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Move along people. False reporting is all going on here. 🤣🤣🤣 That would be amazing if it were true however.
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13 Best Android Apps of 2018

Fill up your phone or tablet with the best Android apps around now with 13 to pick from!
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Jennifer Lawrence TV Shows, Movies, News and Photos

Check out complete biography of Hollywood Actress Jennifer Lawrence.
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"I have people that won't vote unless I'm on the ballot, OK? And I wasn't on the ballot," President Trump said in an interview with Fox News' Chris Wallace that aired on Sunday.

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Contrary to popular belief, no, Homo Sapiens did not descend naturally from the Apes!

Anyone who doubts this might like to explore how the chromosome count mysteriously contracted from 48 to 46 and then propagated throughout the entire human species when such a 'mutation' would have been an evolutionary disadvantage.

There are countless other reasons (that you can read here in detail) that point to some blend of extra terrestrial genetics. Like the 223 genes that appear nowhere else in the human tree of life. In my knowing #Pleiadian #consciousness was integrated to seed the original humans.
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#Haha #thatsnotGood #RunforyourFucking #Life #Hitler +Potus President Donald J. Trump #FatLadySinging #Opera #Tripping #Escape #Heil #Hitler #Fiddler #On #The #Roof #HemayHavea #DamGun #EightClips #Nazi #Germany #Graveyard #DOA #OMG #TrumpTowerNazi #HQ #POTUS45 +The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway : )
Tina Fey
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7 Warning Signs of a Brain Tumour You Should Know

Does your head constantly hurt? Find out if that's a warning sign of a brain tumor.
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NASA officials confirmed Friday that a test of a key component of the space agency's mission to sample an asteroid was completed successfully. On Wednesday, for the first time in more than two years, the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft unfurled its robotic arm and put it through a series of maneuvers to ensure its space-worthiness after being packed away for launch and a long flight to the asteroid Bennu.

The asteroid sampling mission launched in September 2016, and the spacecraft has since been traveling through space to catch up to an asteroid known as Bennu, which has a diameter of about 500 meters. The spacecraft will officially "arrive" at Bennu in about two weeks, on December 3, so mission scientists wanted to make sure the robotic arm was functional after being stowed for so long.

This arm and its sampler head, known as the Touch-and-Go Sample Acquisition Mechanism or TAGSAM, is critical to the mission's goal of retrieving at least 60 grams of material from the surface of Bennu and returning this sample to Earth by 2023. The collection device will act something like a reverse vacuum cleaner.

NASA has never tried something like this before—a maneuver in which the arm will place the TAGSAM "head" at the surface of the asteroid. "TAGSAM is about the size of an old air filter in a car," explained Beau Bierhaus, a Lockheed Martin scientist who leads TAGSAM operations and serves as the OSIRIS-REx mission science co-investigator. Lockheed Martin built the spacecraft for NASA, and one of its engineers conceived the TAGSAM mechanism.

During the collection maneuver, a blast of compressed nitrogen gas will be sent from the spacecraft onto the surface of the asteroid. The TAGSAM will then collect dirt and dust particles kicked up by the nitrogen gas and store them in a special canister, while allowing the gas itself to escape. In microgravity and vacuum chamber tests, the sampling arm has collected between 400 and 500 grams during most attempts.

This sampling maneuver will not occur until July 2020. Until then, OSIRIS-REx will study the asteroid in great detail—mapping the topology of the space rock to a greater resolution than even the Earth's surface. The map of Bennu will have on the order of 5cm spatial and a few cm vertical resolution, Bierhaus told Ars.

The spacecraft will obtain this detailed map over the next 18 months or so, with a preliminary survey that brings OSIRIS-REx to within about 7km of the asteroid's surface and then two orbital phases that bring it down to within about 750 meters from the surface. From there, it will be time for a final site selection and sample selection rehearsals. Scientists will have their say in terms of the most interesting site to sample, but other criteria rank higher, including accessibility and the ability to keep the spacecraft safe during its approach to Bennu.

