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Beyoncé and Jay-Z don’t have time for their new $26M mansion

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*Host #RobertManni of Guy's Guy Radio created an awesome conversation with our interview on modern #dating, #relationships, Alpha females, and the #spiritual components of #love. Check out this great interview on #GuysGuyRadio.
#datingadvice #adviceformen #relationshipexpert

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BUSINESS: User Deletion API · An overview of the Google Analytics User Deletion API · by Google #launch

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Con questa c'è da preoccuparsi non poco... così si sta proprio travalicando ogni limite sensato e condivisibile...

Alex Jones breaks down how artificial intelligence computers are being installed into US and UK hospitals to help determine patients' illnesses and decide whether or not the hospital will treat them.

AI Computers Now Deciding Who Lives And Dies In US And UK Hospitals

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Does Gold Opinions really treat your opinions as GOLD and pay you $30 for completing a 45 minute survey?

If it's so easy everybody would be doing it, right? Are they a scam? Check out my full review post below where I EXPOSE them for what they are:

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Not all heart problems come with clear warning signs. Some heart symptoms don’t even happen in your chest, and it’s not always easy to tell what’s going on. Consider these symptoms a good reminder to see your doctor about heart health and your risk for heart disease.

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Google figured that since a lot of people are already using YouTube to listen to their favorite songs and not just watch music videos, why not just launch a music streaming app based on the video sharing service? Well yes, you had Google Play Music, but…

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#ShouldHaveBeenDGU: Goldy's like frickin' 90lbs, and these motherfuckers KICKED HER from behind??

WHEN will proper, appropriate response be meted out, vs these MARXIST Maoist Stalinist RED GUARD/Hitler Jugend hybrid fascist motherfuckers??

That said, as an admitted statist copsucker, the fact that she cozied up near the riot cops positions who saw everything, and did nothing, will finally wake her up to the reality, that #BlueLivesDONTgive2FUCKSaboutYOU, child. xD

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Trump is still lying to himself and anyone who will listen, with his paranoid tweets, with the latest being about spies planted in his campaign staff.

Trump continues to prove he's unfit for any governmental position. He's far too paranoid and emotionally needy of adulation from his fans, to be able to focus on doing such a job.

His persistent attempts to deny there was interference in the 2016 election and his baseless accusations of a witch hunt undermine the integrity of the people tasked with investigating the scope and breadth of that crime.

The last President to exhibit such paranoia (Nixon) resigned before impeachment proceedings could be commenced. Trump's belligerence and malignant narcissism will probably continue to compel him to belittle and demean the only people capable of exonerating him.

From the article linked below:

President Donald Trump’s latest round of attacks on the FBI has left morale at the Justice Department at a new low, with officials bemoaning what they view as a full-frontal assault on their institution.

“It’s a deliberate campaign to delegitimize institutions where the people who are inside those institutions are professionals and giving up lots of money for the jobs that they’re doing and it’s extremely demoralizing,” said one current federal prosecutor.

“As my father used to say, history goes forward and backward. And things go backward when the trust in bedrock institutions—which are trustworthy, by the way—is diminished for the benefit of a few. It accelerates, and you wake up one day and we’re in Venezuela.”

Trump has been pushing a conspiracy theory that the FBI sicced a spy on his campaign during the election season. In reality, a longtime FBI informant—per numerous reports—spoke with several Trump campaign officials, including Carter Page and George Papadopoulos, and shared the information with FBI investigators. The Daily Caller reported the name of the person believed to be that informant. [Link provided in article]

Using informants is typical for federal law enforcement, including in large and complex cases like the one involving Team Trump. But the president took to Twitter to assert that something more nefarious may have happened.

[Trump tweeted] _“I hereby demand, and will do so officially tomorrow, that the Department of Justice look into whether or not the FBI/DOJ infiltrated or surveilled the Trump Campaign for Political Purposes - and if any such demands or requests were made by people within the Obama Administration!” he tweeted on Sunday. _


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TESS's first image looks pretty awesome.

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"SpaceX Launches Twin NASA Probes to Track Earth’s Water (and Satellites Hitch a Ride)"

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Here are 20 Great Shots From The Hubble Telescope. These are public files that can be found in numerous places. There is a ton of them but here are 20 I really personally thought were cool. This video is 01:50 long.

Some of the shots are different views of the moon,mars,and some even of earth. I like to look at what the Hubble is up to and what amazing new pictures are there in the NASA public royalty free images.

Hubble Images come in by the hundreds of new great looks of unexplored and explored locations in space. If you like space pictures from the Hubble Telescope then please Subscribe if you liked the video.

If you enjoyed this video,Please Like,Share,And Comment. Please Subscribe for future videos of nature,space,and music.

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Habit as a self-reinforcing feedback loop, a pattern of thinking or acting that deepens over time, increasing energy required for change.

"Deep psychological attractors stabilise for a reason – the interactions that forge them involve strong emotions that call for cognitive compensations that end up making things worse."

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Although there is no diet cure for arthritis, certain foods have been shown to fight inflammation, strengthen bones and boost the immune system. Adding these foods to your balanced diet may help ease the symptoms of your arthritis. Find out how.

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Over 53,000 people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2017, and over 43,000 die from it. Symptoms often aren’t noticeable until the disease is in the advanced stages, but if you notice any of the following pancreatic cancer signs, talk to your doctor.

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Taking care of your skin results in more than just good health, it also does a good job of making you look young and healthy. These delicious eight foods below will make your skin glow from the inside out.

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It took a few years, but the source code and ownership is now with the +Computer History Museum. "[M]any email clients were written for personal computers, but few became as successful as Eudora. Available both for the IBM PC and the Apple Macintosh, in its heyday Eudora had tens of millions of happy users. Eudora was elegant, fast, feature-rich, and could cope with mail repositories containing hundreds of thousands of messages.
Even though it has mostly faded away, Eudora had a lasting impact. As Dorner says, “It had a great effect on how people do email even today. There are concepts that we introduced, which we were the first to do, that are now a standard part of any email client out there.”

The discussion with Qualcomm for the release of the Eudora source code by the company’s museum took five years. In the end, they decided not to simply grant a license, but to transfer ownership of the code, the Eudora trademarks, the copyrights, and the Eudora domain names to the Computer History Museum (CHM). The transfer agreement allows us to publish the code under the very liberal BSD open source license, which means that anyone can use it for either personal or commercial purposes.

The source code we are distributing is what we received from Qualcomm, with only the following changes:

- addition of the CHM copyright notice and the BSD license
- sanitization of “bad words”, mostly in comments, as requested by Qualcomm
- removal of third-party software that neither the museum nor Qualcomm has the right to distribute"

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Lava Fountains in Hawaii: USGS video of Fissure 20 and Fissure 22

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Amazon's facial recognition surveillance system is already out there {2}
Lamestream Media pretends it isn't {1}
Amazon urged not to sell facial recognition tool to police
2 Via Ex CIA & Whistleblower Kevin Shipp at Twitter >
Amazon's facial recognition surveillance system is already out there, in the hands of police. Amazon + Huge CIA contract + Police = Your new Big Brother

goes to an ABC news posting of an Associated Press article. Click through #downtherabbithole

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Want to lessen joint pain? These beverages, made from a variety of delicious, healthy ingredients, may help reduce inflammation associated with arthritis pain.

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05/22/2018 We Proud Stand For Life. President Donald J.Trump Gives Impressive Beautiful Speech at the Susan B. Anthony List 11th Annual Campaign For Life Gala. You Tube #FoxNews.
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