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Official: Han Solo Film Title is "Solo: A Star Wars Story"

What do you think about this?

The film will be released in theaters May 25, 2018.

#StarWars #HanSolo #Solo

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Schizophrenia Disrupts Brain's Entire Communication System

It is the largest analysis of "white matter" (fatty brain tissue enabling neurons to talk to each other) differences in a psychiatric disorder to date and was made possible by a federal grant to the Keck School of Medicine of USC. The study displaces a theory that schizophrenia manifests due to wiring problems in only the prefrontal and temporal lobes. These front-facing areas of the brain are responsible for personality, decision-making and hearing perception.

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Yes yes yes! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

Opt-in link for personal accounts if you're not seeing the option yet:

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Science predicts only the predictable.

"Since we have no contact with possible other universes, the question of the existence of the multiverse is essentially metaphysics."


What exactly are these laws of nature and how do we find them?

One answer is Platonism (or its cousin Realism). This is the belief that the laws of nature are objective and have always existed. They possess an exact ideal form that exists in Plato’s realm. These laws are in perfect condition and they have formed the universe that we see around us. Not only do the laws of nature exist in this realm, but they live alongside all perfectly formed mathematics. This is supposed to help explain why the laws are written in the language of mathematics.

There is another, more interesting, explanation for the structure of the laws of nature. Rather than saying that the universe is very structured, say that the universe is mostly chaotic and for the most part lacks structure. The reason why we see the structure we do is that scientists act like a sieve and focus only on those phenomena that have structure and are predictable. They do not take into account all phenomena; rather, they select those phenomena they can deal with.


[ Studied Phenomena ]

Some people say that science studies all physical phenomena. This is simply not true. Who will win the next presidential election and move into the White House is a physical question that no hard scientists would venture to give an absolute prediction. Whether or not a computer will halt for a given input can be seen as a physical question and yet we learned from Alan Turing that this question cannot be answered. Scientists have classified the general textures and heights of different types of clouds, but, in general, are not at all interested in the exact shape of a cloud. Although the shape is a physical phenomenon, scientists don’t even attempt to study it.

Science does not study all physical phenomena. Rather, science studies predictable physical phenomena. It is almost a tautology: science predicts predictable phenomena.

[ Phenomena Criteria ]

Scientists have described the criteria for which phenomena they decide to study: It is called symmetry.

Symmetry is the property that despite something changing, there is some part of it that remains the same. When you say that a face has symmetry, you mean that if the left side is reflected and swapped with the right side, it will still look the same. When physicists use the word symmetry they are discussing collections of physical phenomena. A set of phenomena has symmetry if it is the same after some change. The most obvious example is symmetry of location. This means that if one performs the same experiment in two different places, the results should be the same. Symmetry of time means that the outcomes of experiments should not depend on when the experiment took place. And, there are many other types of symmetry.

We do not look at all phenomena. Rather, we pick out those phenomena that satisfy the requirements of symmetry and predictability.


[ Increasing Abstraction ]

As physics progresses and we become aware of more and more physical phenomena, larger and larger classes of mathematical structures are needed and we get them by looking at fewer and fewer axioms. Dirac calls these mathematical structures with fewer axioms “increasing abstraction”.

In order to describe more phenomena, we will need larger and larger classes of mathematical structures and hence fewer and fewer axioms. What is the logical conclusion to this trend? How far can this go?

[ Total Abstraction ]

Physics wants to describe more and more phenomena in our universe. Let us say we were interested in describing all phenomena in our universe. What type of mathematics would we need? How many axioms would be needed for mathematical structure to describe all the phenomena?

[ Post-Metaphysics ]

Of course, it is hard to predict, but it is even harder not to speculate. One possible conclusion would be that if we look at the universe in totality and not bracket any subset of phenomena, the mathematics we would need would have no axioms at all. That is, the universe in totality is devoid of structure and needs no axioms to describe it. Total lawlessness! The mathematics are just plain sets without structure. This would finally eliminate all metaphysics when dealing with the laws of nature and mathematical structure. It is only the way we look at the universe that gives us the illusion of structure.


[ Our Filtered Perception ]

With this view of physics we come to even more profound questions. These are the future projects of science. If the structure that we see is illusory and comes about from the way we look at certain phenomena, then why do we see this illusion?

