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The ultimate painkiller.

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Former Patriots, Cowboys WR Terry Glenn dies in car crash, report says: Glenn was the seventh overall pick in the 1996 draft by the Patriots after a stellar, yet improbable, career at Ohio State.

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We’ve already seen one designer’s take on an all-screen iPhone SE, presented not long after the launch of this year’s new flagship phone, and Concept Creator has now given us an alternative vision of Apple’s most compact iPhone. The overall deal is the…

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What's on your holiday wishes

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Razer’s new Hammerhead USB Type-C earbuds sell for $79 #Razer

Razer just released an Android smartphone, Razer Phone, and what better to go along with it than a pair of Razer ear buds. The company has a new pair of Hammerhead ear buds available now for $79.

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Sadly, seamless live translation hasn't arrived (and the Pixel Buds feel like a 0.8 product, not even 1.0)

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From rainforests to croplands, boreal forests to mangroves, NASA will take a new look at terrestrial vegetation across our living planet over the next two years with several unique instruments in space. The missions will help scientists investigate the role of plants in Earth’s global carbon and water cycles.

Since the 1970s, NASA has studied life from space with satellites such as Landsat, Terra, Aqua and NASA/NOAA’s Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership. Scientists have used these data along with observations from international spacecraft to conduct a wide range of research, from detecting northward expansion of forests in the Arctic to monitoring how burned areas recover from wildfires.

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"Superman can't get defeated whatsoever. If he ever lose, its because of PIS. He'll win if you have prep, when he is depowered or weakened. He'll always win period. He cannot be defeated under any circumstances."

20 Pages Total - Going in Order (I Hope)

Shazam defeated Superman (Stunned).

Doomsday killed Superman but lost as well.

SUPERMAN (1939) ISSUE #149
Lex killed Superman.

The Avengers defeated Superman when weakened by Thor.

Mongul defeated Superman by tricking him.

Ali one shotted powerless Superman on his ass.

Ali defeated powerless Superman again.

Superman got defeated by a planetary attack potency from Hawkman.

Superman admits he could lose to Shazam with 1 word after repeatedly getting struck by lightning.

SUPERMAN (1939) ISSUE #678
Superman sorta admits Atlas won round 1.

SUPERMAN (1939) ISSUE #679
Atlas defeated Superman again.

Wonder Woman, in a way, defeated Superman in a long and brutal battle.

Brainiac's ship could had killed Superman if it wasn't for Brainiac 5.

God Machine one shots Superman.

SUPERMAN (1939) ISSUE #698
Brainiac defeated Superman.

Brainiac's UFO temporarily one shots Superman.

Brainiac defeated Superman by destroying the star.

Brainiac one shotted Superman.

Brainiac kind of defeated Superman.

Superman loses to Brainiac's machines countless of times.

There's more but 20 should be enough.

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As President Trump fills out the remaining gaps in his administration, a theme is emerging: experienced members of former President...

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President Trump took to social media Monday to slam Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch for not standing during the National Anthem as the team played the New England patriots in Mexico Sunday.

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Gameday. ⚔️ the Pistons host the Cavaliers

With all the injuries the Cavaliers have been hit with, coupled with an ugly start to the season, it forces the Cavaliers into multiple like up changes. The Iman Shumpert injuries linger for 5-7 days. Jose Calderon gets his second start of the season. The Pistons are playing their second game of a back to back, after winning against the Timberwolves on the road. The Pistons have the edge in multiple areas and have won all(3,) of their back-to-back games this season.

So far the Detroit Pistons have been one of the best teams in the league. They’re better than solid on the defensive end. They; take care of the ball, finish possessions with defensive rebounds, can score/shoot, move the ball, and they control the pace of games by slowing things down. The Pistons play tough, and have won their last 6 games at home.

