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Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in her new book has called President Donald Trump a "creep" and said he made her "skin crawl" by stalking her around the stage during a presidential debate.

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Jon Snow and Daenerys Will Probably Get to the End in "Game of Thrones"

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49ers Hire First Openly Gay Coach In NFL -

Katie Sowers is also the second full-time female assistant coach in NFL history.

4:07 PM ETSANTA CLARA, Calif. -- The San Francisco 49ers officially hired Katie Sowers for the 2017 season last week, making her the team's first female assistant coach. She's also the second full-time female assistant coach in NFL history.Sowers joins Buffalo Bills quality control coach Kathryn Smith, who last year became the league's first female full-time assistant.On Tuesday, Sowers,...

#Sports #NFL

(Credit: ESPN)

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How Good Is Your Eyesight And Perception?

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In iOS 11, Safari will strip out Google AMP links for shared stories

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VIDEO | #ConorMcGregor and #FloydMayweather crews cross paths and have an altercation outside T-Mobile Arena

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Just an FYI, T-Mobile's pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 8 start tonight at 9:01 PM PST.

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.@joerogan, @NateDiaz209 and other UFC notables weigh in on Jon Jones being flagged by USADA.

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Google Pixel 2 series to be announced on October 5, Snapdragon 836 CPU inside

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Will right-wing populism continue to prevail, or will it be destroyed? A look at Bannon, Buckley, the past and the future.

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Full Moon, Full Earth

Explanation: The Moon was new on July 16. Its familiar nearside facing the surface of planet Earth was in shadow. But on that date a million miles away, the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) spacecraft's Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC) captured this view of an apparently Full Moon crossing in front of a Full Earth. In fact, seen from the spacecraft's position beyond the Moon's orbit and between Earth and Sun, the fully illuminated lunar hemisphere is the less familiar farside.

Only known since the dawn of the space age, the farside is mostly devoid of dark lunar maria that sprawl across the Moon's perpetual Earth-facing hemisphere. Only the small dark spot of the farside's Mare Moscoviense (Sea of Moscow) is clear, at the upper left. Planet Earth's north pole is near 11 o'clock, with the North America visited by Hurricane Dolores near center.

Slight color shifts are visible around the lunar edge, an artifact of the Moon's motion through the field caused by combining the camera's separate exposures taken in quick succession through different color filters. While monitoring the Earth and solar wind for space weather forcasts, about twice a year DSCOVR can capture similar images of Moon and Earth together as it crosses the orbital plane of the Moon.

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 7 (Facecam)

[ Let's Play by me ]

「If you enjoy my videos, please subscribe to my YouTube channel! 」

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Elon Musk has revealed the new spacesuits for #SpaceX! The next generation of 'astronaut' is here:

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2 Photos - View album
As Above

These two images are from the same point, the first image is from the Alpha sky survey and the second image is from the sdss-III Sloan digital sky survey.

Now back to the first image, Red Kachina, is on the left of the sun and Blue Kachina is on the right in this immense blue sphere, doesn't that sight look lovelee, tranquil colours, harmony.

Special bring it on, all the way.

NI.BIRU is a cube that whence, is in motion revolves and rotates, and creates an orb, giving the impression of a globe or planet structure.

The word NI.BIRU is from the ancient Sumerians as found in the Chaldean, Accadian, Aramic and Ashuric as Nabara to raise, to elevate, to go up.

NI.BIRU does have an environment, only those genetically calibrated for transformation and transfiguration will be transported there.

So, NI.BIRU is multi-dimensional, holographic, cubed, Tetrahedron, Metatron, Mir (pyramid) shaped Star-Station.
There are more than one NI.BIRU(s), 6 satellites also shadow the main Star-Station.

Also known by;
#Merkabah (removable throne)
#NBERU (Throne)

In the Star-Station(s) physical appearance the composition of NI.BIRU is;
Antenna at the top
1 of 4 stones, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, placed at the top part of the craft
Solar panels the size of pin heads, top and bottom
4 magnetic force areas (they look like panels) the panels are in the middle part of the craft with the Emerald stone in the centre
In the middle that rounds around the cube is a magnetic conductor
Hologram beam at the base
Jupiter sized
Cloaking device
Crystal top frame, then middle splits and the bottom also has a crystal frame.

There are many names of the same source, reflecting the different time periods, different interpretations from the different cultures and civilisations that recorded and interacted with the Supreme Beings.

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Lots of cases coming out for the Galaxy Note 8, but the ones from Otterbox are actually available right now.

