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2️⃣7️⃣1️⃣ wins as a head coach. Now 3rd all-time! , Bill Belichick.

2️⃣7️⃣1️⃣ wins as a head coach.
Now 3rd all-time!

👏👏👏, Bill Belichick.

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(Credit: NFL)

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The quality of your diet has been directly linked to the health and optimal functioning of your brain. These six types of foods can have a negative impact on your brain.

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#JasonMomoa loves his #JusticeLeague movie...So why don't the critics?

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The real Flagship Killer comes today; it's OnePlus 5T. All those features scattered here and there are jumbled up into one and that too with the price no one can offer...

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Ex-Fox News Employee Says She Was Blocked From Investigating Trump-Russia Ties -via Flynx

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Kellyanne Conway Basically Tells People to Vote for Roy Moore

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Flashlight Apps Snuck Malware Into Google's Play Store, Targeting Bank Accounts -via Flynx

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Theory: Flexibility is at the heart of human intelligence

Centuries of study have yielded many theories about how the brain gives rise to human intelligence. Some neuroscientists think intelligence springs from a single region or neural network. Others argue that metabolism or the efficiency with which brain cells make use of essential resources are key. A new theory, published in the journal Trends in Cognitive Sciences, makes the case that the brain's dynamic properties - how it is wired but also how that wiring shifts in response to changing intellectual demands - are the best predictors of intelligence in the human brain. "When we say that someone is smart, we understand intuitively what that means," said University of Illinois psychology professor Aron Barbey, the author of the new paper. "Usually, we're referring to how good they are at making decisions and solving particular types of problems. But recently in neuroscience, there's been a focus on understanding in biological terms how general intelligence arises." That requires studying the structural and functional characteristics of the brain.

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No porgs were harmed in the making of this pie.

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A Star Wars acting debut for any members of the royal family will certainly count as a first in British film history.

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A woman says Al Franken pulled her in tightly and put his hand on her buttocks in 2010 while posing for a picture at the Minnesota State Fair, the second allegation of improper conduct against the Democrat and first involving his time as a senator.

Post has attachment Extra KVM Changes For Linux 4.15 Bring UMIP Support, AMD SEV Changes Delayed

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Nancy Pelosi Says Tax Cuts Never Create Jobs, Both JFK And Reagan Prove She Is Wrong

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Fox News host Jeanine Pirro was ticketed for driving nearly 120 mph in upstate New York, according to authorities.

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Hue Jackson excited about Josh Gordon's return to practice: 'I get to open a new toy': The Browns coach compared Gordon's return to opening a present and that it was "like Christmas."

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This goes to show why you should never install a flashlight app on your smartphone. Most smartphones have this function built-in these days!

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Happy Birthday to our beautiful 2nd Year Vet @HTC_MalloryM!
#BabesOnParade #SignMalloryMsBirthdayCard #GoTexans

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(Credit: Houston Texans Cheerleaders)

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The Nationalist's Delusion

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Immigration advocates have said it is wrong and unfair to consider sending large numbers of immigrants back to troubled countries, particularly Haiti. A report by the United Nations in January said the country is still mired in poverty and struggling to recover from a legacy of political upheaval and serial disasters, with about 2.5 million people still needing help.

The decision will upend the lives of thousands of Haitians in the U.S., many of whom have taken advantage of their legal status to put down roots, building careers and raising children, many of whom are American citizens.

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As the OnePlus 5T is released worldwide, we’ve discussed the lifecycle of each OnePlus device – and the software updates therein. Upon setting out the entirety of OnePlus’ short company history, it’s clear that this is no ordinary brand. Updates come quicker in some areas, and not at all in others – this is no Apple, that’s for sure. Android … Continue reading

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Calla Lily
When in doubt, just go with the tried and true.

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True gold at the end of the rainbow


Gold (Au) is valuable to us and so much so that folklore and fairy tales claim that at the end of a rainbow you will find it.

But what is a pot of gold truly worth?

