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Democrat castro try's to use the little Mexicans migrant girls death to remove McAleenan from his job .. note He did his job, fool and the girls father said so, it was just to late to save the girl
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Life Curves.

Sometimes life throws a few bends in there to get you to slow down, whilst cruising on the freeway is good, some may consider the ride thru the bends to be better... :)

This image is for a mate of mine +Carolyn Fahm who has just come out of some surgery, some might consider that a forced slow down :) In any case I'm sure you will be back up to speed before you know it. Thankyou for all the wonderful comments, insightful words and always stopping by :)

Zoom in and check it all out in full resolution :)


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Apple Watch Nike+ Series 3 with LTE available as cheap as $284 ($125 off) right now - Last year’s Apple Watch Series 3 typically starts at $279, but if you want to add cellular connectivity on top of GPS support, you need to spend an extra Benjamin. Or you can take advantage of the latest limited-time, limited supply B&H Photo Video deal letting you purchase an LTE-enabled variant of arguably the best 2017 smartwatch for as little as $284. This is a very specific model on sale right now at ...
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#18Dec 2018, #205Live star #MustafaAli scored a big upset by pinning WWE Champion #DanielBryan during a tag team match on tonight's episode of Smackdown Live. Ali teamed with #AJStyles to defeat Bryan and #AndradeCienAlmas after Ali hit the 054 on Bryan.

Bryan appeared to have been hurt by the finisher, however is apparently fine as he worked the tapings for next week's SmackDown Live. Ali landed on the WWE Champion badly. Ali could be heard saying "I'm sorry" to Bryan as the match ended.

Fans at last night's tapings noted that ringside trainers immediately came over and checked on Bryan after the match ended as Ali and Styles were celebrating their win. It should be noted that the trainers were already at ringside during the match and did not come out just to check on Bryan.

WWE has officially moved Mustafa to the SmackDown roster from the 205 Live roster.
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An international team of astronomers has discovered the furthest object ever detected in the Solar System. Nicknamed “Farout”, it’s a small round object with a pinkish hue located 17.95 billion kilometers (11.15 billion miles) from the Sun. The color is common in ice-rich objects.

Its official designation is 2018 VG18 and it is 500 kilometers (310 miles) in diameter. It's the first object discovered further than 100 astronomical units (AU) from our star, with 1 AU being the Earth-Sun distance. Farout is at a distance of 120 AU, significantly further out than dwarf planet Eris, which is at 96 AU. Pluto, by comparison, is at 34 AU.

The object was discovered in images taken with the Japanese Subaru Telescope atop Mauna Kea in Hawaii on November 10. Follow-up observations to confirm the distance were conducted in December from Las Campanas Observatory in Chile.

“All that we currently know about 2018 VG18 is its extreme distance from the Sun, its approximate diameter, and its color,” co-discoverer David Tholen, from the University of Hawaii, said in a statement. “Because 2018 VG18 is so distant, it orbits very slowly, likely taking more than 1,000 years to take one trip around the Sun.”

Farout adds to the intriguing family of peculiar objects so far discovered beyond the orbit of Pluto. The orbits of these trans-Neptunian objects (TNOs) seem to be influenced by the gravity of a massive planet so researchers have put forward the idea that Planet 9 exists over 200 AU from the Sun. So far the search hasn’t uncovered definitive proof, but TNOs are helping astronomers understand what’s going on at the edge of the Solar System.

“2018 VG18 is much more distant and slower moving than any other observed Solar System object, so it will take a few years to fully determine its orbit,” added co-discoverer Scott Sheppard, from the Carnegie Institution for Science. “But it was found in a similar location on the sky to the other known extreme Solar System objects, suggesting it might have the same type of orbit that most of them do. The orbital similarities shown by many of the known small, distant Solar System bodies was the catalyst for our original assertion that there is a distant, massive planet at several hundred AU shepherding these smaller objects.”

While we are only just starting to understand the further rims of the Solar System, discoveries like this show that there are still many worlds out there left to find.

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Stick insects: Egg-laying techniques reveal new evolutionary map - Known for exceptional mimicry, stick insects have evolved a range of egg-laying techniques to maximize egg survival while maintaining their disguise—including dropping eggs to the ground, skewering them on leaves, and even enlisting ants for egg dispersal. Scientists have now combined knowledge on these varied techniques with DNA analysis to create the best map of stick-insect evolution to date. Contrary to previous evolutio...

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Meghan Markle Says She’s Feeling “Very Pregnant Today” During London Outing
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Chang'e-4 lander makes contact with Queqiao relay satellite from lunar orbit
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#18Dec 2018, WWE Chairman #VinceMcMahon returned to #SmackDown on last night's show, his first blue brand appearance since SmackDown #SD1000 back in October. Continuing the "fresh start" that the McMahon Family kicked off on this week's #RAW, Vince appeared in a few different segments to lead storylines on the show. He interacted with #Asuka, #Naomi, #Charlotte Flair and #BeckyLynch to set up the Naomi vs. Asuka title match and then later interacted with #TheMiz, which set up Miz & #MandyRose defeating #RTruth & #Carmella in mixed tag team action.
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“The Staff Is Fed Up He’s Acting Like a Nut”: Trump’s West Wing Braces for Christmas Madness, More Departures—And Mueller
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Samsung's smartphones might be slumping, but its OLED displays are bigger than ever - All these phones use Samsung-made OLED screens Samsung’s market-leading smartphones are not selling as well as they used to, dropping more than 13 percentage points year-on-year in Q3 as flagship designs have become a bit repetitive and Galaxy mid-rangers are simply not good enough for their price points. While it remains unclear if a redesigned high-end lineup and completely overhauled low to mid-end port...
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WhatsApp Messenger beta for Android
What’s New
• When you receive a link to a video from places like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, you can now play it right within WhatsApp. With picture-in-picture, you can keep watching the video while you chat.
• You can now reply to a group message privately in your 1:1 chat. Tap and hold a message in a group chat and select ‘Reply privately’.

#wa #whatsapp #wabeta #social #messenger
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The two haven't known each other for very long, but a "devastating" Instagram post from Pete Davidson over the weekend had newly elected Texas congressman Dan Crenshaw rushing to the phone.
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Could a killer asteroid hit earth
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How to Use the #Instagram Close Friends List for Business | Social Media Examiner:

#Business #SocialMediaMarketing #SMM
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Facebook can't catch a break: document leak reveals that Facebook partners had access to your private messages - 2018 has not been a good year for Facebook. Ever since the Cambridge Analytica scandal lit the flame early this year, the company has been held under heavy scrutiny for how it collects and handles user data. Document leaks have shocked some users, committee hearings have been scheduled to pressure Facebook into fessing up what it's doing behind closed doors, a #DeleteFacebook cam...
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#RealityTV : )
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™Cmdr. Bluefin
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Come join us.
Apple iThings is a well-moderated group on MeWe, the new home of lots of G+ refugees.
Apple iThings on MeWe
Apple iThings on MeWe

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InSight Engineers Have Made a Martian Rock Garden

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