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Falcons RB Devonta Freeman officially out vs. Seahawks: Falcons running back Devonta Freeman has been ruled out for Monday night’s game at the Seahawks because of a concussion.

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5 Foods That Wreck Your Skin And Your Hormones

Hormonal acne is the result of a condition called endocrine imbalance. Most women experience this effect during their periods and right before the period – the two stages in the cycle when estrogen and testosterone are both at their peak.

#food #health #naturalremedies #treatment #medicine #cure #disease #hormone

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iPhone X problems, and how to fix them.

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OnePlus 5T Will Get Android 8.0 Oreo Update In 2018

Earlier this week OnePlus launched OnePlus 5T at an event in New York. The device is an upgrade to the original OnePlus 5 model launched a few months ago. However, despite having been launched months after Google made Android 8.0 Oreo available to the public, the OnePlus 5T was launched with Android Nougat instead.

However, everything is not doom and gloom as the company revealed its Oreo update plans during the launch event. OnePlus will be releasing the Android 8.0 Oreo open beta starting later this month for the OnePlus 5 units, while OnePlus 5T users can expect to get onto the beta by the end of December.

Read all about it here:

#OnePlus #OnePlus5T #Android #AndroidOreoUpdate

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“It is such a huge master switch that [Trump] can throw to watch both sides and the media completely respond to what he wants in the way he wants. And, so he is Pavlov and we are all the dogs. Right?”

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Character Witnesses: Former Girlfriends, Employees, and Childhood Friends Step Up to Defend Roy Moore
by PENNY STARR | 18 Nov 2017 | Breitbart and Several News Media Outlets
Ryan and Mitch need to go!
A dozen women who know Alabama Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore personally have come forward to express their support and speak out about his good character.

Read More:

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Your parents' lifestyles can determine your health—even as an adult

We don't choose our parents, their jobs or their health. And we don't have a say in whether or not they smoke, nor in what they ate when we were children. However, our recent study found that these things strongly determine our own lifestyles and health, even into adulthood. For our study – involving 21,000 participants aged 50 and above from 13 European countries – we compared the participants' current smoking, obesity and lack of exercise with their parents' job, longevity, smoking status and alcohol problems during the participants' childhoods. We showed that parents' characteristics when participants were ten years old explained between 31% and 78% of their adult health, with a European average at 50%. The countries where health was largely determined by parents' characteristics were Czech Republic (78%), Germany (72%), Spain (70%), France (66%) and Austria (64%). However, parental factors mattered less in Belgium (31%), the Netherlands (34%) and Switzerland (41%).

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Google Lens visual search tool starts rolling out in Assistant for Pixel and Pixel 2 smartphones

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Love it, or hate it...

Since 1960, it's been all about JUSTICE. 💯

Check out Tex's Comic Quest:

#JusticeLeagueMovie #JusticeLeague #Superman #WonderWoman #Batman #Flash #Cyborg #Aquaman #DCComics

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Weekly Poll: Are you buying the OnePlus 5T? #OnePlus #OnePlus5T #OnePlus5TEvent #poll

The 2017 year is nearing an end, but at least not without one more Android flagship. We have a new phone from Chinese manufacturer, OnePlus. The OnePlus 5T is the company’s seventh-ever smartphone, and the sixth installment in a flagship series. What’s to…

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Big Cards Home KLWP by +Jordan X​​ modified by me (
Weather forecast graphic komponent by +Masaoka Taro​​ (
Faded weather komponent by +Travis Hall​​ (
Almug app icons by +Viktor Vucinic​​ (
Walls from +saro rindone​​ (
Recorded by DU Screen recorder (

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Arizona Supreme Court rejects GOP lawmakers' suit to overturn state's Medicaid expansion -via Flynx

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The best superhero movie. EVER.

Drama. Comedy. Action. Social commentaries. This what the perfect, intelligent superhero movie looks like. I thought I was going to have a heart attack before the film's end.
OMG. OMG. O.M.G!!!!!!! ♥️♥️😎😎😎😱😱

Check out my write-up on the origin of The Justice League:

#JusticeLeagueMovie #JusticeLeague #WonderWoman #Batman #Superman

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The brain requires nutrients just like your heart, lungs or muscles do. But which foods are particularly important to keep our grey matter happy and healthy?

Here are 5 choices you can make today for better brain health.

