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The brain of Aaron Hernandez is why no one should play football. Ever

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New this week: new Google+ Profile cards on desktop, updated Google Maps icons, YouTube restricting “disturbing” videos aimed at kids

* This week there are updates for Plussers, YouTubers and much more:
Google+ has a new Profile “About” card on desktop, which nicely formats your personal details, and provides buttons to contact the profile owner directly. Check yours today to see if your profile needs tweaking.

* Google Maps updated its look to make it easier to identify businesses, services and landmarks. There are new color-coded icons and the icons you see are more context dependent - if you’re using driving navigation, you will see gas stations, while if you are using public transit, you’ll see train stations.

* YouTube announced that in-video notifications of a featured video or playlist will be discontinued December 14 . It turns out, very few people follow those links, and those who do sometimes are taken to a non-existent live stream. YouTube is encouraging using Cards and End Screens to promote your videos and playlists instead.

* YouTube also came under fire this week as media outlets noticed that there were “startling” and “bizarre” videos available in the YouTube Kids app. Some videos use characters from kids’ cartoons, movies or books in sexual or violent situations. While some of these videos may be churned out algorithmically, there are human-created videos as well.

YouTube quickly promised to age-restrict such content, which would prevent it from appearing in the YouTube Kids app. And in the past few days there appear to have been related video removals and the suspension of the controversial Toy Freaks channel, which had 8.5 million subscribers. This is still a developing situation, and I think it’s likely there will be more terminations.

* Facebook continues to court video creators and live streamers. This week they launched a new Creator portal and app, which includes new tools for video creation and connecting with collaborators and fans.

* Twitter finally realized that people believe the Verified check mark represents an endorsement from the platform. They revised their policies to include a number of behaviors that could cause loss of verification. As most of these behaviors violate existing Twitter policy, it’s not clear why the Twitter accounts wouldn’t be suspended, rather than just losing the check mark. But in any case, Twitter has indeed started removing the check mark, most notably from several far right and white supremacist personalities.

* You can now broadcast your voice from your Google Home device using Google Assistant, wherever you are. Plus Home has improved music controls.

Get all this week’s links, updates and tips:


22 November: AdSense on Air: Get your website mobile ready

23 November: Google Partners Academy on Air: Smart Bidding: Embrace the Future of Marketing

30 November: Google Partners Academy on Air: DataStudio: Automate Your Reporting

1 December: YouTube Paid Channels will be made private

Image: Chrysanthemum Closeup (by me)

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LaVar Ball dismisses idea of Donald Trump helping his son

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Age and Gut Bacteria Contribute to Multiple Sclerosis Progression

Researchers at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School published a study suggesting that gut bacteria at young age can contribute to Multiple sclerosis (MS) disease onset and progression.

The research is in PNAS. (full access paywall)

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Animated Photo
Animated Photo
Animated Photo
3 Photos - View album
"Mr. Wilson?"


"You're looking very alive."

"Ha! Only on the outside."

[] #Deadpool [] #FOX [] #Movie []

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Michael Jackson. I Just Can't Stop Loving UUU
I just can't stop loving UUU

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Evolution doesn't require Darwinian culling – new theories challenge the notion that all complexity must be adaptive.

"Complexity is not purely the result of millions of years of fine-tuning through natural selection—a process that Richard Dawkins famously dubbed “the blind watchmaker.” To some extent, it just happens."


In Brief, conventional wisdom holds that complex structures evolve from simpler ones, step-by-step, through a gradual evolutionary process, with Darwinian selection favoring intermediate forms along the way.

But recently some scholars have proposed that complexity can arise by other means—as a side effect, for instance—even without natural selection to promote it. Studies suggest that random mutations that individually have no effect on an organism can fuel the emergence of complexity in a process known as constructive neutral evolution.


Life on earth is characterized by three striking phenomena that demand explanation: adaptation—the marvelous fit between organism and environment; diversity—the great variety of organisms; and complexity—the enormous intricacy of their internal structure. Natural selection explains adaptation. But what explains diversity and complexity?

