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The Dallas Cowboys picked up a much-needed win over the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday afternoon, thumping the winless NFC West franchise by.....
#FRSNow #dallascowboys #sanfrancisco49ers #frs

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The new factory images and OTA files for the recently launched Google Pixel 2 phones are available to download from Google's web site. #News #Android80Oreo #GooglePixel2

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Neuron growth, white matter density, and the developmental dangers of giving yourself jet lag.

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THE CONTENT BELOW IS REPRINTED WITH PERMISSION FROM MARVEL COMICS By Christine Dinh Marvel Studios: A Motivational Message from Thor: Ragnarok’s Cate Blanchett ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ lands in theaters November 3! Marvelites, we recognize Mondays can be brutal.…

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Researchers Revise Our Knowledge of How the Brain Learns to Fear

A neuroscience team at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) led by Professor Bo Li studied the relationship between two parts of the brain's amygdala - an almond-shaped structure that comes in pairs, one situated on each side of the mouse and other vertebrate brains. The amygdalae are centrally involved in learning and memory.

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Hesitant on picking up the Pixel 2 XL over reports of display issues? You may want to wait for the OnePlus 5T.

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The Funniest Rick and Morty Quotes

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Animated Photo
10 days left to send your name MARS! Our Mars InSight lander will carry your name to the Red Planet if submitted by Nov 1:

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The Climber and the Eclipse.
Image Credit & Copyright: Andrew Struder
Explanation: What should you do if your rock climbing picture is photobombed by a total eclipse of the Sun? Rejoice -- because your planning paid off. After months of considering different venues, and a week of scouting different locations in Oregon's Smith Rock State Park, a group of photographers and rock climbers led by Andrew Struder, Ted Hesser, Martina Tibell, and Michael Shainblum settled on picturesque 100-meter tall Monkey Face tower as the dramatic foreground for their images of the pending total solar eclipse. Tension mounted as the eclipse time approached, planned juxtapositions were scrutinized, and the placement of rock climber Tommy Smith was adjusted. Right on schedule, though, the Moon moved in front of the Sun, and Smith moved in front of the Moon, just as planned. The solar eclipse image displayed here actually shows a diamond ring, an eclipse phase when a bit of the distant Sun is still visible beyond the Moon's surface.
Original link:
#NASA #напозитиве #УлыбкаКотаШрёдингера

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NASA joins a host of nations and companies that want to go to the lunar surface

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Bob Anstett & The Virtual Dungeon Master
Geek Questioner Podcast #0076
Covering Oct 13th - Oct 19th, 2017
Listen & Subscribe:
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This week I interview citizen of the future, +Robert Anstett from his office in Fort Lauderdale. Join as we geek out over his incredible passion for empowering the masses with tech in his day job as the Coordinator of Digital Initiatives for Broward County and so much more! We range from virtual reality to his 25 year old D&D campaign to his kinship with Neville Longbottom and beyond...

Following the interview, we discuss your answers to the week's questions. We discuss the series you think went on too long, discover what your mirror universe self might be like, find out what sidekicks you'd have as friends, laugh over your interesting placement of bricks, commiserate over the scenes that still make you teary, learn how your Porg adoptions went, learn about your favorite movie openings, and a lot more!

Join my co-host +Annette Holland and I for our latest shenanigans and if you like it, please subscribe and feel free to comment below! Oh and sign up if you want to be a guest!

Guest Links:
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Timeline & Question Links:
00:00 - Interview
28:43 - Commercial (Goa'uld Divorce)
30:27 - Friday:
35:04 - Saturday:
38:54 - Sunday:
42:04 - Monday:
45:37 - Tuesday:
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61:33 - Wrap Up

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#gqp #gqp2017 #geekquestioner #podcast #gqotd

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Joe Stone - Let's Go Together is OUT NOW! Like this track? Download on Beatport or add it to your favourite Spotify/Apple Music playlist by clicking HERE:!YT

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Sunday’s matchup between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Minnesota Timberwolves will ultimately be remembered for its wild finishing sequence involving.....
#FRSNow #okcthunder #oklahomacitythunder #minnesotatimberwolves #andreroberson #frs

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Review – Thor: Ragnarok – “An absolute joy“ in UK cinemas on 24th October 2017.

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SMH. Tweeter-in-Chief is classless again. No news there.

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Silence is a fence around wisdom.

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Little known fact: Carving a face on a vegetable to make a lantern is an ancient tradition practised throughout the galaxy.

TK-24/7 was a master at carving, he was a very handy trooper, he did not pass an opportunity to carve even when on duty on a planet with little or no vegetation suitable for the job. Snow is just as good a substitute as any when the time for a good traditional lantern is at hand. Regardless of a deadly blizzard.

Happy Halloween!

#snow #blizzard #halloween #jackolantern #pumpkin #snowtrooper #stormtrooper #lego #toy #toyphotography #avanaut #originality #starwars

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"La Paz"
By Konstantinos Ouzounidis
" La Paz " [Costa Rica]
From an unbelievable about of flora and fauna to the most famous waterfalls in the country, La Paz should be on everyone's list of what to do in Costa Rica. There are five waterfalls, hiking trails, a cloud forest, rain forest and more than 100 different animal species.
Costa Rica is home to an abundance of natural wonders that mingle together to create some of the most beautiful scenery around! On my journeys, I've hopped along streams, mountain springs, freshwater ponds and through forests to find hundreds of waterfalls that are truly majestic. I've heard that humans especially love these cascading attractions, while there are still many unknown or closed off to the public, there are plenty unbelievable ones to be visited.
Feel free to like, share and post your comments!
Peace & Love
Photography by KO - Konstantinos Ouzounidis

#photography #landscape #costarica #waterfall

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Las Vegas, NV, Downtown

The classic Las Vegas. Were it all started a long time ago... Fremont Street.



