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Photographer tiptoed through the flowers to capture harvest mice, and the result is amazing
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Yellow core in a purple body
My photos

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Jameis Winston has to be separated from Bucs teammate after clash
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Doctor Who: 18 Big Questions After The Season 11 Finale
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Here is an entire Sunset at Sunset Cliffs Sunset San Diego, California. A beautiful Sunset for you and hopefully you'll help share this beautiful sunset. The sound of the waves,nature,and silent surroundings will help you relax. If you enjoy Nature's natural relaxing and soothing sounds,then look no further.

Here is a 3:00+ video of The Pacific Sunset at Sunset Cliffs in San Diego,California.

If you've ever been to San Diego,California chances are you made a visit here. For those who haven't enjoy the sunset without any loud disruptions.

Check out the sunset(sun sets) and enjoy the peaceful sounds the waves and the ocean. This is a real time-lapse in Real Time and you get to enjoy the natural sounds of the ocean,birds,and connecting with nature and sea all at once. People come from all over the world to visit Sunset Cliffs in San Diego,California and it's always a great view.

Many people come from all over the world to try to capture the sunset at the perfect time. It was calm and a great place to take a date or friend.

Here is a HD Video of Sunset Cliffs at a great time. Enjoy the sound of the waves and a great view. Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed this video please feel free to "Share". Thank You In Advance. This video is 03:24 long.
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#FBI +J. Edgar Hoover F.B.I. Federal Bureau Of Investigation Headquarters #Maggot #Mouth #Mueller #Indictment #Void #Worthless #HasNoDamValue #NeverWasAnyFucking2016 #Election #Fraud #TrumpTowerNazi #HQ +RUSSIA'S MILITARY POWER #FBIAnyIntelligeance #Indictment #Good #LoserFuck #WhoDothisCrazyAssShit +FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation +United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) #TeamRonnie +Ronald Reagan Greates President +USS Ronald Reagan CVN 76 +NSA Agent +Cmdr. Bluefin USN +Louis Hamilton II +Us Navy #Intelligeance +Thomas Magnum +Magnum PI #NavyIntelligeance #AlreadyFiled +Arrest Warrant #PersonofInterest #Individual1 #Client1 #POTUS45 +45th President Donald Trump. Latest News #Goodbye #Bitches #FBI +Best Buy #LetstalksAboutwhatsPossible #Fuckyou #FuckherandHimToo #FuckCNBC : ) #iwantmydamcashKickBack +I won't tell u the name I don't know +Aviation & Naval Tech, Space & Science Tech.
Tina Fey
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In response to documents filed in two separate courts which name him as a participant in unlawful acts, Trump tweets the outright lie that those same documents exonerate him.

Either Trump is totally incapable of reading, utterly disconnected from reality, incapable of understanding facts, or just a criminal telling more lies.
Any of these conditions makes him unfit for public office.

From the article linked below:

WASHINGTON — In court documents filed Friday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller for the first time cites President Donald Trump’s time in the White House as relevant in the investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election.
The Mueller filing and a separate one also filed Friday by federal prosecutors in New York essentially place the president as a key figure in multiple federal investigations.

Yet Trump wrote on Twitter about an hour after the filings became public: “Totally clears the President. Thank you!”

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Kyle Lauletta’s Giants debut goes very wrong
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Top 212+ ULTIMATE Happy Birthday Sister Wishes and Quotes --> #birthday #omg #cute
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#mma news Brian Ortega breaks silence on stoppage loss to Max Holloway
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Ex-FBI Assistant Director: Comey is a disgrace to the FBI, won't answer key questions on Clinton email scandal #FoxNews
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A better article I came across on this. The detailed graphics really give you an idea of what Chang'e-4 is up against. China is aiming to go where no one has gone before: the far side of the moon!🚀🌜 A rocket carrying the Chang’e-4 lunar lander blasted off at about 2:23 a.m. local time on Saturday from Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southern China. (In the United States, it was still midday Friday). Chinese authorities did not broadcast the launch, but an unofficial live stream recorded near the site showed the rocket rise from the launchpad until its flames looked like a bright star in the area’s dark skies.

Nearly one hour later, Xinhua, China’s state-run news agency reported that Chang’e-4 had successfully launched.

Exactly when it will set down at its destination has not yet been announced — possibly in early January — but Chang’e-4 will provide the first close-up look at a part of the moon that is eternally out of view from Earth.

What is Chang’e-4?

Chang’e-4 includes two main parts: the main lander weighing about 2,400 pounds and a 300-pound rover. By comparison, NASA’s Opportunity rover on Mars weighs about 400 pounds, and the Curiosity rover there is much bigger, at 2,000 pounds.

The spacecraft is largely a clone of Chang’e-3, which landed on the moon in 2013. Indeed, Chang’e-4 was built as the backup in case the first attempt failed. With the success — the first soft landing of any spacecraft on the moon since 1976 — the Chinese outfitted Chang’e-4 with a different set of instruments and decided to send it to a different location.

Where is Chang’e-4 going?

The rover will land in the 110-mile-wide Von Kármán crater. It is on the far side of the moon, which is always facing away from Earth. (The moon is what planetary scientists call “tidally locked” to the rotation of the Earth. That is, its period of rotation — its day — is the same as the time it takes to make one orbit around Earth.)

The crater is within an area known as the South Pole-Aitken basin, a gigantic, 1,600-mile-wide crater at the bottom of the moon, which has a mineralogy distinct from other locations. That may reflect materials from the inside of the moon that were brought up by the impact that created the basin.

