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Jeff Bezos outlines Blue Origin's space colony ambitions

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5 Healthiest Foods for Eyesight
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Eyes are one of precious thing in a body of human being. Eyes are also sensitive and really important part for any living thing of the world. If you want to spend quality of life so you also need care of your body and eyes. We see countless people in all over the world those are using spectacles in their life because they are facing eyesight problem in normal routine.
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That's how CNN's Brian Stelter framed the debate over how the press should cover the president's false statements.

"We need to distinguish between a deflection, an exaggeration and a straight up lie," he said on Sunday's Reliable sources.

A fresh debate about the "L word" has been raging on social media in recent days, provoked by a string of false claims from the president.

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Here is a slideshow of NASA Space GIFS With Music. For more Videos on Space,Rock Music,News,Reviews And More. Subscribe and Like For More

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Moonwalking: Ex-NASA astronauts describe lunar experience
BBC News | The death on Saturday, May 26, 2018, of former U.S. astronaut Alan Bean means there are now just four men alive who can describe what it is like to set foot on the Moon's surface....China has said it aims to land astronauts on the Moon by the 2030s.
The last U.S. mission to the Moon, Apollo 17, blasted off shortly before midnight on December 7, 1972. Its crew spent three days on the lunar surface, collecting samples and conducting experiments.

The Last Four Apollo Moonwalkers
Charles Duke: Born October 3, 1935
David Scott: Born June 6, 1932
Harrison Schmitt: Born July 3, 1935
Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin: Born January 20, 1930

Click on article link below to

Credit: +BBC News
Release Date: May 27, 2018

+NASA's Kennedy Space Center
+NASA Johnson Space Center

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Vegas gives LeBron James a record over/under line for Game 7: Gamblers can bet whether James will score more or less than 38 points in Game 7. He's averaged 34.9 points in seven career Game 7s.

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Uncontrolled diabetes has many serious consequences, including heart disease, kidney disease, blindness and other complications. This article lists 11 foods that people with diabetes or prediabetes should avoid.

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Droid Updates Weekly 5/21 - 5/25: Which Android devices were updated this week? #Android8.0 #Asus #G6 #GalaxyNote8

Our guess is that most of you have a smartphone if you’re reading this. Being smartphone owners ourselves, we’re always interested in knowing when a smartphone gets updated. Wouldn’t it be convenient to have this all in one place? That’s why we created…

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Maintaining a well-balanced, healthy diet is key in protecting vision health. It may reduce your risk from developing serious eye conditions, including cataract, glaucoma, dry eyes, poor night vision, age-related macular degeneration, etc. Here are five best foods for your eyes.

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Embarrassment Pluto came in tan and went out Brown; still embattled- it now remains in our memory because of a "Dizzy Dog"!

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2018 mOnACO GP WinnEr DAvid RiCCiArDO #1 On THE PODium. #2 SEBAStiAn VEttEL. #3 LEwis HAmiLtOn 🏎️


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Blue metallic on yellow

A match of women's rugby

#macrophotography #hqspmacro #hqspflowers #fotomaniaitalia #ilovephotography

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Here are 15 Great Shots From The Hubble Telescope. These are public files that can be found in numerous places. There is a ton of them but here are 15 I really personally thought were cool. These images are some of my favorites. Just goes to show how far we've come. This video is 01:42 long.

Hubble Images come in by the hundreds of new great looks of unexplored and explored locations in space. If you like space pictures from the Hubble Telescope then please Subscribe if you liked the video.

Relax and check out these great shots! I like these personally and I encourage you to check out the NASA royalty free videos online. These are just some of the amazing photos you can find here on my channel. I hope you enjoyed this video. The view of the Universe through these images it quite amazing and these are some of the astounding NASA Hubble Telescope pictures with audio swap with calm ambient music.

If you enjoyed this video,Please Like,Share,And Comment. Please Subscribe for future videos of nature,space,and music.

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"China unveils high school AI textbook." "The nine-chapter book was penned by an all-star lineup, including the chairman of one of the world's most valuable AI startups, SenseTime. The company is best known for providing China's police with facial recognition-based surveillance software."

"The opening chapter, titled 'Artificial Intelligence: The Beginning of a New Era', follows the story of a young man named Ming Ming in the year 2028. Each morning, he wakes up to the soothing voice of a virtual assistant, eats breakfast prepared by a cooking robot, and travels around in a self-driving car."

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Nicki Minaj Claims She Was "Just Joking" About Dating Eminem
#celebritynews #Eminem, #NickiMinaj #Hollywood #celebrities #celebrity #celebrityinsider

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Jimmy Fallon recently went hands-on with Mario Tennis Aces, courtesy of Nintendo of America and Reggie Fils-Aime. You can check out his time with the upcoming Nintendo Switch title in the video below, where he plays as Mario and Bowser in an attempt to…

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One release date we missed this week is for indie title Sleep Tight. Nintendo of America revealed earlier this week that the childhood fears themed shooter is coming to the Nintendo Switch on 26th July. Here’s what Nintendo posted about the game as well…

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Huawei's bootloader unlock program will soon be no more #huawei

Third-party ROMs allow smartphone owners to customize and mod their device in just about any way feasible. As if Android was not customizable enough, some Android OEMs elect to support bootloader unlocking. Huawei is one of them and to keep its devices…

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Cavs vs. Celtics: Score, updates, highlights from Game 7 of East finals: Will the Cavs or Celtics punch their ticket to the NBA Finals? Follow along here for live updates from Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals.

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Okay, have you played a game on your device? I'm sure we all have.

But played a game that you enjoyed enough that you played it daily. Like were into it daily and wouldn't skip a day?

I've had several games, and eventually they just wane out of your daily need. Angry Birds Epic... I had hit as high as I probably could.
Defense games ... did them all, not much more incentive to try the SUPER HARD variants.
and so on.

But rarely have I played a game for so long but go so thoroughly frustrated at it than I have with Juggernaut Wars

I've really enjoyed it for like 3 years (okay, really just 2 years and about 4 months), even after I hit the max level. I'd still play for the past year to help out the 'clan' and get each of my heroes to max equipment.

But it just became overly complicated.

Aside from gold and 'gems' (the only way to get those is to buy them or get a couple a day) they introduced battle points and arena coins and clan points and and and... with every update they added a new 'currency'. And the only way to get those was to do something in that area of the game. You'd get a couple, or ... surprise, surprise, you could buy them.

Levelling up your characters became a joke. You have to do a TON of stuff and you play a bit of a lottery and maybe ... maybe you get a piece of something you'll need a hundred off to get them to level up.

Utterly frustrating and it came to a point that I'm just done.

Too many areas, kept introducing WAY too many characters that you can really only get by paying for, and way WAAY too many modes of 'currency' to keep track of.


I feel bad letting my clan down... I was vigilant in ensuring that members were active daily or else they'd be cut. I'm assuming I'm cut by now via my own rules.

Sorry clan.

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