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Authoritarian Wannabe Trump Launches War On Social Media Sites For Not Favoring Right-Wing Nuts: Once again, this president and his shrinking throng of followers are confusing "discrimination" for the truth and "fake news" for factual reporting.

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#NASCAR Kyle Larson edges Chase Elliott for Bristol pole via @motorsport

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The ol' days had focal length, aperture, and shutter speed; nowadays you just "push the button"; watch an almost Cosmic stretch reveal its Aperture:

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The Moon as seen by Humans in Space
This video was taken by crews on board the International Space Station (ISS). This video is comprised of several time-lapse frames taken by astronauts over the past 10 years. Astronauts aboard the ISS view the same Moon phases as we do on Earth, only they experience Moon rises and Moon sets 16 times a day as the ISS orbits Earth.

Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit
NASA's Johnson Space Center (JSC)
Duration: 1 minute, 34 seconds
Release Date: August 8, 2018

+Buzz Aldrin
+NASA Lunar
+Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute
+NASA Earth Observatory
+NASA Johnson Space Center
+European Space Agency, ESA
+DLR, German Aerospace Center
+Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR)
+Canadian Space Agency
+JAXA | 宇宙航空研究開発機構

#NASA #Space #ISS #Science #Earth #Planet #Moon #Astronauts #Human #Spaceflight #Spacecraft #Photography #JSC #Houston #Texas #UnitedStates #International #OrbitalPerspective #OverviewEffect #Timelapse #STEM #Education #HD #Video

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Alzheimer's drug may stop disease if used before symptoms develop

About 50 percent of people who reach the age of 85 will develop Alzheimer's disease. Most will die within about five years of exhibiting the hallmark symptoms of the disease – severe memory loss and a precipitous decline in cognitive function. But the molecular processes that lead to the disease will have begun years earlier. Currently, there are no known ways to prevent the disease or to stop its progression once it has begun. But research at the University of Virginia offers new understanding of how the disease develops at the molecular level, long before extensive neuronal damage occurs and symptoms show up. Additionally, the researchers have found that an FDA-approved drug, memantine, currently used only for alleviating the symptoms of moderate-to-severe Alzheimer's disease, might be used to prevent or slow the progression of the disease if used before symptoms appear. The research also offers, based on extensive experimentation, a hypothesis as to why this might work.

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Spectacular Celestial Show: Moon, Saturn & Antares Set for a Stunning Sight

Evening Sky Show: Let the Moon guide you to the gorgeous ringed planet and the red supergiant star Antares in the evenings of August 18 up to 20, 2018.

This celestial event can be seen worldwide. Look at your southern sky at dusk/nightfall.
Read more here:

Saturn is the most distant world you can easily see with your unaided eye. Catch the ringed beauty and several of its moons through a telescope.

Classified as a red supergiant, Antares is on average the fifteenth-brightest star in the night sky, and the brightest star in the constellation of Scorpius. If Antares replaced the Sun in our solar system, its surface would extend beyond the orbit of Mars

Antares, will almost certainly explode as a supernova, probably within the next 0 to ten thousand years. For a few months, the Antares supernova could be as bright as the full moon and be visible in daytime

Clips, images credit: ESO, ESA, NASA/JPL, Wikimedia commons, Sephirohq, Hubble Space Telescope

Music credit: YouTube Audio Library
Lusciousness - Asher Fulero

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AP: Omarosa ‘Treasure Trove’ of Evidence Includes Videotapes of Trump: According to the Associated Press, Omarosa Manigault Newman made video tapes as well as audio tapes while she was employed in the White House as an aide to President Donald Trump. The AP said they have a source “with direct knowledge of the records” who verified that Omarosa “has a stash of video, emails, text … Continue reading "AP: Omarosa ‘Treasure Trove’ of Evidence Includes Videotapes of Trump"

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The Celtics guard is a proud son of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.

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Verizon already has an update ready for Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Tab S4 #GalaxyNote9 #GalaxyTabS4 #Verizon #SamsungNews

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Ki nightfall

Spiti, Himachal, India

I had a wonderful time at this spot, watching the remaining light of the sun fade and being replaced by the rising moon behind me.

There is not much vegetation in this dry valley, so wherever it is it gives such beautiful colors of autumn to the otherwise dry and barren landscape, and I was here at the peak of colors which can be seen throughout this vista.

As I sat here some locals were walking uphill back to their homes, but apart from that it was no sound. With the sun down the air got cold fast – it is after all almost 4000 meters above the sea here.

This monastery, or gompa, has, like most monasteries, a name with many spelling variations to the spoken name of which Kee and Key are the most common.

#landscapes #himalaya #autumn #spiti #himachal #india

Image Copyright © 2017 +Morten Ross
Image Capture Date: 05 October 2017 18:17
Altitude: 3997 meters

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Taken -- Fort Collins, Colorado
"A photograph is neither taken nor seized by force.
It offers itself up. It is the photo that takes you.
One must not take photos."
-- Henri Cartier-Bresson

An insect's-eye view of a large Big Sky Harvest Moon Coneflower ( Monrovia ) at the CSU Annual Trial Garden in Fort Collins...

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AI gives Thanos a soul in 'Avengers: Infinity War'

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Why so few galaxies in this distant region of space? - Computer simulation of the distribution of matter in the universe. Orange regions contain galaxies, while blue structures are gas and dark matter. Astronomers have found that a large region of space contains far fewer galaxies than previously thought. Image via TNG Collaboration. Just as a typical galaxy contains billions of stars, there are also billions of galaxies in the universe overall. Those galaxies are not evenly distributed, ho...

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#NASCAR Kyle Larson snags #Xfinity Series win at Bristol via @motorsport

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5 Free Linux Courses for Programmers and IT Professionals to Learn Online

Read more:

#Linux #UNIX #Programming

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It's a fact, the Deep State is doing everything to destroy everything, that President Trump wants to do in effort for America and its people. And it's a further fact, that the Deep State is green of envy, because like Trump's father once said, he turns everything into Gold. But TTN is full behind President Trump and they say:

The deep state is full of Democrats dedicated to stopping Trump and his agenda, we can’t let them win and we can’t let them stop Trumps pro-America agenda.

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Samsung wishes to become the first in the world to release a Foldable Smartphone
#Samsung #FoldablePhone #SamsungNews

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Imagine you are a juror, and as you deliberate, you have the threat of @CNN or @MSNBC outing you. Jury tampering posing as freedom of the press?

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Moon, Antares, Saturn August 18 to 20 - On August 18 to 20, 2018, use the moon to find the star Antares and the planet Saturn, the 6th planet outward from the sun. Antares is reddish while Saturn is golden. You might be able to tell that Antares twinkles while Saturn shines with a steadier light. Keep in mind that the moon on our sky chart appears larger than it does in the real sky. Antares, the brightest star in the constellation Scorpius the Scorpion, represents the Scorpion’s beating he...

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How To Edit Subtitles In Movies On Linux With Aegisub

Many video players support loading subtitle files alongside video files, even on Linux. However, it’s much better to add subtitles directly to the video file. Going this route ensures that no matter what program plays your video file, the subtitles will always be present. When it comes to importing subtitles into video files on Linux, there’s no better choice than Aegisub. It can work with a multitude of different video file codecs and subtitle formats. Better yet, it comes with a graphical editor that allows users to edit subtitles in movies in real time.

I noticed recently the online YouTube editor has done away with the annotations/titling overlay so this may be one of solving that problem by embedding the titles directly onto the video.

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