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Get ready to see Steph Curry wearing a fanny pack: Steph Curry will have to add an accessory to his pregame wardrobe after losing a bet with JaVale McGee on the Davidson-Nevada game.

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Team constructs whole-brain map of electrical connections key to forming memories

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Endorsing Roy Moore Is the Trumpiest Decision Ever

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Tide of Right-Wing Judges Could Recede Quickly If Democrats Take Back the Senate

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Net Neutrality: Everything Great about the internet can and will be destroyed
The FCC just announced its plan to slash net neutrality rules, allowing ISPs like Verizon to block apps, slow websites, and charge fees to control what you see & do online. They vote December 14th. But if Congress gets enough calls, they can stop the FCC.

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Now that Android Wear updates can be delivered via updates to the Wear app rather than OTAs, here are some recent new developments in Wear 2.5/2.6.

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The main hormone that affects the skin, causing it to break out, is testosterone, and eating a well-balanced diet is essential in keeping its levels balanced. These six key foods proactively balance your hormones, which can plump up skin, ward off wrinkles, and even prevent acne.

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$34.99 😎

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It looks like the spectre of Amazon has at least one retailer starting their ‘Black Friday’ specials early, with Harvey Norman offering great deals on Google Home, Home Mini and Chromecast until the 28th of November. There are deals on Google Home itself,…

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Shraddha Kapoor was spotted at the airport in some serious monochrome avatar and it’s hella’ trippy. Black and white for the win!

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In transgender ruling, another judge finds Trump credibility gap

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Rakhmabai featured in today's Google Doodle

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Are you in a search for the best #USBTypeC #Headphones or #earphones? Want to connect your smartphone or tablet? If yes, then check out our suggestions for the best USB Type-C Headphones and earphones for your Android devices.

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Liars and Child Molesters Stick together like Glue
And they have No Place in Our Government!

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Kendall Jenner checks out Blake Griffin’s moves

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A most recent discovery provides evidence that the human brain is strobing and not constant.
Evidence gathered from the finding of a landmark Australian-Italian collaboration suggests that oscillations or ‘strobes’ are a general feature of our brain’s perception. According to the study conducted by researchers from the University of Sydney and Italian universities, perception and attention are intrinsically rhythmic in nature.
The researchers believe that this discovery will have an impact on our current understanding of human behavior and how we interact with the environment or make decisions.
In a paper they published on Friday in Current Biology, the researchers emphasized three key findings from their study:
Auditory perception oscillates as one ear peaks in perception before the other ear takes a turn. This is essential for accurately locating events in the environment.
Auditory decision-making also oscillates.
Oscillations occur in all perception, not just vision.

Human Brain is Found Strobing
According to an article published by The University of Sydney, Professor David Alais and his colleagues, Johahn Leung and Tam Ho from the schools of Psychology and Medical Sciences collaborated with Professor David Burr from the University of Florence and Professor Maria Concetta Morrone from the University of Pisa for the study.
While it has been known for years that human eye perception is cyclical, this is the first time that our auditory perception has been proven to be the same. In a statement, Professor Alais said:
These findings that auditory perception also goes through peaks and troughs supports the theory that perception is not passive but in fact, our understanding of the world goes through cycles.
Apparently, the evidence reflects the action of attention which appears to sample neural activity in rapid bursts.
By doing a simple experiment, the researchers demonstrated that the sensitivity for detecting weak sounds is not constant. Instead, its strobing, or it fluctuates rhythmically over time.
The experiment showed auditory cycles happen at a rate of around six per second. While we might deem this as fast, it’s quite slow as far as neuroscience is concerned. For the record, human brain oscillations might happen up to 100 times per second.
These findings are important as humans make decisions at the rate of about one-sixth of a second, which is in line with these auditory oscillations Professor Alais went on to say.
A variation of oscillation is said to be found between the two ears, with one ear showing peak sensitivity after the other. The oscillation is so fast that we appear to be unaware of it. However, experiments conducted using very fine-grained timing might reveal it.