The Cavaliers are currently on a 4 game winning streak, with a 5.4 Net rating. In a series of comeback wins and close games it would be nice to us control a game from start to finish; or at least put a game out of reach before the 5 minute mark of the 4th quarter. With a old roster that’s been hit the injury bug, rest in games/in between games is vital. This game marks the first time we will come into a game with 3 days of rest.

After John Holland was called up from the G-League Ante Zizic was sent down to our G-League affiliate.

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Himalaya Rudraksha Kendra 100 % Original Blue Turquoise Semi Precious Gemstone Beads Fashion Necklace 8 Inches Length For Women/Girls

Material: Gemstone; Color: Turquoise
Size: Length- 8 Inch Around Neck ; Bead Size ; 07 mm
Ideal for all occasions
Storage Tips: Store in a zip lock pouch
Care Instructions: Avoid using perfumes directly on the jewellery. Use dry cotton cloth to clean

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Cowboys’ Dak Prescott ready for Thanksgiving game after Eagles beatdown: The second-year quarterback set a career-worst with a 30.4 passer rating to go along with three interceptions and a lost fumble.

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When we think of metazoan animals (animals having the body composed of cells differentiated into tissues and organs and usually a digestive cavity lined with specialized cells) we should also recognize these creatures also have many beneficial and even obligate (necessary) relationships with other organisms that live in and on the metazoan organism. These organisms can serve vital functions, many of which the metazoan creature cannot live without. The reverse is also true. These single celled organisms often depend on the metazoan creature, or creatures as its habitat. As a consequence it will offer services in exchange for the benefits of cohabitation. Certain adaptive advantages can emerge out of this cross species relationship dependency. Here is an example of a bacteria in a beetle that makes it a leaf-eater.

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Verizon's streaming monopoly is coming to an end

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Google is constantly working to improve Chrome OS for the better, and in a lot of cases that comes down to the little things. Recently, a lot of changes have been related to Android apps, and now, Google is making a change to notifications on Chrome OS to…

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Want to see OnePlus 5T durability? See this, shocking!
#OnePlus   #OnePlus5T   #Android  

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‘F*ck Trump’ truck driver now targeting Texas sheriff who threatened her with arrest -via Flynx

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November rain

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“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

A photo I took on the Costa Rica's Caribbean coastline.

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Another article from 2016, exposing Trump's pathological lying from court transcripts, where lie after lie was exposed and is now part of the public record.

Court documents are not "Fake News"...

Here are some of the statements he told that court, and for which he was exposed as a liar.
From the article linked below:

[Trump's Lie] Trump owned a 50 percent stake in the West Side Yards real estate development partnership.
(The Fact) Trump actually owned 30 percent, but he gave himself credit for a bigger stake because he had not been required to put up money to get that share: “Because of the fact that I put no money up, that 30 percent is equated to 50 percent.”

[Trump's Lie] He was paid $1 million for a single speech in 2005.
(The Fact) In reality, Trump was paid $400,000 for the speech. But, he said, advertising for the speech had added to the value of his brand. He believed that with the value of that publicity included, the true payment for the speech was more than $1 million.

[Trump's Lie] He “largely” owned the Waikiki Trump Tower building.
(The Fact) He didn’t own the building. Somebody else did. Trump had agreed to let his name be used on the building. But, Trump said, this licensing deal was so advantageous to him that it was “a form of ownership.”

[Trump's Lie] In the early 1990s, he was $9.2 billion in debt.
(The Fact) This was published in Trump's book "How to Get Rich” Trump uses this figure to make his comeback seem even more impressive. But his debt was never that high. Trump shifted the blame, saying co-author Meredith McIver put the number in.

[Trump's Lie] Trump Tower Las Vegas brought in $1.3 billion.
(The Fact) Trump acknowledged the actual value of units sold was $956 million but said the units he was “not actively selling,” and keeping as an investment, brought the total to $1.3 billion. Trump's falsehoods often include specific numbers, making them easily disprovable.