#Android #News #Samsung #GalaxyNote8 #Otterbox

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Never Mind, George R. R. Martin Watches Game of Thrones Just Like Everybody Else

Post has attachment LLVM's Clang C/C++ Compiler Is Still Having Problems With ~5% Of Debian Packages

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With Samsung announcing the Note 8 today and LG unveiling the V30 next week, the Google Pixel 2 is really the only other flagship that we are currently anticipating for the latter half of 2017. Thanks to a new leak, we might just know when Google’s latest…

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Everyone knows someone who has survived cancer, but until now no one knows anyone who has survived Alzheimer's Disease. Dr. Bredesen’s new book is available today! Check it out.

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Start eating these 7 foods the moment you or someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer

Cancer is a scary disease. Many of us have been affected by it whether distantly or up close. The repercussions of cancer have touched the lives of millions. For those who

#cancer   #chemotheraphy   #food   #healthyfood   #healthyeat   #health   #healthy   #explore   #wellness   #healthcare   #healthycare   #healthyliving   #homeremedies  

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Happiest Birthday to our lovely veterans Kelley and Kelly! Words can't express how much we value these two wonderful ladies. Thank you for all you add to make our strong group of women even more amazing.

Join us in wishing Kelley and Kelly a fantastic birthday and an amazing year ahead!
Read more on:

#Sports #NFL #Cheerleaders

(Credit: Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders)

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Amazing Aurora | International Space Station
U.S. Astronaut Randy Bresnik: "A couple of weeks ago when I saw my first aurora, I was amazed. It was beyond words! Energy dancing & pulsating before your eyes."

Credit: NASA/JSC
Release Date: August 23, 2017

+NASA Earth Observatory
+NASA Johnson Space Center

#NASA #ISS #Earth #Science #Planet #Aurora #Atmosphere #Astronaut #RandyBresnik #Human #Spaceflight #Expedition52 #JSC #OverviewEffect #OrbitalPerspective #STEM #Education

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Animated Photo
Guess What? Social Warfare Now Comes With A (Truly) Hidden Pinterest Image! (

You know who needs another share? This guy! This post was such a hit (TWICE), that we decided we needed to share it again! The question is ... did you read it ... or do you just like dancing pigs?

Since we started our journey to create the best social sharing plugin for WordPress we had a heavy emphasis on Pinterest functionality. Being that Pinterest is a traffic-driving powerhouse, we wanted to give our users the best possible Pinterest arsenal.

The tl;dr version is that the best images for sharing on Pinterest are the tall images ... and yet they don't always necessarily look the best on your website. While our plugin had the ability to hide the tall image and share it when the Pinterest share button was clicked, the Pinterest browser extension and other third-party extensions required that the image be visible on the page.

We knew there had to be a way to make everyone happy as a pig in sh*t ... so we went back to the drawing board ... and wallah! So, without further ado, here's the big news:

Social Warfare – Pro now comes with the ability to add a Pin Image for Browser Extensions that will insert the image you’ve uploaded in the Custom Pinterest Image field for a given post/page into the page.

What this means is that your custom Pinterest image will be picked up by browser extensions such as:

▷ The Official Pin Button
+Buffer's Browser Extension
+Sprout Social's Browser Extension
▷ Tailwind’s Browser Extension (Pinterest Pros will love this!)
▷ Many others!

Your blog posts and pages will now be Pinterest optimized with greater sharing accessibility than ever before!

Click here to learn more about how to grow your Pinterest traffic using Social Warfare:

#pinterest #socialmedia #wordpress #plugin

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A Giant Squid in the Flying Bat
Image Credit & Copyright: Steve Cannistra (StarryWonders)

Explanation: Very faint but also very large on planet Earth's sky, a giant Squid Nebula cataloged as Ou4, and Sh2-129 also known as the Flying Bat Nebula, are both caught in this scene toward the royal constellation Cepheus.

Composed with a total of 20 hours of broadband and narrowband data, the telescopic field of view is almost 4 degrees or 8 Full Moons across. Discovered in 2011 by French astro-imager Nicolas Outters, the Squid Nebula's alluring bipolar shape is distinguished here by the telltale blue-green emission from doubly ionized oxygen atoms.

Though apparently completely surrounded by the reddish hydrogen emission region Sh2-129, the true distance and nature of the Squid Nebula have been difficult to determine. Still, a recent investigation suggests Ou4 really does lie within Sh2-129 some 2,300 light-years away. Consistent with that scenario, Ou4 would represent a spectacular outflow driven by HR8119, a triple system of hot, massive stars seen near the center of the nebula. If so, the truly giant Squid Nebula would physically be nearly 50 light-years across.

