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NASA's Juno spacecraft captures stunning image of massive storm raging in the northern hemisphere of Jupiter

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November 19, 2005-Michael and the kids stay at the Al Bustan Palace Hotel in Muscat.Here is a story from an Oman fan who met him there:

My name is Samira from Muscat and I'm 33 years old. I am a huge fan of Michael Jackson since I was four years old. When I was little I was a fan of Shakin’ Stevens also but somehow , I think it was in 1980, I fell in love with Michael's voice. The songs which I recall from back then are 'One day in your life and I can't help it. But then Thriller came out and got me started. God, I loved Michael Jackson from there onwards. I never get bored watching this clip but nowadays it's hard to get The Making of Thriller on DVD! Back in those years everything was on video tapes and yes, it was easy to get it.

Thriller also became my favourite album. I still have so many cassettes at home for it's hard to get this stuff on CDs here! I also started collecting his pictures from newspapers, magazines, posters etc and still do until this very day. I'm always looking forward to something new from Michael. His music is amazing. You can dance to the tune yet his music relaxes your mind. And I simply love his dance moves! This man was so gifted and talented.

I never saw Michael live in concert but I did watch all the concerts on DVD and wow they are magic. I never get bored watching the Bad and Dangerous tours on DVD. Here in my office I even set up a screen saver with Michael Jackson on it, too.

During all those years of being a fan I always said to myself that one day I will meet Michael Jackson in person. And believe it or not but my dream really did come true when Michael visited Oman in 2005.

At first it was just a rumour that he was in town but I didn't believe it! But as the rumours kept on I got suspicious. I knew that tracking Michael down, would be like mission impossible, but I thought if he indeed is here I just have to meet him!

So, my friend Fahad and I went to the Grand Hyatt Hotel. There we waited for hours & hours it soon became clear that Michael indeed was in the hotel. It was 16th of November, 2005, and my birthday was the following day. Though I didn't give up easily, I really wanted to meet my idol in person!

The following day (my birthday) I called the hotel and asked if it was possible to speak to Michael Jackson. Of course, the receptionist refused, and added that Michael didn't want to be disturbed.

So another day passed without any sight of Michael and I was growing desperate yet at the same time very determined so I called the hotel again. This time I asked the receptionist about Michael Jackson's whereabouts and luckily found out that Michael was going to be at the Al Bustan Place Hotel tomorrow!

Next day I was at my station in NSC (Network Service Centre), anxiously waiting by the clock, counting down the minutes, so that I could pursue my mission. Finally it was time and I went to the Al Bustan Place Hotel togeher with Fahad. We waited for so long but nothing happned. Though exhasted and tried I nevertheless decided to return the next day.

It was Sunday when I returned to wait in the lobby of the Al Bustan hotel. I prepared for a long wait but suddenly a security guard approached me. It was the same one that I saw at the Hyatt few days ago. He said, You haven't seen him yet?, Come with me and I'll introduce you! I froze and couldn't believe what he had just said to me.

But indeed, a few moments later, there he was wearing a red shirt and black trousers, his hair open and staring at me through his black sunglasses. My first reaction was to walk to Michael and give him a hand shake & kiss his cheeks. I said, Hi I'm Samira and I'm a big fan!

It really was a pity that I didn't have a camera with me, but it all happened so fast. However I managed to get his autograph, Love always, Michael Jackson. He wrote on the inside cover of his book. He was simply amazing and so kind. I will never forget that day of meeting my idol.

Finally my Mission Impossible was complete!


by Samira Harib Mohd Al Maskry, fan from Oman

Source:MJ Visits Muscat(Oman) November 2005

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The wedding pictures of #SerenaWilliams & #Alexis Ohanian are magical...

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If everything looks blue, then it's going to be strange and interesting.

I'm interested in what people see in my pictures.
That's why I also describe my pictures a little, it help me understand what others think and see.
I take pictures of everything, because everything has something that is memorable.
Soon I'll post a new photos. I use here my Sony NEX-5T and Sony Lens 55-210 mm.

#blue #life #story #blog #new #grass #nature #photo #photos #photography #home #image #images #gallery #artgallery #art #artphotography #steem #steemit #steemithelp #steemitfest #sony #sonylens #sonynex #lens #nex #color #colors #colorphotography

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Curry Rallies The Warriors To Defeat The 76ers 124-116

The 76er were once up by 22 points at half time over the Warriors, however Golden State quickly reminded not only the 76ers but the league that no lead was safe. As they defeat the 76ers 124-116 as Curry would outscore the entire 76ers team in the 3rd Quarter racking up 35 Points, 5 Assists and 5 Rebounds to lead the Warriors tonight. Durant was able to score 27 as well "We take everybody's best shot every night but they fight and fortunately we turned it around," Warriors coach Steve Kerr said. Joel Embiid had 21 for the 76ers and Ben Simmons added 23 points and 12 assists as they'd lead the 76ers to a huge first half lead. But would fall short in the end.


