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Hundreds of business representatives from companies small and large descended on the Davidson Center for Space in Exploration in Huntsville, Alabama, to attend the U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center Hunt...'s annual Small Business Forum, Oct. 18.

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Here is a great Android App called Kaleido as found in the Google-Play Store absolutely free. It gives you many options to create and at the end once you save,you can watch it like a time lapse of each step you took. There are many great art apps and the best part is it's free!

This is a great graphic tablet for any age but even better for children. This is App is supported from android,smartphones,or any phone and is free for download. This is one of the many reviews on Android Apps such as drawing apps,art apps for I-pad and Android platforms and it's a great way to pass some time. Hope you like it!

It saves your progress of whatever step you took when saved. If your feeling bored or Artistic today, you should check it out. You can save your progress and have the option of multiple shapes,colors,and artistic tools. (Video is 2:41 long.)

This App is also known on some platforms as Kaleidoo. Imagine your own Kaleidoscope Paintings straight from your phone. Check out the time lapse of all your portraits in your paintings folder or stored device just by pushing play. You will figure out that stretching and just pressing can leave you a lot of options. There are also Shapes and different options you can create with. Please share the word! Remember it's completely free.:)

This App is perfect for anyone of any age. You should check this out and the best part is it plays a time lapse of each painting or portrait if you will. While using it if you were to just tap a space will fill in that area with unique colors and contrast.

This Drawing App works on IPAD,Drawing Pads,Pen tablets,Andriods,Any Graphics Tablet,and any other platform with The Google Play Store.

Kaleidoo-scope! If your bored or have an artistic kid it's a pretty cool way to pass some time while creating and saving each portrait to your phone and if you like you can press play and see a time-lapse of each painting you've done. Please be cool and share. Thanks in advance!

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Include these nutrition superstars in your diabetes diet to lower blood sugar, burn fat, reduce inflammation, and gain more health benefits.

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#rustysunday by +Gary Posner+RustySunday

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Swirling Autumn

Sometimes wild and impressive, at other times more tranquil, the Falls of Bruar in the Scottish Highlands are never dull. Here in the autumnal scenery taken a week ago.

#landscape #photography #autumn #atmospheric #fall #Scotland
#LandscapePhotography +Landscape Photography +Margaret Tompkins +Eric Drumm +Krzysztof Felczak

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Angoulins-sur-Mer - Pointe de la Belette

Version HD :

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On Rails

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That Beautiful Evening

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Into the city

Via Anzac Bridge

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Sure, there are many similarities, but it’s not the exact same two teams and there’s no championship hardware at stake. So, don’t even think about calling this Sunday night’s Falcons-Patriots affair a “rematch” of Super Bowl LI, okay?

“That’s not going to do us any good,” maintained left tackle Nate Solder. The focus, he added, must be on “The #Falcons, this year, this week, right now.” #letsgo

The stakes are far different this time around than they were last February when #Atlanta blew a 28-3 lead to allow New England to win its fifth Lombardi Trophy in overtime.

That historic game is history.

To receive Live scores, Team news, Interact with other #Patriot Fans, Like our #Patriots Fan Page on Facebook by Clicking on Below Link

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Just released Visuino - Graphical Development for Arduino - 7_8_2_210 with Circuit Playground and Trinket M0 Support

Added support for Adafruit Circuit Playground, and Trinket M0
Added support for PCF8563 RTC Clock
Added support for the Teensy 3.X RTC Clock
Added support for 2 PWM control motor bridges
Added support for the official Arduino ST7735 display
Added support for the 160x80 ST7735 displays
Added support for the Arduino Ethernet Shield V2
Added IntialValue to the motor driver components and shields
Added Asymmetry and Phase to the Pulse Generator
Improved Rotary Encoder debouncing implementation
Reduced memory usage by many of the components
Improved ESP8266 and M0 compatibility for some of the components

In the Visuino Pro Beta added initial support for some IndustrialShields controllers -

There is also updated version of the Visuino Pro with improved Modbus support available in the G+ Community:

Updated version of the Visuino Component Development SDK is also available in the G+ Community and the Facebook Beta group:

#Visuino #Arduino

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Let’s just say things have only gotten worse and worse over the last couple of weeks for the Google Pixel 2 XL and its display. In our initial review, we gave the display perhaps not the most flattering description (“honestly pretty mediocre”), but it…

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For Your Brain’s Sake, Keep Moving