What is Strobing Brain and how it Works
Typically, when we do different tasks in our everyday lives, not all parts of our body are equally important. Meaning, some parts may receive more attention and be prioritized in the process while others may not. This is considered as an effective strategy to limit cognitive resources on specific items of interests instead of wasting resources over an entire space.
The same thing is being demonstrated by strobing. Over time, strobing produces similar attention, concentrating resources into small temporal epochs rather than keeping them in a uniform but thin allocation.
This strobing approach to attention could help bind together relevant information at regular time points and allow new groupings of information to reassemble at other moments.
The authors of the study are planning to focus their attention on perceptions of touch and how this might use of neural oscillations in an effort to characterize perception, in general, and over all senses. Alais said:
The brain is such a complex ‘machine’ one could say, it is a testament to science that we are starting to make sense of it, but a takeaway could be that there is so much we don’t know. A decade ago, no one would have thought that perception is constantly strobing, flickering like an old silent movie.
For now, this research shows that sensory perception of the world is primarily oscillatory, something akin to a strobing light.

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Alabama’s Next Senator Could Arrive in Washington at the Worst Possible Time for the GOP

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As hidden waterfall in the western Colombian mountains

Spending the day trekking in Bosques de Cocora, I went off track a little bit as I heard some water below. I was lucky enough to be greeting with this beautiful scene. A very nice surprise.

This area also happens to be the location of the Quindío wax palm, which are the tallest palms on earth that reach up to heights of a whopping 160 feet! And there are thousands upon thousands of them. Incredible!

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Is this the Honor V10, or are we looking at some other Honor-branded handset?

#honor #honorv10 #smartphone #news #android

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Stop Everything: Chrissy Teigen Is Pregnant with Baby Number Two

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NASA telescope studies quirky comet 45P - When comet 45P zipped past Earth early in 2017, researchers observing from NASA's Infrared Telescope Facility, or IRTF, in Hawai'i gave the long-time trekker a thorough astronomical checkup. The results help fill in crucial details about ices in Jupiter-family comets and reveal that quirky 45P doesn't quite match any comet studied so far.

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Fashion inspired by the people in the street ootd look outfit sexy high heels legs woman girl babe wear wearing leather skirt miniskirt deri etek

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“China respects Mr Mugabe’s decision to resign. He remains a good friend of the Chinese people,” Lu said, adding that Mugabe had made “historic contribution to Zimbabwe’s independence and liberation”.

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We have some stills from episodes 1 and 2 Orientation and episode 3 A Life Spent and there's still no sign of Fitz anywhere. If he was left behind on earth as was suggested at Comic-Con the question is why...

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Jerry Jones done with NFL lawsuit idea over Roger Goodell's contract: Jerry Jones has been disappointed with Roger Goodell's handling of Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott.

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Brian Dawkins and Terrell Owens are again one step closer to making it to the Hall of Fame. Do you think B. Dawk or T.O. should make the cut?

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The brain’s dynamic properties, how it is wired but also how that wiring shifts in response to changing intellectual demands, are the best predictors of intelligence in the human brain, a new cognitive science theory posits.
Centuries of study have yielded many theories about how the brain gives rise to human intelligence. Some neuroscientists think intelligence springs from a single region or neural network. Others argue that metabolism or the efficiency with which brain cells make use of essential resources are key.
University of Illinois psychology professor Aron Barbey the author of the new paper, explained:
When we say that someone is smart, we understand intuitively what that means. Usually, we’re referring to how good they are at making decisions and solving particular types of problems. But recently in neuroscience, there’s been a focus on understanding in biological terms how general intelligence arises.
That requires studying the structural and functional characteristics of the brain.

Brain Modularity
Scientists have long understood that the brain is modular, with different regions supporting specific abilities, Barbey said.
For example, brain regions within the occipital lobe at the back of the brain are known to processes visual information he said. But interpreting what one sees requires the integration of information from other brain modules.
To identify an object, we also must classify it. That doesn’t depend only on vision. It also requires conceptual knowledge and other aspects of information processing, which are supported by other brain regions. And as the number of modules increases, the type of information represented in the brain becomes increasingly abstract and general. he said.

Organizational Headquarters
Scientists have struggled to understand how the brain organizes itself and have tried to identify a structure or region that performs that function.
The prefrontal cortex, a structure at the front of the brain, for example, has expanded dramatically over the course of human evolution Barbey said. Because this brain region is known to support several higher-order functions such as planning and organizing one’s behaviour, scientists have suggested that the prefrontal cortex drives general intelligence.
But really, the entire brain, its global architecture and the interactions among lower- and higher-level mechanisms, is required for general intelligence Barbey said.
Brain modules provide the basic building blocks from which larger, “intrinsic connectivity networks” are constructed, Barbey said.
Each network includes multiple brain structures that are activated together when a person engages a particular cognitive skill.
For example, the frontoparietal network is activated when attention is focused on external cues, the salience network is engaged when attention is directed to relevant events, and the default mode network is recruited when attention is focused internally he said.