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5 Foods You Need To Put In Your Breakfast To Speed Up Metabolism and Help You Burn Belly Fat

We have all heard the fact that the breakfast is the most important daily meal, but apparently, numerous people just believe that not skipping it is enough to support health. Yet, we will present 5 ways to boost the healthy value of this meal and help you consume a balanced and nutritious breakfastevery morning. First of all, a healthy breakfast offers numerous health benefits, as it can help you lose weight, keep you full longer, provide the energy needed for the entire day, and help you reach the recommended servings.

#foods #metabolism #belly #fat #burn #health #healthyliving #healthcare #healthcaresolutions #explore #Acupuncture #herbal #medicine #herbalmedicine #herbs #natural #treatment #remedies #homeremedies #HomeRemedy #Holistic #news #wellness

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Saquon Barkley vows to play in Penn State’s bowl game: Penn State running back Saquon Barkley will not go the way of Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey by skipping his team’s bowl game.

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The first Indian to make movies is a completely forgotten man.

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7 Early Warning Signs Of Stroke Everyone Should Know

A stroke happens when the blood that is flowing to the brain has stopped and the brain cells begin to die. Stroke can happen to anyone regardless of age, but more than a third of those hospitalized are under 65 years old.

#signs #health #stroke #medicine #treatment #naturalremedies #healthyliving #disease

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NGC 7822: Stars and Dust Pillars in Infrared
Young stars themselves are clearing out their nursery in NGC 7822. Within the nebula, bright edges and complex dust sculptures dominate this detailed skyscape taken in infrared light by NASA's Wide Field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) satellite. NGC 7822 lies at the edge of a giant molecular cloud toward the northern constellation Cepheus, a glowing star forming region that lies about 3,000 light-years away.

The atomic emission of light by the nebula's gas is powered by energetic radiation from the hot stars, whose powerful winds and light also sculpt and erode the denser pillar shapes. Stars could still be forming inside the pillars by gravitational collapse, but as the pillars are eroded away, any forming stars will ultimately be cut off from their reservoir of star stuff. This field spans around 40 light-years at the estimated distance of NGC 7822.

Image & info via APOD
Image Credit: WISE, IRSA, NASA; Processing & Copyright : Francesco Antonucci

#NASA #space #universe #nebula #stars #exploration

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Purple rays

My dancing in the dark page

#macrophotography #hqspmacro #fotomaniaitalia #macroaddict
#hqspmacro #ilovephotography 

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Village People, Valerie Perrine, Bruce Jenner & Michael Jackson at Studio 54 for the 'Cant Stop The Music' party, 1980 (shortly before Studio 54 was closed).

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“It’s a Ponzi Scheme”: Wall Street Fears Trump’s Deranged Tax Plan Means Economic Euthanasia -via Flynx

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How To Get Rid Of 3 KG In Just Days, A Great Remedy If You Are Tired Of Diets

Ginger has powerful benefits that helps us lose weight by its thermogenic effect, it also functions as a metabolism accelerator and a body fat burner. That is why, when we consume ginger correctly we can lose up to 3 kg in just one week, only combines with a little cardio daily but without making much effort. In addition ginger has many healing properties as it allows normalize the pressure, lowers the cholesterol level, accelerates the metabolism, works as a disinfectant and promotes weight loss.

#weightloss #diets #cholesterol #metabolism #health #healthyliving #healthcare #healthcaresolutions #explore #Acupuncture #herbal #medicine #herbalmedicine #herbs #natural #treatment #remedies #homeremedies #HomeRemedy #Holistic #news #wellness

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We have picked out some of our most favourite mother-daughter celebrity pairs to show. Here are the unbelievable pics of Mothers And Daughters who look almost the same.

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Hornets End Their 6 Game Losing Streak With A 102-87 Win Over The Clippers

The Hornets have finally ended their 6 game losing streak by defeating the LA Clippers 102-87, Kemba Walker scored 26 points and had 6 assists. Dwight was also able to add 16 points, 16 rebounds. "I have been struggling to start the season with shooting the 3, but I am trying to stay positive and confident in my shot," Walker said. "I just want to continue to be consistent." Walker tonight shot 11-17 from 3 Point land in his last two games as his shot if finally starting to come to from this season. For the Clippers Lou Williams scored 25 off the bench and Griffin had 19. As the Clippers have now lost their 8th straight game after having a great start to the season.


Kemba Walker: 26 Pts, 6 Asts
Dwight Howard: 16 Pts, 16 Rebs
Jeremy Lamb: 17 Pts


Blake Griffin: 19 Pts, 8 Rebs, 6-17 FG
Lou Williams: 25 Pts

#NBA #Clippers #Hornets #LosAngeles #Charlotte

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Lego, Temple of doom and ewoks what more do you want.

