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Binge-watching the Ninth Doctor

Had a chance of late to plow through the too-short Series 1 of the New Who, with Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor. Damn, that's some fine entertainment, and I'm sorry he didn't feel he could stick around for longer.

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This time last year, @[Colin Kaepernick] ignited a national debate when he refused to stand for the national anthem. Today, he's without an NFL job.
Why do you think the quarterback still doesn't have a home in the NFL?

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HMS Monmouth was part of a multi-national naval task force which has seized nearly two tonnes of narcotics.

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Your Diabetes Symptoms Will Disappear In Just 5 Days! All You Need Is Two Ingredients And This Simple Recipe

As time passes, the high blood sugar levels can lead to numerous diseases, like for example heart disease, kidney disease, and blindness. This excess of sugar in the bloodstream can also harden or narrow your arteries and damage the tiny blood vessels in your kidneys and eyes.

#diabetes #health #recipe #explore #medicine #homeremedies #treatment #healthcare #remedy #symptoms #naturalremedies #healthbenefits #cure #disease

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An Insightful Look Into How Symbolism Is Used to Represent the Various Houses of Game of Thrones

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Los Angeles Times editorial board

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YouTube TV Will Bring Its Service To 17 More US Markets; 46 US Markets Total

YouTube TV launched 4 months ago, but the initial launch only included five major cities. It has expanded quite a bit since then -- it is moving to smaller cities and towns around the US now. I guess they are testing the demand with a slow roll-out to ensure they don't waste too many resources on a service that flops. If it does well in these 46 US markets; Google will hopefully make it available to everyone in the US who has an internet connection. The question after that, is if and when they will bring YouTube TV to the rest of the world.

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Google’s Inbox app is a fantastic way to keep track of your emails, but it does lack quite a few core features from Google’s standard Gmail application. Now, Google is quietly adding a new view to Inbox for Android which lets users see all of their email…

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How Earth was formed | #Geology #GeologyPage

The results of experiments to show how zinc (Zn) relates to sulphur (S) under the conditions present at the time of the formation of the Earth more than 4 billion years ago, indicate that there is a substantial quantity of Zn in the Earth’s core, whereas previously there had been thought to be none.

Read more :

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Great price!

Horizon Zero Dawn for #PS4 is down to £27.85 @ ShopTo

#HZD #Horizon #PlayStation

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New polls show Trump’s popularity collapsing in key states - New Polls Show Trump’s Popularity Down In Key States Donald Trump’s popularity has dropped in three key states that helped him with the 2016 presidential election, following violence in Charlottesville, three new polls show. Surveys from NBC News/Marist show more than half of voters in Michiga...

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Geekscape of the Day: The Battle of Dagobah
Artist: Jeremy Chong Visit: .

Want more? Visit us over at and see all of the archives and subscribe via RSS so you never miss an image!

Have a listen to our Geek Questioner Podcast!
Our latest episode:

#scifi #starwars #fanart #luke #vader #falcon #alternate
#gsotd #gsotd2017

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Kobe Bryant vs Kevin Durant. How does his career (so far) stack up to the legend's first 10 seasons as a starter from 1999-2008)?

I've been seeing comparisons on Twitter and wanted to analyze it myself. This post isn't me trying to say ones better than the other. I just wanted to see where he stands as a PLAYER to a universally ranked top 10 GOAT. It'll be a good indicator to see if he's on his way there. I'll compare using stats and notable awards often used in debates. I don't want to hear how playing with Shaq hurt his numbers when he won 3 early rings with him when we all know how valuable those are when discussing his greatness.

Basic Stats

Kobe Bryant - 27.7 / 5.6 / 5.2 / 1.7 / 0.6 on 45.6 / 33.9 / 84.2 shooting, 39.7 mpg, 716 games played.
Kevin Durant - 27.2 / 7.2 / 3.8 / 1.2 / *1 on 48.8 / 37.9 / 88.2 shooting, 37.4 mpg, 703 games played

Even though their positions are different, they're still perimeter scorers. They both won in what you'd expect them to due to their size and position. Where they separate is Kevin Durant's guard-like skills. He wins all-around shooting and Kobe takes scoring.

