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Happy Sunday dear friends:-)) I wish you a great day!!!!

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From Dan: In all the hubbub of yesterday, we neglected to pass along one of the great opinion pieces in quite awhile. Frank Bruni of The New York Times rips the cover off the ball in this must read essay.

"As the worst week in a cursed presidency wound down, I spotted more and more forecasts that Donald Trump would resign, including from Tony Schwartz, who wrote “The Art of the Deal” for Trump and presumably understands his tortured psyche.

They struck me not as wishful or fantastical.

They struck me as late.

Trump resigned the presidency already — if we regard the job as one of moral stewardship, if we assume that an iota of civic concern must joust with self-regard, if we expect a president’s interest in legislation to rise above vacuous theatrics, if we consider a certain baseline of diplomatic etiquette to be part of the equation."

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This 'Game Of Thrones' Map Showing Jon Snow's Travels Vs The White Walkers Has One Big Flaw

We don't know what the Night King has been up to north of the Wall:

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Why You Will Never Make Money from #Blogging (And How To Change That)

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“When the president of the United States equivocates on matters of hate and xenophobia, artists should not.”

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A Total Solar Eclipse Revealed Solar Storms 100 Years Before Satellites

Eclipses set the stage for historic science. Scientists are taking advantage of the Aug. 21, 2017 eclipse by funding 11 ground-based scientific studies. As researchers prepare their experiments for next week, we're looking back to an historic 1860 total solar eclipse, which many think gave humanity our first glimpse of solar storms — called coronal mass ejections — 100 years before scientists first understood what they were.

Scientists observed these eruptions in the 1970s during the beginning of the modern satellite era, when satellites in space were able to capture thousands of images of solar activity that had never been seen before. But in hindsight, scientists realized their satellite images might not be the first record of these solar storms. Hand-drawn records of an 1860 total solar eclipse bore surprising resemblance to these groundbreaking satellite images.

Credit: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

Music credits: ‘Electricity Wave’ by Jean-François Berger [SACEM] and ‘Solar Winds’ by Ben Niblett [PRS], Jon Cotton [PRS]

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For Republicans It would be a damn good thing to start backing the president instead of throwing hurdles in his path

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🔎Probing Earth's 🌎atmosphere

