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President Trump's busy day on Twitter also included attacks against GOP senators who hadn't gotten behind the effort to repeal and replace Obamacare.

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Did You Know That This Exotic Indigenous Plant Is A Potential Cure For Cancer?

Have you been informed that Cassava plant or also known as manioc in other term is a widely known in South America? It is often used in creating drinks and bread, but

#plant   #cancer   #food   #drinks   #healthyfood   #healthydrinks   #health   #healthy   #explore   #healthyliving   #healthcare   #healthycare   #homeremedies  

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Not holding our breath on another annual update (but will check in 2039)

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Jeremy Howard interviewed on Lateline, a TV program in Australia. He is asked, what can AI not do? Caring for people, providing motivation, playing sports. But most things people do on most jobs can be done by machines. Self-driving cars and trucks will be good for congestion and pollution. He is not an expert in medicine, but his AI company provides tools for doctors, and there is a 10x shortage of doctors in the developing world and people are dying unnecessarily. So his idea was to use the same tools that Facebook uses to decide what ads to show you or Google uses to organize your photos to help doctors decide what treatments to give you and how to organize your diagnostic materials, and amazingly enough it turned out to work really well. The reaction from doctors has been fantastically positive. People warned him the medical industry would be conservative and try to get in his way, but he's found the opposite. Doctors get into medicine because they want to help people, and when they see what the technology can do and find they can help more people more accurately, they have a great reaction. Asked further about jobs, he says 80% of jobs are in the service sector and are ripe for automation. Computers haven't been able to do jobs like food preparation because they couldn't see. The final end state could be really great situation where we all get to spend our time doing what we want, but getting from here to there could be disruptive. The way the economy and society has to work will have to change. Asked whether machines would become smarter than humans, he said he didn't know. He looks at how technology will impact the economy based on what it can do now.

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If you like Dishonored games, have we got an expansion you need to play ASAP

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10 Foods to Avoid if You Have High Blood Pressure or Heart Problems

One of the main reasons of creating coronary illness is unhealthy eating regimen. Consuming foods that are poor in nutrition prompts hypertension which harms the supply

#avoid   #food   #bloodpressure   #heartattack   #health   #healthy   #explore   #healthyliving   #homeremedies   #healthcare   #healthycare  

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#iphonex in the hands of employees. Take a look.

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Mead does in fact have good telescopes but the difficulty of actually obtaining a beautiful steady shot won't happen unless you know how to setup the camera. This telescope is fair and has a spotter scope but still the difficulty is just too high. It's very Fair for the price.
9mm Lens view of the moon on the Mead Infinity 60 Telescope on Pink Moon Night.

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Eating at These Times of The Day Can Give You Great Results in Losing Weight

If you are like most people chances are that you need to lose some weight. Perhaps you have been dieting and exercising and hit a plateau where you just cannot seem to get that extra five or ten pounds to go away. This can be quite frustrating as you are doing everything that you should be doing. When this happens it is likely that you need to change the times that you eat during the day in order to finally shed those extra pounds.

#loseweight #healthyeating #diet #recipe #healthcaresolution #Healthcare #HealthyLiving #Health #Medicine #Explore #Natural #Treatment #Holistic #Workout

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Pecan Spittlebug - Clastoptera achatina. I have alot of bugs and insects to catch up on. Then Fall, Clouds, Art filter, lightning, sunsets and what else I can come up with. :) Thank you for your pluses, viewing and friendships. Pat

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4 Photos - View album
#RPGaMonth - September - Mermaid Adventures

Part 1.
My background with the game, layout and look, chapter overview and a look at chapters 1 and 2.


I have had Mermaid Adventures on my shelf since Origins 2015. It was the only RPG I bought and my wife made me promise I would actually run it with the kids if I was going to buy it. While I haven't technically broken that promise, I haven't kept it either.

When this was first announced on kickstarter I hated it, for purely selfish reasons. This was because one of the stretch goals was for +Eloy Lasanta to put out a game using the same system for playing in settings like "The Littles."

Why this bothered me is that the first RPG that I published was in that setting. I already wrote a game that let you play The Littles, or Secret of NIMH or Arietty or Tom Thumb. For some reason seeing someone else about to publish a game that did the same thing pissed me off.