Advance Stats (Per 100 Possessions )

Kobe Bryant - 36.3 / 7.7 / 6.8 / 2.2 / 0.8 on 55.8% TS, PER 24.3
Kevin Durant - 36.9 / 9.7 / 5.1 / 1.6 / 1.4 on 60.8% TS, PER 25.2

Best season

Kobe Bryant - 35.4 / 5.3 / 4.5 / 1.8 / 0.4 on 45 / 34.7 / 85 shooting
Kevin Durant - 32 / 7.4 / 5.5 / 1.3 / 0.7 on 50.3 / 39.1 / 87.3 shooting

Best season (Per 100 Possessions)

Kobe Bryant - 45.6 / 6.8 / 5.8 / 2.4 / 0.5 on 55.9% TS, PER 28
Kevin Durant - 41.8 / 9.6 / 7.2 / 1.7 / 1 on 63.5% TS, PER 29.8

Playoffs Stats

Kobe Bryant - 26.6 / 5.6 / 5.1 / 1.5 / 0.7 on 44.8 / 33.1 / 80.1 shooting, 42.4 mpg, 132 games played
Kevin Durant - 28.8 / 8 / 3.8 / 1 / 1.2 on 46.8 / 34.4 / 85.3 shooting, 41 mpg, 106 games played & started

Advanced Playoff Stats (Per 100 Possessions)

Kobe Bryant - 33.2 / 6.9 / 6.4 / 1.9 / 0.9 on 53.6% TS, PER 21.8
Kevin Durant - 36.1 / 10.1 / 4.8 / 1.3 / 1.5 on 58.8% TS, PER 24.1

Average PER of regular season, single best season & playoffs

1. Kevin Durant - 26.4
2. Kobe Bryant - 24.7

Finals series ranked according to Game Score

2017 Durant vs CLE - 30.3 (35.2 / 8.2 / 5.4 / 1 / 1.6 on 69.8% TS)

2012 Durant vs MIA - 20.7 (30.6 / 6 / 2.2 / 1.4 / 1 on 65% TS)

2002 Kobe vs NJN - 20.3 (26.8 / 5.8 / 5.3 / 1.5 / 0.8 on 62.3% TS)

2001 Kobe vs PHI - 17.2 (24.6 / 7.8 / 4.8 / 1.4 / 1.4 on 50.1% TS)

2000 Kobe vs IND - 9.7 (15.6 / 4.6 / 4.2 / 1 / 1.4 on 41.1% TS)

Average Finals Game Score

1. Kevin Durant - 25.5
2. Kobe Bryant - 15.7

His score is 18.75 without the 2000 series. I know he was hurt, but if I don't include it, then it's like not counting his 1st ring.

Notable accolades won


Kobe Bryant - 1
Kevin Durant - 1


Kobe Bryant - 3
Kevin Durant - 1

Finals MVP

Kobe Bryant - 0
Kevin Durant - 1

Scoring Leader

Kobe - 2x
Kevin Durant - 4x

All-NBA Team (Total)

Kobe Bryant - 10 (6x First-Team)
Kevin Durant - 7 (5x First-Team)

NBA All-Defense Team (Total)

Kobe Bryant - 8 (6x First-Team)
Kevin Durant - 0

I asked the community if KD could make the top 10 GOAT if things work out with GS -

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Here's an interesting video on what is being called "moral" behavior in other animals. It is an excellent illustration of how sociality comes to have similar properties across different species. The same way eyes vary from organism to organism yet also have global properties that are shared with all creatures that have eyes, social creatures have some differences, but also some shared properties. In this case reciprocity and empathy.

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Here's the latest on safety Rontez Miles who left the New York Jets vs. Detroit Lions Week 2 preseason matchup due to injury #NewYorkJets #RontezMiles

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Enjoy your morning brew of bioactive compounds

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So Many Ways To See The World -- Glendo, Wyoming
“When people think there's only one right place to stand, they say foolish things like 'You're doing it wrong.' All you have to do is go to the other side and look again at how many ways there are to see the world.”
-- Laurel Corona, The Mapmaker's Daughter

The corona of spikes around a thistle bud, taken near the banks of the Platte River in eastern Wyoming...

