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Check Out The World's Most Organized Pantry

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#Science and #Astronomy

Carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere after the impact of the Chicxulub asteroid, which ended the era of dinosaurs some 65 million years ago, warmed the Earth's climate for 100,000 years, a new study has revealed.

The study, based on an analysis of fossil records, suggested that the Earth's overall temperature increased by 5 degrees Celsius (9 degrees Fahrenheit) over that time.

The results raise concerns about how long it will take for the planet to recover from the effects of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions, said Kenneth MacLeod, a professor of geological sciences at the University of Missouri and lead author of the new work, published today (May 24) in the journal Science.

Scientists have long theorized that after the piece of space rock with a diameter of 6 to 9 miles (7 to 14 kilometers) smashed into the Yucatan Peninsula near today's town of Chicxulub in Mexico, the temperature of the planet first rose sharply for minutes or hours, MacLeod said. After that, it plunged down for months to decades, because the huge amount of dust and soot thrown into the atmosphere by the impact blocked the sun's rays. Eventually, however, carbon dioxide released during the impact led to global warming.

MacLeod's study is the first to present empirical evidence of how long this greenhouse gas-related global warming lasted and how substantial it was.

"We thought that we could resolve this question by looking at fossilized bits of fish teeth, scales and bones from the El Kef section in Tunisia," MacLeod told, referring to a paleontological site in northwestern Tunisia known for having one of the world's best-preserved fossil records from the period before and after the Chicxulub impact

"This place is known for having a beautiful record across the interval that we are looking at — the so called Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary — the mass extinction event following the Chicxulub impact."

The researchers looked at the concentrations of different oxygen isotopes in the fossils. These isotopes differ in the number of neutrons in the oxygen atom and, according to MacLeod, behave slightly differently from one another.

"One of the differences is, as temperature increases, the amount of the light oxygen isotope, oxygen 16, in a mineral increases relatively," MacLeod said.

"We are measuring the ratio of oxygen 16 to oxygen 18. Every 1 part per 1,000 that the ratio changes correlates to an about 4.5- to 5-degree [C, or 8.1 to 9 degrees F] change in temperature."

The researchers analyzed 40 samples taken from the site in Tunisia: 10 samples from the 50,000-year period before the impact, 20 samples from the 100,000 years immediately after the impact and additional 10 samples from the following 200,0000 years.

"We found that there was a really big difference in oxygen isotopes between these three sets of samples — unambiguous," said MacLeod.

He said he and his team now want to look at fossil samples from other parts of the world and check for similar patterns.

"It's one thing to find 5 degrees [C, 9 degrees F] of warming in North Africa. It's even more impressive to find 5 degrees of warming in North Africa and perhaps 10 degrees [C, 18 degrees F] of warming off the coast of Australia," he said. "That would really strengthen the idea that it's a global signal and a greenhouse gas-related change."

The study, MacLeod said, not only sheds more light on what happened to the Earth's systems after the devastating collision, but it also raises questions about the consequences of current human activities.

"If I were to draw a line under the lessons of this study for the modern era, it would be to contemplate the idea that what we are doing in our lifetimes will affect the Earth for the next 100,000 years, which is pretty daunting," MacLeod said.

By Tereza Pultarova, Contributor | May 24, 2018 02:00pm ET

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How to Get Instant Face Glow before Party Makeup
#Makeup #InstantGlow #PartyMakeup #GetFaceGlow #MakeupTips #Trending
You had worked hard last night even you knew today you have to attend a very important family event. When you awoke you noticed that your eyes were bit droopy and skin was completely saggy- they show clear signs of fatigue and sickness, what else to do.
Follow +Fashion Update News

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Samsung Galaxy J8 is an affordable option in budget category yet having Infinity Display and dual camera 📸 setup.....

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Get involved in the JunoCam Mission! Check out raw images, have a hand in voting for Juno's next target to capture & discuss the images, the data as well, with other members of the Juno community!

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The stones u throw can make me bleed but I won't be stopped!

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Pure Energy © Holger Nimtz
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern | 2018

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A Pristine Waterfall

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Cleveland Cavaliers Lost Tough Game Five Against Boston Celtics 83 To 96

The Cleveland Cavaliers lost a tough game on the road against the Boston Celtics 83 to 96. The Cavs must win game six on their home floor to keep their season alive.

The Celtics built a double-digit lead in the first quarter. The Celtics maintained the lead for the rest of the game.

The Cavs had an opportunity to win the game in the fourth quarter. The Cavs did not score after forcing turnovers and after the Celtics miss shots.

Lebron James did not play up to his usual standards in a crucial game. James only put up 26 points. Kevin Love finished with 14 points for the Cavs.

The Cavs must take care of the ball in game six. The supporting cast must come alive and produce for the Cavs to force a game seven.

The Cavs played well enough on defense. The Cavs just did not make shots.

Do you think the Cavs will dominate game six?

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Its one of the craziest smartphones ever.

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What month do you think Rookie DBC Emily should be?! 🤔 #DBCinMX

#Sports #NFL #Cheerleaders

(Credit: Denver Broncos Cheerleaders)

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From the article ...

Massachusetts and Rhode Island have announced offshore wind projects aimed at delivering a combined 1,200 megawatts of energy - or enough to power 600,000 homes.

The Vineyard Wind project will be Massachusetts' first offshore wind farm and is expected to generate 800 megawatts of energy. That's about 5.5 to 6 percent of the state's total annual electric load.

Massachusetts officials said that represents the largest single procurement of offshore wind by any state in the nation. Vineyard Wind was selected by Massachusetts over two other offshore wind proposals: Bay State Wind and Deepwater Wind.

Also Wednesday, Democratic Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo said that the state had selected the same Providence, Rhode Island-based Deepwater Wind project that had been proposed for Massachusetts - a 400-megawatt offshore wind farm Revolution Wind.

Both projects, which the states described as a collaborative effort, will be located south of Martha's Vineyard.

Complete article at ...

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If you’re heavy into tinkering with your smartphones, you probably have a few devices and brands that you absolutely refuse to buy simply because they’re very difficult to customize. Some manufacturers openly embrace the modding community, including…

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NASCAR starting lineup at Charlotte: Kyle Busch wins Coca-Cola 600 pole; Kevin Harvick car fails inspection: Kyle Busch put himself in great position to capture his first Coca-Cola 600 win. On the other hand, the car of All-Star Race winner Kevin Harvick failed inspection, so Harvick will start 39th.

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Biden Unleashes On GOP In A Campaign-Style Speech That Should Terrify Trump

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Your blood type could raise or lower your risk for certain diseases. Learn how type A, B, AB, or O could impact your long term health.

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Worst Habits for Your Heart

You know that eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly are important habits for a healthy heart. But did you know that you could still be undermining all your efforts with some surprisingly common bad habits?

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