It's silly. Even more so since I never actually went any further with my game. It's still up there in PDF on RPGgeek but I never actually revised it like I planned. I never pitched it to publishers. I never really even finished writing it.

So I made the decision to set that B.S. aside back at Origins 2015 and buying a copy of the full-colour version of Mermaid Adventures was my way of apologizing to Eloy.

The book

This is a really nice book. Softcover, well bound with nice thick paper. The entire book is full colour (you can buy a cheaper black and white version) and is filled with art that fits the setting very well. It looks like a book a kid might pick up and dig, which is pretty much the point.

The book is exactly 100 pages if you don't count the character sheet in the back. Not a huge book by any means but really not all that thin either. The font is rather large and everything is presented in a single column layout.

My only complaint about how the book looks is the fact that all of the charts are broken up so that every other line has a blue background and I find the black text on a blue background a bit hard to read.


The book starts with a short story to get you in the mode. Then we hit the table of contents. Mermaid Adventure is broken into 12 chapters and an index. 5 of those chapters are sample adventures. The rest presents the game world, the mechanics, how to make characters, friends, and enemies, tips for the GM (called Navigator) and some sample characters.

Chapter 1 - Welcome

This is your typical welcome chapter. What you need to play (some players and a bunch of D6 in two colours), what to expect, what an RPG is.

What I dig here is that instead of a long section defining RPGs instead Eloy presents a list of things that you may want to do with your character. I dig this approach.

The text itself is very easy to read and uses simple language which makes sense given the target audience. Except for perhaps using the word "Fun" a bit too often at the start of the chapter reading is a breeze.

After the short into Eloy jumps right into mechanics. What we find here is a D6 dice pool system that reminds me of Warhammer 3rd Edition of Fantasy Flight Star Wars. You take good dice based on your stats, then you take bad dice based on the opposition. Successes on the good dice are canceled by successes on the bad dice. If there's at least 1 success left the task succeeds. A success is a 4 or higher on the die, so each die has a 50/50 chance of being a success.

Simple enough.

The chapter ends with a short sample session involving three players and a Narrator and a quest to save a friend who has been turned into a sea cucumber.

Chapter 2 - World of Mermaids

Here Eloy presents a pretty generic undersea setting that covers pretty much all of the mermaid tropes I've seen over the years, with a very strong Disney taste. You've got the capital of Atlantis, a King, and Queen and nearby the dangerous: Dark Lands.

Most interesting are the various varieties of mermaids he has created. Not just your usual half fish half person. There are jellyfish, sharks, eels, octopus, rays, lobsters and even sea urchin.

Nothing really all that groundbreaking but come on, it's for kids. Kids are all about the tropes. They are going to want singing fish and lobster friends and of course, the evil bad witch is an octopus.

The chapter finishes off with some talk of what other creatures share this underwater world. The most fun thing here is the bit about Sea Dragons who have gone missing but that there's a rumor that the King happens to have one Sea Dragon Egg. I love seeing story seeds planted in my RPGs like this.

The last bit is about the overland. What I dig here is that Eloy has left that completely open to the reader to decide. He suggests that the 'tech level' could be whatever you want. I personally immediately just assumed medieval but it could be rather interesting to have the above land be all cyberpunk or something :D

Thoughts so far

As you can tell I'm not all that far into the book yet but I wanted to make sure I got up a post about my history with this particular game, so figured I would post after just on days bathroom reading. At this point, I'm actually part way through the character generation chapter but haven't finished that so will be saving it for next time.

So far I'm digging it well enough. It's definitely easy to read and I think the art is great. I do really like all the different races of Mermaid, that's a great touch. The setting isn't as detailed as I expected, but I don't really think that's a problem especially playing with kids. Really what more do you need? It's fantasy, there's magic, there are a King and Queen and it's underwater: go!

I already think my kids will dig this. I'm not sure the youngest will fully grasp the dice system but I don't see any reason my oldest would have any problem. Maybe what I should do is lend her the book when I'm done.