NASA has few samples from other worlds in its collections. There are its Moon rocks, collected during the Apollo mission, of course. It also has bits of interstellar dust and cometary material. The Soviet Union flew three robotic landers in the 1970s that retrieved a few hundred grams of Moon rocks, and the Japanese space program has flown two asteroid sample return missions.

So this stuff isn't easy. Making sure the long-dormant sampling arm can flex its joints is a good first step.

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After confirming marriage reports, Model Hailey Baldwin is trying to lock down the name 'Hailey Bieber' - read more here.
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Here is a great Art App you can find in the Google-Play Store Free. Along with others and it will let you do a time lapse every time you save and at the end you just push play. Here some of the paintings I did. Nothing too special but a great free and fun app!

Kaleidoo Android App Found 100%Free in the Google Playstore For Download.This Android Art App/Art Application will allow you to do a step by step by pressing play and you can watch and save each digital portrait/painting on your phone.

Click the video to see an example of how cool the App is. I was using basic App settings and loved it there are more shapes and colors perfect for IPAD preferably a big one would be awesome. This Android App is perfect especially for children and the playback setting I personally think is Awesome.

Thanks for watching!
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Magic Art Show as found in the Google Play-Store for Free Download. Here's an example of what the App can do. This is one of the art apps as there is a lot. If you have a big IPAD this will be a blast for you especially. This video is 02:06 long.

This is a great graphic tablet for any age but even better for children. This is App is supported from android,smartphones,or any phone and is free for download. This is one of the many reviews on Android Apps such as drawing apps,art apps for Ipad and Android platforms and it's a great way to pass some time. Hope you like it!

Please feel free to follow me on Google+ or YouTube. I am thankful for every subscriber I get and will be happy to watch your videos and follow you back.

This App will work with IPAD, Drawing Pads,Drawing Tablets,Pen Tablet,and Android Platforms. This is one of many Graphics Apps found absolutely free. Please see my other videos for different free apps and reviews. Thanks for watching!

See my other videos for other Apps and please Share,Like,Or Comment. Thank You In Advance.
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Jim Carrey Breaks Down His Favorite Anti-Trump Drawings
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Top 10 Massive Things in the Universe

With technology rapidly advancing, astronomers are finding more and more objects in the universe. Here are 10 biggest things in the universe.
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Here is an entire Sunset at Sunset Cliffs Sunset San Diego, California. A beautiful Sunset for you and hopefully you'll help share this beautiful sunset. The sound of the waves,nature,and silent surroundings will help you relax. If you enjoy Nature's natural relaxing and soothing sounds,then look no further.

Here is a 3:00+ video of The Pacific Sunset at Sunset Cliffs in San Diego,California.

If you've ever been to San Diego,California chances are you made a visit here. For those who haven't enjoy the sunset without any loud disruptions.

Check out the sunset(sun sets) and enjoy the peaceful sounds the waves and the ocean. This is a real time-lapse in Real Time and you get to enjoy the natural sounds of the ocean,birds,and connecting with nature and sea all at once. People come from all over the world to visit Sunset Cliffs in San Diego,California and it's always a great view.

Many people come from all over the world to try to capture the sunset at the perfect time. It was calm and a great place to take a date or friend.

Here is a HD Video of Sunset Cliffs at a great time. Enjoy the sound of the waves and a great view. Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed this video please feel free to "Share". Thank You In Advance. This video is 03:24 long.
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Amazing Timelapse video of clouds in the sky....
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Here's what happens when your sleep is interrupted.
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Geek Question of the Day: Stan Lee was known for many amazing things, but his infamous Marvel cameos stand out as something uniquely him, so tonight I thought I'd ask you; *What non-Marvel movie or TV cameos do you wish Stan Lee could have done and why?* Obviously anything goes for this one, excelsior! #gqotd

Answer Here:

Image source: .

Please Note: After almost seven years and over 2100 questions, we've moved to our new home ahead of Google shutting down G+. All of you are welcome to join us! The questions will continue to be posted here for the foreseeable future but your comments and answers will only be available on the website!

Join Us:
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Question #2200
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Why Did No Activity Crib Louis C.K.’s Apology Word-for-Word?
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