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How Did Russians Know to Unleash 18,000 Tweets that Day?

Did WikiLeaks and Russian troll farms coordinate? If so, who was in charge?

"But some clues have emerged that may point to coordination. It now appears that WikiLeaks intended to publish the Podesta emails closer to the election, and that some external event compelled the group to publish sooner than planned, the officials said.

“There is definitely a command and control structure behind the IRA’s use of social media, pushing narratives and leading people towards certain conclusions,” said one of the U.S. officials.

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WhatsApp Introduced New Feature 'Suspicious Link Indicator' In The Wake of Grave Events in India
#WhatsApp #New #Feature #SuspiciousLink #Indicator #India #HowTechHack #2K18

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The foods you eat play a role in keeping your brain healthy and can improve specific mental tasks, such as memory and concentration. This article lists 11 foods that boost your brain.

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Alongside Pakistan’s mainstream politicians a battery of flamboyant candidates are contesting nationwide elections. Here's a look at five of them.

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Chris Cuomo encapsulated the outrage of America against Trump in the video below;

"...we will not trade facts for feelings of legitimacy" (which is what Trump did in Helsinki, as he has done his whole life.)

Trump runs his entire life on "how he feels"..
He has even been so stupid to state in court that his wealth varies with his feelings... (see below-- this is not sane, but it is real court testimony!)
This is also the reason he will deny facts to preserve his personal myth of his own supremacy...
His insatiable narcissistic ego compels this.

See the link which follows the quotes!

Q Now, Mr. Trump, have you always been completely truthful in your public statements about your net worth of properties?

[Trump] I try.

Q Have you ever not been truthful?

[Trump] My net worth fluctuates, and it goes up and down with markets and with attitudes and with feelings, even my own feelings, but I try.

Q Let me just understand that a little bit. Let's talk about net worth for a second. You said that the net worth goes up and down based upon your own feelings?

[Trump] Yes, even my own feelings, as to where the world is, where the world is going, and that can change rapidly from day to day. Then you have a September 11th, and you don't feel so good about yourself and you don't feel so good about the world and you don't feel so good about New York City. Then you have a year later, and the city is as hot as a pistol. Even months after that it was a different feeling.

[Trump] So yeah, even my own feelings affect my value to myself.

Q When you publicly state what you're worth, what do you base that number on?

[Trump] I would say it's my general attitude at the time that the question may be asked. And as I say, it varies.

The video below is at:

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Every food on this list boasts multiple healing effects, from fighting cancer to reducing cholesterol, guarding against heart disease, and more. Eat these 12 super-healing picks and start feeling pretty super yourself.

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Composed from 13 years of Cassini probe mission data, NASA’s infrared-based map of Titan shows off one of the solar system’s most promising worlds.

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French minister urges US to 'see sense' over trade tariffs

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What are the legal routes for Central Americans to come to the U.S.? Why are many seeking #asylum (which it seems always useful to restate is a legal procedure we have established, for people under persecution) rather than using other routes? Well, for most people there's exactly one alternative route, similar qualifications, but it's 8x smaller and leaves you under threat for years.
People admitted per year from El Salvador + Guatemala + Honduras:
- 5611 people were granted asylum
- 725 people got refugee visas
- 39 got in through the green card lottery (not available in El Salvador)
So yeah, which would you try for?

For most people, the alternatives are asylum or a refugee visa because the criteria are generally similar -- you need to be threatened by persecution. The big difference is in the mechanics: you request asylum from U.S. soil, and you request a refugee visa from foreign soil. One or the other of these is the option for most people, who are fleeing their country but don't have additional qualifications.

Those refugee numbers may be in effect an overcount, since they count people from an Obama-era program for minors at risk, which actually required parents with legal U.S. status -- not available to most people. That program is terminated now anyway. So the refugee path may be even narrower than it looks from these numbers. That doesn't necessarily imply it's harder to get than asylum for a particular applicant; it could be the same but be undesirable for other reasons.

If you're wondering, the bulk of the admissions are for family unification. Per year from our three countries:
- 15294 people got Immediate Relative visas (spouse or minor child of citizen)
- 11971 people got Family Preference (brothers, married children, other cases)
For sure, if you're part of a nuclear family split between citizenships, that would be the best way, by far. Or if you're a married child, there's a process, but the wait is 12 years, or 23 for certain countries. But most people fleeing their country can't use any of this. A whole family can't.

You could in principle get a long-term work visa, but most people don't qualify. That's 72 in a year.

Beyond the numbers it's worth mentioning again that the refugee process takes a couple of years. By the time you get to the point of uprooting your family, because you're in immediate danger, are you going to choose to stay in that for years? What if the worse happens because you were sitting and waiting?

Tangential from this article, I started collecting numbers (sources below) --

I couldn't find numbers all for the same year period, so I had to mix and match and spackle a bit. It would also be good to look at the time series since the numbers change a lot over time.
Table 1, refugee admissions: 1340 LatAm + Caribbean
2016: 20455 asylum grants from anywhere = 11729 affirmative + 8726 defensive
Table 4, affirmative asylum grants: El Salvador 1404, Guatemala 1317, Honduras 885 (total 3606)
Table 5, defensive: El Salvador 753, Guatemala 632, Honduras 620 (total 2005)
Both kinds: 5611
(Figure 9, credible fear interview's 'pass' rate: ES 81%, G 60%, H 81%.)
The following statistics are defensive asylum + affirmative asylum initially denied by USCIS. 2016 had 15999 affirmative asylum approved by USCIS -- they do not track nationality! [but this doesn't seem to match other data?]

Long-term work visas: 74
Green card lottery: 39 (no El Salvador)

Refugee: 1668 (entirety of LatAm + Caribbean)
Refugee, 2017-10 - 2018-06: 461 El Salvador, 34 Guatemala, 49 Honduras (total 544)
(this is 9 full months, on pace for 725 in a full year)
Immediate Relative immigrant visas are for nuclear family (minor children) of a U.S. citizen. Uncapped yearly.
Family Preference are for other relationships (non-minor children, siblings) and for family of green card holders.
Family Preference immigrant visas, 2017:
7554 El Salvador
2548 Guatemala
1869 Honduras
(total 11971)
(2017 all countries total 225719)
Immediate Relative visas, 2017:
7998 ES
4045 G
3251 H
(total 15294)
(2017 all countries total 254430)

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Sterni and Sunset @ Oberbaumbrücke

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How much snow ?

I stumbled around this spot knowing that I had been in the same place last time, however it was not until I looked at previous images did I realise why I could not quite place myself, the difference is about a metre or more of snow. I guess over the winter the snow builds up and adds layer upon layer, if you look at this image and then compare it to this one
you can see the tree in the linked image looks like a little shrub, however its actually the top half a tree :)

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Sunset in a bulb

with +Ingo Krehl at +Drink and Click ™ Berlin, Germany +Drink and Click™

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My macros in colors

#macrophotography #hqspmacro #hqspflowers #fotomaniaitalia #ilovephotography

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Sunscreen alone won’t be enough to preserve your youthfulness and beauty. Therefore, we’ve picked out 7 immensely healthy nutrient-packed foods that will give you a fresh and radiant glow all year-round.

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FBI Director Christopher Wray had said China, from a counterintelligence perspective, represents the broadest and most significant threat America faces

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eBay Is Having a Crazy Sale Right Now and You Don't Need a Membership to Shop

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WATCH: Racist Trump-loving construction boss goes on bizarre N-word freakout at Latino employee -via Flynx

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Samsung Galaxy S10 to set new standards for in-display fingerprint sensor technology.....

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#US launches campaign to erode support for #Iran’s leaders
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