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An Outraged Steve Schmidt Calls Trump The Weakest President In American History: Schmidt is no longer a Republican, but the party he left behind should follow his lead – or face the wrath of the American voter in November.

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A new study reports high #sugar and #fat based diets that lead to #obesity, coupled with the normal #aging process, may increase the risk of #Alzheimer’s disease. By my reckoning that means the older we get the more we need to pay attention to what we are eating and the amount we are exercising. Eat less; move more; live longer. For heaven’s sake, don’t wait till you are a senior to get on the #exercise and good eating regime. Clearly, the earlier you start, the better of you are.

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OPPO Find X crosses the barriers and enters Pakistan with massive price tag of Rs. 130,000.....

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Mars Before and After Dust Storm | NASA
July 19, 2018: Side-by-side video shows how dust has enveloped the Red Planet, courtesy of the Mars Color Imager (MARCI) camera onboard NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO).

The view from May shows Valles Marineris chasms (left), Meridiani center, an autumn dust storm in Acidalia (top) and the early spring south polar cap (bottom). The view from July shows the same regions, but most of the surface was obscured by the planet-encircling dust cloud and haze.

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS
Duration: 10 seconds
Release Date: July 19, 2018

+NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
+NASA Solar System Exploration
+The University of Arizona

#NASA #Mars #Space #Astronomy #Science #Planet #Atmosphere #Haze #Dust #DustStorm #Landscape #Terrain #Geoscience #RedPlanet #MRO #Reconnaissance #MARCI #Orbiter #Spacecraft #HiRISE #Camera #JPL #STEM #Education #HD #Video

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Rating the best and worst NBA moves so far

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Here is a great Art App you can find in the Google-Play Store Free. Along with others and it will let you do a time lapse every time you save and at the end you just push play. Here some of the paintings I did. Nothing too special but a great free and fun app!

Kaleidoo Android App Found 100%Free in the Google Playstore For Download.This Android Art App/Art Application will allow you to do a step by step by pressing play and you can watch and save each digital portrait/painting on your phone.

Click the video to see an example of how cool the App is. I was using basic App settings and loved it there are more shapes and colors perfect for IPAD preferably a big one would be awesome. This Android App is perfect especially for children and the playback setting I personally think is Awesome.

Thanks for watching!

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#Microsoft beats Wall Street targets on cloud services revenue #WallStreet

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"Darth Maul: Apprentice" is a short Star Wars fan film ... 9 out of 10

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After seeming to take President #VladimirPutin’s word over that of #America’s intelligence agencies on Russian election meddling, Mr. #Trump was being accused not only of poor judgment but of treason - and not just by fringe elements and liberal talk show hosts, but by a former C.I.A. director. While the accusation of treason has been thrown around on the edges of the political debate from time to time, never in the modern era has it become part of the national conversation in such a prominent way.

The list of #Republicans rebuking the president included not just the usual suspects like Mr. Corker, who has been a frequent critic and plans on retiring when his term is up in January, but friends of the president like the former House speaker Newt Gingrich. Even some of the normally friendly folks at Fox News expressed astonishment, including Neil Cavuto and Abby Huntsman, whose father, Jon Huntsman, is Mr. Trump’s ambassador to Moscow. And that was too much for John O. Brennan, the former C.I.A. director who had already emerged as one of Mr. Trump’s most vocal critics.

#WorldEconomy #Economy #Geopolitics #ForeignPolicy #Diplomacy #Politics #Russia #InternationalRelations #UnitedStates
For Republicans, ‘The Dam Has Broken.’ But for How Long?

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Jodie Whittaker, who plays the show's new (and thirteenth!) Doctor, met her fans at the show's Comic-Con panel today.

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The Democrats' Second Attempt To Hurl A Bomb At Trump's SCOTUS Nominee Exploded In Their Faces
Matt Vespa | Posted: Jul 19, 2018 1:15 PM | Townhall

Great Scott! Judge Brett Kavanaugh said he would like to deliver the final nail in the coffin to the Morrison decision, which spoke to the constitutionality of an independent counsel. Some have argued it’s unconstitutional, as it increases the power of the judiciary over the executive branch. Judge Kavanagh, President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, made these remarks at an American Enterprise Institute event in 2016 (via NBC News):

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Even the best WRs were left stranded on Revis Island. 🏝😱

#Sports #NFL

(Credit: NFL)

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Then Shut the F*CKING League DOWN!

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Doctor Who Series 11 Official Trailer

Straight from comic con, here it is!


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We Must Keep This at the Front of Voters' Minds
We Must Crush the Republicans in November for their Inaction
We Must Crush Trump for Destruction of Our Values
We Must Take Congress Back!
We Must Our Country Back!

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Finally find out which forgotten programs are stealing your disk space!

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Google AI experiment compares poses to 80,000 images as you move

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Microsoft adds Android P emoji support in the latest SwiftKey update - Microsoft and Google's rival Android keyboard apps, SwiftKey and Gboard are regularly updated with new features and improvements. The most recent SwiftKey update brings a couple of interesting changes that prepare the app for Android P. SwiftKey users will be pleased to know that Microsoft has added support for Android P emoji. But that's not the only change implemented in the update. You can find below the complete list...

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Hawks Waive Carmelo Anthony

After being traded to the Hawks in a 3-team trade the 10-time all-star Carmelo Anthony Atlanta has cut ties with Melo as he will never play a minute for the Hawks. It's expected the buyout will be agreed upon $28 million after Melo accepted his $29.1 player option with OKC. Melo is now expected to sign with the Rockets, Heat, or the Lakers.

#NBA #Atlanta #Hawks

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🦇🧡 It's not a bat, it's NETO! 🧡🦇,Happy birthday!

🦇🧡 It's not a bat, it's NETO! 🧡🦇

Happy birthday! 🎂

#Sports #LaLiga

(Credit: LaLiga)

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Both Trump and Putin have declared their summit a grand success. Just what was achieved, though, remains a mystery.

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Africa's week in pictures: 13-19 July 2018

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Collisions after moon formation remodeled early Earth | #Geology #GeologyPage

Southwest Research Institute scientists recently modeled the protracted period of bombardment following the Moon’s formation, when leftover planetesimals pounded the Earth.

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Thunder Trade Melo To The Hawks In A 3 Team Trade That Sends Dennis Schroder, Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot, And Justin Anderson To The Thunder, While Philly Get Mike Muscala

The one year stint with Carmelo Anthony in OKC has come to an end as the Thunder have cut ties with the 10-time all-star as well as his $29.1 million player option. The Hawks, of course, are going to waive Melo as Houston, Miami, and the Lakers are current front-runners to sign the veteran scorer to a deal. OKC now get's a reliable back- up or Westbrook and a possible new starting shooting in Schroder who averaged 19.4 points, 6.2 assists on 43.6% FG in the 2018 season. While gets a stretch 4 in Muscala to come off the bench and spread for the floor.

#NBA #OKC #Thunder #Atlanta #Hawks#Philadelphia #76ers
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