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Bill Gates is a VERY distant second (never thought I'd be saying that!)

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New drug target for remyelination in MS is identified - Remyelination, the spontaneous regeneration of the fatty insulator in the brain that keeps neurons communicating, has long been seen as crucial to the next big advance in treating multiple sclerosis (MS). However, a lack of understanding of how remyelination is stymied in the disease has hampered these efforts.

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Morning Spin: Rauner's campaign spent nearly $8 million last quarter. Pritzker's spent more than double that.

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‘Gropey, grabby, disgusting’: Anthony Bourdain unloaded on Bill Clinton and Trump in final interview

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Most Russians aren't saying Putin vanquished Trump. Instead they're sympathizing with the U.S. president, portraying Trump as a victim of irrational domestic critics and aggressive journalists.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 getting July security patch #GalaxyNote8 #Samsung #SamsungNews

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It seems like just yesterday we did a story about Hyundai investing in US solid state battery company Ionic Materials. Oh, wait. That actually was yesterday! And yet here it is tomorrow already and there is fresh news on the battery front.
Researchers at Norway’s Department of Energy Technology (IFE) in Kjeller say they have perfected a way to substitute silicon for the graphite commonly used in the anodes of lithium ion batteries.
The discovery will lead to batteries that can power an electric car for 600 miles or more, the researchers claim.
You can say we have found the X factor we’ve been looking for. This has enormous potential and is something scientists around the world are trying to make says IFE research director Arve Holt, according to a report by Bergens Tidende.

Pure silicon has ten times more capacity than graphite but it loses capacity faster than graphite. The researchers have found a way to mix silicon with other elements to create an anode that is stable and long lasting and which has three to five times higher capacity than a conventional graphite anode.
Laura Brodbeck of Kjeller Innovation works to commercialize research results from IFE. She says the new technology is already being tested by both material manufacturers and battery manufacturers to determine if it can be marketed successfully.
In order to reach consumers, the new material and batteries with the technology must be manufactured on an industrial scale. This is something we are working with together with our partners says Brodbeck, who declined to name the companies involved with testing the new technology.
She did say that some Norwegian companies are involved as well as companies in other countries.
Kjeller Innovation and IFE are actively working to make the technology available as quickly as possible and we aim to enter into a production agreement with one or more players during the project period says Brodbeck.

We have tested that it works on a lab scale with good results. Now that we have received support from the Research Council in the FORNY2020 program, we will test it further with international industry partners and see if it works in their industrial processes. The project that will focus on bringing the new material to the market, we call it SiliconX, is becoming very exciting to work towards such big goals together with Kjeller Innovation says Marte O. Skare one of the researchers in the project.
Professor Ann Mari Svensson of the Department of Materials Technology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology finds the results of the research interesting but adds a note of caution.
They have achieved good results, but when it comes to industrialization of such research, costs are important. It is possible to make better batteries than those on the market today, but they are often too expensive to pay off she says.
As usual with stories like this, the prospects are tantalizing but we are still a long way from being able to buy one of these batteries at your local AutoZone store.
But you can almost feel the pace of development in battery technology accelerating day by day if not moment by moment. We certainly do live in interesting times.

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You may not have heard of Safe Browsing, but it's made the web more secure for over a decade. Here's its story, from the people who built it.

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Trump’s Weak Defense of His Meeting With Putin

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5 Tense Moments From Putin’s Fox News Grilling

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Trump’s ‘Missing DNC Server’ Is Neither Missing Nor a Server -via Flynx

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Preview: Everything You Need To Know

#android #preview #samsung #galaxynote9 #smartphones

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Shimbashi, Tokyo, Japan

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Cryptic Doomsday Warning Found in Google Translations

... While on one hand this is likely merely be an eccentric malfunction, a few reddit users pointed out that there are rumors that Google Translate is sometimes used to pass messages back and forth between intelligence operatives or who knows who else. Similar claims were made about the infamous A858 mystery on reddit a few years back. Of course, this is coming from r/conspiracy readers, so take it with a shaker of salt.

Other users point to the fact that Google Translate relies on AI networks which scan news stories and academic articles looking for appropriate translations. These repetitive strings of one-word nonsense likely trip up the translation algorithm and cause it to panic, figuratively speaking. Of course, Google Translate also allows users to submit their own translations and provide feedback on other users’ translations, opening up the possibility that these are merely pranks carried out by good ol’ fashioned internet pranksters. ...

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The ability to obtain new memories in adulthood may depend on neurogenesis, the generation of new neurons in the hippocampus, to clear out old memories that have been safely stored in the cortex according to research in male rats published in Journal of Neuroscience.

