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Taylor Swift Makes SURPRISE appearance at 2017 AMA
#celebs #celebrity #taylorswift

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Republicans Are Throwing Away Their Shot at Tax Reform

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Flamingo for Twitter beta

Flamingo is a bright and colourful Twitter client, with a simple and extremely customisable interface. It provides you with the Twitter experience you know and love with beautiful material design. You can easily switch between several accounts, and individually theme those accounts.

Previews for Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, Vine, & Articles
GIFs/Videos can be played inline in the timeline and you can easily add them to your tweets (powered by Giphy).
Hover preview allows you to quickly preview photos, gifs and user profiles by simply long pressing on an icon or image. You can preview, zoom and pan the image all with one tap!
Insanely customisable, almost every part of the app can be changed to your liking
Other fun stuff including built in tweet-storming, streaming, advanced muting, background syncing, scheduled tweets & many more!

#twitter #tweet #flamingo #social

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"JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Emmerson Mnangagwa, elected Sunday as the new leader of Zimbabwe’s ruling political party and positioned to take over as the country’s leader, has engineered a remarkable comeback using skills he no doubt learned from his longtime mentor, President Robert Mugabe.

Mnangagwa served for decades as Mugabe’s enforcer — a role that gave him a reputation for being astute, ruthless and effective at manipulating the levers of power. Among the population, he is more feared than popular, but he has strategically fostered a loyal support base within the military and security forces.

A leading government figure since Zimbabwe’s independence in 1980, he became vice president in 2014 and is so widely known as the “Crocodile” that his supporters are called Team Lacoste for the brand’s crocodile logo.

The 75-year-old “is smart and skillful, but will he be a panacea for Zimbabwe’s problems? Will he bring good governance and economic management? We’ll have to watch this space,” said Piers Pigou, southern Africa expert for the International Crisis Group."

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The problem is not the Russians, it’s us. We’re getting played because too many Americans are ill equipped to perform the basic functions of citizenship. A huge percentage of the population can’t tell fact from fiction. A huge percentage is also clueless about the basic laws of the land. Trump is a symptom; the breakdown in this democracy goes beyond the liar in chief.

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Websites with added personality

Okay so website templates and themes are great! But how do you achieve a creative website that says personality? Especially when you are on a budget. Here's some inspiration for you:

All of these 35 sites use doodles in a creative way and they aren't all websites for illustrators either. They stand out in their industry, they're memorable and definitely show off creative strength. Sites such as:

-Creative Cruise
-Friday Cat
-Guillaume Juvenet
...have definitely left an impression.

Check out the full list here:
If you're looking for a UK based hosting company that believes in honest and open practices, reliable and fast managed WordPress hosting, we're keen to win your business! Visit our site today and sign up for a months free trial.

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Google Lens is gradually rolling out to Pixel and Pixel 2 owners worldwide

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Verizon's streaming monopoly is coming to an end

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Galactic Heritage - Star Wars: A New Hope
Join the album to stay updated:

#starwars #topps #cardtrader #tradingcards #starwarscardtrader #swctgalacticheritageanhn #galacticheritageanh #r2d2

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So, a sugar daddy is next to a fondant father, right?

"He is the closest thing to a Founding Father that we have seen in our lifetimes," Jennifer Case said at a “Women for Roy Moore” rally outside the Alabama state Capitol.

There's video.

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Lonzo Ball Silences Haters With His 2nd Career Triple- Double In A 127-109 Win Over The Nuggets

Lonzo Ball tonight finished with 11 Points, 11 Assists and 16 Rebounds to lead the Lakers to a 127-109 victory over the Nuggets. Making this his 2nd triple- double of the season and his 2nd in just 8 games, Julius Randle was also fantastic posting up 24 Points, 7 Rebounds and 5 Assists. "This one was a lot better," Ball said. "I actually like this one. Just keep building on it."Brook Lopez scored 21 Points and Jordan Clarkson added 18 as the Lakers blew out the Nuggets by 18 points. Gary Harris lead the Nuggets with 20 point tonight while Wilson Chandler added 17.