For +Sunday Buds / #SundayBuds curated by +Steve Gill, and #hqspmacro for +HQSP Macro, and #Macro4All by +Bill Urwin, +Thomas Kirchen, +Walter Soestbergen (+Macro4All ), and #macromaniacs for +MacroManiacs and +Sandra Deichmann...

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Golden Light, Fading © Alex James Photos 2017
(Near Folsom Lake, California)

... in chilly January of this year, I found the lake and the surrounding area drenched in a delightful fog .... it lifted slowly and uncovered the water's reflections, but left a forgiving haze on the horizon as the final light of the day, broke through ...

#WBTPA +BTP Daily Highlights the Best Photo +BTP Editors' Choice (Top Photo page) +PRO Winners #BTPLandscapePro+BTP Landscape Pro . owned by +Nancy Dempsey ,curated by +Nancy Dempsey #LandscapePhotography +Landscape Photography curated by +Margaret Tompkins +Eric Drumm +Chandler L. Walker +Krzysztof Felczak +Jeff Beddow +H Peter Ji #landscape #folsom #alexjamesphotos #wherelumixgoes #nature #california

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#hqspmacro +HQSP Macro
#btpmacropro +BTP Macro Pro

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Leopard (Panthera pardus)
Kruger Park, South Africa

#animals #leopard #cats

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Haweswater: Summer 2017, No. 2

The 2nd image from my Haweswater Summer 2017 collection

I had some gorgeous light when I shot this, and the valley was so incredibly lush!

#landscape #lakedistrict

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Autumn is coming

European bluberry (Vaccinium myrtillus)

Svartskog, Norway

Although it’s only end of August and the autumn seems far away, some plant species are dressed in their best autumn colors already. For some reason individual plants here and there start their autumn colors much earlier than their neighboring plants of the same species, and this one stood like a beacon of colors in a sea of green plants of various species making it stand out.

I find the autumn hues of the blueberry plant some of the most intense and diverse, and every year I study their many intricate color patterns. Some autumns every single plant is as intensely colored as the next and the forest floor is on fire for a few days before it is over and only the naked green branches are left.

Judging by the incredible colors of this specimen, this autumn might be one of those where the forest floor will be flooded with hues of red, yellow and orange.
The days ahead will tell, and I will be watching!

Image Copyright © 2017 +Morten Ross
Image Capture Date: 18 August 2017 15:21
Altitude: 38 meters

#leaves #plants #autumn #svartskog #norway

#hqspmacro +HQSP Macro
#BTPMacroPro +BTP Macro Pro
#BTPMacroPro+BTP Macro Pro , owned by +Nancy Dempsey , curated by +Kenny Jones

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Time-Lapse: A Total Solar Eclipse
Video Credit & Copyright: Colin Legg

Have you ever experienced a total eclipse of the Sun? This time-lapse movie depicts such an eclipse in dramatic detail, seen from Australia in 2012. As the video begins, a slight dimming of the Sun and the surrounding Earth is barely perceptible. As the Moon moves to cover nearly the entire Sun, darkness sweeps in from the left -- the fully blocked part of the Sun. At totality, only the bright solar corona extends past the edges of the Moon, and darkness surrounds you. Distant horizons are still bright, though, as they are not in the darkest part of the shadow. At mid-totality the darkness dips to the horizon below the eclipsed Sun, created by the shadow cone -- a corridor of shadow that traces back to the Moon. As the total solar eclipse ends -- usually after a few minutes -- the process reverses and Moon's shadow moves off to the other side. Tomorrow afternoon's total solar eclipse -- visible as at least a partial eclipse over all of North America -- can be experienced at social gatherings, some of which are being organized by local libraries.
2017 August 20

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Trump cuts funding for Obama's teen pregnancy program -via Flynx

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Animated Photo
KELT-9b: a Planet Hotter Than Most Stars in Our Galaxy

KELT-9b is the hottest gas giant exoplanet known so far, with a dayside temperature of 4600 K, which makes it hotter than M-type stars, and many K-type stars. It orbits HD 195689 (or KELT-9), an A-type main sequence star about 620 light-years from Earth.
This Jupiter-like world (it is 2.8 times more massive than Jupiter, but only half as dense) may be vaporized by its own star or, if gas giant planets like KELT-9b possess solid rocky cores as some theories suggest, be boiled down to a barren rock, like Mercury.
Given that the planet’s atmosphere is constantly blasted with high levels of ultraviolet radiation, KELT-9b may even be shedding a tail of evaporated planetary material like a comet.

