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Do You Work With Autistic Children?

#autism #psychology #health #socialworker #Y4U #YES4UTOPIA

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Arrested for what? Violating the unenforceable NDA Trump forced White House staff to sign? The same NDA White House lawyers would tell the signers was worthless and was just to placate Trump's paranoia?

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#F1 What was discussed and predicted in the pre-season and how it stands now.

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It is illegal in the USA for any political candidate to accept any contribution of value from any foreign government representative or agency. This applies to any attempt to obtain such "contributions of value" by campaign staff or others (like family) acting on behalf of the candidate too.
The President tweets the meeting was not illegal. Another lie.

Trump continues to interfere in the investigation into Russian interference in the election, because his narcissistic ego cannot admit he didn't win unassisted. This insatiable need of his to self-promote, and thereby feed his own ego regardless of the falsehoods necessary, also compelled him to make false statements about three million illegals having voted against him and the absurd claim despite photographic evidence that he had a larger crowd at his inauguration than Obama..

His self image is that of an infallible character who deserves all the accolades of everyone else, calling all exposures of his failures "fake news" in denial of his own lying and inadequacies as a person.
This is Malignant Narcissism defined...

He will persist regardless of the facts arrayed against his ranting and fantasies of having plans that he never produces.
He imagines all his failures are due to someone else's inadequacies, whether it's the journalists who uncover and report his incessant lies as inversions of his former statements or simply contrary to facts, or the underlings who cannot deliver the things he demands because they'd be in breach of the laws of the nation if they did.

He disowns and attacks people he formerly publicly and on video called "excellent" like Papadopoulos.
He calls Omarosa a "dog" now, yet accepts no part in giving her the opportunity to disappoint him, even though he'd fired her three times previously and admits he hired her only because of her effusive praise for him. That is the worst possible reason for a hiring a presidential staffer...ever!

The article below adds to these observations with instances where Trump betrays his own irrepressible need to attack, fire, demean disparage and insult people who rightly take their oath of office to defend the nation and its constitution more seriously than his demands for personal loyalty to him.

He fired James Comey for this. He has repeatedly threatened to fire Bob Mueller and is only held back from that by the people who threaten to quit, and leave him without his protective shield against the "intrusive unfair media" if he does.

In his latest outburts, his insatiable need for payback caused him to undermine yet again a carefully crafted official statement, and to admit he had revoked John Brennan's security clearance out of sheer spite, because he blamed Brennan for the investigation (a lie he tells himself too).

It's long past time for the congress to tell him his behavior isn't appropriate. (If his father Fred had done this the US today might have a president instead of a pretender).

Since the Republican majority refuse to prioritize their oath of office over his demands for personal loyalty to him, they too must be made to answer for this at the elections.

From the article:

Trump has told us, over and over, that he views law enforcement as merely an instrument of his political will, and the totality of his behavior underscores that he simply doesn’t believe rules and laws should apply to him.

The most charitable interpretation of Trump’s posture is that he doesn’t believe he did anything wrong and that the probe really is illegitimate, justifying his efforts to scuttle it. But even this would not be exonerating. Trump has openly declared that Donald Trump Jr.’s Trump Tower meeting was just fine. But if Trump actually believes this, it is damning, because there is something wrong with it: Don Jr. was eager to conspire with a hostile foreign power to corrupt our election to help his father. And even if Trump sincerely believes his campaign did nothing wrong, he is still trying to scuttle a full accounting of that adversary’s effort to sabotage our democracy — irrespective of his own campaign’s role in that effort — which makes more sabotage later more likely.

Link: (Read the article for more.)

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Google Goggles is officially dead

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Don't Miss Out Tonight! Venus at Greatest Brilliancy Plus Moon & Jupiter in the West After Sunset

Venus hits a major milestone in Earth’s sky, as this brilliant beauty of a planet swings to its greatest eastern elongation from the sun.

Venus at greatest brilliancy around August 15, 16-17, 2018. Even though this world is only about one-quarter illuminated in sunshine right now, as seen from Earth, Venus is nonetheless shining at its brightest best in the evening sky!

Plus, King planet Jupitet is nearby. Both can be found in the west after sunset.

Clear skies!

Clips, images credit: NASA/JPL

Music credit: YouTube Audio Library

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DXVK 0.70 Released With Initial Direct3D 10 Over Vulkan Support

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DXVK 0.70 is out with support for Direct3D 10 over #Vulkan in #Wine

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#Google employees demand more oversight of #China search engine plan

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Beijing (XNA) Aug 17, 2018
China's moon lander and rover for the Chang'e-4 lunar probe, which is expected to land on the far side of the moon this year, was unveiled Wednesday.

Images displayed at Wednesday's press conference showed the rover was a rectangular box with two foldable solar panels and six wheels. It is 1.5 meters long, 1 meter wide and 1.1 meters high.

Wu Weiren, the chief designer of China's lunar probe program, said the Chang'e-4 rover largely kept the shape and conditions of its predecessor, Yutu (Jade Rabbit), China's first lunar rover for the Chang'e-3 lunar probe in 2013.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 top covers and cases #GalaxyNote9 #Samsung #SamsungNote9

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KDE applications 18.08 comes with tons of new stuff. Kmail, KDE's email utility, has enhanced its travel data extraction engine and supports more ways it can give you useful information about your trips. Dolphin, the multi-purpose file browser, now adapts better to your preferences when searching for and viewing files. Gwenview, KDE's image viewer and organizer, has improved most of its options, making it even more powerful.

For much more, check out the notes below:

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Avenatti Creates Website to Help Launch His Run For the Presidency: Stormy Daniels lawyer, Michael Avenatti, has taken another step which shows his seriousness about running for president in two years. On Thursday he announced that he has a new 2020-themed website called The site is currently empty but has the headline “All the President’s Con Men.” It also shows a black-and-white photo of Trump’s … Continue reading "Avenatti Creates Website to Help Launch His Run For the Presidency"

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Hubble Paints Picture of the Evolving Universe

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s Tips & Tricks, How To guide, & Hidden features #GalaxyNote9 #SamsungNote9 #Samsung #SamsungNews #Tips

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The Samsung Galaxy A8 has a 16MP+8MP front camera pairing, but that didn't stop Samsung Brazil from using stock photos. #News #Samsung #SamsungGalaxyA8

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Coming next spring, learn "How to Paint Characters the Marvel Studios Way" from the Marvel Studios Visual Development team! Learn more on

#Movie #TV

(Credit: Marvel)

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Trump Revoking Security Clearances Shows He Feels Powerless Against Mueller

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Facebook Lite Beta
No new changelogs

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Six Things About Opportunity's Recovery Efforts

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During any other presidency, it would be highly unusual for the Russian media to be preoccupied with the American midterm elections, but in the time of Donald #Trump, Russian politicians and pundits have taken a keen interest in the races for the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives

As the realization dawns on them that the Putin-friendly president cannot or will not lift past and future sanctions on the faltering Russian economy, as many had expected, they appear to be focusing their hopes—and fears—on the Hill

Reports in the state-controlled media betray the Kremlin’s apparent concern that President Trump will be impeached if the #Democrats win control of the House
#TyrantPutin #Russia #Kremlin #Putin #US

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Really small #Arm +Linux board with RGB LCD display interface, +AllwinnerTechnology ARM9 processor, and sold for around $2 in China.
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