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"Galaxy over Lake Ninan"

With all the clouds about, I've been watching the satellite pictures waiting for a gap. On Sunday night there appeared to be one around Lake Ninan so off I go in the evening (about two hour drive from Perth).

Waiting for the galaxy to set closer to the horizon (I had planned an epic "galaxy reflected in water" scene), I took a "warm-up" panorama in this 36 panel mosaic - which is probably just as well, as the light cloud that can be seen on the horizon pretty much came over within the hour and cut my session short.

Lake Ninan is sort of a mixed bag (at least for me). The first time there I was on the western side looking east (at the time thinking about getting the galaxy rising) but there are only some small stumps and short trees on the shore on the western side which makes for fairly boring shots. This image taken on the eastern shore is a bit more interesting as it has more (albeit dead) trees in the water providing nice reflections.

This is a 36 panel mosiac, with a tracking mount for the sky and turned off for the foreground, all camera settings were kept the same for all panels. Stitching in PTGui, colour calibration with Pixinsight, levels, saturation and contrast in Photoshop.

Enjoy, Will Vrbasso.

| 2017-10-22 | Lake Ninan, Western Australia | EOS6D modified | 50mm | f/3.2 | UV/IR cut-filter | iOptron mount | ISO3200 | 30sec | 36 x panels |

#nightscape #astrophotography #australia #lake #lakeninan #night #canon #stellaraustralis #vrbasso #milkyway #galaxy

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The colours of Iceland's Goðafoss

One of the the more graceful locations on the island. A crescent waterfall that looks amazing no matter what angle you're photographing it from. The water also spills into a beautiful canyon that seems to never get the attention it deserves. So, in order to get here, you need a bit more time than usual, as it's in the far north-east of the island. But for those making the journey around the entire island, it will definitely be a highlight of your trip.

Goðafoss, you're a stunner!

More photos like this at

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A spring abstract

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Another vote for yes

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How To Get More Likes On Instagram

There is no question that Instagram is one of the hottest platforms. If you are just starting out in business, getting exposure for your brand may seem like a daunting task.

Getting likes on Instagram isn't that difficult, however here, more than anywhere else, consistency is key. Take a look at the best ways to boost your brand using some tested Instagram formulas.

+Social Media Maverick 623-428-9696

Your Social Media Success Is Our Business!

#Instagram #socialmediasuccess #yoursocialhorsepower

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Dodgers' Cody Bellinger wins Sporting News NL Rookie of the Year: Anyone who says they saw Cody Bellinger's 2017 season coming is probably not being truthful. Because it's hard to imagine that anyone had that kind of prescience.

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Amazon said on Monday that it received 238 proposals from "cities and regions in 54 states, provinces, districts and territories around North America" who want to host the company's second headquarters.

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Globular cluster Messier 5

This sparkling jumble is Messier 5 — a globular cluster consisting of hundreds of thousands of stars bound together by their collective gravity.

But Messier 5 is no normal globular cluster. At 13 billion years old it is incredibly old, dating back to close to the beginning of the Universe, which is some 13.8 billion years of age. It is also one of the biggest clusters known, and at only 24 500 light-years away, it is no wonder that Messier 5 is a popular site for astronomers to train their telescopes on.

Messier 5 also presents a puzzle. Stars in globular clusters grow old and wise together. So Messier 5 should, by now, consist of old, low-mass red giants and other ancient stars. But it is actually teeming with young blue stars known as blue stragglers.

These incongruous stars spring to life when stars collide, or rip material from one another.

ESA/Hubble & NASA

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It's been Alan Moore vs. The council forever, not over this issue only. I wish him everlasting energy.

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Swansea Market, Swansea, Wales, UK on Monday, October 9, 2017
Photograph by Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts

“History of Swansea: Industrial Revolution
The port of Swansea initially traded in wine, hides, wool, cloth and later in coal.[14] At the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, the combination of port, local coal, and trading links with the West Country, Cornwall and Devon, meant that Swansea was the logical place to site copper smelting works. Smelters were operating by 1720 and proliferated. Following this, more coal mines(everywhere from north-east Gower to Clyne and Llangyfelach) were opened and smelters (mostly along the Tawe valley) were opened and flourished. Over the next century and a half, works were established to process arsenic, zinc and tin and to create tinplate and pottery. The city expanded rapidly in the 18th and 19th centuries, and was termed "Copperopolis".[14]
The Swansea smelters became so adept at recovering gold and silver from complex ores that in the 1800s they received ore concentrates from the United States, for example from Arizona in the 1850s, and Colorado in the 1860s.[15]”

For more information please visit the following link:

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US: New Nintendo 3DS XL – Super NES Edition Up For Pre-order On Amazon #repost

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting pre-ordering the New Nintendo 3DS XL – Super NES Edition then you’ll be pleased to know it’s currently available for pre-order on Amazon. The limited edition system will be released on November 27th and will cost you…

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Researchers Demonstrate 'Mind Reading' Brain Decoding Technology

Researchers have demonstrated how to decode what the human brain is seeing by using artificial intelligence to interpret fMRI scans from people watching videos, representing a sort of mind-reading technology.

The research is in Cerebral Cortex. (full access paywall)

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