Lonzo Ball: 11 Pts, 11 Asts, 16 Rebs
Brook Lopez: 21 Pts
Julius Randle: 24 Pts, 7 Rebs, 5 Asts
Kyle Kuzma: 17 Pts


Garry Harris: 20 Pts
Wilson Chandler: 17 Pts

#NBA #Nuggets #Lakers #Denver #LosAngeles

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Dak vs Wentz through 25.

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Do you have high hopes for Samsung's next flagship?

#android #news #samsung #galaxys9 #gadgets

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Note 8 vs iPhone X download speeds test shows how Gigabit LTE matters

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How much would you be willing to pay for the OP5 now?

#android #news #india #oneplus #oneplus5t

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Now if this isn't total paradise with KaShara, we don't know what is!! #DCCSwim

Read more on:

#Sports #NFL #Cheerleaders

(Credit: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders)

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This isn't going to make the Pixel 2 a perfectly functional phone, but it should be a little easier to bear:

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The next man up in Washington's backfield is a must-add this week.

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“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

A photo I took on the Costa Rica's Caribbean coastline.

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Would you buy a flagship flip phone if you could today?

#android #news #samsung #gadgets #smartphones

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Engineering vs Willpower

With greater technological education, people are less susceptible to distraction, and feel less guilty for having procrastinated.

"Tech companies have the smartest statisticians and computer scientists, whose job it is to break your willpower."


So should individuals be blamed for having poor self-control? To a point, yes. Personal responsibility matters. But it’s important to realise that many websites and other digital tools have been engineered specifically to elicit compulsive behaviour. In short, it’s not exactly a fair fight.


[ B F Skinner's World ]

When I go online, I feel like one of B F Skinner’s white Carneaux pigeons. Those pigeons spent the pivotal hours of their lives in boxes, obsessively pecking small pieces of Plexiglas. In doing so, they helped Skinner, a psychology researcher at Harvard, map certain behavioural principles that apply, with eerie precision, to the design of 21st‑century digital experiences.

[ Training Animals ]

Skinner trained his birds to earn food by tapping the Plexiglas. In some scenarios, the pigeons got food every time they pecked. In other arrangements, Skinner set timed intervals between each reward. After the pigeon got food, the system stopped dispensing treats for, say, 60 seconds. Once that period had elapsed, if the bird pecked, it got another payday.

[ Variable Rewards ]

The pigeons never quite mastered the timing, but they got close. Skinner would randomly vary the intervals between food availability. One time there’d be food available again in 60 seconds. The next, it might be after five seconds, or 50 seconds, or 200 seconds. Under these unstable conditions, the pigeons went nuts. They’d peck and peck. One pigeon hit the Plexiglas 2.5 times per second for 16 hours. Another tapped 87,000 times over the course of 14 hours, getting a reward less than 1 per cent of the time.


[ Variable Digital Rewards ]

So? Well, here’s a simple illustration of how Skinner’s pigeon research applies to contemporary digital life. I’ve picked a hypothetical example: let’s call him Michael S, a journalist.

Sending and receiving emails are important parts of his job. On average, he gets an email every 45 minutes. Sometimes, the interval between emails is only two minutes. Other times, it’s three hours. Although many of these emails are unimportant or stress-inducing, some of them are fun. Before long, whenever Michael S has an internet connection, he starts refreshing his email inbox every 30 minutes, and then every five minutes and then, occasionally, every two minutes. Before long, it’s a compulsive tic – the pecking pigeon of web usage.

[ Control vs Context ]

Should we blame Michael S for wasting hours of his life hitting a small button? We could. He does have poor self-control, and he chose a profession in which email is an important form of communication.

Then again, would we blame Skinner’s pigeons, stuck in a box, pecking away until they get their grains and hemp seeds, while a pioneering researcher plumbs the glitches in their brains? Who’s in charge, really, of this whole scenario? The pigeons? Or Skinner, who designed the box in the first place?


Recommended long read...

