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Galaxy S8 more popular with adults, iPhone with teens when asked which they'd like to receive as a holiday gift. Adults cite price and lack of Touch ID as negatives.

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Negan and Gabriel

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Pendulum of history swings against Mugabe - Thirty-seven years ago, Robert Mugabe was feted as a titan who had won Africa's last great war against colonialism. Today, in the twilight of his life, Mugabe finds himself loathed by millions of his citizens for a rule tarnished by despotism, cronyism, corruption and economic ruin. Deserted by the forces that propped up his power for decades, Mugabe now faces the humiliation of impeachment ...

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MRI Uncovers Brain Abnormalities in People With Anxiety and Depression

Researchers using MRI have discovered a common pattern of structural abnormalities in the brains of people with depression and social anxiety.

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The stupid is strong on this one

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I'm sad that the Delta II is going away: it's the rocket that launched both Spirit and Opportunity. Here's more of its storied history.

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Brad Keselowski on Toyota: "I don't think anyone really ever had a shot this year the second that thing got put on the race track"

Tags: #bradkeselowski #ford #toyota

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Want to see OnePlus 5T durability? See this, shocking!
#OnePlus   #OnePlus5T   #Android  

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LeBron James is making a high school basketball series for YouTube

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Former Patriots, Cowboys WR Terry Glenn dies in car crash, report says: Glenn was the seventh overall pick in the 1996 draft by the Patriots after a stellar, yet improbable, career at Ohio State.

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President Trump took to social media Monday to slam Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch for not standing during the National Anthem as the team played the New England patriots in Mexico Sunday.

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Inspired by the dual timelines of the HBO TV-series True Detective, I’ve been developing the new timeline, an interesting one – being the present. This means the whole universe is brought right into the ‘here and now’, as one of the main characters, Swedish journalist Ulrika Strömberg proceeds to write the book she’d been fearing writing (the feature pic is the lady herself as she was back in the Eighties)...

More on:

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“Shoplifting is a very big deal in China, as it should be (5-10 years in jail), but not to father LaVar. Should have gotten his son out during my next trip to China instead. China told them why they were released. Very ungrateful!” Trump said against LaVar Ball.

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Marshawn Lynch is my president.

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Remember that comet-no-wait-asteroid astronomers discovered in October on a high-velocity hyperbolic orbit around the Sun? It has been determined that the object must be of interstellar origin and, based on follow-up observations over the past several…

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Forbes federal budget expert condemns GOP tax bill: ‘The end of all economic sanity in Washington’ -via Flynx

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Have you received the update?

#Android #News #Gboard

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ESO Observations Show First Interstellar Asteroid is Like Nothing Seen Before:

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November rain

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“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

A photo I took on the Costa Rica's Caribbean coastline.

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Bears sign kicker Cairo Santos

The Bears brought Cairo Santos in for a physical last Thursday and he returned Monday to sign a contract as the replacement for Connor Barth.

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Theory: Flexibility is at the Heart of Human Intelligence

Centuries of study have yielded many theories about how the brain gives rise to human intelligence. Some neuroscientists think intelligence springs from a single region or neural network. Others argue that metabolism or the efficiency with which brain cells make use of essential resources are key.

The research is in Trends in Cognitive Sciences. (full open access)

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Another article from 2016, exposing Trump's pathological lying from court transcripts, where lie after lie was exposed and is now part of the public record.

Court documents are not "Fake News"...

Here are some of the statements he told that court, and for which he was exposed as a liar.
From the article linked below:

[Trump's Lie] Trump owned a 50 percent stake in the West Side Yards real estate development partnership.
(The Fact) Trump actually owned 30 percent, but he gave himself credit for a bigger stake because he had not been required to put up money to get that share: “Because of the fact that I put no money up, that 30 percent is equated to 50 percent.”

[Trump's Lie] He was paid $1 million for a single speech in 2005.
(The Fact) In reality, Trump was paid $400,000 for the speech. But, he said, advertising for the speech had added to the value of his brand. He believed that with the value of that publicity included, the true payment for the speech was more than $1 million.

[Trump's Lie] He “largely” owned the Waikiki Trump Tower building.
(The Fact) He didn’t own the building. Somebody else did. Trump had agreed to let his name be used on the building. But, Trump said, this licensing deal was so advantageous to him that it was “a form of ownership.”

[Trump's Lie] In the early 1990s, he was $9.2 billion in debt.
(The Fact) This was published in Trump's book "How to Get Rich” Trump uses this figure to make his comeback seem even more impressive. But his debt was never that high. Trump shifted the blame, saying co-author Meredith McIver put the number in.