The far side is also considerably more mountainous than the near side for reasons not yet understood.

What will Chang’e-4 study?

The suite of instruments on the rover and the lander include cameras, ground-penetrating radar and spectrometers to help identify the composition of rocks and dirt in the area. And China’s space agency has collaborated with other countries. One instrument was developed at Kiel University in Germany; another was provided by the Swedish Institute of Space Physics.

The instruments will probe the structure of the rocks beneath the spacecraft and study the effects of the solar wind striking the lunar surface. Chang’e-4 will also test the ability of making radio astronomy observations from the far side of the moon, without the effects of noise and interference from Earth.

According to the Xinhua news agency, Chang’e-4 is also carrying an intriguing biology experiment to see if plant seeds will germinate and silkworm eggs will hatch in the moon’s low gravity.

How will the spacecraft communicate with Earth?

Because the moon blocks radio signals from our planet, the Chinese launched a satellite, called Queqiao, in May. It is circling high over the far side of the moon, and will relay messages between Earth and the Chang’e-4 lander.

When will Chang’e-4 land on the moon?

China’s space agency has not announced a landing date, though some expect that will be the first week of January, when the sun will be shining over the far side of the moon, an important consideration because Chang’e-4 is solar-powered.

Zhang Xiaoping, an associate professor from Space Science Institute/Lunar and Planetary Science Laboratory of Macau University of Science and Technology, said that the spacecraft would follow the Chang’e-3’s trajectory. That means it would arrive in three to five days and then orbit the moon for several days (13 in the case of Chang’e-3) while preparing for the landing, he said.

Wait, I thought the far side of the moon was dark.

The far side is not dark all of the time.

The first new moon of 2019 is Jan. 6. That’s when you cannot see the moon because the dark side — the side that is in shadow facing away from the sun — is facing Earth. And when the near side of the moon is dark, the far side is awash in bright sunshine.

Why is China so secretive about all of this?

Chinese officials have talked about Chang’e-4 in public, but their interactions with journalists more resemble the carefully managed strategy used by the Soviet program during the Cold War rather than the more open publicity by NASA and many other space agencies. That way, the Chinese, like the Soviets, could boast about the successes and downplay any failures.

What does Chang’e mean?

In Chinese mythology, Chang’e is the goddess of the moon. Other missions have been named after her, too.

Chang’e-1 and 2 went into orbit around the moon but did not land. Chang’e-1 was launched in 2007. Chang’e-2 followed in 2010.

The next step in China’s moon program is for the Chang’e-5 robotic spacecraft to land on the moon and then bring rock samples back to Earth for additional study.

Chang’e-5 was supposed to head to the moon before Chang’e-4, but a launch failure of the large Chinese rocket needed to carry it to space delayed the mission until at least 2019.

Who else is planning to go to the moon?

Next year, the Indian government is planning to launch a mission, Chandrayaan-2, that includes an orbiter, a lander and a rover. SpaceIL, an Israeli team that was a finalist in the Google Lunar X Prize, is also still aiming to send a robotic lander to the moon early next year, even though the $20 million prize has expired.

NASA announced last week that nine companies will compete for robotic missions to carry science experiments to the moon. The space agency said the first of those could go as early as 2019, but most of the companies said they would not be ready until 2021.

Jim Bridenstine, the NASA administrator, has praised the Chang’e-4 mission as exciting, and at the International Astronautical Congress in Bremen, Germany in October, talked of possible collaboration with the Chinese space agency. Federal laws limit any NASA interaction with the Chinese.

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Jamal Khashoggi’s dying words revealed: ‘I can’t breath’
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Free stress relievers that can help you calm down.
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California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff said Sunday (Dec 9) that President Donald #Trump could 'face the real prospect of jail time' after federal prosecutors said last week that the President directed his former lawyer #MichaelCohen to make illegal hush-money payments during the presidential campaign. The filing Friday by federal prosecutors in Manhattan was the first time prosecutors said Cohen acted at the direction of Trump to make payments during the 2016 campaign to silence two women who claim to have had affairs with Trump prior to his time running for office.

#GlobalEconomy #AmericanPolitics #POTUS #Politics #AmericanPoliticians #America #GOP #Republicans #TrumpAdministration
Adam Schiff: Trump could 'face the real prospect of jail time'
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Top 10 Massive Things in the Universe

With technology rapidly advancing, astronomers are finding more and more objects in the universe. Here are 10 biggest things in the universe.
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Written by Harold Arlen and the lyrics by Johnny Mercer
Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive.
The below is not that.

I expect this to be the most repeated item from the interview.
" "I want to be clear: I do not respect the SEC," he told Lesley Stahl during an interview with CBS' "60 Minutes," which aired Sunday.

Musk said he is abiding by the terms of his settlement deal "because I respect the justice system." But he reiterated that there is no love lost between him and the SEC."

Also the interview from 2008.
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The Aztec Empire, centered at the capital of Tenochtitlan, dominated most of Mesoamerica in the 15th and 16th centuries CE. With military conquest and trade expansion the art of the Aztecs also spread, helping the Aztecs achieve a cultural and political hegemony over their subjects and creating for posterity a tangible record of the artistic imagination and great talent of the artists from this last great Mesoamerican civilization.
Ancient Origins
Ancient Origins
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There are certain foods that may cause constipation. Read about the worst foods for constipation that you should avoid.
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