The host star KELT-9 has a temperature of 10170 K, which is remarkable, as transiting planets are not usually detected in hot stars; as a reference, only six A-type stars were known to have planets prior to KELT-9b discovery (WASP-33, an A-type star with a temperature of 7430 K being the hottest at the moment of the discovery of KELT-9b), and no B-type stars were known (hotter than A-type stars); KELT-9, classified as B9.5-A0 or A1, is the first B-type star (or, at least, almost B-type) in which a planet has been discovered.

KELT-9b is also unusual in that it orbits perpendicular to the spin axis of the star. That would be analogous to the planet orbiting perpendicular to the plane of our solar system. One "year" on this planet is less than two days.

The planet was detected using the Kilodegree Extremely Little Telescope and the results of its unusual nature were published in 2016.

“Thanks to this planet’s star-like heat, it is an exceptional target to observe at all wavelengths, from ultraviolet to infrared, in both transit and eclipse. Such observations will allow us to get as complete a view of its atmosphere as is possible for a planet outside our solar system,” said Knicole Colon, paper co-author who was based at NASA Ames Research Center in California’s Silicon Valley during the time of this study.

► Learn more>>

► Paper "A giant planet undergoing extreme-ultraviolet irradiation by its hot massive-star host" in Nature | Letter>>

Animation excerpted from this Vanderbilt University video>>

#Exoplanets, #Stars, #Universe, #KELT_9b, #Research

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The Everyday Genius of Your Artistic Voice, Part 5: "Art & Business" is now live on my blog! It's a good Sunday (or Monday!) read.

The road to successfully creating even a part-time business out of something you love has many steps, curves and choices to it. And THIS topic has proven to be juicy enough to warrant TWO episodes within my 8-part series on Artistic Voice, and how to successfully weave into real life.

I recorded this one with the fabulous +Lauri Novak... and she's got some super down-to-earth, practical ideas to share!

We chat about the utter and complete relevance of making decisions from the point of view of what you love and what you know to be true for yourself. Sure that seems only sensible - but how many times does popular opinion, someone ELSE'S opinion - or your own naysayin' critical inner voice alter you thought you'd like to do?

We're NOT business coaches, nor do we play one on TV! 😜
In these two episodes, we simply share what's working in our own lives - and in the creative lives of others we've observed. "Artistic Voice" - by whatever name you call it - can mean the difference between creating a business and life of sheer joy and, well, pretty much anything less. And why settle for anything less?

It's a conversation worth having.
I hope you'll join in and share your thoughts too, either here or over on the blog!

This photo is one of Lauri's from the blog. Her architectural work is gaining more attention by the day. You'll why this genre has really clicked for her... from the inside out. Small wonder they've been noticed! Next level of success, here she comes!

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In all three states, more than six in 10 voters say Trump’s conduct as president has embarrassed them, compared to just a quarter who have said it’s made them proud.

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Hottest pictures of Bellator Ring Girl Mercedes Terrell on her Instagram page – Part 1

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X-rays reportedly came back negative on the Patriots linebacker's ribs.

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07/20/2017 The Fake Vandalized Media Enjoy Our Reaction,Because They are Looking for Public Attentions & Making Huge of Money of This. I,Guess,It's Time to Change Our Strategy & to Ignore Them, We Got What We Wants!
#TomiLahren Political Commentator: The Left is Normalizing Police Hatred. #FoxAndFriends!

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Snaps from the Cultural Revolution: "At a time marked by forced confessions known as self-criticism, one young photographer, Wang Qiuhang, turned his camera on himself, subversively celebrating the self rather than suppressing it."

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Goodbye Grey Hair, Try This Natural Solution That Will Solve Your Gray Hair Problem In No Time (Recipe)

Customary utilization of coconut oil will help you to dispose of silver hair and will give you a solid, delightful and sparkling hair, Silver hair is not something that demonstrates seniority.

#hair #health #haircare #explore #medicine #homeremedies #treatment #healthy #cure #healing #naturalremedies #healthyliving #healthbenefits #herbal #healthcare
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