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The community's cover image.
4 Seasons Nature Photography
Good Evening..An Invitation To Share Your Beautiful Images And Join My 4 Seasons Nature Photography Community..Thank You

Post has attachment 2x Barlow Lens On the Mead Infinity 60 Telescope. Without the eye piece. This was The Mead Infinity 60 Telescope. Very fair for the price but is a bit hard to keep steady and losing what your viewing is very easy. The More you spend the more you see unless you know some tricks.

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Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Soundtrack | Superstition, Villain's Mingle & Halloween-Lo-Ween

Volume 4 of Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party music soundtrack is here! Music direct from the parties. Have you been? Planning a trip around these special hard ticketed events? The music played there is an attraction in itself and brings the party up to that next amped up level.


Check out Volume 3 here

Check out Volume 2 here

Check out Volume 1 here

Wanna see why I have 200+ million views on my Disney photography? Check it out on the link below

Love Disney? Check out our YouTube Channel

Love Instagram? Follow us on there too!

Love twitter? Follow us on there also :o)

Facebook us

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Worlds Most Beautiful Photos And Amazing Sunsets
Good Evening..An Invitation To Share Your Beautiful Images And Join My Worlds Most Beautiful Photos And Amazing Sunsets Community..Thank You

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Rainbow Beach Sunrise

Nothing too spectacular this morning but a great morning to be up and exploring the beautful coast line in this location.

#PhotoManiaAustralia +Photo Mania Australia curated by +Tony Heyward  +David Tomek +Ed Cobb +John Hunt and +Gerard Blacklock


#hqsplandscape for +HQSP Landscape

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Excellent! Wonderful People!

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Straight Curves
Chicago, IL, US

This image on my site:
More of my photography:
Photography Tips, Stories:

#BTPCityscapePro+BTP Cityscape Pro . owned by +Nancy Dempsey , curated by +Dmitry Jurkov
#BTPMonochromePro+BTP Monochrome Pro . owned by +Nancy Dempsey ,curated by +Sergey Stratov
#BTPArchitecturePro+BTP Architecture Pro . owned by +Nancy Dempsey ,curated by +Liudmila D
#hqspmonochrome for +HQSP Monochrome
#hqspurbanarchitecture +HQSP Urban & Architecture curated by +Dmitry Jurkov

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“You’re doing a fantastic job,” the U.S. first lady told Prince Harry.

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How well can seeds survive in space? - Spend many months attached to the ISS and see how well you grow. Image via NASA. Gina Riggio, University of Arkansas Will we someday colonize space? Will our children visit other planets? To achieve goals like these, we’ll need to crack one crucial challenge: how to feed ourselves for long periods away from Earth. A trip to Mars would take months, and exploring the depths of the galaxy would take even longer. Provision of nutritious food for travelers ...

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10 takeaways in the first two games?!

That vintage Baltimore Ravens defense is BACK.

#WatchWithTheWorld this Sunday (9:30am ET): #BALvsJAX

Read more on:

#Sports #NFL

(Credit: NFL)

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NCAA Basketball Champs North Carolina Will Not Visit Trump White House

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Just clicking the shutdown button is no fun!

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This weekend, LAN Party like it's 1986?

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Make it 5 straight NL West titles. #PhotoOfTheNight

#Sports #MLB

(Credit: ESPN)

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An Oil-can-Harry radio announcer presents Cubby Bear the Crooner as the star of his own radio program over station R-K-O and, while Cubby is crooning away, Slick also advises that Kitty Schmidt (Kate Smith), Cal Jolson (Al Jolson)and Sol Rightman (Paul Whiteman) will be Cubby's guest stars. Then a 100-year-old Western-Union 'boy' delivers a telegram informing that none of the guests will appear. So Cubby has to do the whole program by himself. Cubby comes through ...

