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Would you use a dark mode in the YouTube app if available?

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Site of asteroid impact changed the history of life | #Geology #GeologyPage

An asteroid, also known as the Chicxulub Impactor, hit Earth some 66 million years ago, causing a crater 180 km wide. The impact of the asteroid heated organic matter in rocks and ejected it into the atmosphere, forming soot in the stratosphere.

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19 classic movies that inspired 'Stranger Things' that every superfan should watch

Minor spoilers of the show are in this article. I, myself, haven't gotten through all of season 2 yet. So, I'm going to skip over this article for now. But, I thought some of you may enjoy reading about these film influences.

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Health Tips: The Real Reason Paris Jackson's Eyes Look So Blue

The reason is here:

There's something about very pale blue eyes that is so alluring, you'd almost think they were the works of some clever colored contacts. And most times, you'd be right — like when Selena Gomez's eyes resembled the color of the ocean at the 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Even Ivanka Trump has tried to play off her green contacts as the real thing. But for Paris Jackson, this is not the case at all.

At the very least, now we have exactly one more explanation as to why we couldn't stop staring at Jackson's #makeup that night.

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Seahawks' Sheldon Richardson calls fine for his hit on Drew Stanton 'extortion': The Seahawks defensive tackle was fined $18,231 for his hit on Drew Stanton in Seattle's 22-16 win over the Cardinals.

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- - "Shooting star.."
Mount rainier. washington. Join my ...
live @500px astrophotography webinar tomorrow at 12pm PST! It’s gonna be fun! Link in bio or:
Photo Credit Tanner wendell Stewart

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Do solar flares impact Earth? Scientists explore how our atmosphere responds when the Sun erupts with giant bursts of radiation. Understanding the effect of solar flares on near-Earth space will inform how we protect astronauts and satellites close to home. Learn More:

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Deadpool's "Wet on Wet" Bob Ross Teaser

The marketing for 2018's sequel is off to a good start.

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NBA News: NBA Power Rankings: Did Boston Celtics Push to the Top?

Know more:

We've got action all over the rankings after a week like that.

Just when it seemed like the Golden State Warriors were doing all they could to eradicate suspense at the top of our power rankings, the Boston Celtics came along and refused to stop winning. Elsewhere, Joel Embiid erupted, Eric Bledsoe took the Milwaukee Bucks on a run, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers quit hitting the snooze bar for an eye-opening quarter, and the Houston Rockets got their big offseason acquisition back.

Per a tweet from #BrianRobb of Boston Sports Journal after Friday's 90-87 victory over the Hornets: "#Celtics win without [Kyrie] Irving, [Al] #Horford and Hayward while also shooting 35 percent from field? BradStevens just strengthening his Coach of the Year resume."

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Marvin Jones has some pipes—the judges were blown away.

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Animated Photo
The Cavaliers win at home against the Clippers. 4 wins in a row.

Score: 118-113 ⚔️

As expected the Clippers athletic bigs were in total control. Getting exactly what they wanted. The Clippers got off to a fantastic start with impressive ball movement, and using their athleticism to get by immobile/unathletic defenders. The Cavaliers shot was broken early on, but they battled their way back into it, and only trailed by 3 points in the first quarter. We came back with solid movement, and good one on one defense in the later portion of the opening quarter.

In the second quarter, we continued to get destroyed in the paint. No one thought it was a good idea to protect the paint apparently, but Wade kept us alive. Wade dropped 17 points in the 2nd quarter, and was living at the free throw line. Huge free throw discrepancy. The Cavaliers were 17/20 from the free throw line at halftime, compared to the Clippers 2/2. The Clippers were unscathed, getting open dunks at will. So that explains the big difference. LeBron made a jumper to tie it up at the half, 56 a piece. For both teams.

We just can’t catch a break. It was reported earlier that Derrick Rose would be missing 2 extra weeks. Calderon started at point guard in the second half. Shumpert exited the game with a sore knee. The Clippers were still shifting our defense all over the place, but in this quarter they started to contribute from the perimeter. They started draining three pointers in a span of 2 minutes forcing us into a timeout. Coming into tonight’s game, the Clippers averaged 19 assists per game which is the 3rd lowest average per game in the league. Tonight they had 28 assists on 45 made field goals . With a little over 3 minutes remaining we scored 12 points to stay within striking distance. Clippers led by 3.