part 2
With modern instruments, scientists can use solar eclipses to study the nature of Earth's own atmosphere.
Ultraviolet light and X-rays from the sun can strip electrons from atoms in the Earth's upper atmosphere, in a process called ionization. Ionized particles tend to have an electric charge and one of the uppermost parts of the atmosphere, called the ionosphere, is defined by these ionized and electrically charged particles. The ionosphere requires a constant influx of X-rays and ultraviolet light to remain charged (otherwise the atoms and electrons will recombine into neutral atoms and molecules). When the sun sets the upper layers of the ionosphere are ionized by charged particles from space called cosmic rays.
"What this means is that some parts of the ionosphere — the lower parts — actively require the 'lights to be on' to exist," Bamford told by email. "Hence, they are only there during daylight and disappear at night."
During the 1999 total eclipse that occurred over the United Kingdom, Bamford organized a project to encourage eclipse watchers to track these changes during the eclipse. All an observer needed was a radio.
Many radio stations operate at frequencies that, during the day, are absorbed by the lower layers of the ionosphere, Bamford said
At nighttime, when the number of charged particles in the lower layers drop, some of the radio waves can travel higher up into the ionosphere before they are absorbed
Instead of bouncing off the lower layers, which ultimately shortens the distance they travel, the signal can bounce off both lower and upper layers, allowing them to be transmitted across longer distances (while still being heard across short distances as well). That’s why some radio stations can be heard across great distances only at night, even though distant listeners cannot receive the station's signal during the daytime.
A total solar eclipse can act like a snapshot of night because charged particles from the sun no longer stream through the ionosphere, and as a result radio waves can bounce farther than they would during regular daytime hours
The transition from darkness to light happens faster during an eclipse than over the course of a typical sunset, and even though the sun may only be completely covered for a few minutes, the ions in the atmosphere lose their charge and reconnect during that time, making it possible for radio signals to cross long distances (just like they do during nighttime hours)
Bamford said the change in how far the radio signals can travel comes "pretty well instantly in proportion to the loss of light," then returns to normal when the sun reappears in the sky.
What you hear is radio stations you'd ordinarily only hear at night, fade as … the eclipse [occurs], then fade out as the shadow passes," she said. "This does allow the general public to 'listen to the total eclipse,' even if they are not beneath the totality."
During a total solar eclipse, different parts of the United Kingdom receive different amounts of sunlight, which should also influence so the ionosphere, and hence, how far radio waves can travel. By tracking how far a known signal travels during a solar eclipse, scientists could learn about how the presence or absence of sunlight influences the different radio frequencies, she said.
During the 1999 eclipse, Bamford's project requested that observers tune into a radio station in northern Spain that was detectable in the evenings in the United Kingdom, assuming the frequency wasn't obstructed by other local stations. Participants were asked to write down whether they could hear the station, and send in their responses along with their postcodes
In the paper describing the project, Bamford stressed that the experiment was suitable for people of all ages, including the visually impaired, and didn't stop participants from viewing the eclipse. Even if local weather conditions prevented people from enjoying the eclipse by eye, rain and cloudy skies would not affect the radio waves, she said. The project received 1,700 responses by mail, in addition to more-detailed measurements by radio amateurs, who had access to more sophisticated equipment. Wedged between the southern region that could always hear the station and a northern region that could hear it only during the eclipse, there was a stretch across the middle of England that couldn't hear the station during the eclipse. This revealed what Bamford called "a skip-distance effect."
For the upcoming 2017 eclipse, Bamford said she thinks some amateur radio clubs might be doing various experiments, and ionospheric researchers will be making special observations, but no one has yet contacted her about performing a similar project by radio
Solar eclipses can also reveal insights about other planets in the solar system. When the sun is covered during the upcoming Aug. 21, 2017 eclipse, Mercury and Venus will both be visible, as will Mars and Jupiter, according to Venus will appear about half an hour before the sun disappears, while Mercury will be revealed from about 30 seconds before totality until about 30 seconds after it, when the moon totally covers the disk of the sun. During the 2017 eclipse, at least one set of astronomers will take the opportunity to take the temperature of Mercury while the star is hidden behind the moon.🌑
Eclipses have also provided the opportunity to search for other worlds. In the 19th century, scientists noticed that Mercury wasn't traveling quite the way it was predicted to: The planet's closest point to the sun in its orbit slowly shifted over time, slowly moving around the star. Scientists assumed that an unseen planet, which they called Vulcan, sat between Mercury and the sun, with the unobserved planet's gravitational pull shifting Mercury's orbit . When various eclipses hid the sun, astronomers searched in vain for the missing world. During the total solar eclipse of July 29, 1878, astronomers flocked to the United States' Rocky Mountains to hunt for the hidden planet, but never found it.
It wasn't until November 1915 that a young Albert Einstein killed off Vulcan for good when he presented his theory of general relativityfor more "
A massive body can bend and distort "space-time" (Einstein's name for the fabric of reality, which weaves together three-dimensional space with time). As Mercury orbits the sun, the curvature of space caused by the sun's gravity would cause the planet's orbit to shift very slightly, Einstein's theory predicted. According to general relativity, the curvature of space-time could explain the strange wobbles of Mercury far better than a hidden planet could.
In 1919, English astronomer Arthur Eddington traveled to the west coast of Africa to test another prediction that came from general relativity: that the path of light itself bends around a massive body. By studying how light from the stars behind the sun bent, Eddington and the eclipse provided observational evidence for Einstein's complicated theory.

While for most people, a solar eclipse can be a once-in-a-lifetime, awe-inspiring sight, it is clear that these phenomena can also reveal a wealth of information about the universe

by Nola Taylor Redd, Contributor | May 17, 2017 03:45pm ET
for more details

about image :NASA's SOHO spacecraft can study the atmospheric layers of the sun that extend off its central body. Total solar eclipses gave humans the first opportunity to see this region of Earth's nearest star
be with theoretically possible

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The Celtics Will Retire Paul Pierce's Number .34 On February The 11th 2018

The Celtics have announced today that they will retire Paul "the truth" Pierce's number .34 on February the 11th, 2018. He will have his number retired in front of one of Pierces biggest rivals of his career LeBron James as the Cavaliers will come into town to face the Celtics. Pierce had many great battles against LeBron in both the regular season and postseason, with many great battles going both ways. Pierce's time with Boston was nothing short of special as in his 15 season with the Celtics he averaged 21.8 Points, 6 Rebounds, 4 Assists, on 44.7% FG and 36.8% 3PT. Making 10x all star teams, 4x All NBA Teams, and winning the 2008 NBA Championship while being crowned the Finals MVP. And not to mention the countless amount of game winning shots he hit, which lead to the nickname "the truth".

