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Kyle Busch did not walk off and skip the media center as well, which the fans suspected

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Messenger Lite: Free Calls & Messages Beta

What's New

Video calls are here! Now you can chat face-to-face with your family and friends for free with Wi-Fi (otherwise standard data charges apply)

Messenger Lite: Free Calls & Messages beta testing

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Trade wars of the kind that could ensue if US President Donald #Trump follows through with his threat to levy #tariffs on steel and aluminium imports would be bad enough in themselves. But the series of shocks these might entail for the #globaleconomy could be much worse. Trade wars could easily lead to #currencywars, in which exporting nations seek to devalue their currencies as a way of 'getting under' rather than around tariff walls.

The dogs of war are baying louder every day it seems as Trump, probably supported by his proposed new secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, threatens #protectionist actions against #China and other key trade partners. The hounds could thus become the four horsemen of the apocalypse - not the Biblical scourges of death, famine, war and pestilence, but trade wars, leading to currency wars, financial turbulence and crashing confidence.

#WorldEconomy #Protectionism #Globalisation #GlobalTrade #TradeWars #EconomicRisk #Economy #TradePolicy #InternationalTrade #TradeTariffs #Geopolitics #InternationalRelations
How Trump’s trade tariffs may release the four horsemen of economic apocalypse

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NASCAR inspection issues explained from the the crew chief's perspective

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Out of touch much, GOP?


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#Panda penalties revoked quickly than #Penguin penalties, and vice-versa. Following are the most common reasons that cause #GooglePenalty :

#Google #PandaPenalty #PenguinPenalty #SearchEngineOptimization

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The Slow Mo Guys Discuss Capturing Amazing Moments with the *#GalaxyS9*’s Super Slow-Mo Camera

Samsung Electronics recently teamed up with Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy, aka The Slow Mo Guys, for a fun series offering tips on creating slow motion videos with the Galaxy S9’s new Super Slow-mo camera. The complete ‘Samsung Sessions’ series is now available on Samsung’s YouTube channel.

At Galaxy Unpacked 2018, Samsung Newsroom caught up with Gavin and Dan to hear their thoughts on the device’s 960 fps slow-motion capture capability, and to discuss ways the Super Slow-mo feature can make everyday moments epic.

Q. How did you first get into making slow-mo videos?

Gavin: I used to be a high-speed camera operator for the British film industry, so I was able to play around with these cameras in our off time. I got Dan involved, and we started a YouTube channel with these incredible cameras that not many people had access to at the time.

Dan: Cameras like these, at the time, were very uncommon. There were only a couple in the country. It was a cool opportunity that led us to what we do.

Q. What makes a great slow-mo video?

Dan: Sometimes our videos are very scientific, and we’ll discover something that might not have been seen before. Sometimes they’re just fun stunts. For instance, banging paint on a drum. It’s not scientific, it just looks cool for that split second – one that you don’t get to see in real life, but that you can see in slow motion.

Gavin: Yeah, we’re lucky enough to be able to do such a wide variety of subjects. There’s no strict rule to our channel besides shooting stuff in slow motion, so we can choose what we want.

Q. What do you think has made your creations resonate so well with viewers?

Gavin: We’re showing the audience something that they’ve seen hundreds of times, something that they can relate to, but at a much, much slower pace. There’s a lot of beauty in the world, even in normal, everyday subjects when they’re slowed down.

Q. What are some good examples of moments in daily life that would look great captured in slow motion with the Galaxy S9?

Gavin: If you look at a shower, you see droplets of water turn into a stream and into beads of water. Even putting milk into your coffee or watching TV – there are so many aspects of everyday life that you ignore that look completely different when slowed down.

Dan: I like that the Super Slow-mo technology is built into the phone, because you could be on a jog in the park or walking your dog and think “I wonder what that looks like in slow motion,” and just whip out your phone and see for yourself. Usually, we have a huge camera we have to set up, whereas with the phone, you can just go about your day and capture slow-mo footage without needing to set anything up.

Q. What were your initial impressions of the camera?

Gavin: I particularly like what the Galaxy S9 does with auto triggering, because with high-speed cameras, even ours, we can’t record for very long because it’s taking so many pictures every second that the recording time is very short. It has auto triggering so that you can put a box on the screen and, if something goes through the box, it automatically knows that that’s your slow-motion moment.

That’s very useful, considering that human reaction time isn’t actually very good and that 0.2 seconds goes by very fast, so that’s a great feature. We actually did one shot where we put the phone down on a table and it triggered itself when I threw water over Dan.