Previous research suggests that the hippocampus has a finite capacity to acquire and store new memories.
It is unknown how the brain compensates for this limitation to facilitate learning throughout life.
Kaoru Inokuchi and colleagues show that reducing neurogenesis in rats impairs recovery of learning capacity while promoting neurogenesis through physical activity on a running wheel increased hippocampal capacity.
This finding implies that neurogenesis, which can be reduced by stress and aging, underlies the brain’s capacity for new memories.

The study may also explain why exercise is especially important for patients with memory disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease as well as for healthy people to help maintain memory as they age.

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#Melania_Trump lands back at the #White_House looking relaxed a casual jeans and shirt look with #Donald_Trump. #Melania #Trump, 48, returned to the #White #House last night, following a visit to #Belgium, the #UK, #Scotland and #Finland with #Donald #Trump.

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U.S. Senate Democratic Leader Chuck #Schumer called for a bipartisan effort to “ratchet up” #sanctions on Moscow following U.S. President Donald #Trump’s summit with Russian President Vladimir #Putin in #Helsinki earlier on Monday
#TyrantPutin #Russia #Kremlin #US

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Our Solar System is Moving into a Potentially Dangerous Interstellar Energy Cloud - YouTube

'...The solar system is travelling through much stormier skies than we thought, and might even be about to pop out of the huge gas cloud we have been gliding through for at least 45,000 years. That’s the implication of a multi-decade survey of the interstellar wind buffeting the solar system, which has revealed an unexpected change in the wind’s direction....'

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Viking Orion, the newest Viking Ocean Cruise ship, made its debut in Italy on June 14, revealing a unique high-tech feature: a planetarium at sea.
The ship is named after the constellation Orion (the hunter) and NASA's Orion spacecraft, the first crewed capsule designed to carry astronauts beyond low Earth orbit. The ship's name also honors retired NASA astronaut Anna Fisher, who is the "godmother" of Viking Orion and worked on the Orion spacecraft before retiring in May 2017.
The planetarium, called the Explorers' Dome, features shows about space and exploration, including two 3D films: "Journey to Space" and "Under the Arctic Sky." [Cruising Constellations: Sailing the Maiden Voyage of 'Viking Orion']

"The Explorers' Dome onboard Viking Orion is currently the highest-definition 7K planetarium in the world," Ralph de Klijn, Viking's executive director of ocean operations, told "The Explorers' Dome is a versatile space that can operate as a high-tech planetarium, as well as show films and other programming in 2D or 3D."

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Spectacular Perseid Meteor Shower 2018 - Eyes to the Skies

According to NASA meteor expert Bill Cooke, the Perseids are perhaps the most popular meteor shower of the year; and this year, they'll be the best shower of the year. This year during peak people should see about 70-90 meteors per hour, but in outburst years (such as in 2016) the rate can be between 150-200 meteors an hour.

The meteor shower's peak will be visible both the nights of Aug. 11-12 and Aug. 12-13, Cooke said, but he's inclined this year to lean toward the night of Aug. 12-13 for the better show. (Both, however, should be spectacular.)

"This year the moon will be near new moon, it will be a crescent, which means it will set before the Perseid show gets underway after midnight," Cooke told "The moon is very favorable for the Perseids this year, and that'll make the Perseids probably the best shower of 2018 for people who want to go out and view it." The Perseids are rich in fireballs, so the show should be even better.

Skywatchers looking out for the Perseids should also be able to see Mars (visible until about 4 a.m. local time) and Saturn (visible until about 2 a.m. local time); Venus and Jupiter both set before the Perseids are best viewed (9:30 p.m. and 11 p.m., respectively).

Earth will pass through the path of Comet Swift-Tuttle from July 17 to Aug. 24, with the shower's peak — when Earth passes through the densest, dustiest area — occurring on Aug. 12. That means you'll see the most meteors in the shortest amount of time near that peak, but you can still catch some action from the famed meteor shower before or after that point.

What causes the Perseids?
Comet Swift-Tuttle is the largest object known to repeatedly pass by Earth; its nucleus is about 16 miles (26 kilometers) wide. It last passed nearby Earth during its orbit around the sun in 1992, and the next time will be in 2126. But it won't be forgotten in the meantime, because Earth passes through the dust and debris it leaves behind every year, creating the annual Perseid meteor shower.

Clips, images credit: NAS/JPL, ESO, ESA/HUBBLE

Music credit: YouTube Audio Library

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In an extraordinary embrace of a longtime U.S. enemy, President Donald Trump openly questioned his own intelligence agencies’ alleged finding that Russia meddled in the 2016 U.S. election to his benefit.

The reaction back home was immediate and visceral. "Shameful," "disgraceful," "weak," were a few of the comments. "One of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory," was another.

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All AWESOME #Linux Applications and Tools

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Nintendo is headed to this year’s San Diego Comic-Con from July 19 to July 22 with many fun Nintendo Switch games, including the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game, as well as a host of fun activities perfect for fans of all ages. At the Nintendo…
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