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Light and Darkness
Darkness can't drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate can't drive out hate; only love can do that.
---------------Martin Luther King Jr.

#pakistan #punjab #street #streetphotography #nikonshooters #nikond810

#blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography #monochrome #monochromephotography   
#portrait #portraitphotography #portraiture

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Mr Grim The Cat a big black fat cat that is very friendly. He's always headbutting me when I Try to video him. Please Like,Share,And Subscribe for more. Don't Shop Adopt! Thanks for watching! Pixie and Mr Grim being friendly!
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Google is proposing a change to Chrome that would break ad blockers like uBlock Origin

Over the years, Google Chrome has changed in many ways, some good, some not so much. Google is proposing a new change to Chrome that arguably falls into the latter category as it will adversely affect the functionality of ad blocker extensions like uBlock…
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#TheCourt +Hillary Clinton +Hillary Clinton US #FBI #Mueller @RealRoberMuell #HadFirstHadKnowledge #With +Donald J. Trump for President #OnJuly18 #GRU #KGB2016 +KGB КГБ #AlreadyOps #Againt #National #Security #Of #The #UnitedStatesofAmerica #Premeditated #Executed #By #Federal #Goverments #Employment #CrookedBitch #DoubleAgents12 #Federal #Justices #Involved #Bribery #USSR #WithRottenAss +President Donald Trump #ThisEmail #Scam #Computers #Theft +Wiki Leaks #Premeditated #Setup #International #Interpol +POLICE INTERPOL #TheUK #National #Security #Violations #Indictment +The Hague - International Court of Justice #ItsTheDam #CrookedasFuck #American +UNITED STATE FEDERAL COURT #Spying #DarkSideoftheMoon #Lies #SleeperCell #USSR #DoubleAgent #GRU #Federal #CourtHouse #Backstabbing #PersonofInterest #TrumpGRU #Inflitrated +Supreme Court Cases (SCC) #Justices #Working #With #Foregin #Goverments +Cyber Attack #WorldWide #Because #WhiteBitch #Never #STFU #Refused #Freedom #Denied #To #peopleofColor #StillSoBusy #WhiteMexicanBabyKiller #lynching #Niggers #Pipebomb #Jewish #ShutDownstories #StillCleaning #TheBankDry #Hillary #Clinton #Already (Secured) Briefing (DOD) as *Note 44th Presidential Security Phone Brief to President Barrack Obama (marked) starting in the Months of February 2016 following, with legal court filing in support thereof Case Number:  4:2016mc01633 Filed: July 18, 2016 exactingly (9) days before the 
On July 27, 2016, Russian hackers tried for the first time to break into the servers of Mrs. Clinton’s personal offices. It was the same day that Mr. Trump publicly encouraged Russia to hack Mrs. Clinton’s emails and exactly (9) days early Hereby perceptively on or about July 18, 2016
("Defendants") Russian Federation (“GRU”) “GRU Operatives Using ("Defendants") United States Federal Court Presiding Judge: ("Defendants") Slave Negro Alfred H Bennett in the (Legal case) Hamilton v. Trump Plaintiff: Louis Charles Hamilton, II Defendant: Donald John Trump, Sr. Case Number: 4:2016mc01633 Filed: July 18, 2016 Court: Texas Southern District Court Office: Houston Office
("Defendants") Presiding Judge: Alfred H Bennett Nature of Suit: Other, Criminal actions, collusion, conspire destruction, omission, cover-up on behalf of ("Defendant") Donald John Trump Sr. Trump Foundation et al

“Release of Stated Taxes” of Trump “effect immediately” without delay further produce as this scuttling and collusion with “Russia fraud scheme of things being back in 1987 all records of “Fred Trump and Donald Trump (IRS) tax disclosure being officially
 “Published” in the “Washington Post”, 1301 K Street NW, Washington DC 20071 His entire, full, and not deleted, destroyed, obstructed, or missing, in complete order as from the start date of 1987 – 2016 within 24 hours of said Court Orders further produce, Stated Taxes” of Trump entire, full, and not deleted, destroyed, obstructed, or missing, in complete order as from the start date of 1987 – 2016
("Defendants") Russian Federation (“GRU”) “GRU Operatives Using ("Defendants") United States Federal Court Presiding Judge: ("Defendants") Slave Negro Alfred H Bennett Direct violations 18 U.S. Code Chapter 73 - OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE,  While further collectively Committed to this grand PERJURY AND OTHER FALSIFICATION, Interference with or Obstruction of the Secret Service— Investigation the undersigned council of record being "Pro Se" and Bully by the Federal Court System to hidden all contained herein "Premeditated Obstruction of the Federal Bureau Investigation on or about the Months of July 18, 2016 perpetrated a crime by the government courts system against the (Military Secret Services)

Before any Consideration, Diligence and final inspection  special counsel - Robert Swan Mueller III, et al, Mueller FBI  investigation team  current investigation underway 2017 – 2018 into the Russian government's efforts to interfere with the 2016 election “among other interest of USA National Security” having arises from the Actions of (Trump et al), with enjoying “National Security” Interest of (USA)
("Defendants") Russian Federation (“GRU”) “GRU Operatives Using ("Defendants") United States Federal Court Presiding Judge: ("Defendants") Slave Negro Alfred H Bennett to denied Military Protective Order Expedited ORDER  FREEZING All ASSETS of Donald John Trump Sr., et al
“Trump Foundations with "Premeditated obstructions in placed" against all legal matter before “primary special counsel - Robert Swan Mueller III, et al, Mueller FBI  investigation team , having Legal “National Security” Interest of ("Plaintiffs") Union Government of (USA) requesting “concluded full, final and complete with (Military Protective)

