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Sport and Trauma

It's the rapid motion of our squishy brain inside the skull that creates the traumatic brain injury known as concussion.

"It has been reported that 9.3% of the concussions involved loss of consciousness, and 2.4% resulted in hospitalization."


[ CTE: Chronic Trauma ]

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, is a degenerative brain condition believed to be caused by repeated hits to the head.

CTE is not about single concussions. It’s the result of repeated concussions — and even head impacts that are not quite as severe — which can result in lasting, structural changes in the brain.

Specifically, brains with CTE accumulate a protein called tau (which is believed to be dislodged from brain fibers during an injury). Tau clumps together in the issues of the brain, interrupting critical information flow.

[ Accumulation of Symptoms ]

The symptoms of CTE creep slowly, taking 8 to 10 years to manifest after initial repeated brain traumas, and can grow worse over decades. What starts off as areas of the brain pockmarked with tau spreads to surround whole the brain.

In stage I, symptoms are subtle: headaches, short-term memory loss, and loss of attention. By stage IV, “most subjects also showed profound loss of attention and concentration, executive dysfunction, language difficulties, explosively, aggressive tendencies, paranoia, depression, gait and visuospatial difficulties.”

The effects of brain trauma on CTE are cumulative. The more trauma over a longer period, the worse the symptoms.


Another study found evidence to suggest that college football experience can lead to a decrease in the volume of the hippocampus — a critical region for memory — compared to people who never played college football.


[ Scientific Acceptance ]

One of the biggest consequences of the concussion research is that fewer young people are participating in the sport.

The NFL didn’t acknowledge the concussion problem until 2009; for years, the NFL had downplayed and denied the links between concussions and cognitive decline. (Frontline has a fantastic documentary about how the league turned a blind eye to the problem for years.) But these days, the league is donating millions to concussion-related research.

But there has been significant friction with the scientific community over the issue. In July, the NFL and the National Institutes of Health ended a $30 million partnership with half the money left unspent. According to ESPN, “the NFL backed out of a major study that had been awarded to a researcher who had been critical of the league,” which precipitated the ending of the partnership.

[ Improving Game Safety ]

The league has also made some steps to make the game a bit safer. (Read SB Nation for a full explainer on the NFL’s concussion protocols.) Players are immediately removed from the field when there’s a potential concussion. If diagnosed, they can only return to play after completing a five-step protocol, which includes an unspecified period of rest, followed up by supervised exercise, and then examinations not just with the team doctor but also with an independent neurological consultant. Critics, however, have charged that these protocols have been enforced unevenly across teams and players.

Furthermore, the NFL has banned helmet-to-helmet hits, made kickoff plays slightly safer, and limited the amount of contact allowed in practices. It’s also looking into artificial playing surfaces to soften the blow of impacts.

But as long as football is a sport where human-to-human collisions are fundamental to play, it’s going to be a dangerous game.

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8 Simple SEO Hacks to Boost Your Brand in 2018

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Even the tail end of discovery can still hold surprises...

New structure discovered in human sperm tails

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Sen. Chris Murphy Lays Waste To The NRA’s False Choice On Guns: Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) debunked the NRA’s false choice argument that we can either work on mental health treatment or ban assault weapons. Video: Sen. Chris Murphy calls out the false choice argument that the NRA and Tump make on guns. #BoycottNRA — Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) February 25, 2018 Murphy said on CNN’s […] The post Sen. Chris Murphy Lays Waste To The NRA’s False Choice On Guns appeared first on Politicus USA.

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5 Cute Love Poems For Her to Make Girlfriend Incredibly Happy! --> #poetry

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Francois Cevert was born in Paris. The charismatic Frenchman won just one race during his four year career with Tyrrell as Sir Jackie Stewart's team-mate.

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Having a relaxing Sunday making videos!
It's rather enjoyable!

Have a wonderful Sunday all.

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The process of grouping behaviors together into a single routine is known as “chunking,” and MIT neuroscientists have found that certain neurons in the brain are responsible for marking the beginning and end of these chunked units of behavior.

#brain #routine #neurons #MIT

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Dated: Sunday, 25 February 2018.

Amateur astronomer Victor Buso made a once-in-a-lifetime discovery while testing a new camera, capturing the initial burst of light from an optical supernova.

It was the first time anyone had ever captured the initial moments of the “shock breakout” from an optical supernova, one not associated with a gamma-ray or X-ray burst.

