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Why Do Some #Planets #Rotate In Different Directions? : #science

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After his visits to NATO, in Brussels, and to the UK, and on to his bizarre encounter with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, in Helsinki, we are entering a new era in transatlantic relations. #Germany is not alone in trying to reshape a future without US engagement or interest in European affairs, whether on trade or security, the environment or foreign policy issues.

#Trump’s attempt to provoke divisions in the #EU on this trip and in recent months has had a significantly unifying effect on the union. If the US wants to distance itself, then Europe is happy to show it can go it alone.

#WorldEconomy #Economy #Geopolitics #ForeignPolicy #Diplomacy #Politics #InternationalRelations #EuropeanUnion
President Trump’s attempts to divide the EU have had a unifying effect

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#NASCAR Christopher Bell outlasts Keselowski for #Xfinity win at New Hampshire via @Motorsport_Oz

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I am not not sharing this but would I wouldn't not.

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#singapore #hack

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Here’s all new Galaxy Note 9 S Pen features revealed #GalaxyNote9 #GalaxyTabS4 #SPen #Samsung #SamsungNews

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Your blood type could raise or lower your risk for certain diseases. Learn how type A, B, AB, or O could impact your long term health.

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A former director of the CIA cried treason. #JohnMcCain called it 'one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory'. Another Republican senator, #BobCorker, said: 'The dam is finally breaking.' Despite stinging criticism of #Trump in Washington this week, a small sampling of influential party workers visiting Texas and a poll of the general public suggest conservatives across the country are generally shrugging off Trump’s curiously cordial relationship with #VladimirPutin.

Trump made a maladroit effort at damage control, after widespread outrage at his performance in Helsinki. But at the quarterly meeting of the Republican National Committee (RNC), the #Republicanparty’s leadership, fundraising and strategy group, there was no evidence of the dam cracking, or even springing the smallest of leaks. Senior state-level officials are among the RNC’s 168 members.

#WorldEconomy #Economy #Geopolitics #ForeignPolicy #Diplomacy #Politics #Russia #InternationalRelations #UnitedStates
Was the #Putin summit a turning point for Trump? #Republicans say 'nah'

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Samsung ready to begin mass production of microLED displays for both Home and commercial entertainments - #Samsung #microLED

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Samsung's A-series are possibly going double-digits

Samsung's smartphone lineup is an ever-growing mess of alphanumeric strings of model names. With some J-series hardware now passing as the Galaxy A6 (2018) and A6+ (2018), a reimagining of the A-series was in order, and it appears that could be happening.

Samsung's filed for trademarks in Europe for devices named A10, A30, A50, A70, and A90 - doesn't the double-digit designation really open up possibilities for further growth?

What's a bit disconcerting, however, is that the Galaxy moniker is missing in the EU filings - only the Tizen-powered Z-series Samsung phones have been released without the Galaxy branding. All is well in the Korean trademark regulatory authority, however - Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A50 trademark applications have been filed there.

We can go ahead and speculate that the naming change could spread to other model lineups, though somehow a Galaxy S20 a year and a half from now doesn't really seem right.

#GalaxyA6 #A6 #A6+ #GalaxyA6+ #AMOLED #Samsung #Android #AndroidOreo #GalaxyA10 #GalaxyA30 #GalaxyA50 #GalaxyA70 #IndieDev

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How to Change Language in Google Chrome #howto #tips #tricks #tutorial #TipsAndTricks

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Desert Mountains and Milky Way

Ancient volcanic rocks and peaks in the Texas desert under the light of the Milky Way. The dark #texasnightsky one finds in west Texas is a great place to see and photograph the Milky Way. Here I have set up around desert peaks and photographed the stars above them.

#wildernessphotographer #texas #texasnightsky #nightscape #nightscapephotography #landscape #astro

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Sterni and Sunset @ Oberbaumbrücke

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How much snow ?

I stumbled around this spot knowing that I had been in the same place last time, however it was not until I looked at previous images did I realise why I could not quite place myself, the difference is about a metre or more of snow. I guess over the winter the snow builds up and adds layer upon layer, if you look at this image and then compare it to this one
you can see the tree in the linked image looks like a little shrub, however its actually the top half a tree :)

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Sunset in a bulb

with +Ingo Krehl at +Drink and Click ™ Berlin, Germany +Drink and Click™

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My macros in colors

#macrophotography #hqspmacro #hqspflowers #fotomaniaitalia #ilovephotography

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MEmu Android Emulator 5.5 free download standalone offline installer for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit. The MEmu Android Emulator 5.5 is a powerful virtual android operating system that helps in running different Android games and applications on the computer.