Dan: Yeah, there was no one touching it, and that’s a first for us. We just set it up, left it and it triggered automatically, which is really cool. It’s difficult to get [that kind of shot] manually when you don’t know what’s going to happen. It removes the human error part.

Q. What inspired the Super Slow-mo videos that you created with the Galaxy S9?

Dan: The idea was to show how easy it is to [film Super Slow-mo videos] in everyday situations, so we thought, what’s around the house?

Q. Are there any tips that you could offer users to help them get the most out of the Super Slow-mo feature?

Gavin: Be very experimental, and make sure that you have a lot of light, since you are taking so many pictures every second. There’s not actually a lot of light hitting the sensor for very long, so a bright environment is very good. And get someone to help you as well.

Dan: Like Gavin said, it’s all about light. The more light you have, the easier it is.

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'I am being used as scapegoat - academic who mined Facebook data'

Ah, the often murky world of collaborations between business and academia.

Aleksandr Kogan, a Moldovan-born researcher from Cambridge University, harvested the personal details of 50 million Facebook users via a personality app he developed.

Kogan told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that he was being unfairly blamed for the scandal. He said: “My view is that I’m being basically used as a scapegoat by both Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. Honestly we thought we were acting perfectly appropriately. We thought we were doing something that was really normal.”

Sure, scraping 50 million Facebook profiles is the new normal.

Kogan said he was told that the scheme was legal but accepts he should have questioned the ethics of the exercise.

Told by whom? The ethics board of Cambridge University, by which every research involving personal data has to be approved, I presume?

Kogan set up Global Science Research (GSR) to carry out Cambridge Analytica’s data research.

Nice. You still have to follow EU data protection directives, pal.

While at Cambridge he accepted a position at St Petersburg State University, and also took Russian government grants for research.

I have so many questions.

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You wait for one explosion and two come along at once...

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Spring signature
These lovely cherry trees are one of the most beautiful Spring signatures. They get all these beautiful white flowers on the beginning of the season, and last just a few weeks. #cherry #spring #trees #season #panorama

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Ice Camouflage

Yesterday and today we are having a spring snow (not completely unusual for northern VA) so I drove over to an area that has a bunch of crocuses blooming. It's the only field of crocuses I know of in the area and I love seeing them every year. The conditions weren't the best... as it had mostly been sleeting with only a little snow but it was still fun to be out with my camera. Have a great day and if you are dealing with other aspects of this storm stay safe, dry and warm:)

#hqspflowers for +HQSP Flowers
+Breakfast Art Club curated by +Simply Arlie #BreakfastArtClub
#BTPFlowerPro+BTP Flower Pro . founded by +WorldBestTopPhotographerAssociation , owned by +Nancy Dempsey ,curated by +Иванка Гущерова and +Walli Werner

#Purcellville #Virginia #crocus #snow #ice #flower #macro #f

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on March 12, 2018

Estimates by astronomers indicate that there could be more than 100 BILLION Earth-like worlds in the Milky Way that could be home to life. Think that’s a big number? According to astronomers, there are roughly 500 billion galaxies in the known universe, which means there are around 50,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (5×1022) habitable planets. That’s of course if there’s just ONE universe.

In fact, just inside our own Milky Way Galaxy experts now believe are some 400 BILLION STARS, but this number may seem small as some astrophysicists believe that stars in our galaxy could figure the TRILLION. This means that the Milky Way alone could be home to more than 100 BILLION planets.

However, since astronomers aren’t able to see our galaxy from the outside, they can’t really know for sure the number of planets the Milky Way is home to. They can only provide estimates.

To do this, experts calculate our galaxy’s mass and calculate how much of that mass is composed of stars. Based on these calculations scientists believe our galaxy is home to at least 400 billion stars, but as I mentioned above, this number could drastically rise.

There are some calculations which suggest that the Milky Way is home on an average between 800 billion and 3.2 trillion planets, but there are some experts who believe the number could be as high as eight trillion.

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Biden: I would’ve beaten up Trump for disrespecting women

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Forgetting Details But Getting the Gist May Prompt False Memories in Older Adults

Older adults often complain about forgetting, but Penn State psychologists suggest that another problem may be misremembering.

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Trump congratulated Putin on his victory. Other world leaders stopped short of that.

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Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols isn't impressed with Apple's iOS 11.

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The C's keep asking more of Jayson Tatum -- and the rookie keeps delivering.

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Browns WR Corey Coleman identified in beating victim’s testimony: Corey Coleman's brother, Jonathan, is being tried on felonious assault charges. The victim claims the Browns WR led the group that beat him.

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