Because we can never have enough reasons to keep exercising, a new study with mice finds that physical activity not only increases the number of new neurons in the brain, it also subtly changes the shape and workings of these cells in ways that might have implications for memory and even delaying the onset of dementia. As most of us have heard, our brains are not composed of static, unchanging tissue. Instead, in most animals, including people, the brain is a dynamic, active organ in which new neurons and neural connections are created throughout life, especially in areas of the brain related to memory and thinking. This process of creating new neurons, called neurogenesis, can be altered by lifestyle, including physical activity. Many past studies have shown that in laboratory rodents, exercise doubles or even triples the number of new cells produced in adult animals’ brains compared to the brains of animals that are sedentary. But it has not been clear whether the new brain cells in active animals are somehow different from comparable new neurons in inactive animals or if they are just more numerous....Last year, in an important study published in NeuroImage, the researchers found for the first time that young brain cells in adult mice that spent a month with running wheels in their cages did seem to be different from those in animals that did not run. For the experiment, the scientists injected a modified rabies vaccine into the animals, where it entered the nervous system and brain. They then tracked and labeled connections between brain cells and learned that compared to the sedentary animals’ brain cells, the runners’ newborn neurons had more and longer dendrites, the snaky tendrils that help to connect the cells into the neural communications network. They also found that more of these connections led to portions of the brain that are important for spatial memory, which is our internal map of where we have been and how we got there.

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Which is your favourite? Mine are: 1962, 1988, and 2002. Honestly, the 2nd 2015 symbol doesn't even look like a spider. Half of these don't even look like spiders which I think is hilarious XD

✥ Credit to Ricky Franklin Design! ✥

✤ Like this? If you want to seen more posts like it, then pop on over to this collection and click the little bell so you get notified of every upload here; then give me a follow and turn on notifications for my page so you don't miss my other posts! ✤

🇬🇧 ~ ⚜ Cσмρяσмιѕє ωнєяє уσυ cαи. ωнєяє уσυ cαи'т, ∂σи'т. Eνєи ιf єνєяуσиє ιѕ тєℓℓιиg уσυ тнαт ѕσмєтнιиg ωяσиg ιѕ ѕσмєтнιиg яιgнт. Eνєи ιf тнє ωнσℓє ωσяℓ∂ ιѕ тєℓℓιиg уσυ тσ мσνє, ιт ιѕ уσυя ∂υту тσ ρℓαит уσυяѕєℓf ℓιкє α тяєє, ℓσσк αт тнєм ιи тнє єуєѕ, αи∂ ѕαу, 'Nσ, YOU мσνє.' ⚜ ~ 🇬🇧

♔ ~ #marvel#marveluniverse#MCU#marvelmovies#marvelfilms#marvelcomics#spiderman#peterparker#tobeymaguire#andrewgarfield#tomholland#symbols#superherosunday#superhero#hero#art#fanart#fandoms#welcometothefandomlife ~ ♔

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Essential cuts the price of its phone to $499

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Dolphins' Jay Cutler leaves game vs. Jets with chest injury: Cutler was injured early in the third quarter and replaced by backup Matt Moore.

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Deal: Buy The Xiaomi Mi A1 Android One Phone For Only $219.99

#Android #Deal #Xiaomi #MiA1

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Here is a great Art App you can find in the Google-Play Store Free. Along with others and it will let you do a time lapse every time you save and at the end you just push play. Here some of the paintings I did. Nothing too special but a great free and fun app!

Kaleidoo Android App Found 100%Free in the Google Playstore For Download.This Android Art App/Art Application will allow you to do a step by step by pressing play and you can watch and save each digital portrait/painting on your phone.

Click the video to see an example of how cool the App is. I was using basic App settings and loved it there are more shapes and colors perfect for IPAD preferably a big one would be awesome. This Android App is perfect especially for children and the playback setting I personally think is Awesome.

Thanks for watching!

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Donald hears a radio philosopher advise to laugh and count ten when he gets angry. He tries it successfully, then settles into his hammock for a nap. Between a caterpillar and the hen chasing it, he's soon tangled up and counting ten again. He also shrugs off a bird using his lemonade as a birdbath, but when a woodpecker attacks his apple tree, burying Donald in apples, he snaps ...

Watching Donald Try And Not Lose His Temper Is As Funny As Watching Him Lose his Cool ... Very funny Because We Have All At One Time Or Another Have Tried Counting To Ten ... I Really Love How Disney Uses Color In Their Animations ... My IMDB Rating 8 Out of 10

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18 Best Superfoods For Your Heart

To prevent heart attacks, avoid unhealthy food, and eat foods rich in nutrients, fiber, and healthy fats.

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A waterfall on Bridal Creek just downstream from Bridal Veil Falls. Photographed in Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada

#waterfalls #britishcolumbia #landscapes

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Dreamy were my eyes in London, on October 20th 2017
with +Angelo Gifford

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Possibly the last tulip of the season

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What do you think of the rumored specs?

#Android #News #HTCU11

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Animated Photo
Real Deal

The power of light comes from within the darkness of the sol, the pole shift of of negativity shall come from the halo is what I was told before the sun explodes gold.

+blackbody Radiation, nice one for the image, another example of your skills, keen eye, the all seeing eye.

Image is from Alaska, Oo la la, NIBIRU is right there.

NIBIRU9 Has now begun finding it's place in some Star Charts and Sky Maps Apps.

#NIBIRU is bending time and light

NI.BIRU there are many other names for this Star-Station, this is the chosen chariot of a group of Supreme Beings, who are also Guardians and Providers of many Soul-ar systems.