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Jovian Tempest

This color-enhanced image of a massive, raging storm in Jupiter’s northern hemisphere was captured by NASA’s Juno spacecraft during its ninth close flyby of the gas giant planet.

The image was taken on Oct. 24, 2017 at 10:32 a.m. PDT (1:32 p.m. EDT). At the time the image was taken, the spacecraft was about 6,281 miles (10,108 kilometers) from the tops of the clouds of Jupiter at a latitude of 41.84 degrees. The spatial scale in this image is 4.2 miles/pixel (6.7 kilometers/pixel).

The storm is rotating counter-clockwise with a wide range of cloud altitudes. The darker clouds are expected to be deeper in the atmosphere than the brightest clouds. Within some of the bright “arms” of this storm, smaller clouds and banks of clouds can be seen, some of which are casting shadows to the right side of this picture (sunlight is coming from the left). The bright clouds and their shadows range from approximately 4 to 8 miles (7 to 12 kilometers) in both widths and lengths. These appear similar to the small clouds in other bright regions Juno has detected and are expected to be updrafts of ammonia ice crystals possibly mixed with water ice.

Citizen scientists Gerald Eichstädt and Seán Doran processed this image using data from the JunoCam imager.

JunoCam's raw images are available for the public to peruse and process into image products at:

More information about Juno is at: and

Image Credits:
NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/Gerald Eichstädt/ Seán Doran

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The #OnePlus5T is available from November 21 in NorthAmerica, Europe and India.
More details:

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When we think of metazoan animals (animals having the body composed of cells differentiated into tissues and organs and usually a digestive cavity lined with specialized cells) we should also recognize these creatures also have many beneficial and even obligate (necessary) relationships with other organisms that live in and on the metazoan organism. These organisms can serve vital functions, many of which the metazoan creature cannot live without. The reverse is also true. These single celled organisms often depend on the metazoan creature, or creatures as its habitat. As a consequence it will offer services in exchange for the benefits of cohabitation. Certain adaptive advantages can emerge out of this cross species relationship dependency. Here is an example of a bacteria in a beetle that makes it a leaf-eater.

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My daughtet's latest post on gift ideas for writers. Please re-share. :)

You may not know exactly what to get as a gift if you’re buying something for a writer. This is where I come in. As a writer for almost four years now, I have some ideas about what another writer might want to receive as a gift for the holidays.

#writing #writers #gifts #giftideas #holidays #shopping

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Browns want Peyton Manning in major front office role, report says: Manning once turned around a losing franchise as a player in Indianapolis, could he pull it off again in Cleveland's front office?

Ive been hearing alotta interesting things from [fellow] Lakers fans lately. If they lose and Lonzo does bad they dont say anything. If they win they act like its the "Ball Era" ans that he is gonna be the next all time great. 🤔🤔😂😂

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Here's a silly little post about looting gameable content from the local hardware store.

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You Can Now Use Google Home as an Intercom

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"There's no stopping global warming"

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China has declared its dark matter, x-ray observatory, microgravity & quantum missions successful and is launching a new set of cutting edge space science projects

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Sad Love Quotes : DON'T KNOW HOW.... - #Love

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I doubt Microsoft is surprised by this, Xbox never sells in Japan.

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Say hello to Ross (128 b).

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Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said Parliament sessions were often rescheduled to ensure they did not overlap with elections and claimed the Congress had done so too in the past

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"Mugabe said Sunday that the army takeover was not "a challenge to my authority as head of state and government."

Sunday's vote by the central committee of ZANU-PF came from Mugabe's own party, "the party that for years was considered a bastion of (Mugabe's) regime, but has recently been riven with rivalry and infighting," reports NPR's Ofeibea Quist-Arcton from neighboring South Africa's city of Johannesburg.

On Sunday, the increasingly-isolated Mugabe met with the military leader who had placed him under house arrest. Aftwerward Mugabe said, "arising from today's meeting is a strong sense of collegiality and comradeship."

But as Ofeibea reports, Mugabe was "looking a little weary and sometimes losing his place," during the speech, even as he clings to his seat of power, for now."
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