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Egocentric hearing: Study clarifies how we can tell where a sound is coming from
A new UCL and University of Nottingham study has found that most neurons in the brain’s auditory cortex detect where a sound is coming from relative to the head, but some are tuned to a sound source’s actual position in the world.

The study, published in PLOS Biology, looked at whether head movements change the responses of neurons that track sound location.

“Our brains can represent sound location in either an egocentric manner – for example, when I can tell that a phone is ringing to my left – or in an allocentric manner – hearing that the phone is on the table. If I move my head, neurons with an egocentric focus will respond differently, as the phone’s position relative to my ears has changed, while the allocentric neurons will maintain their response,” said the study’s first author, Dr Stephen Town (UCL Ear Institute).

The researchers monitored ferrets while they moved around a small arena surrounded by speakers that emitted clicking sounds. Electrodes monitored the firing rates of neurons in the ferrets’ auditory cortex, while LEDs were used to track the animals’ movement.

Among the neurons under investigation that picked up sound location, the study showed that most displayed egocentric orientations by tracking where a sound source was relative to the animal’s head, but approximately 20% of the spatially tuned neurons instead tracked a sound source’s actual location in the world, independent of the ferret’s head movements.

The researchers also found that neurons were more sensitive to sound location when the ferret’s head was moving quickly.

“Most previous research into how we determine where a sound is coming from used participants with fixed head positions, which failed to differentiate between egocentric and allocentric tuning. Here we found that both types coexist in the auditory cortex,” said the study’s senior author, Dr Jennifer Bizley (UCL Ear Institute).

The researchers say their findings could be helpful in the design of technologies involving augmented or virtual reality.

“We often hear sounds presented though earphones as being inside our heads, but our findings suggest sound sources could be created to appear externally, in the world, if designers incorporate information about body and head movements,” Dr Town said.

Source & further reading:

Journal article:

#neuroscience #hearing #auditorycortex #animalbehavior #neurons #soundlocalization #research

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iOS 11 isn't designed for iPhone X actually. These little annoyances really hinder the user experience.

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Animated Photo
2 Photos - View album
Churning Filament
A developing filament near the edge of the sun churned and twisted as the rotating sun brought it into clearer view over a day (Nov. 16-17, 2017). Filaments are cooler and often unstable clouds of particles floating above the sun's surface, which are tethered by magnetic forces. In extreme ultraviolet light, they appear darker than the sun's surface. The bright area to the right of the filament is an active region. The loop that appears behind the filament in the middle of the clip is made of charged particles tracing magnetic field lines.

Credit: Solar Dynamics Observatory, NASA.

#sun #space #SDO #NASA #science #filament #plasma

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*Ask your Google Assistant on Google Home/Mini, and soon Google Home Max to play some of your favorite sh

HBO Now and CBS All Access have both landed on Google Home in the past couple of months, adding to the already available Netflix support. Both of those require that you manually link your accounts to get things working, but The CW doesn’t require an account at all.

To cast content from The CW, simply ask Assistant on your phone or Google Home to play a specific show from the network. That might include “Arrow,” “The Flash,” or others like “Riverdale.”

Play some of your favorite shows and movies from subscription services like HBO NOW, CBS All Access and The CW. You can also cast from eligible Android phones and iPhones. Just start by saying, “Ok Google” or “Hey Google”:

- "Watch Curb Your Enthusiasm"
- “Play Star Trek: Discovery”
- “Turn the volume down”
- “Go back 30 seconds”
- “Play Riverdale”

So the next time your hands are full with popcorn, go ahead and forget the remote. Just say, “Hey Google,” sit back and enjoy.

#googlehome #smarthome #googleassistant #hbonow #cbsallaccess #connectedhome #googlehomemini

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Res - HD
Author info tagged to each photo

-Template: LG V30
-Wall for Most Mobile Devices
-Wall for Galaxy S8/Note 8
-Wall for LG G6, V30, Pixel 2
-Wall for Essential Phone


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The improbable new #wine countries that #climate change is creating #climatechange

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Cake from Donald and Melania Trump’s wedding sells for $2K

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Astronauts on the Space Station Caught a Fireball Entering Earth's Atmosphere and It's Awesome

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The quality of your diet has been directly linked to the health and optimal functioning of your brain. These six types of foods can have a negative impact on your brain.

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This is how Time Magazine recognizes unique features of iPhone X by listing it among 25 Best Inventions of 2017....
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