ORDER FREEZING All ASSETS of unregistered aganet of the (Russia Federations) "Defendants" Donald John Trump Sr., et al “Trump Foundations” against all actions described  in this complaint(s) Case Number: 4:2016mc01633 Filed: July 18, 2016 Court: Texas Southern District Court Office: 
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The Villages in Florida is where everyone should retire. LOL
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Bella Hadid is my favorite Hadid sisters because of the effort and thrill she puts to her work.
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India needs this! How mobile-based #campaign cut tainted candidates’ votes in UP polls 2017
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More than 5 decades after sealing their post-war reconciliation, #France and #Germany aim to inspire greater unity in a fractured #Europe by further deepening their relationship - though the French have no plans to share their precious UN seat. French President #EmmanuelMacron and German Chancellor #AngelaMerkel met on Tuesday (Jan 22) in the German border city of Aachen, known in France as Aix-la-Chapelle, to sign a new partnership between their two countries – exactly 56 years after the #ElyséeTreaty, signed by their predecessors Charles de Gaulle and Konrad Adenauer, sealed Franco-German friendship after World War II.

France’s most Europhile president in decades, Macron had been hoping for more enthusiasm from the German chancellor when he first called for a new Elysée Treaty 18 months ago. Since then Merkel has been forced into a more prudent stance on European integration, alarmed by the rise #Eurosceptic forces in Germany and weakened by the laborious coalition talks that paved the way for her last term as chancellor. The wider context is also looking bleaker, with Brexit, Donald Trump’s America, and mutinous Eurosceptic governments from Italy to Hungary all piling pressure on the European project.

#WorldEconomy #Economy #Geopolitics #Diplomacy #Politics #ForeignPolicy #InternationalRelations #ForeignRelations #EuropeanUnion #EconomicIntegration #EconomicPolicy #EuropeanEconomy #EconomicPartnership #Economy
One couple, two seats: France and Germany renew vows after golden jubilee
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U.S. President Donald Trump suggested that 10 percent tariffs could be placed on mobile phones, like the Apple iPhones
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Sims recounts one time when Ryan was in the Oval Office explaining the ins and outs of the Republican health care bill to the president. As Ryan droned on for 15 minutes, Trump sipped on a glass of Diet Coke, peered out at the Rose Garden, stared aimlessly at the walls and, finally, walked out.

Ryan kept talking as the president wandered down the hall to his private dining room, where he flicked on his giant flat-screen TV. Apparently, he had had enough of Ryan's talk. It fell to Vice President [Mike] Pence to retrieve Trump and convince him to return to the Oval Office so they could continue their strategy session.
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President Donald #Trump is preparing for two different #StateoftheUnion speeches - one a more traditional address delivered to #Congress in the House chamber or some other location in D.C., the other prepared for a political rally at a location outside of Washington, D.C. that has yet to be determined. As part of the ongoing political tit-for-tat between Trump and House Speaker #NancyPelosi, D-Calif., Republicans are encouraging Trump to force Pelosi to officially disinvite him, by suggesting the president announce he still intends to deliver the State of the Union from the House chamber.

In a letter to the president last week, Pelosi suggested to Trump that his address, scheduled for Jan. 29, be delayed because of the partial #governmentshutdown. Pelosi proposed the delay out of security concerns, noting that the U.S. Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security remain unfunded.

#WorldEconomy #AmericanPolitics #POTUS45 #Politics #AmericanPoliticians #RepublicanParty #TrumpAdministration #TrumpShutdown #UnitedStates #Republicans #America #AmericanEconomy #Economy #DemocraticParty
Trump preparing two State of the Union speeches for different audiences: Sources
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The Government Shutdown (Probably) Isn’t Ending Any Time Soon
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Honor View 20: World's first 7nm HiSilicon Kirin 980 SoC, 48 MP Camera Smartphone Launched #news #HonorView20 #Huawei #Mobile
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Jennifer Lawrence TV Shows, Movies, News and Photos

Check out complete biography of Hollywood Actress Jennifer Lawrence.
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Trump two years in: The dealmaker who can’t seem to make a deal

Donald #Trump was elected president partly by assuring the American people that 'I alone can fix it.' But precisely 2 years into his presidency, the government is not simply broken - it is in crisis, and Trump is grappling with the reality that he cannot fix it alone. Trump’s management of the partial #governmentshutdown - his first foray in divided government - has exposed as never before his shortcomings as a dealmaker.

The shutdown also has accentuated several fundamental traits of Trump’s presidency: his apparent shortage of empathy, in this case for furloughed workers; his difficulty accepting responsibility, this time for a crisis he had said he would be proud to instigate; his tendency for revenge when it comes to one-upping political foes; and his seeming misunderstanding of Democrats’ motivations. Trump has long seen his stewardship of the economy as his political calling card. Yet the instability in Washington is threatening to wreak havoc. Trump’s management of the impasse has also drawn criticism about his competence as an executive.

#WorldEconomy #AmericanPolitics #POTUS45 #Politics #AmericanPoliticians #RepublicanParty #TrumpAdministration #TrumpShutdown #UnitedStates #Republicans #America #AmericanEconomy #Economy #DemocraticParty
Trump two years in: The dealmaker who can’t seem to make a deal
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Tonight's offering is a song that I learned as a really small kid. With licks provided by the World Class #WreckingCrew this is #BobbyDay
with #NightMusic
I wish you #Godspeed and a very #goodnight

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Social media wins even before the votes are in
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This I approve as long as he is the first passenger
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