttle May Interfere with Learning in Brain Disorders

Unable to carry signals based on sights and sounds to the genes that record memories, a broken shuttle protein may hinder learning in patients with intellectual disability, schizophrenia, and autism.

The research is in Nature Communications. (full open access)

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to 12x Pro Bowl CB Champ Bailey!

#Sports #NFL

(Credit: NFL)

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Mario Tennis Aces comes with a neat bonus if you purchase it at Best Buy. Those who pre-ordered the game may have received a set of exclusive red tennis balls, which also display the Mario Tennis Aces and Best Buy logos. This incentive may still be…

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Ketamine Acts Fast to Treat Depression and Its Effects Last, But How?

The effects of ketamine typically lasted about a week — much longer than would be expected with ketamine’s six-hour half-life in the body.

The research is in Molecular Psychiatry. (full access paywall)

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Your food choices may be the most influential variable you can control that relates to the health, vitality, and functionality of your precious brain. This article lists 10 best foods that boost your brain.

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10 Foods That Increase Your Body Strength or Power
#HealthyFood #Health #IncreaseBodyStrength #HealthTips #Trending #TrendingTips
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Source: University of Surrey
The Milky Way galaxy hosts over 150 old globular clusters, each containing hundreds of thousands of stars densely packed together and held by gravity – these stars are almost as old as the Universe. Since the 1960s, it has been known that most stars in these clusters contain different chemical elements than all other stars in the Milky Way – these could not have been produced in the stars themselves because the required temperatures are about 10 times higher than the temperatures of the stars themselves.

The Surrey scientists argue that a supermassive star, with a mass that is tens of thousands times the mass of the Sun, formed at the same time as the globular clusters. At that time globular clusters were filled with dense gas out of which the stars were forming. As the stars collect more and more gas, they get so close to each other that they could physically collide and form a supermassive star in a runaway collision process. The supermassive star was hot enough to produce all the observed elements and “pollute” the other stars in the cluster with the peculiar elements we observe today.

Professor Mark Gieles, Principal Investigator of the project from the University of Surrey, said: “What is truly novel in our model is that the formation of the supermassive stars and the globular clusters are intimately linked, and this new mechanism is the first model that can form enough material to pollute the cluster, and with the correct abundances of different elements, which has been a long-standing challenge.”

The team proposes various ways to test this new model of globular clusters and supermassive star formation with existing and upcoming telescopes, which can peer deep into the regions where the globular clusters formed, when the Universe was very young.

Journal Reference:
Mark Gieles, Corinne Charbonnel, Martin G H Krause, Vincent Hénault-Brunet, Oscar Agertz, Henny J G L M Lamers, Nathan Bastian, Alessia Gualandris, Alice Zocchi, James A Petts. Concurrent formation of supermassive stars and globular clusters: implications for early self-enrichment. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 2018; 478 (2): 2461

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Moto E5 Plus lands at Cricket as Moto E5 Supra - After bringing the Moto E5 Play to its network under a different name, Moto E5 Cruise, Cricket Wireless is now adding another Motorola smartphone to its portfolio – the Moto E5 Plus. The smartphone will be sold as Moto E5 Supra for just $180 at select Cricket authorized retail stores and online for both new and existing customers. As some of you might already know, the Moto E5 Plus is an entry-level smartphone powered by Android 8.0 Oreo. It ...

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Poor diet is the biggest cause of a weakened immune system in healthy individuals. While an all-around healthy diet is the key to stronger immunity, these 5 immune system-boosting foods can keep you in fighting condition.

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Facebook accidentally sent developer reports to app testers

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Netflix communication head quits over ‘insensitive’ comment: Chief Communications Officer Jonathan Friedland is leaving the video streaming company, a company spokesperson said on Friday without giving more details. The post Netflix communication head quits over ‘insensitive’ comment appeared first on POLITICUSUSA.

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CNN staffer who resigned over retracted Russia story named interim head of

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Brain Tingles: The Physiological Benefits of ASMR

ASMR, the relaxing ‘brain tingles’ experienced by some people in response to specific triggers, such as whispering, tapping and slow hand movements – may have benefits for both mental and physical health

The research is in PLOS ONE. (full open access)

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If there’s a new change in your body and you can’t find a plausible explanation for it, you must consult your doctor immediately. Remember, prevention is always better and cheaper than cure. Here are 15 symptoms that you must never ignore.

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Trump Could Accidentally Help Save Angela Merkel

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"You hear the other side, you never hear this side."

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A MUST WATCH: PUBG Players are Outraged by Introduction of Event Pass

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Canada, without an enemy in the world, would find support among Western democracies in its defence of its people’s well-being, David Olive writes.

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We’re actually learning that poor nutrition is just as bad for your skin as cigarette smoking. A poor diet can cause inflammation, which triggers oxidative stress and in turn damages collagen and DNA, making you look older. Here are the top 10 food offenders to keep off your plate.

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PQube has put together a special BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle launch trailer as the game is now available in Europe on the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4. The game is dubbed the ultimate anime fighting crossover. The Character Pass and all Character…

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Here are 20 Great Shots From The Hubble Telescope. These are public files that can be found in numerous places. There is a ton of them but here are 20 I really personally thought were cool. This video is 01:50 long.

Some of the shots are different views of the moon,mars,and some even of earth. I like to look at what the Hubble is up to and what amazing new pictures are there in the NASA public royalty free images.

Hubble Images come in by the hundreds of new great looks of unexplored and explored locations in space. If you like space pictures from the Hubble Telescope then please Subscribe if you liked the video.

If you enjoyed this video,Please Like,Share,And Comment. Please Subscribe for future videos of nature,space,and music.
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