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#Trump Pushing #US Army to Invade #Iran: Top General

The highest-ranking Iranian general says US President Donald Trump has been pressuring his country’s military commanders to take action against Tehran, stressing the need for Iranian Armed Forces to boost their preparedness.

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Two-factor authentication is a must, but don't settle for the SMS version. Use a more secure authenticator app instead.

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What are the legal routes for Central Americans to come to the U.S.? Why are many seeking #asylum (which it seems always useful to restate is a legal procedure we have established, for people under persecution) rather than using other routes? Well, for most people there's exactly one alternative route, similar qualifications, but it's 8x smaller and leaves you under threat for years.
People admitted per year from El Salvador + Guatemala + Honduras:
- 5611 people were granted asylum
- 725 people got refugee visas
- 39 got in through the green card lottery (not available in El Salvador)
So yeah, which would you try for?

For most people, the alternatives are asylum or a refugee visa because the criteria are generally similar -- you need to be threatened by persecution. The big difference is in the mechanics: you request asylum from U.S. soil, and you request a refugee visa from foreign soil. One or the other of these is the option for most people, who are fleeing their country but don't have additional qualifications.

Those refugee numbers may be in effect an overcount, since they count people from an Obama-era program for minors at risk, which actually required parents with legal U.S. status -- not available to most people. That program is terminated now anyway. So the refugee path may be even narrower than it looks from these numbers. That doesn't necessarily imply it's harder to get than asylum for a particular applicant; it could be the same but be undesirable for other reasons.

If you're wondering, the bulk of the admissions are for family unification. Per year from our three countries:
- 15294 people got Immediate Relative visas (spouse or minor child of citizen)
- 11971 people got Family Preference (brothers, married children, other cases)
For sure, if you're part of a nuclear family split between citizenships, that would be the best way, by far. Or if you're a married child, there's a process, but the wait is 12 years, or 23 for certain countries. But most people fleeing their country can't use any of this. A whole family can't.

You could in principle get a long-term work visa, but most people don't qualify. That's 72 in a year.

Beyond the numbers it's worth mentioning again that the refugee process takes a couple of years. By the time you get to the point of uprooting your family, because you're in immediate danger, are you going to choose to stay in that for years? What if the worse happens because you were sitting and waiting?

Tangential from this article, I started collecting numbers (sources below) --

I couldn't find numbers all for the same year period, so I had to mix and match and spackle a bit. It would also be good to look at the time series since the numbers change a lot over time.
Table 1, refugee admissions: 1340 LatAm + Caribbean
2016: 20455 asylum grants from anywhere = 11729 affirmative + 8726 defensive
Table 4, affirmative asylum grants: El Salvador 1404, Guatemala 1317, Honduras 885 (total 3606)
Table 5, defensive: El Salvador 753, Guatemala 632, Honduras 620 (total 2005)
Both kinds: 5611
(Figure 9, credible fear interview's 'pass' rate: ES 81%, G 60%, H 81%.)
The following statistics are defensive asylum + affirmative asylum initially denied by USCIS. 2016 had 15999 affirmative asylum approved by USCIS -- they do not track nationality! [but this doesn't seem to match other data?]

Long-term work visas: 74
Green card lottery: 39 (no El Salvador)

Refugee: 1668 (entirety of LatAm + Caribbean)
Refugee, 2017-10 - 2018-06: 461 El Salvador, 34 Guatemala, 49 Honduras (total 544)
(this is 9 full months, on pace for 725 in a full year)
Immediate Relative immigrant visas are for nuclear family (minor children) of a U.S. citizen. Uncapped yearly.
Family Preference are for other relationships (non-minor children, siblings) and for family of green card holders.
Family Preference immigrant visas, 2017:
7554 El Salvador
2548 Guatemala
1869 Honduras
(total 11971)
(2017 all countries total 225719)
Immediate Relative visas, 2017:
7998 ES
4045 G
3251 H
(total 15294)
(2017 all countries total 254430)

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French minister urges US to 'see sense' over trade tariffs
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