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Captured sunshine


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New updates for the +T-Mobile Galaxy S9 and S9+ are out, and they include the August 2018 security patches.

#TMobile #GalaxyS9 #Samsung #Android
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Have you ever seen a globe of stars?
My macros
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Pete Davidson's Proposal to Ariana Grande Was So Lowkey He 'Didn't Get On a Knee'
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The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, are one of Iceland's most famous attractions. These beautiful green (and sometimes white, pink and purple!) lights dance around the sky in Iceland quite frequently – but can only be seen in the wintertime. The reason: In order to see them, first of all, it needs to be dark.
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Natural Cloud Heart Shapes
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Colour vision 🐠 🌈 👓
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Stress is a common struggle that most people face at some point in their lives. There's also tons of ways to overcome it as explained in this exceptional article.

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This is Pseudoscience on the same level as Penrose and Hameroff's quantum mind but in a completely different vein - making something of a Sociological/Interconnectedness/Information (sort-of) claim.

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Here's my new Avengers Phase 4 Illuminati video! Let me know if you spotted this Iron Man Easter Egg the first time you watched the movie! 🔥 ►

#avengers #infinitywar #ironman #robertdowneyjr #thor #marvel #comics
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#Some #More #Hidden #Crooked #Federal #CourtHouse #Looting #Stealing #Tripping +Bitcoin+Fox Bitcoin Trade+Vigilanté Insider Trading#RICO #Racket +moneycontrol#Trump +Awaiting Bribery​. +UNITED STATE FEDERAL COURT#US. #District #Judge #Peter #J. #Messitte #Steele #Dossier #Official #Cover-up #Insider #TrumpEliteTeam #Trading #BrokeAss #TrumpTowerNewYorKGB #GRU +RUSSIA'S MILITARY POWER+Hot News USA Trump#TrumpTowerUSSR #KGB #Experts +Soviet Russia Spy+Trump Plaza Hotel Casino+money laundry+Trump wins elections+wikileaks- wiki#USSRKGB #KKK #Backwoods +Trump: What's the Deal?+KGB Survivalist#TrumpJr #unregister +Trump International Hotel & Tower® Chicago#Russia #CommandBase +Russia Military News+Phone Spying+Military Surplus Outpost​ : )
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PoliticusUSA LLC
PoliticusUSA LLC
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"Astronomers using the ultraviolet vision of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope have captured one of the largest panoramic views of the fire and fury of star birth in the distant universe. The field features approximately 15,000 galaxies, about 12,000 of which are forming stars. Hubble’s ultraviolet vision opens a new window on the evolving universe, tracking the birth of stars over the last 11 billion years back to the cosmos’ busiest star-forming period, which happened about 3 billion years after the big bang."

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Trump enters social media censorship debate: Let 'good & bad' voices speak
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Study of material surrounding distant stars shows Earth’s ingredients ‘pretty normal’ | #Geology #GeologyPage

The Earth’s building blocks seem to be built from ‘pretty normal’ ingredients, according to researchers working with the world’s most powerful telescopes.

Read more :
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Ice caves in Iceland are have a short lifespan but are a majestic beauty to witness. You can only visit them in winter. In the dead of winter, when everything appears as a seamless blanket of white, cathedrals of blue crystal are formed deep within the heart of Iceland's glaciers.
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Mysterious Asperitas Clouds | Earth Science
In this time-lapse video, you can see the full effect of an Asperitas cloud formation and its wave-like appearance over Lincoln, Nebraska, United States. The newest cloud type, asperitas formations are rare and resemble rippling ocean waves in the sky.

Height of base: 4,000 - 10,000 ft
Shape: Undulating waves
Latin: aspero - make rough or uneven

What is asperitas cloud?
Asperitas (formerly referred to as Undulatus Asperitas) is a distinctive, but relatively rare cloud formation that takes the appearance of rippling waves. These wave-like structures form on the underside of the cloud to makes it look like a rough sea surface when viewed from below.

How does asperitas form?
The way in which asperitas clouds form is somewhat a mystery, yet there is much debate and confusion over how the wave-like clouds come into existence. It is hypothesized that their appearance is associated with the aftermath of convective thunderstorms, though they have also been sighted in relatively calm environments. One theory does suggest that they are formed when mammatus clouds descend into areas of the sky where wind direction changes with height causing the wave-like movement.

What is clear, however, is that atmospheric conditions must be unstable to form a wavy cloud base like that seen with asperitas.

What weather is associated with asperitas formations?
Though the formation itself does not produce rainfall, asperitas have been linked to thunderstorms, occurring afterwards. Though the likely unstable atmospheric conditions required to form the wavy cloud base could also allow the growth of convective rain clouds, meaning that asperitas could be accompanied by other, precipitation-producing clouds.

The 'newest' cloud type
The addition of this previously undocumented cloud formation to the World Meteorological Organisation's International Cloud Atlas was first proposed by the Cloud Appreciation Society in 2008. Between then and 2015 the case was supported by members of the public sending in images of the dramatic cloud formations.

At the WMO's 17th Congress in 2015, the classification was accepted, making asperitas the first new cloud type in over 50 years, since cirrus intortus in 1951.

What clouds are associated with asperitas?
It is not yet defined what cloud type gives its home to asperitas, but the WMO began work on deciphering the cloud's mysteries in 2008.

Video Credit: Alex Schueth
Article Credit: UK Met Office
Video Capture Location: Lincoln, Nebraska, United States
Duration: 57 seconds
Video Release Date: July 9, 2014

+Alex Schueth
+University of Nebraska–Lincoln
+NASA Goddard
+NASA Earth Observatory
+NOAA Weather
+National Centre for Atmospheric Science
+NCAR & UCAR Science

#NASA #Earth #Science #Planet #Atmosphere #Weather #Meteorology #Clouds #Asperitas #Lincoln #Nebraska #UnitedStates #Photography #STEM #Education #HD #Video
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One conclusion is clear: #Trump's ill-considered #tradewar is not intended to achieve fair trade through negotiation or change Chinese behavior. Rather the aim is to erect stiff trade barriers that remain in place for many years, blocking or curbing all Chinese imports and discouraging U.S. firms from ever outsourcing operations on Chinese territory.

First, it seemed that an agreement to reduce #China’s trade surplus with the U.S. would be enough to satisfy the administration. But now, China is expected not only to meet legitimate demands to strengthen intellectual property protection and stop pressures on U.S. firms for technology transfer, but also to abandon the industrial policies known as #MadeinChina2025, which represent the core of its development strategy.

#WorldEconomy #Protectionism #America #Globalisation #GlobalTrade #TradeWars #EconomicRisk #Economy #TradePolicy #InternationalTrade #TradeTariffs #Politics #Geopolitics #InternationalRelations #USA #GlobalTradeWar
Trump's trade war with China has everyone confused. Here's what America's president really wants.
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