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You and some 'cavemen' get a genetic checkup

_Had an arrow in his back not felled the legendary Iceman some 5,300 years ago, he would have likely dropped dead from a heart attack. Written in the DNA of his remains was a propensity for cardiovascular disease. Heart problems were much more common in the genes of our ancient ancestors than in ours today, according to a new study by the Georgia Institute of Technology, which computationally compared genetic disease factors in modern humans with those of people through the millennia. Overall, the news from the study is good. Evolution appears, through the ages, to have weeded out genetic influences that promote disease, while promulgating influences that protect from disease.
Evolutionary double-take But for us modern folks, there's also a hint of bad news. That generally healthy trend might have reversed in the last 500 to 1,000 years, meaning that, with the exception of cardiovascular ailments, disease risks found in our genes may be on the rise. For mental health, our genetic underpinnings looked especially worse than those of our ancient forebears. Though the long-term positive trend looks very clear in the data, it's too early to tell if the initial impression of a shorter-term reversal will hold. Further research in this brand new field could dismiss it. "That could well happen," said principal investigator Joe Lachance, an assistant professor in Georgia Tech's School of Biological Sciences. "But it was still perplexing to see a good many of our ancestors' genomes looking considerably healthier than ours do. That wasn't really expected."_

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Arp 159 and NGC 4725
Image Credit & Copyright: Stephen Leshin

Explanation: Pointy stars and peculiar galaxies span this cosmic snapshot, a telescopic view toward the well-groomed constellation Coma Berenices. Bright enough to show off diffraction spikes, the stars are in the foreground of the scene, well within our own Milky Way.

But the two prominent galaxies lie far beyond our own, some 41 million light-years distant. Also known as NGC 4747, the smaller distorted galaxy at left is the 159th entry in the Arp Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies, with extensive tidal tails indicative of strong gravitational interactions in its past.

At about a 100,000 light-years across, its likely companion on the right is the much larger NGC 4725. At first glance NGC 4725 appears to be a normal spiral galaxy, its central region dominated by the yellowish light of cool, older stars giving way to younger hot blue star clusters along dusty spiral outskirts. Still, NGC 4725 does look a little odd with only one main spiral arm.

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"Physicists have described how observations of gravitational waves limit the possible explanations for the formation of black holes outside of our galaxy; either they are spinning more slowly than black holes in our own galaxy or they spin rapidly but are 'tumbled around' with spins randomly oriented to their orbit.

The paper, published in Nature, is based on data that came about following landmark observations of gravitational waves by the LIGO gravitational wave detector in 2015 and again in 2017."

Read more at:

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Smart Lighting Showdown: Bluetooth Smart vs. Wi-Fi vs. ZigBee

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How to Get the Best Support on Linux Forums

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The annoying calls could get you up to $900 as part of a lawsuit settlement.

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08/23/2017 #WhiteHouseGov. Statement from the Press Secretary:'President Donald J.Trump & Senator Mitch McConnell Will Hold Previously Scheduled Meeting the August Recess to Discuss Critical Items with Members of Congressional Leadership & President's Cabinet.'

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Hulu is making its streaming live TV and on demand content available to users via its website today. Although the update brings the functionality to users now, the company notes the new feature will be be an optional beta…

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Happy birthday Amber Lynn! Have a lovely day! 💜💜
Read more on:

#Sports #NFL #Cheerleaders

(Credit: Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders)

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Gary Shaw’s Version of Conor #McGregor Was Kimbo Slice


#boxing #boxeo #Mayweather #MayweatherMcGregor

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ASK AN ENGINEER - LIVE! 8/23/17 @adafruit #adafruit #electronics #programming

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Interesting. Using organoids to predict which drugs will be effective on a patient. "More than a decade ago, [Hans] Clevers identified a type of mother cell in the gut that can give birth to all other intestinal cells. With the right nutrition, his team coaxed such stem cells to grow into a 3D, pencil tip-sized version of the gut from which it came. The minigut was functionally similar to the intestine and replete with all its major cell types—an organoid.

That was the start of a revolution. Clevers and others have since grown organoids from many other organs, including the stomach, pancreas, brain, and liver. Easy to manipulate, organoids are clarifying how tissues develop and repair injury. But perhaps most exciting, many researchers say, is their ability to model diseases in new ways. Researchers are creating organoids from tumor cells to mimic cancers and introducing specific mutations into organoids made from healthy tissue to study how cancer arises. And as Clevers's lab has shown, organoids can help predict how an individual will respond to a drug—making personalized medicine a reality. "It is highly likely that organoids will revolutionize therapy of many severe diseases," says Rudolf Jaenisch, a stem cell scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge.

For Clevers, the bonanza has come as a surprise. A basic biologist at heart, he says he never had real-world applications in mind. "I was always driven by curiosity," he says. "For 25 years we published papers with no practical relevance for anyone on this planet.""

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Jennifer Rubin is a conservative. I hope we hear more from conservatives willing to put the country first.

He's crazy and he needs to be removed. Tonight. Yesterday. He's like a ticking bomb. There's going to be something that triggers him and god help us. He'll kill us all.

#RESIST #fascisminamerica #thegreatexperiment
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