Instead of looking at the laws of nature that are formulated by scientists, we have to look at scientists and the way they pick out (subsets of phenomena and their concomitant) laws of nature. What is it about human beings that renders us so good at being sieves? Rather than looking at the universe, we should look at the way we look at the universe.

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'Busybody' Protein May Get On Your Nerves, But That's A Good Thing

Sensory neurons regulate how we recognize pain, touch, and the movement and position of our own bodies, but the field of neuroscience is just beginning to unravel this circuitry. Now, new research from the Salk Institute shows how a protein called p75 is critical for pain signaling, which could one day have implications for treating neurological disorders as well as trauma such as spinal cord injury.

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Powerful Mix To Drink Morning And Night For Steady Weight Loss

The everyday effort contributes much more rather than dieting and exercises in the case of weight loss. The simple tips of weight loss can help you to speed up the process and achieve the desired weight in less time.

#drink #health #weightloss #explore #medicine #treatment #healthbenefits #herbal #drinks

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At a time when US-Russia relations seem the most strained in decades, an annual conference committed to open dialogue between the two...

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Homestead-Miami Speedway testing info

Tags: #nascar #homesteadmiamispeedway #racing

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The Images Sizes Cheat Sheet for Facebook Marketers [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Highlights from Kyle Shanahan’s Monday press conference, including a breakdown of CJ Beathard, his first touchdown pass, what.....
#LockedOn49ers #sanfrancisco49ers #kyleshanahan #cjbeathard #frs

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Vikings coach Mike Zimmer downplays Anthony Barr's hit on Aaron Rodgers: Zimmer acknowledged that while Rodgers' potentially season-ending injury was "unfortunate," Minnesota is "not a dirty football team."

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Sigma, Monster Hunter, and Black Panther available in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite early for Xbox One users

So Sigma, Monster Hunter, and Black Panther and a number of premium costumes were supposed to be available for download tomorrow. However, it looks like the Xbox One players are able to gain access to this content a day early.

Currently these fighters are being streamed over at Newgamingorder's Twitch channel. If you are a Steam or PlayStation 4 player for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, you can at least see them in action.

Steam players are able to get access to the fighters through hacking though. For the PlayStation 4, these fighters are grayed out and are unavailable.

It was mentioned to me that actually downloading the characters for the Xbox One is a little tricky. You have to follow through with a certain step-by-step process in order to do it.

You'll of course need the Season Pass.

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As I've said, the re-imagined Klingons with sticks up their arses are the worst part of Discovery.

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China's Tiangong-1 Space Station Will Crash to Earth in the Next Few Months

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Earlier this year, a product roadmap revealed that a web redesign of Google Calendar was in the works. Today, that Material refresh of the web app is launching with a number of enterprise-grade features.

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I <3 Ron's reviews. The comments on the XL screen are slightly worrying. Though, I never use a screen at 0% brightness, always hovering at around 50%.

+Ron Amadeo

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Republicans drop breathtakingly racist mail piece in Virginia House race, targeting Latina Democrat -via Flynx

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By Antonio Carrillo López Quiraing, Isle of Skye, Scotland.

#photography #landscape #scotland #highlands

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La Cathedrale Notre Dame _ Paris _ Impressionism _
Part of my work for "Beyond the Blur mentorship " with Heiko Mahr +Heiko Mahr and Alex Lapidus +Alex Lapidus.

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The Secret Of Change -- Osage, Arkansas
"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new."
-- Socrates

A large, rusted steel spring in an abandoned garage...

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the leaves are falling

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Just another Norwegian town on some Fjord...

This place was one of our more..ahem.. 'interesting' accommodation choices, turned out to be a rather religious institution, whilst nothing wrong with that, it just was not very clear to the average punter looking for a place to stay :) .. luckily for us it was our night off the turps and no mischief to be had ;) ... Ironically I had to throw pebbles at the window to get let back in after my sunset shoot (that was about 11:30 pm :) ) .. musta looked at bit suss :)

Norway, everytime I open up the folder of images there is always another shot that jumps out at me, even after al this time

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White Wisteria

These help me reverse down the driveway at night.

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Google Calendar updated with Material Design for web users. Go check it out!

#Android #GoogleCalendar

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Google has revealed that its first-ever custom-designed system-on-chip (SoC) has been included in the Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL, but it won't be active on release. #News #Google #GooglePixel

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Animated Photo
Cassini used its Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph to capture this final view of ultraviolet auroral emissions in Saturn's north polar region on Sept. 14, 2017.