Unlike standard evolutionary theory, McShea and Brandon argue that there exists in evolution a spontaneous tendency toward increased diversity and complexity, one that acts whether natural selection is present or not. They call this tendency a biological law—the Zero-Force Evolutionary Law. This law unifies the principles and data of biology under a single framework and invites a reconceptualization of the field of the same sort that Newton’s First Law brought to physics. This statement is, they maintain, a fundamental law of biology—perhaps its only one.

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Education is Under Attack In the GOP’s Tax Bill - by Stats -via Flynx

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Week 12 college football scores, highlights from Saturday's games: Keep up with all the latest from college gridiron on Sporting News' big play blog.

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Are people and things as we see them? Can one in fact see beyond this plane to something better, or is the muck of racism and economic disempowerment too blinding to subdue? In contending with those questions, the movie becomes Netflix’s greatest movie-length triumph to date, and ushers the service into the tier of possible (and deserving) Oscar-winning studio.
In that way, Mudbound is a textured and unsettling work, and the question is not merely one of sight—what we choose to see in others, what we envision for our own lives, and how that contorts the world around us, how one might rise from the mire of his situation by choosing to look forward and not back—but also a narrative about love, family, and land, and how race complicates and binds these forces. _(If there was ever an argument to be made that race is an economic construct, Mudbound is it.)_

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A MUST READ ARTICLE: Wall Street is freaking out as EA caves again to social media outrage over its ‘Star Wars’ game
When dumbasses say, "BUT video games aren't products", share this article with them.

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Dynasty Football 101 - Episode 11; SportsCrew Radio Network

This weeks conversation deals with the unique buy low / sell high window for rebuilding teams. Trade your older players and turn them into gold. Limited time only. Discussing Rams, Vikings, Patriots, Raiders, Eagles and Cowboys. We also open some eyes breaking down upcoming draft prospect RB Rashaad Penny from San Diego State.

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Men on both sides of the political spectrum are guilty of sexual harassment — men on the left are just more morally slithery about it, writes Heather Mallick.

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Kim Kardashian's Perfume Line Reportedly Made $10 Million in One Day

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Dog ownership linked to lower mortality

A team of Swedish scientists have used national registries of more than 3.4 million Swedes aged 40 to 80 to study the association between dog ownership and cardiovascular health. Their study shows that dog owners had a lower risk of death due to cardiovascular disease or to other causes during the 12-year follow-up. A total of more than 3.4 million individuals without any prior cardiovascular disease in 2001 were included in the researchers' study linking together seven different national data sources, including two dog ownership registers. The results are being published for the first time in Scientific Reports. The goal was to determine whether dog owners had a different risk of cardiovascular disease and death than non-dog owners. "A very interesting finding in our study was that dog ownership was especially prominent as a protective factor in persons living alone, which is a group reported previously to be at higher risk of cardiovascular disease and death than those living in a multi-person household. Perhaps a dog may stand in as an important family member in the single households. The results showed that single dog owners had a 33 percent reduction in risk of death and 11 percent reduction in risk of cardiovascular disease during follow-up compared to single non-owners. Another interesting finding was that owners to dogs from breed groups originally bred for hunting were most protected," says Mwenya Mubanga, lead junior author of the study and PhD student at the Department of Medical Sciences and the Science for Life Laboratory, Uppsala University.

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Google Duo is best rated communication app on the Play Store

#Android #google #googleduo #playstore #apps

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2 in 3 Social Video Viewers Sharing Video Online
Social Video Viewers are not a passive audience. This group is in fact 26% more likely than average to have uploaded or shared a video on the internet last month (2 in 3 have). They over-index for this behavior on all devices, but mobile stands out with a c...

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Geekscape of the Day: The Final View
Artist: Laurens Spruit Visit: .