Stephen Curry: 35 Pts, 5 Asts, 5 Rebs
Kevin Durant: 27 Pts, 4 Rebs
Klay Thompson: 17 Pts
David West: 14 Pts, 7 Rebs


Joel Embiid: 21 Pts, 8 Rebs
Ben Simmons: 23 Pts, 12 Asts
Robert Covington: 20 Pts, 6 Rebs

#NBA #76ers #Warriors #Philadelphia #Oakland

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When will your flagship device get Android 8.0 Oreo ?

As an Android flagship's device owner, you are probably excited to know when your flagship device will get Android 8.0 Oreo. In that video, we cover the main flagship smartphones and we give you the answer concerning the Android 8.0 Oreo presumed update date.

You will find the info for the Samsung devices (Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8/S8+, ...), the LG devices (LG V30, LG G6, ...), the Huawei devices (Huawei P10, Huawei Mate 9, ...) but also for the Motorola, Sony and HTC devices.

If we are missing some info or we have some info which are wrong, don't hesitate to tell us in comments.

#Android #AndroidOreo #Android8 #Updates #Planning #AndroidUpdates #GooglePixel2 #GooglePixel2XL #Samsung #GalaxyNote8 #Note8 #Huawei #Mate10 #Mate10Pro #Promote #Discover

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Yellow Chimes Floral Drop Multicolor Swiss Cubic Zirconia 18K Gold Plated Earring for Women and Girls

BEAUTY- The Floral style drop earrings offers a beautiful combination of Rose gold-plated metal and colorful sparkling zircons crystal for a sophisticated modern look. With a trendy drop silhouette, they are ideal for adding a refined sparkle to any leisure look. The shapes of Zircons varies to make the looks Unique.
SKIN FRIENDLY- Nickel free and Lead free as per International Standards that makes it very skin friendly.
QUALITY- The specialty of this Technique is - AAA Swiss Cubic Zircons are used. Micro Inlay for Zircons is used. Three times of 18k Rose Gold Plating is used which is not easy to fade. Alloy (97% tin and 3% bismuth).
SIZE- 2.5*0.8 cm.
GIFT FOR HER! - Ideal Valentine, Birthday, Anniversary gift for someone you ❤ LOVE ❤.

Product description
YELLOW CHIMES gives its own unique designs to genuine and authorised Swarovski Brand Partner manufacturer. Overall cost is saved by cutting all the middlemen and directly reaching to retail buyer without buying expensive Swarovski boxes. These savings are passed on to our customers by providing them with less expensive but genuine Swarovski product. YELLOW CHIMES is not a direct partner of Swarovski. However, our Jewellery pieces have genuine Swarovski Elements brought directly from SWAROVSKI® which have been manufactured in Austria. We use these genuine crystals to make our own jewellery designs. Each crystal is 100% hand set by skilled craftsmen. As a third party manufacturer, our products come with Swarovski Branding Label which is a proof for authentic product. On Demand, we will email you the Certificate of Authorized Brand Partner of SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS upon purchase. YELLOW CHIMES provides 6 months warranty against manufacturing defect. Warranty Card is send along with the product. You just need to call us to tell the issue. YELLOW CHIMES only motto is to provide Beautiful, Elegant and High Quality Swarovski Elements Jewellery products to customers at most reasonable prices. So, BUY WITH CONFIDENCE! "One thing we can ensure is that our products are liked so much by people that definitely it will bring the smile on your face too."

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“It is such a huge master switch that [Trump] can throw to watch both sides and the media completely respond to what he wants in the way he wants. And, so he is Pavlov and we are all the dogs. Right?”

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Egocentric hearing: Study clarifies how we can tell where a sound is coming from
A new UCL and University of Nottingham study has found that most neurons in the brain’s auditory cortex detect where a sound is coming from relative to the head, but some are tuned to a sound source’s actual position in the world.

The study, published in PLOS Biology, looked at whether head movements change the responses of neurons that track sound location.

“Our brains can represent sound location in either an egocentric manner – for example, when I can tell that a phone is ringing to my left – or in an allocentric manner – hearing that the phone is on the table. If I move my head, neurons with an egocentric focus will respond differently, as the phone’s position relative to my ears has changed, while the allocentric neurons will maintain their response,” said the study’s first author, Dr Stephen Town (UCL Ear Institute).