[Trump's Lie] Trump Tower Las Vegas brought in $1.3 billion.
(The Fact) Trump acknowledged the actual value of units sold was $956 million but said the units he was “not actively selling,” and keeping as an investment, brought the total to $1.3 billion. Trump's falsehoods often include specific numbers, making them easily disprovable.

[Trump's Lie] His net worth in 2004 was $3.5 billion.
(The Fact) Even though at least two banks estimated his net worth to be much lower, Trump contended that they must have missed or discounted assets.

[Trump's Lie] Memberships at his golf club in Briarcliff Manor, N.Y., cost $300,000.
(The Fact) The memberships to this golf club were being sold for $200,000. Trump said he arrived at the higher number by including yearly fees that members had to pay after joining.

[Trump's Lie] Trump Tower Las Vegas was mostly sold out.
(The Fact) Trump was keeping a number of units for himself. The lawyer estimated that closer to three-quarters of the units had been sold. Trump's response was "What would you like me to say, 'Oh, gee, the building is not doing well, blah, blah, blah, come by the building’? Nobody talks that way. Who would ever talk that way?"

[Trump's Lie] Trump Tower Las Vegas was worth $4.3 million.
(The Fact) In an internal document, Trump had valued the property at $366 million. “I guess some people would say that was the value and other people would say maybe not,” Trump said when asked about the discrepancy.

[Trump's Lie] His Seven Springs property was worth $150 million because he planned to build homes on it.
(The Fact) Trump was touting that higher value, but he had not made any significant effort to build the homes that the value was based on. “I don't have a plan to build homes, because I don't want to build homes,” he said.

[Trump's Lie] He sold a home lot in California for about $4 million.
(The Fact) Property records indicated it was $1.4 million.

[Trump's Lie] His net worth was between $5 billion and $6 billion in the early 2000s.
(The Fact) Internal documents from the same period put his net worth around $3.5 billion. But he said that figure did not include the value of Trump’s personal brand.

[Trump's Lie] The operating income at Trump Tower was $17.5 million per year.
(The Fact) He actually got about $4 million in the year in question. Trump said the property was unusually vacant that year because of a turnover in tenants.

[Trump's Lie] He had “zero borrowings” from his father’s estate.
(The Fact) Trump said he borrowed about $9 million from his father’s estate.

[Trump's Lie] Trump said 22,000 people worked for him.
(The Fact) Trump was counting people who weren’t actually on his payroll -- employees of his businesses’ subcontractors and suppliers.

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Another update is coming to the Pixel 2 to fix buzzing issues

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For the past few teardowns of the Google app, we’ve spotted a Calendar setting among Google Assistant’s list of services. This control is now beginning to rollout and allows users to manage Google Calendar, but only on Google Home speakers.

Post has attachment 6-Way Enterprise Focused Linux Distribution Comparison With An Intel Core i9, Dual Xeon Gold Systems

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Animated Photo
Star Wars : The Last Jedi's "The Crystalline Fox"

The world has been asking the question that has been on everyone's mind. What or who, are these wonderful looking creatures. The Crystalline Fox is the name confirmed by the film’s writer and director Rian Johnson. They’re called vulptices, plural, and vulptex, named after the Latin word for fox, vulpes. They come from a planet called, Crait, a mineral world the Resistance forces have fled to. The planet was once home to a Rebel Alliance base. The foxes look friendly, as they head indoors for safety.
Head of the Star Wars creature shop Neal Scanlan told Empire,
“The theory is they’ve fed off this planet for so long that their fur has become crystalline. They’ve taken on the very surface of the planet they live on.”

What do you think of The Crystalline Fox?

Check out our Super Cute Porg trailer

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20 Photos - View album
"Superman can't get defeated whatsoever. If he ever lose, its because of PIS. He'll win if you have prep, when he is depowered or weakened. He'll always win period. He cannot be defeated under any circumstances."

20 Pages Total - Going in Order (I Hope)

Shazam defeated Superman (Stunned).

Doomsday killed Superman but lost as well.

SUPERMAN (1939) ISSUE #149
Lex killed Superman.

The Avengers defeated Superman when weakened by Thor.

Mongul defeated Superman by tricking him.

Ali one shotted powerless Superman on his ass.

Ali defeated powerless Superman again.

Superman got defeated by a planetary attack potency from Hawkman.

Superman admits he could lose to Shazam with 1 word after repeatedly getting struck by lightning.

SUPERMAN (1939) ISSUE #678
Superman sorta admits Atlas won round 1.

SUPERMAN (1939) ISSUE #679
Atlas defeated Superman again.

Wonder Woman, in a way, defeated Superman in a long and brutal battle.

Brainiac's ship could had killed Superman if it wasn't for Brainiac 5.

God Machine one shots Superman.