[Trump's Lie] His net worth in 2004 was $3.5 billion.
(The Fact) Even though at least two banks estimated his net worth to be much lower, Trump contended that they must have missed or discounted assets.

[Trump's Lie] Memberships at his golf club in Briarcliff Manor, N.Y., cost $300,000.
(The Fact) The memberships to this golf club were being sold for $200,000. Trump said he arrived at the higher number by including yearly fees that members had to pay after joining.

[Trump's Lie] Trump Tower Las Vegas was mostly sold out.
(The Fact) Trump was keeping a number of units for himself. The lawyer estimated that closer to three-quarters of the units had been sold. Trump's response was "What would you like me to say, 'Oh, gee, the building is not doing well, blah, blah, blah, come by the building’? Nobody talks that way. Who would ever talk that way?"

[Trump's Lie] Trump Tower Las Vegas was worth $4.3 million.
(The Fact) In an internal document, Trump had valued the property at $366 million. “I guess some people would say that was the value and other people would say maybe not,” Trump said when asked about the discrepancy.

[Trump's Lie] His Seven Springs property was worth $150 million because he planned to build homes on it.
(The Fact) Trump was touting that higher value, but he had not made any significant effort to build the homes that the value was based on. “I don't have a plan to build homes, because I don't want to build homes,” he said.

[Trump's Lie] He sold a home lot in California for about $4 million.
(The Fact) Property records indicated it was $1.4 million.

[Trump's Lie] His net worth was between $5 billion and $6 billion in the early 2000s.
(The Fact) Internal documents from the same period put his net worth around $3.5 billion. But he said that figure did not include the value of Trump’s personal brand.

[Trump's Lie] The operating income at Trump Tower was $17.5 million per year.
(The Fact) He actually got about $4 million in the year in question. Trump said the property was unusually vacant that year because of a turnover in tenants.

[Trump's Lie] He had “zero borrowings” from his father’s estate.
(The Fact) Trump said he borrowed about $9 million from his father’s estate.

[Trump's Lie] Trump said 22,000 people worked for him.
(The Fact) Trump was counting people who weren’t actually on his payroll -- employees of his businesses’ subcontractors and suppliers.

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OnePlus 3 and 3T get official Android Oreo update with OxygenOS 5.0!

#android #androidoreo #oneplus3 #oneplus3t

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Another update is coming to the Pixel 2 to fix buzzing issues

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The Best Walmart Black Friday Deals We Know About So Far

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Grace Mugabe rose from a shy typist to the politically ambitious second wife of President Robert Mugabe. Her push to be president in her...

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A woman says Minnesota Sen. Al Franken put his hand on her bottom as they posed for a picture in 2010.

Ive been hearing alotta interesting things from [fellow] Lakers fans lately. If they lose and Lonzo does bad they dont say anything. If they win they act like its the "Ball Era" ans that he is gonna be the next all time great. 🤔🤔😂😂

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Google Lens is gradually rolling out to Pixel and Pixel 2 owners worldwide

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Scary sidechannels: turning a computer into a cellphone by moving data between RAM and CPU: "GSMem: Data Exfiltration from Air-Gapped Computers over GSM Frequencies", Guri et al 2015

"Air-gapped networks are isolated, separated both logically and physically from public networks. Although the feasibility of invading such systems has been demonstrated in recent years, exfiltration of data from air-gapped networks is still a challenging task. In this paper we present GSMem, a malware that can exfiltrate data through an air-gap over cellular frequencies. Rogue software on an infected target computer modulates and transmits electromagnetic signals at cellular frequencies by invoking specific memory-related instructions and utilizing the multi-channel memory architecture to amplify the transmission. Furthermore, we show that the transmitted signals can be received and demodulated by a rootkit placed in the baseband firmware of a nearby cellular phone. We present crucial design issues such as signal generation and reception, data modulation, and transmission detection. We implement a prototype of GSMem consisting of a transmitter and a receiver and evaluate its performance and limitations. Our current results demonstrate its efficacy and feasibility, achieving an effective transmission distance of 1 - 5.5 meters with a standard mobile phone. When using a dedicated, yet affordable hardware receiver, the effective distance reached over 30 meters."