Want more? Visit us over at and see all of the archives and subscribe via RSS so you never miss an image!

Have a listen to our Geek Questioner Podcast!
Our latest episode:

#scifi #fantasy #eye #planets #cosmic #nebula #eclipse #gsotd #gsotd2017

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Cloudy Day

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purple bench

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Rain at Last

We've had an incredibly dry spring, and been watering the garden for the last couple of months, but after a massive storm on Friday, we've had steady rain since. It's always amazing how quickly things change, we're now surrounded by greens of every hue, and the flowers seem more vibrant than ever.

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Sydney Harbour Bridge

I think the bridge is more impressive close up than at a distance, the scale of the structure is imposing from any angle.

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Google Lens In Assistant! Let us know whether your device has it or not?
#GoogleLens   #GoogleAssistant   #Android   #Google  

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OnePlus 5T Now Official With 18:9 Aspect Ratio, Better Cameras

#android #news #oneplus5t #cameras

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Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore just got slapped with a serious Alabama bar complaint about his very public attempts to shame and intimidate the women who’ve accused him of sexual harassment and pedophilia.

Roy Moore’s defiant behavior on the bench resulted in being twice removed from his role as Alabama’s Chief Justice of their Supreme Court. Yet, strangely, neither incident resulted in his disbarment or restriction of the right to practice law, even though all attorneys swear to uphold the United States Constitution, their State Constitution, and all laws.

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NASA launches next-generation weather satellite - NASA on Saturday launched a next-generation satellite into space designed to monitor weather around the world and help improve forecasts.

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A telomere is a region of repetitive nucleotide sequences at each end of a chromosome. They protect the chromosome from deterioration or from accidentally fusing with neighboring chromosomes. Without telomeres DNA strands become damaged and our cells can’t do their job.

Shorter telomere length is widely considered a manifestation of stress in young children, but the results of a new study find it’s more complicated than that.

Telomere Length and Childhood Stress Don’t Always Correlate

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Who's with and who is against Mugabe now?

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How Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn will Make Relationship Work During Tour #celebs #celebrity #taylorswift

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Derrick Rose to miss up to 3 more weeks with sprained ankle: In his first season with the Cavaliers, Rose has not played since Nov. 7 after spraining his ankle.

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Tennis superstar Serena Williams and the father of her Alexis Ohanian have got married. The two were joined together in matrimony on Friday at the Contemporary Art Center in New Orleans, in a ceremony that drew a guest list of celebrities like Kim…

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+Rhys Taylor I heard you were one of the participants... :P.. haa..haa.. :-)

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Report: Android Smartphone Vendors to Adopt 3D Sensing for New Phones

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Today's Horror Show Is A Bit Different ... In Uncanny X-Men #311 Due To A Blackout Sabretooth Escapes His Holding Pen At Xavier's School And Is Soon Captured By Jubilee And Bishop ... But ... "What If?" ... Sabretooth Had Killed Bishop And Went After Jubilee ... Excellently Told And Well Weaved To Bring Together Two Classic Comics ... My Rating 9 Out of 10

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My Story

Hi guys, I just wanted to share the story of my fan life with you...

I became a fan in 1993. My father worked in Nigeria, and my mother, my younger sister and I were there with him, in a small village Ajaokuta. I made friends with a girl there, who was a Michael Jackson fan. She was also from Russia. One day she gave me a video tape with Michael's interview to Oprah. I sat to watch it on a Saturday and after it was over I rewinded it and watched it again. After that I went to my mother, who was in the kitchen, and I told her, "Mom, I have a new favorite singer, his name is Michael Jackson". I was 15 years old.

It was not even his singing that got to me, it was his personality in that interview. I saw what an interesting person he was, how open and genuine he was, he seemed like such a nice guy. And soooo very handsome too! What else a 15-year-old girl could wish for as her dream guy?