Astronomer Melina Bersten, from the Instituto de Astrofísica de La Plata in Argentina heard about the discovery & realized Buso had captured the first few minutes of a supernova outburst. Bersten said the odds of capturing that initial burst of light were 1 in 10 million, possibly as low as 1 in 100 million.

Discovery dated: 20 September 2016
Published online: Journal Nature 21 February 2018
Constellation: Sculptor
Galaxy: NGC 613 (barred spiral galaxy)
Supernova type: IIb supernova (SN 2016gkg)
Distance: 67 million light years

Congratulations Victor Buso.

Clear skies & look up tonight!

#Astronomy #Space #Cosmos #OuterSpace #Universe #Celestial #Constellation #Sculptor #Galaxy #Novae #Supernovae #Astronomer #StarWatching #Discovery #Astrophotography

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The Bionic Beaver comes with a neat new trick for fans of Snap apps: the ability to switch channels. No, not TV channels, or the sort the that ferries goods between countries, but development channels, e.g, beta, bleeding edge, stable, etc. Snap…

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Co-evolution black hole mystery deepened by a new ALMA observation

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The illusion of permanence

Spiti, Himachal, India

This is a close-up of an impressive stretch of mountains seen from the less than impressive road to Spiti valley. The highest peak seen here, seen in the middle, is called Papsura and is 6451 meters high. The road is no more than a wide trail in places and huge boulders are strewn everywhere. Most are smooth from millennia of glacial sandblasting and are a reminder of the immense and relentless forces at work.

At one point in time even my position was under deep glacial ice and in recent times it covered the smooth and dark lower parts in this picture.

All that is left of the old glacier is now only on the higher elevations where young and pointy peaks are still waiting for the elements to grind and smoothen.

Yet the lifetime of a human is but that of a drop of water in the midday sun and so this seemingly permanent ice shining far and wide from the amazing peaks of the Himalayas is anything but. How much of this ice will be left in a few generations of a human? In 2-300 years or more?

Perhaps in the not distant future this vista is just a barren and rocky mountain?

With a narrow-minded and self-centered outlook on life from that of the length of a human life span, those with vested interest in destruction of the natural resources and governments far and wide are still struggling to realize that what we do in this moment, and during the few years in office, create ripples through the very fabric of life for an unknown number of centuries and millennia. And for all time for the species we have wiped out of existence.

When the full brunt of the actions have manifested as water shortage and failing crops it is already too late and it will take generations upon generations to revert back to a viable equilibrium for all life – including us.

Yet there's a dramatic increase in murders of those humble servants of our planet documenting and sharing the destruction backed by corrupt and powerful individuals in organizations and in government and multinational corporations.
They are killed in numbers never seen before – all over the world – and only because they document with cameras and words what is done.

The number of people imprisoned for the very same reason is beyond comprehension, and the worst and perhaps most known recently is that of the chemical spill in Vietnam, which decimated life (and livelihoods) on a 200 kilometer stretch of its northern coast, where an activist has been sentenced to 14 years in prison for documenting the enormous spill that the corrupt stakeholders would rather keep a secret.

This is meant to be a place of sharing the wonders I encounter wherever I am, but my heart is saddened as the forces of the dark and destructive are hunting the brave guardians of our natural world the same way as endangered species instead of realizing that much more value and money can be created by working with the universe, not against it. Unfortunately, it seems, that requires intelligence…..

Image Copyright © 2017 +Morten Ross
Image Capture Date: 11 October 2017 10:36
Altitude: 3996 meters

#spiti #himachal #india #environment #life #nature #water #sustainability #mongabay

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sun abstract

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ebb and flow

Hamarøy commune northern norway

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A quiet corner at Central Station

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Yellow Rose

After months of drought, at last the rain has arrived, it's been steady for the last 24 hours and still going strong. The garden looks happier already :)

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Faded Glory

Surry Hils, Sydney

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Snapchat Beta

Bug fixes and improvements! 👻 #snap #snapchat #snapchatupdate

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Shaq's son Shareef O'Neal decommits from Arizona amid scandal: Shaquille O'Neal's son Shareef has decided to open up his recruitment again as the investigation against Arizona continues.

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Google kicked off its MWC with expanded rollouts and new features for Google Assistant and Lens. The company also teased Android One and Go announcements, with HMD Global’s Nokia today announcing new devices based on those two initiatives.

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great specs for the price...

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