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Beyonce Reveals WHY she stayed with Jay-Z; Would you Stay with a Cheater? #celebs #celebrities #celebrity #beyonce

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When Kate Middleton Will Return From Royal Maternity Leave After Giving Birth to Prince Louis

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Unlocking The Secrets Of A Giant Planet - New Science from Jupiter

When the Juno spacecraft recently flew over the poles of Jupiter, researchers were astonished. And in a sense they hadn’t.

The pictures were unlike anything in the history of planetary exploration.

NASA’s Juno mission launched on August 5, 2011, traveled 1.74 billion miles (2.8 billion km) and entered Jupiter’s orbit on July 4, 2016.

Juno’s mission is to measure Jupiter’s composition, gravity field, magnetic field, and polar magnetosphere. It’s also searching for clues about how the planet formed, including whether it has a rocky core; how much water there is within the deep atmosphere; and Jupiter’s deep winds, which can reach speeds up to 384 miles per hour (618 km per hour).
Clips, images credit: NASA

Music credit: YouTube Audio Library

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Which Internal Organs Can You Survive Without?

The human body is a complex collection of organs and systems.The body can do without part or all of some organs, despite. Here is a list of organs that you do not need to survive!

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Facebook beta
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The terms asteroid, meteor, meteorite and even comet are often used interchangeably...learn the difference

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82% of Germans believe that the country cannot count on President Donald #Trump's #UnitedStates as a reliable partner in #internationalrelations, according to the Politbarometer survey conducted for the public broadcaster ZDF. 94% of respondents said the #EuropeanUnion would require close internal cooperation in international affairs now that the US has turned rogue. However, a mere 20% believe that the bloc could successfully present anything with the appearance of a united front.

36% of respondents see a strong ally in #Russia, though 58% consider the Kremlin an unreliable partner for #Germany in matters of foreign affairs. Respondents were split on #China: 43% think the country could serve a reliable partner, and 43% do not.

#WorldEconomy #EuropeanEconomy #Economy #GermanEconomy #EconomicGrowth #EconomicOutlook #Europe #Eurozone #Geopolitics #Diplomacy
Germans skeptical of Russia and China, pessimistic on US

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YouTube Music will soon replace Google Play Music

Yeah, soon - how soon depends on the country you're in. Only a handful of countries will get it right away.
And I'm actually not sad because of that. This change is definitely gonna break a few things such as a really, really useful tool - Google Play Music Desktop Player. I couldn't use Play Music on my desktop without it. This time is hopefully gonna allow it's developer to adapt to it.

Speaking more about the new service - it's not really new. It's very much the same as Google Play Music. And I actually like that. Google says to provide a very smooth migration path and not cut out features.

Seems like Google is trying to move more info Microsoft-like naming scheme - Google Play seems to be loosing it's parts in favour of YouTube, Google News, etc. It would actually be really cool of they went for that model:
Google Store with apps and devices and other services providing their functionality.

As of the new free plan? It's not gonna change anything... I mean, yeah, you get a bunch of things but a music player without background play is absolutely useless 😕

So yeah, I'm very positive about that change, also because it seems to include a sweet dark theme. I'm looking forward to be able to test it myself and I really hope that GPMDP will quickly adapt.
And what do you think about that change?

. . .
#YouTube #YouTubeMusic #YouTubePremium #Google #GooglePlay #PlayMusic #rebranding #onlyUS #opinion

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If You Think Bella Hadid Doesn't Smile, Think Again!

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Nutrients, such as protein, flavanols, vitamins A, D, E, K and omega-3 fatty acids, can help you boost collagen production, eliminate wrinkles, and heal acne to promote a healthy, glowing and supple skin. We’ve picked out 22 nutrient-rich foods that work wonders at healing and rejuvenating the skin.

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All because they are terrified of the doofus with the Tweeting machine.

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Ask a NASA astronomer! Is there proof that the Earth is round?

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Philharmonie de Paris - 6

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We have a series! Houston Rockets edged Golden State Warriors 95-92 to make it 2-2 in the Western Conference finals.

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WhatsApp Messenger beta

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Fossil record reveals changes in Earth’s movement and rotation | #Geology #GeologyPage

Professor James Crampton from Victoria University’s School of Geography, Environment, and Earth Sciences worked with a research team from GNS Science and the Universities of Wisconsin, California Riverside, and Chicago to examine the fossils of graptoloids, an extinct type of plankton that floated in ancient oceans.

Read more :

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The Vulkan Open-Source Ecosystem Grows: Now More Than 2,100 GitHub Projects

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Study bolsters bats' reputation as mosquito devourers - It's a common assumption: Bats are important because they feast upon those pervasive warm-weather pests known as mosquitoes. You want to see bats flying above, cleaning up the night sky and ridding you of itchy bites and pesky ear-buzzing.

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Kim Kardashian SLAMMED for Cultural Appropriation after Wearing Cornrows #celebs #celebrities #kimkardashian

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Infographics are one of the most popular, and most shareable, forms of content you can create- more modern infographic trends and ideas to consider. #digitalmarketing #contentmarketing

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"The #neurological and #genetic mechanisms underpinning attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (#ADHD) are becoming increasingly more recognised and understood in recent years, meaning this is a very exciting and fast-evolving area of #medicine. It is hoped that these insights will help enable #medical #professionals to more accurately identify specific subtypes of the condition, and tailor treatment approaches to individual #patients. Despite this, there are numerous challenges that still need to be overcome so that our increased understanding results in significant benefits for #children with the condition, which can be debilitating and even reduce #LifeExpectancy."

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