Thriller and Dangerous albums and a VHS of Michael's videos (most of them in an awful quality) were the only things I managed to find in Ajaokuta. Oh, those were my treasures! I listened to those albums all the time. And there was a complete Black or White video on that VHS. Just imagine it, us young girls watching it and then seeing the ending where Michael zips his pants! We were :bugeyed and :wild: at the same time. It makes me laugh just remembering that.

Then the allegations came. Because I was in Nigeria and we didn't have TV, I knew very little at that time about what was really happening. My grandparents sent me news clippings from Russian papers and I had a general idea, but because I was young I just didn't realize how serious it was. I was more upset by the news of Michael performing in Moscow while I was in Africa. It was two years later when I got to see the footage, the news reports and Michael's message to the public, when I understood what really was happening with him during that time...

After a year in Africa I came back home, finished high school and was getting ready to take entry exams to a university. During those years I was a lonely fan, my friends didn't like Michael and there was no internet so I couldn't find anyone who loved him as well... And then in summer 1996 I heard that Michael would perform in Moscow again in September. My mother said, "If you pass the entry exams to the university, we will buy you a ticket". Oh my god, I had never studied that hard before! The day after we found out I was admitted to the university, my mother and I went to the Dinamo stadium ticket office and bought the tickets. It was unbelievable for me. I just couldn't grasp the idea that I would see Michael. In flesh. At that time he seemed so distant to me, like a mirage sometimes. Sometimes I even thought that he didn't exist, that someone just made him up. But he did exist and was coming to Moscow. And I couldn't believe it!

On the day of his arrival (Sept 15, 1996) I went to the hotel he was going to stay at, and as I was coming closer I suddenly saw the fans. Many many fans!! It was amazing, I was not lonely anymore! Thanks to Michael I found my people! And then Michael arrived and I saw him and realized finally that he was real I can't describe that feeling really. He was standing there waving to us. He was wearing a mask and I remember being slightly disappointed about it, because I wanted to see his smile so much... Then there was a concert which I don't remember at all, because it was such an overwhelming experience to me, like a lightning. All I remember that I spent the next day crying...

When Michael left, my life changed completely. I had MJ-friends now! We met several days a week to talk about Michael, to exchange footage (back then there was no internet, so everyone had two VHS recorders to be able to re-record videos). I became a member of a British fanclub MJNI and found a lot of penpals through the King! fanzine and fanbooks (remember the fanbooks? ). We celebrated Michael's birthday every year. And when he turned 40, I think more than 300 fans showed up for the celebration. This is a picture below of just a few of us (with the famous Stranger in Moscow pole )

In 1997 my friends and I went to see Michael's concert in Tallinn, Estonia. I was so scared my parents wouldn't let me go, so I borrowed money from my granddad and kept my trip a secret until everything was final. My parents were shocked, there was a huge scandal, but in the end I said that if they didn't let me go I would jump out of a window (our apartment was on the third floor) and go anyway. And they let me go.

What a trip it was! MJ fans were everywhere in the city. And it felt like every fan was a family. We met new people every day and hugged and took photos together. It was amazing. The concert was fantastic. We were at the stadium at 6 am and when they allowed us in at 2 pm, I had never ran faster in my life before! And I got a place in the front row! To this day I remember every smallest detail of that concert. Every move, every smile, every "I love you more". Oh Michael. Those are such precious memories, I never experienced anything like that in my life, not before nor after. It was the last time I saw Michael. August 22, 1997. I am so grateful I had that day and a few days in September in 1996.

Back home my fan life continued. I graduated from the university, the Invincible album was released. I remember listening to it for the first time in a dark room and feeling relief because Invincible seemed like such a positive album, full of love and inner peace. I remember thinking that Michael seemed to finally leave all the sorrows behind and I was so happy! Little did I know...

Our regular fan meetings stopped around that time, because everyone grew up, had a job, some had families, everybody was busy. Still we had a small protest at the Sony office in Moscow, when Michael was protesting in the States. Our protest was tiny, just a few people with banners at the Sony door. I am not even sure that the Russian Sony employees knew what it was all about. Anyway we wanted to do our part, however small, and we did.