I Don't Remember Cubby Bear So This Was A Pleasant Surprise ... The Music And Animation Are Marvelous And So Is The Story As Cubby Must Find A Way To Fill In The Radio Time Due To The Cancellation Of Guest ... Funny And Enjoyable ... My IMDB Rating 8 Out Of 10

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Five billion-dollar businesses for the driverless future

Massive opportunities in urban transportation are emerging as the industry transitions from per-vehicle to per-mile economics. Growing up, I dreamed of owning cars I would be proud to wax, polish, and cruise around my neighborhood. Today, I dread the prospect of being weighed down by a rapidly depreciating hunk of plastic and metal. Now all I want is a pleasant transportation experience. Millennials share my sentiment toward vehicle ownership, and many of them are embracing the convenience of ride sharing. The trillion-dollar auto industry is being turned on its head. Automotive companies are getting squeezed as car sales drop and newcomers eat their margins. As part of this shift, the industry is transitioning from per-vehicle to per-mile economics. Historically, the automotive industry has been measured by how quickly it assembles cars, pushes them to customers, lends money against them, and collects money to maintain and upgrade them. Tomorrow, the industry will be measured by how many miles it moves passengers, and how much margin it generates on every mile traveled.

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Here is a great Art App you can find in the Google-Play Store Free. Along with others and it will let you do a time lapse every time you save and at the end you just push play. Here some of the paintings I did. Nothing too special but a great free and fun app!

Kaleidoo Android App Found 100%Free in the Google Playstore For Download.This Android Art App/Art Application will allow you to do a step by step by pressing play and you can watch and save each digital portrait/painting on your phone.

Click the video to see an example of how cool the App is. I was using basic App settings and loved it there are more shapes and colors perfect for IPAD preferably a big one would be awesome. This Android App is perfect especially for children and the playback setting I personally think is Awesome.

Thanks for watching!

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Casey is upset about having struck out his last chance at bat but his wife suggests they have a son to follow in their dad's footsteps. Eventually, a child is born but, to Casey's dismay, it's a girl, not a boy. His wife suggests they try again several more times but each time, it's still another girl. Casey is depressed but his pals tell him that in spite of everything, they still make a powerful baseball team. Casey likes the idea and accepts. However, the day of the big game, he is nervous that one of them will strike out and attempts to make the last home run himself disguised as one of his own daughters ...

Disney Brings Us A Sequel To The Story "Casey At The Bat" ... A Wonderful Cartoon About Second Chances, Making The Best Of What You Have And Most Important Daddy's Little Girls ... Lots Of Laughs And Great Animation In The Disney Tradition ... I Loved The Way The Story Was Worked Out And Ended The Saga On A Happy Note ... My IMDB Rating 8 Out Of 10

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“As tides and temperatures rise, museums are rallying to protect themselves.

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It even rivals smoking.

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So efficient, mission controllers have to come up with extra work

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LIFE is about trusting your feelings and taking chances, losing
and finding happiness, appreciating the memories, learning from
the past, and realizing people change...!

**Breaking Up and Moving On Quotes**

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Here is an entire Sunset at Sunset Cliffs Sunset San Diego, California. A beautiful Sunset for you and hopefully you'll help share this beautiful sunset. The sound of the waves,nature,and silent surroundings will help you relax. If you enjoy Nature's natural relaxing and soothing sounds,then look no further.

Here is a 3:00+ video of The Pacific Sunset at Sunset Cliffs in San Diego,California.

If you've ever been to San Diego,California chances are you made a visit here. For those who haven't enjoy the sunset without any loud disruptions.

Check out the sunset(sun sets) and enjoy the peaceful sounds the waves and the ocean. This is a real time-lapse in Real Time and you get to enjoy the natural sounds of the ocean,birds,and connecting with nature and sea all at once. People come from all over the world to visit Sunset Cliffs in San Diego,California and it's always a great view.

Many people come from all over the world to try to capture the sunset at the perfect time. It was calm and a great place to take a date or friend.

Here is a HD Video of Sunset Cliffs at a great time. Enjoy the sound of the waves and a great view. Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed this video please feel free to "Share". Thank You In Advance. This video is 03:24 long.

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The community's cover image.
Nature's Beauty Photography
Good Evening..An Invitation To Share Your Beautiful Images And Join My Nature's Beauty Photography Community..Thank You

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"A robot dentist has carried out the first successful autonomous implant surgery by fitting two new teeth into a woman's mouth, mainland media has reported. Although there were human medical staff present during the operation, they did not play an active role while it was being carried out. The one-hour procedure took place in Xian, Shaanxi, on Saturday, according to Science and Technology Daily. The implants were fitted to within a margin of error of 0.2-0.3mm, reaching the required standard for this kind of operation."
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