#NBA #Celtics #Boston

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Xiaomi may launch its first Android One smartphone sans MIUI

Google has been pretty constant when it comes to bringing Android One devices to more markets. Even so, these Android One smartphones are not available in too many markets, not to mention that there will not be introduced in well- developed markets where they would compete with Nexus and Pixel phones.

Nevertheless, Google continues to spread Android One love each year and another company helping the search giant doing that could be Xiaomi. The Chinese handset vendor, the fifth largest in China, is expected to launch an Android One smartphone.

The already introduced Xiaomi Mi 5X was recently spotted POSTEL, the Indonesian certifier, but unlike the device that's now selling in China, this one does not feature the proprietary MIUI.
Moreover, the description in the database confirms this version of Xiaomi Mi 5X runs software developed by Google, which could mean one thing: this is indeed an Android One device.

Unfortunately, we don't know when and where Xiaomi's Android One smartphone will be launched, but we hope Google will reveal more details during the Android O's reveal supposedly happening on August 21.

#Xiaomi #AndroidOne #China #XiaomiMiMax2 #Miui #Android #Androidnougat

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11 Photos - View album
Shinzo S1 #10: Gyasa shows to attack Mushrambo who moves so fast he seemingly teleports, then he tries to kick and punch Mushrambo unable to even hit him.

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Charles Byrd, Grant Dawson Secure UFC Contracts on Dana White’s Contender Series

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Salt And Oil: Medicinal Mixture After Its Application, You Will Not Feel Pain For Several Years

Osteochondritis is a painful type of osteochondrosis where the cartilage or bone in a joint is inflamed. Thankfully, this condition is curable, In this article we offer you a natural remedy for this condition which will reduce the pain.

#salt #health #pain #explore #medicine #homeremedies #treatment #healthy #naturalremedies #healthyliving #herbal #cure #remedy #cartilage #jointpain

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Paris hotel life 🇫🇷 (📷: @herve_in_paris) #beautifulhotels

#love like beauty flower give our Soul the happiness
#if we put love water and flower three elements
#make our live saw pure water is a soul for Live
#love to complete live flower the beauty of live

#tulip #flower #colour #coloyrful #keukenhof #voilet #orange #red #yellow #nature #par

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A MUST READ ARTICLE: Mass Effect: Andromeda Officially Shuts Down Its Single-Player Updates

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Interesting link between the UK "winning" (with some rather massive help by Russia and the USA) WWII and the Brexit Dunkirk spirit illusion.

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Silky to touch, with a nice finish. Find out what else Michael Kukielka had to say about the #OnePlus5 Soft Gold.

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How To Use Minced Garlic To Get Your Eyesight Back Without Surgery Or Glasses

Your eyesight deteriorates with age, studies have shown that AMD (or age-related macular degeneration) is a condition that most Caucasian girls have in their Fifties.

#eyesight #health #garlic #surgery #naturalremedies #herbal #medicine #homeremedies #treatment #healthy #healthbenefits #cure #healing #remedy

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Remember Android One? The value phones which offers pure Android are coming with xiomi hardware.

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Snowball Earth and the emergence of Animal Life

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Discount Calculator helps you to Find instantly the real prices during the Sales

Whether during the sales or during the rest of the year from now on, we keep seeing promotions in stores : minus 5 percent, minus 15 percent, minus 35 percent ...

But in the end how to easily know the price of a sale item to make the right choice at the time of purchase ? Discount Calculator for Android is there for you !

Enter the values of the promotions that interest you and enter the price of an item and instantly you will know the actual price of an item and make the right choice !

Purchase or not ? Discount Calculator will give you the answer in an instant. Discount Calculator is available in both versions on the Google Play Store :
* Free supported by Ads :
* Paid with no Ads :

Let us know your thoughts and feedback to improve Discount Calculator in comments.

#android #androiddev #RealPrice #price #Sales #Purchase #Discount #Calculator #DiscountCalculator #Tips #Tutorial #AndroidTips #AndroidApps #Indiedev #PlayStore #GooglePlay #prices

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Coachella is as much about music as it is about fashion. Over the years, stars like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Vanessa Hudgens have brought their style A-game to Coachella. Check out all the celebrities who’ve had some of the best Coachella looks of all time!

