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Awesome photos: Snow in the Sahara desert for the 3rd time in 40 years

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Ben Roethlisberger reportedly tells Steelers teammates he wants to play 3 more years: The veteran quarterback will be back for his 15th season in 2018 and is under contact with Pittsburgh through 2019.

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Siblings inherit an entire town 'Strange Inheritance' host Jamie Colby on a man and his siblings who inherited an entire town, and three brothers who inherited an arsenal of antique weapons. @MorningsMaria @FoxBusiness

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Chinese scientists unveil plan to zap space junk with orbital lasers

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The main hormone that affects the skin, causing it to break out, is testosterone, and eating a well-balanced diet is essential in keeping its levels balanced. These six key foods proactively balance your hormones, which can plump up skin, ward off wrinkles, and even prevent acne.

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“On my last day, I went into the Oval Office and POTUS (Obama) greeted me by saying, “안녕하세요”. Hello, in Korean. I’m lucky because Pete Souza captured that exact moment.”

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New moon is January 16-17 - Youngest possible lunar crescent, with the moon’s age being exactly zero when this photo was taken — at the instant of new moon – 0714 UTC on July 8, 2013. Image by Thierry Legault. Visit his website. After dazzling us with its recent sweep past the morning planets, the moon will turn new again on January 17, 2017 at 2:17 UTC (translate UTC to your time zone). For us at North American and U.S. time zones, that time translates to January 16 at: 22:17 (10:17 p.m.) ...

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Selena Gomez's Mom Speaks out AGAINST Reconciliation with Justin Bieber #celebs #celebrities #celebrity

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Huawei Mate 10 Pro Camera Deep Dive

#android #huawei #mate10 #photography #tech

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Is it really About changes for the better or just more silencing of the conservatives on FB . They are known for their liberal views and PC actions

Post has attachment Advanced DRI Configurator: A New Mesa GUI Project

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Before a potential government shutdown at midnight Friday night, a host of leftover Washington business is bottled up in Congress.

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Quibray Bay

What seemed like a good idea, or in this case what seemed like a good spot to take a picture ended up as a not so much of a good idea or spot :)

Each little tree beckoned me further into the swamp that is Quibray bay, each little tree held such promise from afar but alas as I got close it did not seem so good. I did settle on this little tree, only because each step i took back resulted in me being knee deep in oyster shell filled mud. I suppose looking on the bright side it did mean, being knee deep in the mud, I had only a short way to bend down to be able to get this picture :)
Also the mozzies could not get my legs 'cause they were covered in mud :) gerry ftw.

I do like this little part of Botany bay, it takes a little planning to be able to get out to spots like this at the right time of the day, the only access (that I know of) is via the waterline, hence if its high tide your not getting in there unless you swim or kayak. Its a shame that it appears to be the back water area for all the plastic in Botany Bay to wash but there is evidence of people actively trying to combat the massess of waste that pile up there each month - i bet they are local volunteers :)

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Demi Lovato on taking Power away from Online Haters
#celebs #celebrities #celebrity #demilovato

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A Florida love triangle led to a murder-for-hire plot, police say. But the wrong woman was killed.

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The Military Just Some Of The Best News They’ve Gotten In Years

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Everything You Need to Know About the Government Shutdown Fight

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Creativity: "...a complex interplay between spontaneous and controlled thinking"

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How to enable HTTP Basic Authentication in Spring Security using Java and XML Config
In the last article, I have shown you how to enable Spring security in Java application and today we'll talk about how to enable Basic HTTP authentication in your Java web application using Spring Security. I'll show you how to do that using both the Java c...

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#KevinDurant’s 32 points send #GoldenStateWarriors past #LeBronJames, Cavs 118-108

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For me the book 'Fire & Fury' is more akin to a wet pile of ashes then any great relevation of the inner workings of the Trump White House.
Michael Wolff has been shown to be playing fast and loose with the facts leading to a situation where we can't tell hyperbole gossip and rumor mongering from what is really happening in the administration.
Time magazine in this article does try to dig in order to find the ground truth of what was really being said and done. Still too much remains uncertain for me to judge this book as anything but a waste of my time.
Wolff is known for his bare-knuckled prose, his flexibility with facts, his instinct to capture larger truths, to see the forest without being able to name every tree. And so this President, this White House, was his perfect subject.
Ah. . .NO

The outrage shock and behind the hand giggling that has accompanied this book's release is a distraction from the innumerable concrete misdeeds that this administration is committing on a daily basis.