The researchers monitored ferrets while they moved around a small arena surrounded by speakers that emitted clicking sounds. Electrodes monitored the firing rates of neurons in the ferrets’ auditory cortex, while LEDs were used to track the animals’ movement.

Among the neurons under investigation that picked up sound location, the study showed that most displayed egocentric orientations by tracking where a sound source was relative to the animal’s head, but approximately 20% of the spatially tuned neurons instead tracked a sound source’s actual location in the world, independent of the ferret’s head movements.

The researchers also found that neurons were more sensitive to sound location when the ferret’s head was moving quickly.

“Most previous research into how we determine where a sound is coming from used participants with fixed head positions, which failed to differentiate between egocentric and allocentric tuning. Here we found that both types coexist in the auditory cortex,” said the study’s senior author, Dr Jennifer Bizley (UCL Ear Institute).

The researchers say their findings could be helpful in the design of technologies involving augmented or virtual reality.

“We often hear sounds presented though earphones as being inside our heads, but our findings suggest sound sources could be created to appear externally, in the world, if designers incorporate information about body and head movements,” Dr Town said.

Source & further reading:

Journal article:

#neuroscience #hearing #auditorycortex #animalbehavior #neurons #soundlocalization #research

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Character Witnesses: Former Girlfriends, Employees, and Childhood Friends Step Up to Defend Roy Moore
by PENNY STARR | 18 Nov 2017 | Breitbart and Several News Media Outlets
Ryan and Mitch need to go!
A dozen women who know Alabama Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore personally have come forward to express their support and speak out about his good character.

Read More:

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Lego, Temple of doom and ewoks what more do you want.

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Windows Phone is truly dead...

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Young moon and Mercury after sunset - Tonight – November 19, 2017 – you have a skywatching challenge ahead of you if you live in North America. If you live in Asia, Indonesia, Australia or New Zealand, this same challenge comes on the evening on November 20. If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere … no challenge! You can see this sky scene – the young moon near the planet Mercury – both tonight and tomorrow. From North America. Try catching the young moon and/or planet Mercury in the southwest...

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Nearly a year into the Trump presidency, countries around the world are scrambling to adapt as the White House has struggled to fill key government positions, scaled back the State Department and upended old alliances. Now some nations are finding that even if they are frustrated by President Trump’s Washington, they can still prosper from robust relations with the California Republic and a constellation of like-minded U.S. cities, some of which are bigger than European countries.

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Will the Senate Expel Roy Moore If He's Elected?

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Is #Color A Property Of Matter Or Generated In Our #Brain? : #science

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Village People, Valerie Perrine, Bruce Jenner & Michael Jackson at Studio 54 for the 'Cant Stop The Music' party, 1980 (shortly before Studio 54 was closed).

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Eating Ice Cream for Breakfast makes you more Smarter and Intelligent

A scoop of ice cream for breakfast can provide an unexpected brain boost, a Japanese scientist has found. Many of us may think that it may be a better excuse to eat ice cream for breakfast but according to many scientist and researches it's true that eating Ice Cream for Breakfast makes you more smarter and intelligent. A Japanese scientist has found people who eat the treat 'immediately after waking up' can become smarter. Ream more full article:

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Hubble’s Cosmic Search for a Missing Arm

This new picture of the week, taken by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, shows the dwarf galaxy NGC 4625, located about 30 million light-years away in the constellation of Canes Venatici (The Hunting Dogs). The image, acquired with the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS), reveals the single major spiral arm of the galaxy, which gives it an asymmetric appearance. But why is there only one such spiral arm, when spiral galaxies normally have at least two?

Astronomers looked at NGC 4625 in different wavelengths in the hope of solving this cosmic mystery. Observations in the ultraviolet provided the first hint: in ultraviolet light the disk of the galaxy appears four times larger than on the image depicted here. An indication that there are a large number of very young and hot — hence mainly visible in the ultraviolet — stars forming in the outer regions of the galaxy. These young stars are only around one billion years old, about 10 times younger than the stars seen in the optical center. At first astronomers assumed that this high star formation rate was being triggered by the interaction with another, nearby dwarf galaxy called NGC 4618.

They speculated that NGC 4618 may be the culprit “harassing” NGC 4625, causing it to lose all but one spiral arm. In 2004 astronomers found proof for this claim. The gas in the outermost regions of the dwarf galaxy NGC 4618 has been strongly affected by NGC 4625.

Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA
Text credit: European Space Agency

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On the other side

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Your food choices may be the most influential variable you can control that relates to the health, vitality, and functionality of your precious brain. This article lists 10 best foods that boost your brain.