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Watch Microsoft’s Xbox One X Gamescom conference live right here

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Original Moto 360 Sport to receive Android Wear 2.0 in the coming weeks

#Android #Motorola #moto360sport #moto360 #androidwear

🔎solar eclipses have provided natural laboratories for intriguing scientific discoveries"
part 1

We've used [solar eclipses] to discover the shape of our world and the curvature of the universe," Tyler Nordgren,
The sun may be the Earth's closest star, but this body's very brightness makes it a challenge to observe.
The light from the solar body drowns out the fainter corona, the outer atmospheric layer of the star, a wispy region that becomes visible when the moon completely blocks the face of the sun during a total solar eclipse. "Trying to understand the sun without seeing its corona would have been like trying to learn about Earth without ever seeing its atmosphere, said Jay Pasachoff an astronomer at Williams College in Massachusetts.
Pasachoff has studied solar eclipses, both the science they can produce today and what scientists have learned from them throughout history.
"The corona is a major part of the sun, though it is hidden from us on Earth's surface except for the glimpses we get every year or two at eclipses," Pasachoff said in an email.
Solar prominences, the large accumulation of cooler gas held in place in the atmosphere by the sun's magnetic field, were also first recorded during a solar eclipse.
The sun's magnetic fields drive CMEs and other forms of space weather. Although magnetic field lines can't be directly seen, Young said that the charged particles that make up the corona trace the magnetic field lines, making them visible. So rather than a diffuse gas, the corona appears to have twisting, moving jets and lines running through it. Observations of the corona can then help scientists better understand the primary drivers of the space weather that can affect Earth and missions to other worlds, Young said.

In 1868, French solar physicist Jules Janssen traveled to India to observe a solar eclipse.By examining the light streaming from the sun's chromosphere (another layer of the atmosphere that lies closer to the sun's body than the corona), he and British astronomer Joseph Norman Lockyer independently discovered a new chemical element. He named this new find after the Greek word for sun, "helios," calling the new find "helium.Soon after the discovery of helium, American astronomer Charles Augustus Young and Scottish-born astronomer William Harkness independently discovered what they thought was another new element, which they called coronium, during the 1879 solar eclipse. According to Canada’s University of Ottawa, it took another 60 years for scientists to determine that the coronium lines were instead caused by iron at very high temperatures, suggesting that the corona reached nearly (1.9 million degrees Celsius )even though the surface of the sun is only about (5,538 degrees C).This discovery is counterintuitive, because the body of the sun is the source of its heat; it's as if the air around a bonfire were hotter than the fire itself.
The solar corona is hotter than the visible surface. Wow!" Young said when describing what, to him, is the most interesting historical finding related to eclipses
Today, scientists can create artificial eclipses with telescopes on Earth and in space by blocking the sun's light with an instrument known as a coronagraph. (to know more about it)
According to Nordgren, who is also a professor at the University of Redlands in California, over 2,000 years ago, solar and lunar eclipses helped scientists determine the size of the moon and that Earth is a sphere.

Probing Earth's atmosphere
With modern instruments, scientists can use solar eclipses to study the nature of Earth's own atmosphere.
🖇be with theoretically possible

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Google Inbox now groups all your mails at one place

#Android #Google #gmail #inbox #googleinbox #apps

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Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon's firing has been met with a collective shrug by some of President Donald Trump's most committed supporters who argue the controversial nationalist became an obstacle to the administration's agenda.

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Another strong outing for Patrick Mahomes! 💪 #KCvsCIN

#Sports #NFL

(Credit: NFL)

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Fantastic 40 HD Wallpapers for the Galaxy S8, LG G6, HTC U11 and more

#Android #wallpapers #apps #galaxys8 #lgg6 #htcu11 #htc #samsung #lg

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Virginia police says Trump was right on the protesters there was problems with both sides ... Of course anyone with an open mind that watched the video would already know that people do not go to a protest armed with clubs and cans of cement

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Thank you for 100K views.

Check out #Mersal producer @Hemarukmani1 's exclusive interview if you missed to watch!

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Certain events could add 1.5 years to your brain's age.

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Einstein's Theory of Relativity Explained - 12 Things to Know About Relativity

Einstein's Theory of Relativity Explained

The theories of relativity by Albert Einstein revolutionized how the world thinks about space, time, mass, energy and gravity.

Prior to Einstein, the laws of Isaac Newton were used to understand the physics of motion. In 1687, Newton wrote that gravity affects everything in the universe. The same force of gravity that pulled an apple down from a tree kept the Earth in motion around the sun.

But Newton never puzzled out the source of gravity.

Read more here:
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