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Are you confused whether you're experiencing anxiety symptoms or a medical condition? Then this post is for you. Take a look.

#anxietydisorders #anxiety #anxietysymptoms #gad #ptsd #ocd #mentalhealth #mentalillness

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Here are 20 Great Shots From The Hubble Telescope. These are public files that can be found in numerous places. There is a ton of them but here are 20 I really personally thought were cool. This video is 01:50 long.

Some of the shots are different views of the moon,mars,and some even of earth. I like to look at what the Hubble is up to and what amazing new pictures are there in the NASA public royalty free images.

Hubble Images come in by the hundreds of new great looks of unexplored and explored locations in space. If you like space pictures from the Hubble Telescope then please Subscribe if you liked the video.

If you enjoyed this video,Please Like,Share,And Comment. Please Subscribe for future videos of nature,space,and music.

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Every Game Release Date In 2018: Far Cry 5, Red Dead Redemption 2, Kingdom Hearts 3, And More #2018Releases

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Here is a great Art App you can find in the Google-Play Store Free. Along with others and it will let you do a time lapse every time you save and at the end you just push play. Here some of the paintings I did. Nothing too special but a great free and fun app!

Kaleidoo Android App Found 100%Free in the Google Playstore For Download.This Android Art App/Art Application will allow you to do a step by step by pressing play and you can watch and save each digital portrait/painting on your phone.

Click the video to see an example of how cool the App is. I was using basic App settings and loved it there are more shapes and colors perfect for IPAD preferably a big one would be awesome. This Android App is perfect especially for children and the playback setting I personally think is Awesome.

Thanks for watching!

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Triple A HD App Review as found free in the Google Play-Store for download. Here is an example of what the App can do. Maybe you love art or are just bored? This passed the time especially if you have a huge I-PAD. It works for all Android Platforms and Windows phones.This video is 1:44 long.

This Graphics Drawing App is absolutely free for download in the Google Play Store. This is a great App for Artist,Drawing,And Graphics App.

This is a great graphic tablet for any age but even better for children. This is App is supported from android,smartphones,or any phone and is free for download. This is one of the many reviews on Android Apps such as drawing apps,art apps for Ipad and Android platforms and it's a great way to pass some time. Hope you like it!

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Gundagai NSW - rain clouds at dawn

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The view outside my window

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illusiveness and being

#hqsplandscape +HQSP Landscape
#btplandscapepro +BTP Landscape Pro

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Muhammida says she moved from NYC to Ghana in order to fulfil her potential and avoid being targeted by racial violence.

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The human brain is composed of billions of neurons wired together in intricate webs and communicating through electrical pulses and chemical signals.
Although neuroscientists have made progress in understanding the brain’s many functions, such as regulating sleep, storing memories, and making decisions, visualizing the entire “wiring diagram” of neural connections throughout a brain is not possible using currently available methods.
But now, using Drosophila fruit flies, Caltech researchers have developed a method to easily see neural connections and the flow of communications in real time within living flies. The work is a step forward toward creating a map of the entire fly brain’s many connections, which could help scientists understand the neural circuits within human brains as well.
A paper describing the work appears online in the December 12 issue of eLife. The research was done in the laboratory of Caltech research professor *Carlos Lois._
If an electrical engineer wants to understand how a computer works, the first thing that he or she would want to figure out is how the different components are wired to each other says Lois. Similarly, we must know how neurons are wired together in order to understand how brains work.

When two neurons connect, they link together with a structure called a synapse, a space through which one neuron can send and receive electrical and chemical signals to or from another neuron. Even if multiple neurons are very close together, they need synapses to truly communicate.
The Lois laboratory has developed a method for tracing the flow of information across synapses, called TRACT (Transneuronal Control of Transcription). Using genetically engineered Drosophila fruit flies, TRACT allows researchers to observe which neurons are “talking” and which neurons are “listening” by prompting the connected neurons to produce glowing proteins.
With TRACT, when a neuron “talks”, or transmits a chemical or electrical signal across a synapse, it will also produce and send along a fluorescent protein that lights up both the talking neuron and its synapses with a particular color.
Any neurons “listening” to the signal receive this protein, which binds to a so-called receptor molecule—genetically built-in by the researchers, on the receiving neuron’s surface.
The binding of the signal protein activates the receptor and triggers the neuron it’s attached to in order to produce its own, differently colored fluorescent protein. In this way, communication between neurons becomes visible. Using a type of microscope that can peer through a thin window installed on the fly’s head, the researchers can observe the colorful glow of neural connections in real time as the fly grows, moves, and experiences changes in its environment.

_Many neurological and psychiatric conditions, such as autism and schizophrenia, are thought to be caused by altered connections between neurons.*
Using TRACT, scientists can monitor the neuronal connections in the brains of hundreds of flies each day, allowing them to make comparisons at different stages of development, between the sexes, and in flies that have genetic mutations.
Thus, TRACT could be used to determine how different diseases perturb the connections within brain circuits.
Additionally, because neural synapses change over time, TRACT allows the monitoring of synapse formation and destruction from day to day. Being able to see how and when neurons form or break synapses will be critical to understanding how the circuits in the brain assemble as the animal grows, and how they fall apart with age or disease.
TRACT can be localized to focus in on the wiring of any particular neural circuit of interest, such as those that control movement, hunger, or vision. Lois and his group tested their method by examining neurons within the well-understood olfactory circuit, the neurons responsible for the sense of smell. Their results confirmed existing data regarding this particular circuit’s wiring diagram. In addition, they examined the circadian circuit, which is responsible for the waking and sleeping cycle, where they detected new possible synaptic connections.
TRACT, however, can do more than produce wiring diagrams. The transgenic flies can be genetically engineered so that the technique prompts receiving neurons to produce proteins that have a function, rather than colorful proteins that simply trace connections.
We could use functional proteins to ask, ‘What happens in the fly if I silence all the neurons that receive input from this one neuron?' says Lois.
Or, conversely, ‘What happens if I make the neurons that are connected to this neuron hyperactive?
Our technique not only allows us to create a wiring diagram of the brain, but also to genetically modify the function of neurons in a brain circuit.