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Zimbabwe's ruling party ZANU-PF sacked Robert Mugabe as party leader and stripped Grace Mugabe of her position as chair of the party’s women’s league

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Republican Sen. Jeff Flake has called the GOP "toast" while unaware he was still on a live mic.

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Looks incredible even at nighttime, without the need of a second camera. What sorcery is this. 🧐

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30 years ago, it was just a fishing village.

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Predators expertly troll Tennessee fans over false Jon Gruden rumors: The Predators couldn't pass up the opportunity to poke fun at the #GRUMORS social media circus in the middle of their game against the Avalanche.

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2018 NFL Draft watch: UCLA’s Josh Rosen outperforms USC’s Sam Darnold: UCLA's Josh Rosen looks to be the more pro-ready prospect than USC's Sam Darnold.

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Google Lens visual search tool starts rolling out in Assistant for Pixel and Pixel 2 smartphones

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Falcons RB Devonta Freeman officially out vs. Seahawks: Falcons running back Devonta Freeman has been ruled out for Monday night’s game at the Seahawks because of a concussion.

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The best superhero movie. EVER.

Drama. Comedy. Action. Social commentaries. This what the perfect, intelligent superhero movie looks like. I thought I was going to have a heart attack before the film's end.
OMG. OMG. O.M.G!!!!!!! ♥️♥️😎😎😎😱😱

Check out my write-up on the origin of The Justice League:

#JusticeLeagueMovie #JusticeLeague #WonderWoman #Batman #Superman

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Alined For Substratum Oreo Update

Get it here -

What's new

• Android 8.0 Oreo support
• Themed latest Google app
• Separated statusbar icons overlay
• Fixed many bugs

Important points for Oreo Roms

• Theme supports Android 8.0 Oreo roms
• Try it on 8.1 beta on your own risk
• Fonts and statusbar icons overlay are not supported in Oreo yet
• Email me for bug reports
• Any bugs in Oreo will be ironed out in future updates

Leave a 5 star rating or review if you liked it :)

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Shades of Tropical Pink

Getting up close to any tropical flowers at the botanical gardens, lets me dream away to more exotic worlds in far off places, its telling me that summer is here, with warm sunny days ahead.
An image I took at the Botanical Gardens Stockholm Sweden. - A World of Tropical Dreams

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Hornets End Their 6 Game Losing Streak With A 102-87 Win Over The Clippers

The Hornets have finally ended their 6 game losing streak by defeating the LA Clippers 102-87, Kemba Walker scored 26 points and had 6 assists. Dwight was also able to add 16 points, 16 rebounds. "I have been struggling to start the season with shooting the 3, but I am trying to stay positive and confident in my shot," Walker said. "I just want to continue to be consistent." Walker tonight shot 11-17 from 3 Point land in his last two games as his shot if finally starting to come to from this season. For the Clippers Lou Williams scored 25 off the bench and Griffin had 19. As the Clippers have now lost their 8th straight game after having a great start to the season.


Kemba Walker: 26 Pts, 6 Asts
Dwight Howard: 16 Pts, 16 Rebs
Jeremy Lamb: 17 Pts


Blake Griffin: 19 Pts, 8 Rebs, 6-17 FG
Lou Williams: 25 Pts

#NBA #Clippers #Hornets #LosAngeles #Charlotte

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Ask your Google Assistant on Google Home/Mini/Max to play your favorite shows on HBO NOW, CBS All Access, The CW

HBO Now and CBS All Access have both landed on Google Home in the past couple of months, adding to the already available Netflix support. Both of those require that you manually link your accounts to get things working, but The CW doesn’t require an account at all.

To cast content from The CW, simply ask Assistant on your phone or Google Home to play a specific show from the network. That might include “Arrow,” “The Flash,” or others like “Riverdale.”

Play some of your favorite shows and movies from subscription services like HBO NOW, CBS All Access and The CW. You can also cast from eligible Android phones and iPhones. Just start by saying, “Ok Google” or “Hey Google”:

- "Watch Curb Your Enthusiasm"
- “Play Star Trek: Discovery”
- “Turn the volume down”
- “Go back 30 seconds”
- “Play Riverdale”

So the next time your hands are full with popcorn, go ahead and forget the remote. Just say, “Hey Google,” sit back and enjoy.

#googlehome #smarthome #googleassistant #hbonow #cbsallaccess #connectedhome #googlehomemini

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Roy Moore Is Teaming Up With Rush Limbaugh to Frame Mitch McConnell

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So many Trump lies revisited.
300 days into his corrupt administration, and Trump's 100-day scheme to clean up politics his missing in inaction.
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