Humanity is depleting diversity at an unprecedented rate – only comparable to an large asteroid impact or global volcanic eruptions over centuries.
The soil that once was fertile has been poisoned and barren.
Where there were forests and myriads of sounds night and day is now silent.
Where there were countless pollinators there are just fractions left.

Like gold we cannot create species lost no matter how advanced our genetics become as we also must recreate all the diversities these species were part of.
All the gold in the universe will not give us back what we destroy!

True gold is life itself - that which so many take for granted

A miniature example of the devastation is the Easter Island.
A miniature example of the opposite is the island of Principe. A gem so incredible you might think you have been transported back in time.

It’s remarkable that an island is so intact to this date, and its significance is recognized by the fact it’s a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

I felt incredibly welcomed by Principe as so many amazing things happened as soon as I arrived! I was told it had been raining continuously for at least a couple of weeks, but when I arrived I was able to go check out the coastline and go to this location overlooking the pristine forests and rugged landscape.

The coastline is very challenging and finding a location to go onshore requires a bit of planning and favourable tide. I found a large boulder to sit on, and from there I enjoyed moments I will treasure for a long time.

The shifting light, the curtains of mist and rain coming and going over the intensely green landscape.
The sounds of the many grey parrots coming and going.
Seeing the all kinds of fish species. And whales - females with their offspring!
Overhead the face of a monkey looked down on me, and this was my first and only encounter during my 10 days here!

I was abruptly shaken by a huge boom, and I thought some locals were fishing with TNT as I was turning my head towards the explosion! When my head was finally aligned with the source of the explosion I saw the body of a huge whale that had just made a leap into the air! I have never experienced this before and was unaware that the sound would be so incredibly loud! I’ve heard orcas slam into the water, but this was so powerful!

I was elated and very grateful!

Just moments later the sun came out in perfect position to shine on one of the occasional rain showers and the rainbow appeared!

I didn’t see a whale or a rainbow the following days, so this location, this very boulder, these moments, have a very special place in my heart!

Image Copyright © 2017 +Morten Ross
Image Capture Date: 16 October 2017 16:39
Altitude: 5 meters

#principe #island# #rainbow #landscape #seascape #ocean #forest

#LandscapePhotography +Landscape Photography curated by +Margaret Tompkins +Eric Drumm +Chandler L. Walker +Krzysztof Felczak +AJ Lim +Jeff Beddow +H Peter Ji +Jani Westman +Dorma Wiggin +Ranco Sevla Sevla

#hqsplandscape +HQSP Landscape

#BTPLandscapePro +BTP Landscape Pro , owned and curated by +Nancy Dempsey

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Alone in a capper flower

My watches page

#macrophotography #hqspmacro #hqspflowers #fotomaniaitalia #ilovephotography #capper

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Another article on this...
It has travelled for hundreds of millions of years!!!

The first asteroid observed visiting our Solar System from elsewhere isn't just unusual in its interstellar origin. It's also unlike any other asteroid we've seen before. Astronomers have trained a flurry of telescopes on the object discovered last month, and now we're being rewarded with super-exciting details.

Newly named 'Oumuamua, the asteroid is up to 400 metres (0.25 miles) long, and is distinctly cigar-shaped. It could be up to 10 times as long as it is wide - a shape never before seen in an asteroid.

'Oumuamua (official designation 1I/2017 U1 - the "I" is for "interstellar") was first spotted by the Pan-STARRS 1 telescope in Hawaii in late October, and it didn't take long for astrophysicists to figure out that its trajectory and velocity both indicated that it was an extrasolar stranger, perhaps flung out by a neighbouring star.

But there was something odd about it. Preliminary observations suggested it was a comet - but follow-up observations showed none of the characteristics associated with comets, and it was subsequently categorised as an asteroid: the first time a comet's categorisation has changed to asteroid.

But that's not the only unusual thing about 'Oumuamua. Initial calculations showed that the asteroid came from the direction of the star Vega, in the constellation of Lyra.

However, even travelling at an incredible speed of 95,000 kilometres per hour (59,000 miles per hour), it would have taken 300,000 years to reach Earth from Vega - and Vega wasn't in the same place 300,000 years ago.