Credits: NASA/JPL/Univ. Colorado/Univ. Liege-LPAP

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Selena Gomez Posted a Touching Message to Her 4-Year-Old Sister

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11 Photos - View album
Rose Fine was Michael's tutor and accompanied the Jackson Five on tour.Rose Fine began her work as a tutor and guardian of Michael and his brothers on the first national group tour in October 1970. She accompanied the group in cities including Boston, Cincinnati, Tennessee and New York.

Michael kept his bond with her even after he has grown up and gave her financial assistance, holding her for life. She also represented as a mother figure in his life, as shown in these accounts from Michael in 2002:

"She helped me a lot because she always held my hand and lulls me to sleep. After the show I will always run into the room, we would read and have hot milk."

"She always told me, 'the door is open'. We,we took care of her,Janet and I,until the day she died."

Michael said he did not know the age of his tutor because she preferred not to disclose. According to him, Rose Fine joked that when she retired, then only she will reveal to him her age.

She remained with him until the end of the 70s, by which time he recorded the album "Off the Wall".

Michael and Janet paid nurses and hospital care she needed.Paid also all expenses needed, for example, appliance repairs, electronics, everything that had to be done at her house they took care of.

When her husband too got sick, Michael and Janet also took care of him and funded all his medical expenses because both he and Janet felt her as a mother and, therefore, thought they should take care everything of her as if they were taking care of one's mother.

"She used to caress my face, she used to say I had beautiful hands. Now I realize what she meant because I do the same with my children, I caress their faces so because they are so sweet ..."

"She taught me a lot about Judaism, but i always felt bad for her because her son suffered a lot. He was a wonderful doctor and went to Harvard. He had a type of brain tumor."

"She taught me Jewish culture and I will never forget this.When I was little, we landed in Germany and it was so quiet ... I asked, 'What is wrong Miss Fine?' You know when children can tell if there is something wrong with their mothers?"

"She said: 'I do not like it.'

"And I asked, 'Why?"

"She said: "A lot of people suffered here"

"That's when I learned about the concentration camps, through her, because I did not know anything about it."

"I'll never forget that feeling. She said she felt cold there, she could feel."

"That kind person! She taught me the wonderful words of books and reading. I would never be the same person if it was not for her. I owe a lot to her."

"She called me her son. Whenever we climbed on the plane and people saw black boys with a black father and this white Jewish lady with us, people stopped her to ask:"

"Who are you?"

"She replied, 'I am the mother'. She always answered them and let her pass."

"Sweet story. She was special, I needed her."

"I think I learned that from her. I saw and experienced it. No matter the blood, race, creed, color,love is love and it breaks all barriers".

"She was more than a tutor and I was so angry with myself because when she died I was far, far away. I could not get there."

"I was in Switzerland and Ewy(Michael's secretary) called to tell me she had died. I said:"

"What?' I'm in Switzerland, I can not go. ' It made me angry, but I did everything I could."

"When I went to visit her, I said, 'Mrs. Fine this is Michael"

"She said, 'You're not Michael"

"I came back to say, 'It's me, Michael!"

"She said, 'Do not say you're Michael. You are not Michael"

"This means that dysfunction in the brain and she does not recognize you anymore. It hurts a lot."

Source:The Michael Jackson Tapes

Pics:Rose Fine with Michael and the rest of the Jacksons

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Opinion: Why Google Assistant On All Platforms Is A Big Deal

#Android #Google #GoogleAssistant

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NFL, union 'coming together' to bring about 'positive change': The league, owners and players are trying to find common ground in the wake of kneeling protests during the national anthem.

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A three minute Halloween flick produced by the kid.

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Create any message using food, sweets or chocolate using this large set of letter shapes from HomeTrends 40% OFF

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Happy Birthday Felicity Jones!

Aka Jyn Erso in Rogue One. She was born October 17, 1983 in Birmingham, UK and turns 34 today

#StarWars #RogueOne #FelicityJones

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But why not let us switch it manually too? :-/

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Even though the Apollo missions brought back to Earth huge amounts of data about the moon, it has remained an enigma for astronomers and scientists alike.

Dr. Robert Jastrow, the first president of #NASA’s Commission of Lunar Exploration called the moon “the Rosetta Stone of the planets.”

But what is it about the moon that fascinates everyone? Well there are many people who firmly believe that Earth’s moon is actually a terraformed and engineer piece of hardware that has a 3 mile thick outer layer of dust and rocks.
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