SUPERMAN (1939) ISSUE #698
Brainiac defeated Superman.

Brainiac's UFO temporarily one shots Superman.

Brainiac defeated Superman by destroying the star.

Brainiac one shotted Superman.

Brainiac kind of defeated Superman.

Superman loses to Brainiac's machines countless of times.

There's more but 20 should be enough.

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Harry Styles' Dancing Is the Best Part of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

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Himalaya Rudraksha Kendra 100 % Original Blue Turquoise Semi Precious Gemstone Beads Fashion Necklace 8 Inches Length For Women/Girls

Material: Gemstone; Color: Turquoise
Size: Length- 8 Inch Around Neck ; Bead Size ; 07 mm
Ideal for all occasions
Storage Tips: Store in a zip lock pouch
Care Instructions: Avoid using perfumes directly on the jewellery. Use dry cotton cloth to clean

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*How your app’s APK size impacts conversion rates *

Read for tips & insights →

As more features are added to apps, the larger APK sizes become. In this post we look at how this can impact conversion rate of your installs on the Google Play store, and what you can do to keep your apps as lean and small as possible.

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Grace Mugabe rose from a shy typist to the politically ambitious second wife of President Robert Mugabe. Her push to be president in her...

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Researchers Describe a New Biology of Alzheimer's Disease

In a new study, researchers from Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) describe a unique model for the biology of Alzheimer's disease (AD) which may lead to an entirely novel approach for treating the disease.

The research is in Nature Neuroscience. (full access paywall)

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Hey I'm famous. LOL! My poem "Night Thoughts of a Mottled Songbird" placed second in the IBPC monthly competition!


Night Thoughts of a Mottled Songbird
by Kenny A. Chaffin
from Wild Poetry Forum

Dark as the inside of a dog’s stomach
and brain going a hundred miles an hour
Why can I never sleep no wonder
my songs suffer. I keep slipping off this
branch, that don’t help and I can’t help
thinking that maybe this is all just a dream
Maybe nothing is real, Maybe some kind of trick
Maybe everything I think, everything I see, every song
I hear or think I hear is really just in my own head.

Maybe nothing is real…
Maybe I’m a brain in a vat
or a computer program
or just a fragment
of underdone potato
but, but, but, but, I am
therefore I think.

I think of seeds,
will there be seeds tomorrow
will the sun rise as it always does
will there be rain will I fly
through the air
tree to tree
twittering my song
hearing friends’ songs
or will they
be in my head
in the vat, in the lab
in the computer

Or is it real

I must stop
must sleep
must sing
stop the
monkey mind
and rest

Why do I keep slipping
off this branch, did some
fool pig-grease it, should
move to another branch
or is the grease on my feet
or in my mind
Will I slip from that
branch too

How can I sleep
How can I rest
slipping like this
Why me – is it because
I’m mottled – is it
my brain – is it me —
is it everyone could it
be the theory of bird mind
or just pig-grease inside a
black dog’s stomach vat

God of Birds!
Let me sleep
Let me rest
Let me sing

Judge's Comments:
This is very clever. So many of us are plagued with sleep deprivation, yet who but the author of this piece has (perhaps while suffering his/her own bout of insomnia) bothered to wonder if other creatures lie or sit awake all night, puzzling over their own dilemmas and conundrums, slipping off their perches until dawn. Reading this, I could see the bird tilting his head one way and the other, puzzling over how it is with him. It’s so fully informed with humor that it almost becomes a vaudeville routine, or one of those old Heckle and Jeckyl cartoons about the two interminably squabbling magpies tapping off cigar ash and speaking out of the sides of their beaks. Except now both magpies are inside one bird’s head, making him tilt one way and then another in a dialogue worthy of Sam Beckett. These are matters of considerable personal importance to me, since I suffer from both obstructive sleep apneas and late-onset narcolepsy (surely the most surreal of afflictions), but they are of general importance as well. If songs and dreams emanate from the same place, as well they might, how are we to arrive at the former without access to the latter? This poem deserves to have its own Saturday morning kid's show. --Michael Larrain

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Have you received the new feature already? Which Android version are you running?

#android #news #google #pixel #apps

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George Soros using "dark money" donor network to attempt to take control of United States via Judiciary Branch!

Effectively buying prosecutors, George hopes to undermine the legal interpretation of our laws. By making efforts to plant ultra-liberal prosecutors, he's stacking the deck of future judges, attorney generals and Supreme Court judges or congressmen. This can't stand. If you think anyone should be investigated, then you should ask Soros to be investigated as well, for sedition!

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Kyle Busch on Joey Logano: "I got a real buddy there"

Tags: #kylebusch #joeylogano #nascar
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