NI.BIRU is a cube that whence is in motion the Star-Station revolves and rotates, and creates an orb, giving the impression of a globe or planet structure.
The word NI.BIRU is from the ancient Sumerians as found in the Chaldean, Accadian, Aramic and Ashuric as NA.BARA Nabara to raise, to elevate, to go up.

The Star-Station(s) is coming from another dimension, the spiritual dimension, for NIBIRU is a spiritual craft and is stripping this dimension down and upgrading it to theirs in order to meet the requirements, number9, in physical appearance the composition of NI.BIRU is; antenna at the top, 1 of 4 stones, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, placed at the top part of the craft, Solar panels the size of pin heads, top and bottom
4 magnetic force areas (they look like panels) the panels are in the middle part of the craft with the Emerald stone in the centre, in the middle that rounds around the cube is a magnetic conductor, hologram beam at the base.
Jupiter sized+, cloaking device, crystal top frame, then middle splits and the bottom also has a crystal frame+
Travels at light-speed.
The Star-Station is emitting a pulse you feel, sense the Soul Master, not through sight, the human-eye-sight, the inner minds eye.

NI.BIRU does have an environment, only those genetically calibrated for transformation and transfiguration will be transported there.

NI.BIRU is multi-dimensional, holographic, cubed, Tetrahedron, Metatron, Mir (pyramid) shaped Star-Station, they can form any shape within their sacred geometry that they brought with them.
There are more than one NI.BIRU(s), 6-8 satellites also shadow the main Star-Station.

Also known by;
#Merkabah chosen vehicle of the elite
#NBERU (Throne)

There are many names of the same source, reflecting the different time periods, different interpretations from the different cultures and civilisations that recorded and interacted with the Supreme Beings.

Since the Star-Stations reintroduction to this Soular System, that is named the Draco System, they have been guided in by the 144,000+ souls who are managing the Star-Stations final approach, there are no crews members sitting at the forefront or captains log of NIBIRU, they have been in and out of time zones, realms, expanses since they got here, these are entities, spiritual masters, ether-beings, nin9 level, the highest number in the universe, they are (God) level status, they are not here to serve us, we go to source.

The Star-Station is coming from the spirit world into this world the physical.
The craft emits a pulse, a frequency, yes we can see the StarStation, for a minute, the dimensions of this world have been upgrading, some at a different rate depending on which four corners of this world.
The upgrading is being done to match their dimensions, the upgrade applies to you, you do not use your human eyes to see NIBIRU, and at any rate you they are emitting a pulse, frequency, tune-in and drop out, inner-eye meets red-eye.

We are involved in a soul evolution its not a revolution, we have been here before, all is merging into one.

The Red Dragon sits in the horizon and surveys all, the Star-Station is right there, close eye.

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The GOP tried Trump-style tax cuts in Kansas. What a mess. -via Flynx

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Your Stomach Fat Can Disappear With the Help of an Affordable Shake!

The reason for writing this article today is to show you a healthy and effective suggestion for dieting. It is very good due to the fact that this solution does not contain many calories. We are talking about a shake which is made with four fantastic ingredients that are fresh. All you have to do is take some cucumbers, ginger, mint and lemon. Your stomach will disappear in no time. Before we present you the recipe, we will tell you all about the benefits these ingredients offer.

#stomachfat #healthy #dieting #cucumbers #ginger #mint #lemon #recipe #benefits #health #healthcareresolution #wellness #medicine #healing #cure #Acupuncture #explore #holistic #remedies #homeremedies #treatment #natural

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Eric Bledsoe Tweets “I don’t want to be here”

Minutes after the Earl Watson firing by the Suns Suns star Point Guard most recently tweeted “I don’t want to be here”. This tweet seemed to assume that Bledsoe has had enough and his time with he Suns is nearing an end, possibly demanding a trade after the Suns fired his best friend Earl Watson.

Clippers center DeAndre Jordan tweeted "Come home bro" on Bledsoe's most recent tweets. Trade rumours about Bledsoe are starting to resurface with him landing with the Cavaliers Clippers and ect. It's not official that Bledsoe has demanded a trade, as we will need further confirmation from the Suns organisation and Bledsoe himself if he is demanding a trade.

#NBA #Suns #Phoenix

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These new exoplanets could be "super-Earths" in their size and composition.

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Protect Your Google Pixel 2 XL With Caseology’s Latest Cases

#Android #Pixel2XL #Caseology #Google

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The Samples That Fueled Kendrick Lamar's ‘good kid, m.A.A.d city’

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Most Google products and services use user reports to help spot policy-violating content. The reports are reviewed, and content is removed if it does, in fact, break the rules.

The exact process varies from product to product. Check the links below for policy details and instructions on how to submit a report:

YouTube: flag a video, comment, channel or playlist

Google+: report abuse and policy-violating content

Blogger: report spam, abuse, or inappropriate content

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Google My Business: Flag inappropriate reviews

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