Crystallized And Fluid Intelligence
Neural networks are made up of two types of connections that are believed to support two types of information processing, Barbey said:
There are the pathways that encode prior knowledge and experience, which we call crystallized intelligence. And there are adaptive reasoning and problem-solving skills that are quite flexible, called fluid intelligence.
Crystallized intelligence involves robust connections, the result of months or years of neural traffic on well-worn pathways. Fluid intelligence involves weaker, more transient pathways and connections that are formed when the brain tackles unique or unusual problems.
Rather than forming permanent connections, we are constantly updating our prior knowledge, and this involves forming new connections
Barbey said. The more readily the brain forms and reforms its connectivity in response to changing needs, the better it works, he said.
Although researchers have known that flexibility is an important characteristic of human brain function, only recently has the idea emerged that flexibility provides the basis for human intelligence, he said.
General intelligence requires both the ability to flexibly reach nearby, easy-to-access states, to support crystallized intelligence, but also the ability to adapt and reach difficult-to-access states, to support fluid intelligence. What my colleagues and I have come to realize is that general intelligence does not originate from a single brain region or network. Emerging neuroscience evidence instead suggests that intelligence reflects the ability to flexibly transition between network states Barbey said.

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Ajit Pai evidently really doesn't believe in #netneutrality

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Fashion inspired by the people in the street ootd look outfit sexy high heels legs woman girl babe wear wearing leather skirt miniskirt deri etek

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“a messenger from afar arriving first.”
Pronounced - 'oh MOO-uh MOO-uh'

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Google adds a slew of new Assistant features and languages for app developers

Google took a key step toward making Assistant a more compelling experience, announcing a boatload of new features for app developers, including a new push notifications, daily updates and additional language support. Google has announced a bunch of new updates coming to Assistant today that should make it possible for developers to make more functional applications that better integrate with your Google Assistant devices.

International support: One of the biggest additions is support for new languages. Developers will now be able to write apps in Spanish (US, MX and ES), Italian, Portuguese (BR) and Indian English.

Speaker to phone transfer: Another major update is the ability to create applications that take advantage of having both a Google Home and a phone with Assistant, allowing Home devices to hand off requests to smartphones for completion of actions (like, say, paying for a sandwich you ordered on your Home or need to send a map). Google will also allow apps to recognize implicit requests, so that you don’t have to specifically call them out by name. It’s the difference between saying “turn off the lights” and “have the Philips Hue app turn off the lights.”

Badges for family-friendly apps: We're launching a new "For Families" badge on the Google Assistant, designed to help users find apps that are appropriate for all ages.

The ability to link accounts in the app has been improved as well — in the earlier build, users could only do it before engaging with the app. Now it can be accomplished whenever it’s most convenient. Oh, and the updated version of the Cancel command lets the app send a user a polite farewell before logging off, because courtesy is important.

Making it easier for users to find new apps for Assistant. Instead of apps that are presented now, the Assistant companion app is getting “What's new” and “What's trending” sections to help surface recent and popular integrations.

Re-engaging with your users
To keep users coming back to your app, day after day, we're adding some additional features that you can experiment with.

Daily updates: At the end of a great interaction with your app, a user might want to be notified of similar content from your app every day. To enable that we will add a suggestion chip prompting the user to sign up for a daily update.

Push notifications: We're launching a new push notification API, enabling your app to push asynchronous updates to users. For the day trader who's looking for the best time to sell stock options, or the frugal shopper waiting for the big sale to buy a new pair of shoes, these alerts will show up as system notifications on the phone(and later to the Assistant on voice-activated speakers like Google Home).

Directory analytics: To give you more insight into how users are interacting with your app.

#googlehome #smarthome #actionsongoogle #googleassistant #okgoogle #digitalassistant

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You can find Maddie under the palms! #DCCSwim 🌴

Read more on:

#Sports #NFL #Cheerleaders

(Credit: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders)

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Head coach Todd Bowles had one clear, strong message for his New York Jets after the bye and that's to take the rest of the season one game at a time #ToddBowles #NewYorkJets

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