This suggests that Oumuamua could have been travelling through space, unattached to any star system, for hundreds of millions of years.

"For decades we've theorised that such interstellar objects are out there, and now - for the first time - we have direct evidence they exist," said astrophysicist Thomas Zurbuchen from NASA. "This history-making discovery is opening a new window to study formation of solar systems beyond our own."

When 'Oumuamua was discovered, telescopes around the world set to make observations. Gemini, the ESO's Very Large Telescope in Chile, the Canada France Hawaii Telescope, the United Kingdom Infrared Telescope, and other observatories trained their eyes on the asteroid.

Combining images from the various telescopes, an international team found that the asteroid varies in brightness by a factor of about 10 every 7.3 hours, matching its spin about its axis. No other comet or asteroid in the Solar System varies so widely in brightness.

"This unusually big variation in brightness means that the object is highly elongated: about ten times as long as it is wide, with a complex, convoluted shape," said Karen Meech from the Institute for Astronomy in Hawaii.

"We also found that it had a reddish color, similar to objects in the outer Solar System, and confirmed that it is completely inert, without the faintest hint of dust around it."

This implies that the asteroid is made of dense material - rock and possibly metal - and has no water or ice. The redness of the surface was probably caused by cosmic irradiation over the hundreds of millions of years it has been travelling the Milky Way galaxy.

'Oumuamua slingshotted around the Sun on 9 September at a speed of 315,000 kilometres per hour (196,000 miles per hour), and is now travelling out of the Solar System. As of 20 November, its speed was 14,000 kilometres per hour (85,700 miles per hour).

It is due to pass Jupiter's orbit in May 2018, and Saturn's in January 2019. Scientists will continue taking observations until 'Oumuamua is too faint to see.

The research has been published today in the journal Nature.

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That weird noise your phone makes? There's an update for that.

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Head's up Pixel owners: your phone is about to learn a new trick.

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NFL News: Local’s NFL season likely done after major injur

More updates:

Houston Texans running back D’Onta Foreman waves to the crows as he is carted off the field after injuring his ankle on a 34 yard touchdown run during the fourth quarter against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, Nov. 19, 2017 at NRG Stadium in Houston. The Texans defeated the Cardinals 31-21.

Immediately after crossing the goal line, Foreman went down in a heap with what team officials reported to be an ankle injury. Foreman laid on the field for several minutes surrounded by the team’s athletic trainers before being helped onto a cart and taken off the field.

#Cheerleaders #NFLCheerleaders #NFLSeason #Sports #NFL #Cheerleaders #NY #nflnews #Football #footwear #rapoport #pregame #article #news #nfl_news #nflplayer

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Danica Patrick Issues Message About Future of Racing Career

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The brain requires nutrients just like your heart, lungs or muscles do. But which foods are particularly important to keep our grey matter happy and healthy?

Here are 5 choices you can make today for better brain health.

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It’s fair to say the Google Pixel Buds didn’t have the reception the Android team might have hoped for them. Intended to give Pixel 2 owners something to fend off pangs of Apple AirPod jealousy – not to mention pacify complaints about the Oreo smartphone’s missing headphone jack – the Pixel Buds may have talents like translation, but they fell … Continue reading

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OnePlus 5 confirmed to be discontinued once it's sold out - OnePlus 5T is certainly one of the hottest devices in the smartphone industry these days. A flagship that offers powerful specs at almost half the price of an iPhone X is something that everyone looking for a top-of-the-line smartphone should consider. However, the OnePlus 5T is not a major upgrade over the OnePlus 5. With the exception of the display and camera, these phones are almost the same. That's what makes OnePlus' decision...

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#GalGadot wants her movie series to be the ultimate #WonderWoman bible...

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Get a sneak peek of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show before the big premiere.

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Android Messages is starting to come up to the likes of internet-based competitors.

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The red planet is still a mystery.

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The Acolyte will attend SF #EXO5 Anomaly to celebrate what she claims is an 'assured' Enlightened victory in #EXO5. I'm sure the Resistance has other plans in mind...
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