I lived through the trial alone. I don't remember why, but I didn't look for other fans online, and as for fans from Moscow, I lost touch with them around that time, so I was alone. I worked as a translator for an international news agency and there were articles about the case every day. Everyone at work knew I was a fan so it was somewhat expected that I would translate the trial stories into Russian. I didn't translate a single story covering the prosecution side But when it came to the defence I translated every word. It was my small contribution during the trial...

June 13, 2005 will be in my memory forever. God, I was so scared. It was a night in Moscow and I sat at my computer watching live feed on shaking and crying. Every "Not guilty" was such a tremendous relief. I couldn't sleep that night at all and then I came to work in the morning (I was working the 6 am shift that day) and the verdict story was the first thing I translated And everyone congratulated me. What a glorious day it was!!!

When Michael left for Bahrein I stopped following news about him. Knowing he was somewhere enjoying his life with his kids was enough for me. I didn't need to know his every step. I just knew that he was there. His music was with me though so I always felt his presence.

When he turned 50 I wrote in my livejournal that I wish him a long and happy life because he deserves it more than anyone...

Because I didn't read the MJ news, I almost missed the TII announcement! But thank god I didn't and the fandom frenzy hit me all over again! I sat there stressing out about the presale codes, then about the tickets, then about getting tickets too far from the stage... But then I said to myself that I should be happy because only a week ago I couldn't even think of a chance of seeing Michael perform again and now I had a ticket!!! So I was happy and getting ready to go to London.

In the end of March I went to LA to see the Figure skating world championships. Despite figure skating, my only thoughts during that trip were about Michael. I fulfilled my long-time dream and sat on his star in Hollywood Sadly I didn't even think of going to Michael's house and trying to see him. I thought I would invade his privacy. I said to myself, " Calm down, you will see him in July". If only I knew...

When I got the news that my concert was rescheduled I got so pissed. I was so angry. And I blamed Michael. I am so ashamed now. I can't get over this guilt and I ask for his forgiveness every day. How could I not know he was not to blame? I was his fan for more than 15 years, I KNEW what kind of person he was, I knew he would never offend his fans. But I blamed him. Michael, please please please forgive me. Please.

We returned the tickets and bought a new set from Viagogo, this time for July 13th. We had to go in July, because we already had our visas and plane tickets and hotel reservations...

And then I woke up on June 26th to a text message from my friend I was going to London with. The message said, "Do you know already?" I thought the concert was being rescheduled again. I got up from the bed, turned on the computer and clicked on news. And my mind went blank.

In the evening I went to the US embassy and everyone was there, all those fans I met every week years ago. Everyone came together once again. And it makes me cry just thinking about it again...

ps: sorry it's such a long post. and sorry for mistakes.

by JMie

I forgot to add something. I want to say thank you to Michael for making me who I am today. I was a teenager when I became a fan and his music, the things he sings about helped me form my opinions about things. Michael helped me become a better person. He helped me find friends. When I was depressed "Keep the Faith" always kept me going and trying to achieve things. Michael gave me so much. He has always been such an inspiration, such a huge influence on me. He has always had a strong presence in my life even when I didn't realize it myself. And I will always be grateful. And I will always remember.

And I hope he will forgive me.

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Jupiter's Great Red Spot is made up of clouds of ammonia, ammonium hydrosulphide and water vapour. All three gases produce white clouds, so why is Jupiter's spot red?

Possibly what is happening is that the ammonium hydrosulphide is reacting with high energy photons to produce granules which look reddish when cooled to -223°C, which is slightly colder than the cloud tops.

Alternatively, the ammonia could be mixing with acetylene, the latter being produced when methane is split by sunlight in the upper atmosphere. As the acetylene drifts down to mix the ammonia, it forms a reddish colour.
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