Previous methods for examining neural connections were time consuming and labor intensive, involving thousands of thin slices of a brain reconstructed into a three-dimensional structure.
A laboratory using these techniques could only yield a diagram for a single, small piece of fruit-fly brain per year. Additionally, these approaches could not be performed on living animals, making it impossible to see how neurons communicated in real time.
Because the TRACT method is completely genetically encoded, it is ideal for use in laboratory animals such as Drosophila and zebrafish; ultimately, Lois hopes to implement the technique in mice to enable the neural tracing of a mammalian brain.
TRACT is a new tool that will allow us to create wiring diagrams of brains and determine the function of connected neurons he says.
This information will provide important clues towards understanding the complex workings of the human brain and its diseases.

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NBA All-Star starters announced

NBA All-Star weekend will kick off on February 16th, and now the starter for the game have been announced. Here's the list of starters:

Eastern Conference

LeBron James — Cleveland (Captain)
Giannis Antetokounmpo — Milwaukee
Joel Embiid — Philadelphia
Kyrie Irving — Boston
DeMar DeRozen — Toronto

Western Conference

Stephen Curry — Golden State (Captain)
James Harden — Houston
Kevin Durant — Golden State
Anthony Davis — New Orleans
DeMarcus Cousins — New Orleans

With the new All-Star game format, these won't be the actual teams that will take the floor on February 18th. Instead, the captains — LeBron James and Stephen Curry — will pick their teams from a pool of starters and reserves (will be selected by head coaches and announced on Tuesday), regardless of conference. James and Curry will first select four players each from the pool of starters, with James getting the first pick because he had he highest overall voting total. Once the starters for each team have been selected by both captains, they will then select from the pool of reserves to complete their roster. Final team rosters will officially be announced on January 25th.

The league will not televise captain selections.

#NBA #AllStar18

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The bug that makes Android Auto look a bad JPEG picture from the early 2000s, but Google is now on the case. #News #AndroidAuto #Google

Post has attachment 2x Barlow Lens On the Mead Infinity 60 Telescope. Without the eye piece. This was The Mead Infinity 60 Telescope. Very fair for the price but is a bit hard to keep steady and losing what your viewing is very easy. The More you spend the more you see unless you know some tricks.

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Some new Images taken by the Hubble Telescope 2016-2017.

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Don't Lie to Me!

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Here is a great Android App called Kaleido as found in the Google-Play Store absolutely free. It gives you many options to create and at the end once you save,you can watch it like a time lapse of each step you took. There are many great art apps and the best part is it's free!

This is a great graphic tablet for any age but even better for children. This is App is supported from android,smartphones,or any phone and is free for download. This is one of the many reviews on Android Apps such as drawing apps,art apps for I-pad and Android platforms and it's a great way to pass some time. Hope you like it!

It saves your progress of whatever step you took when saved. If your feeling bored or Artistic today, you should check it out. You can save your progress and have the option of multiple shapes,colors,and artistic tools. (Video is 2:41 long.)

This App is also known on some platforms as Kaleidoo. Imagine your own Kaleidoscope Paintings straight from your phone. Check out the time lapse of all your portraits in your paintings folder or stored device just by pushing play. You will figure out that stretching and just pressing can leave you a lot of options. There are also Shapes and different options you can create with. Please share the word! Remember it's completely free.:)

This App is perfect for anyone of any age. You should check this out and the best part is it plays a time lapse of each painting or portrait if you will. While using it if you were to just tap a space will fill in that area with unique colors and contrast.

This Drawing App works on IPAD,Drawing Pads,Pen tablets,Andriods,Any Graphics Tablet,and any other platform with The Google Play Store.

Kaleidoo-scope! If your bored or have an artistic kid it's a pretty cool way to pass some time while creating and saving each portrait to your phone and if you like you can press play and see a time-lapse of each painting you've done. Please be cool and share. Thanks in advance!

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During a track meet between Runovia and the US, Roger is brought in to protect the US star, Speed Merkin ... 7 out of 10

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Yellow waves

My architecture page

#macrophotography #hqspmacro #hqspflowers #fotomaniaitalia #ilovephotography #wildflowers #gerbera

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so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white

William Carlos Williams, 1883 - 1963

#lego #poemaday #toy_photographers #womenintoyphotography #xxsjc

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Aoraki / Mount Cook National Park

Up late passed midnight in the mountains one night, photographing the Aoraki mountain range on the south island of New Zealand. Alone in the mountains is such an incredible feeling, especially in the still of the night with a full moon. There’s something really soothing about it.

Also, apologies for the recent radio silence. I decided to spend the last month travelling around New Zealand largely without social media. It was quite refreshing to be honest  However, I’m back now and ready to start bringing you some of these stunning scenes I’ve been chasing...

Hope you’ve all had a great start to 2018!

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It probably got mixed up with some other money laundering.

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Jack Wallen picks the best Linux distributions for your development efforts, including Debian, CentOS, and some choices that may surprise you:

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You don't need cable to watch the championships.
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