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#mma news Michael Bisping considers Brendan Schaub a ‘good guy’ — but also believes he could ‘f*** him up in a heartbeat’
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Sunset © Holger Nimtz
Baltic Sea | Germany | 2018
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This Adorable Eagle won't eat unless... | TWA Gunung Tunak
Meet Bondol, an adorable Brahminy Kite that lives in the sanctuary of TWA Gunung Tunak, Lombok. Bondol is an unfortunate case of human imprinting on birds. It was rescued after being raised in a cage for 3 years, it has become imprinted by humans and despite being able to fly unbounded, Bondol is reluctant to leave the sanctuary because of his familiarity with people. Attempts to rehabilitate it won't be easy but there might come a day when Bondol will return to the wild. Until then, he remains comfortably in the sanctuary.
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Tim Cook is calling for Bloomberg to retract its Chinese spy chip story #TimCook #apple #applenews
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#Russiagate hysteria is what damaged US-Russia relations to the point of #INF treaty breaking down, #CarterPage believes.

Former Trump adviser Carter Page reveals that he told the CIA about his trips to Russia and says the Russiagate probe spawned by the “dodgy” Steele dossier is damaging relations between Washington and Moscow.
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The 11,251 season ticket packages distributed for Badgers men's hockey games in 2018-19 was a decrease of 6 percent over the previous season.
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Spider-Man PS4 DLC Suits: How to Unlock The Heist's Costumes
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Samsung’s Foldable Phone to Be a Tablet You Can Fit Into Your Pocket, Confirms CEO DJ Koh #Samsung #Foldablephone #news
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15 secret WhatsApp features that everyone should know about #news #tech #whatsapp #tips #tricks
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#Correct #Bitch #TrumpTaxFraud #presidential #KKK #Backwoods #Hillbilly #TrumpEatAssForSnacksTimeToo : ) #Official #Mother +RUSSIA'S MILITARY POWER+Russia#Comrade #Commander #Putin +Vladimir Putin#Established #Hamilton #Vs +President Donald Trump#SaidFuckYou #MyUSSRcumsuckingWhore : )
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Five myths about the Honduran caravan debunked
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In just its first few seconds this video reveals that internal government documents refute Trump's lies about middle easterners being in the caravan of people seeking refuge..

Trump never speaks the truth. He has no care for the facts.

Meanwhile, Mitch McConnell is openly stating that Republicans will destroy Medicare to pay for their criminal tax cuts for their rich friends..

Vote for people who will make Trump accountable for his lies.
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Trump embraces ‘really good friend’ Ted Cruz
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All eyes are once again on Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, with news that he may soon be receiving the report by special counsel Robert Mueller on possible presidential obstruction of justice and deciding what to do with it. This comes on top of other recent stories claiming Rosenstein discussed wearing a wire to record President Trump and had a “clear the air” meeting with the president on Air Force One.

Some are claiming that Rosenstein has a “serious conflict” because he “is not just a witness” to the obstruction investigation but also “one of the key witnesses.” They conclude that this would require Rosenstein to recuse himself from his role overseeing the investigation. As experts on government conflicts with over a combined half century of experience, we strongly disagree. He should stay right where he is to receive and decide what to do with the special counsel report. A close examination of the ethics rules that actually govern the role of overseeing the investigation does not support the conclusion that he should recuse himself. Those rules require a much more imminent prospect of witness testimony or other conflict before disqualifying Rosenstein.

Take the broad conflict of interest rules that apply to all executive branch appointees and career civil staff. 5 CFR § 502 precludes that official involvement in situations where the individual has a personal stake in the matter that would cause a reasonable person to question his or her impartiality, or where the individual has a limited financial interest under 18 USC § 208. Neither of these cases apply to Rosenstein. He does not have a specific interest because he is not a target or a subject of the investigation and does not have a “covered relationship” with anyone involved. No one suggests he has a financial stake in the matter.

Alleged statements by former FBI official Andrew McCabe that he felt Rosenstein had a conflict have no bearing on this analysis. The apparent angry assertion McCabe made during a dispute with Rosenstein was not as far as we know informed by the judgment of career ethics officials. To the contrary, Rosenstein has reported that he consulted with a career Justice Department ethics professional about his participation, and he was cleared to continue overseeing the special counsel investigation.

That Rosenstein consulted with an agency ethics official is crucial. The entire executive branch ethics program depends on employees seeking proactive advice from agency ethics officials. 5 CFR § 2635 provides a safe harbor mechanism for all employees to seek and rely on advice from ethics officials. An employee who makes full disclosure of all relevant facts to an ethics official and then relies on the advice of that ethics official, as Rosenstein did, cannot face disciplinary action for following that advice.

The integrity of the Justice Department ethics program depends on employees following this advice, which is why we disagree with those who cavalierly dismiss the analysis of those career ethics officials as the “judgment or rationalization” of a subordinate. While Justice Department ethics officials know more about the scope of this investigation than we
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Kushner's comments reflected one side of a two-sided debate that is taking place within the Trump administration, over how forcefully to respond to Khashoggi's reportedly brutal and extrajudicial death.
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