At this time we need more clarity, more honesty to shift through Trump's web of lies and deceit.
Accuracy matters
Facts matter
Honesty matters
I will stand by the truth it will be my guide no matter what this lying administration does.

This should not be forgotten.


Flood building standards
Proposed ban on a potentially harmful pesticide
Freeze on new coal leases on public lands
Methane reporting requirement
Anti-dumping rule for coal companies
Decision on Keystone XL pipeline
Decision on Dakota Access pipeline
Third-party settlement funds
Offshore drilling ban in the Atlantic and Arctic
Ban on seismic air gun testing in the Atlantic
Northern Bering Sea climate resilience plan
Royalty regulations for oil, gas and coal
Inclusion of greenhouse gas emissions in environmental reviews
Permit-issuing process for new infrastructure projects
Green Climate Fund contributions
Mining restrictions in Bristol Bay, Alaska
Endangered species listings
Hunting ban on wolves and grizzly bears in Alaska
Protections for whales and sea turtles
Reusable water bottles rule for national parks
National parks climate order
Environmental mitigation for federal projects
Calculation for “social cost” of carbon
Planning rule for public lands
Copper filter cake listing as hazardous waste
Mine cleanup rule
Sewage treatment pollution regulations
Ban on use of lead ammunition on federal lands
Restrictions on fishing

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January 14, 1968
Green Bay Packers win again.
The Green Bay Packers defeated the Oakland Raiders, 33-14 in Super Bowl II before 75,546 fans at the Orange Bowl in Miami.
Coming into this game, like during the first Super Bowl, many sports writers and fans believed that any team in the NFL was vastly superior to any club in the AFL.
The Packers, the defending champions, posted a 9–4–1 record during the 1967 NFL season before defeating the Dallas Cowboys, 21–17, in the 1967 NFL Championship Game (also popularly known as the Ice Bowl).
The Raiders finished the 1967 AFL season at 13–1, and defeated the Houston Oilers, 40–7, in the 1967 AFL Championship Game.
Green Bay quarterback Bart Starr was named the MVP for the second time for his 13 of 24 passes for 202 yards and one touchdown.
Vince Lombardi retired as the Packers head coach after the event, which was still referred to officially as the AFL-NFL World Championship Game.
#50yearsago #year1968

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Sky to Turn BLOOD RED Across World - Rare ‘Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse’ Coming Up

The Sky will turn a deep blood red across the planet as a rare celestial event unfolds. A Rare ‘Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse’ Occurring Jan 31.

Three Separate Celestial Events, a Supermoon, a Blue Moon and a Full Lunar Eclipse will Occur Simultaneously at the End of January.

We are due to witness one of the moon’s most rare and beautiful sights at the end of this month. For the first time in 150 years, a stunning display of celestial bodies will coincide to reveal what is being called a “Super Blue Blood Moon.”

The super blue blood moon is the combination of three lunar phenomena, a supermoon, a blue moon and a blood moon.

“Supermoons” happen when a full Moon is closest to the Earth, appearing bigger and brighter than normal…the fist one appeared on the night of January 1 and the next supermoon in 2018 will be on the night of January 31.

A “Blue Moon” is what you call the second full moon in one month.

A “Blood Moon” is the name given for a view of the Moon during a total lunar eclipse.

The lunar eclipse will take place on January 31, and the next one won’t be until 2028.
The EarthSky website provides detailed information on where and when you need to be in order to witness the event.

Read more here:

The seldom-seen event will be visible in western North America, Asia, Australia, and elsewhere across the Eastern Hemisphere.
New Zealand, much of Australia and central and eastern Asia will all get a very good view, with some of the rest of Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East getting to see some of it.

So, if you’re in one of those lucky locations and want to see an event that’s literally once in a blue moon—here’s your chance.

Clips, images credit: NASA/JPL

Music credit: YouTube Audio Library

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16th Century Epidemic That Killed 15 Million in Mexico, up to 80% of the population, Identified

The culprit: Salmonella enterica. The bacterium responsible for enteric fever which is related to typhoid fever.

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Protecting Your Camera Gear After Shooting in the Cold

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This CSS stylesheet lets you add Instagram-esque image filters to your website

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Check out the brand-new MicroPython plugin for PyCharm which lets you edit your MicroPython code and interact with your MicroPython-powered devices: ESP8266, Pyboard, and BBC Micro:bit are supported:

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Sonos One: Is This the One Speaker to Rule Them All?

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By Susanna Kohler

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How massive can neutron stars be? - Astrophysicists at Goethe University Frankfurt set a new limit for the maximum mass of neutron stars: They cannot exceed 2.16 solar masses.

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