I remember people used to laugh when Eliezer Yudkowsky suggested that sidechannels like this would be possible and meant that boxing an AI would be extremely difficult... "How could an AI possibly use its access to CPUs etc to send signals? How absurd and paranoid!"

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(Star Wars Heir To The Empire Chapter 8) ... Not Being Able To Prove That The Bimms Knew Anything About The Attack At The Market Place Solo Is Having A Hard Time Warning The Council Of The Inherent Danger ... Mean While Jedi Master C'Baoth And Warlord Tharawn Come Up With A Plan To Capture Luke And Leia ... My Rating 9 Out Of 10

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So, a sugar daddy is next to a fondant father, right?

"He is the closest thing to a Founding Father that we have seen in our lifetimes," Jennifer Case said at a “Women for Roy Moore” rally outside the Alabama state Capitol.

There's video.

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Would you buy a flagship flip phone if you could today?

#android #news #samsung #gadgets #smartphones

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Selena Gomez debuts new platinum blonde hair at AMAs - and it's a huge hit with boyfriend Justin Bieber #celebs #celebrities #celebrity #selenagomez

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Geekscape of the Day: The Magic Hour
Artist: Andreas Rocha Visit: .

Want more? Visit us over at and see all of the archives and subscribe via RSS so you never miss an image!

Have a listen to our Geek Questioner Podcast!
Our latest episode:

#fantasy #sunset #adventurers #city #magic #fog #forest #gsotd #gsotd2017

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Trump continues to tell blatant lies about Obama.
The article linked below exposes another one, and proposes one highly probable motive for Trump's obviously desperate need to tell these lies.

From the article linked below, dated Nov 14, 2017:

On Tuesday, Donald Trump told a story about Air Force One and former President Barack Obama. The only problem is that it never happened. Before boarding the plane to come home, Trump told the press that Air Force One was denied landing rights in the Philippines during a trip by his predecessor because U.S. relations with the nation were so bad.

Trump said Air Force One “never got to land” in the Philippines while be bragged about having “a very strong relationship” with the Southeast Asian nation.

“And as you know, we were having a lot of problems with the Philippines. The relationship with the past administration was horrible, to use a nice word,” Trump told reporters in Manila.

“I would say ‘horrible’ is putting it mildly. You know what happened. Many of you were there, and you never got to land,” he continued. “The plane came close but it didn’t land.”

The Associated Press fact-checked Trump’s claim:

Trump appeared to be referencing a meeting Obama canceled in September of 2016 with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. The two were supposed to gather in Laos, but Obama canceled the meeting after Duterte referred to him as a “son of a bitch.”
We understand that Trump is jealous of President Obama, but his lies prove why he has so much disdain for fact-checkers. It’s sad that he doesn’t have that same disdain for murderous dictators, though.

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"Down the rims of crater walls, recurring slope lineae are found. Further analysis showed that these are driven by liquid water, not avalanches. As the seasons change, water condenses and dissolves martian salts. These then flow down the crater, as before-and-after images demonstrate."

If you think of Mars as a boring, reddish, desert world with dunes, sands, and craters, you’ve never seen it with the proper eyes. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, equipped with its HiRISE camera, was launched more than a decade ago, and has covered the entire surface of the red planet, taking more than 50,000 images in enhanced color. It’s revealed countless features, shown us the insides of crater walls, viewed the martian bedrock, found impact craters, discovered evidence for liquid, flowing water, and even helped determine the origin of Mars’ moons. Yet to fully appreciate what we’ve learned, you simply have to see it for yourself.

Come get a view of a selection of 20 images from Mars that just might forever change how you view the red planet!
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