In the 4th quarter it was back, and forth, and it went to the wire. The Cavaliers were right there, down by 1 but couldn’t get out in front. In the final minute we tied it up at 105 a piece with a LeBron James 3 pointer. At the end LeBron tried to barrel down the lane to give us our first lead of the game but he missed at the buzzer. First game of the season that goes to OT.

In OT we grabbed our first lead of the game, and it stayed that way. A LeBron turnaround shot put the game out of reach. The streak continues.

LeBron: 39 points 17/26 FG, 4/9 3P, 14 reb 10th double double of the season. 6 assists, 1 steal.
Kevin Love: 25 points 9/18 FG, 3/7 3P, 8 reb, 2 assists, 2 steals, 1 block.
Dwyane Wade: 23 points 6/16 FG, 11 reb, 5 assists, 1 steal, 2 blocks.
Jae Crowder: 9 points 3/9 FG, 1/3 3P, 5 reb, 1 steal.
Kyle Korver: 9 points 2/5 FG, 2/5 3P, 1 reb, 2 assists, 1 steal.
Jeff Green: 8 points 3/5 FG, 2 reb, 2 assists.
JR Smith: 5 points 2/7 FG, 1/6 3P, 5 reb, 4 assists.
Channing Frye: 3 reb, 1 assist, 1 steal.
Iman Shumpert: 1 reb, 1 assist, 1 steal, 1 block.
Jose Calderon: 1 assist, 1 steal.

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Own a #Huawei phone? Experienced this issue?

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"When a company like Microsoft needs to fix a security flaw in one of its products, the process is normally straightforward: determine where the bug lies, change the program's source code to fix the bug, and then recompile the program. But it looks like the company had to step outside this typical process for one of the flaws it patched this Tuesday."

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Large Fine Art Prints | Framed | Canvas | Metal | Acrylic | Wood | Stock Photos
View Large:
View Gallery:
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Trump's FCC is gutting the Lifeline service, which gives poor families a $9.25/month subsidy for fixed or mobile broadband; under the new rules, poor people will have to buy their connections from major carriers (who often don't offer Lifeline plans), and will no longer be able to use the resellers who presently constitute 70% of the Lifeline connections.

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Broncos GM John Elway calls team 'soft': After starting the season 3-1 the Broncos have lost five straight games.

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Another Bimini beauty... Chantel! #DCCSwim

Read more on:

#Sports #NFL #Cheerleaders

(Credit: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders)

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Trump has been lying about his wealth for a long time. He claimed to be getting richer while facts show his Trump brand has been on the decline since 2010.

As ever Trump continues to prove to be a genius only at lying self-promotion. The problem with that is, that unless you have a product people want to go with the name, the value simply isn't there. Trump is learning this the hard way with attendance at his golf resorts falling some 16%, and his brand tanking even faster.

Thanks also to James Graham for pointing the article out to me.

From the article linked below:
A new report shows that the Trump Organization has seen a massive drop in revenue, worth only 10 percent of what is was back in 2010. One lesson: Don't be satisfied with the value of a brand, as what is here today can be gone tomorrow.

There have been signs that Trump's main business, a privately owned corporation, was facing troubles. Not only has his time in office shown bad management skills, but there were already suggestions that Trump's real estate business had taken a big hit after his political success. His company has been clobbered over his personal politics because it leans so heavily on his personal brand.
Forbes determined that Trump's exaggerations doubled his actual net worth. Many of his real estate deals have actually been licensing his name. It's still a way to make money, but one that depends on the vagaries of name perception.

Perhaps at one time, with the height of his reality television appearances in The Apprentice, the monetary pull of his name was greater. But those days are gone, along with the settlement of the lawsuits over Trump University. The brand has been badly tarnished as his popularity rating remains near historical lows for a president, even with some rebound in September.

All monetary value is ultimately determined by markets. If people will only pay $10 for a product, you can't reasonably say that it's worth $20. Intangible property, of which brands are a type, compounds the potential issue with far more volatility. Today's high can be tomorrow's low.

If you want to build a financial future for a company, you need something that people will value aside from a name. Have a product or service that delivers a result people want and let the brand be the icing on the cake.

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The brain requires nutrients just like your heart, lungs or muscles do. But which foods are best for brain health? Check this list to see what you should eat to optimize your brain power.

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We Tried Contacting All 154 People Previously Listed on Roy Moore's Endorsements Page -via Flynx

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Very Useful Contents For Every Working Professionals & Students

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5 Photos - View album
Res - HD
Author info tagged to each photo

-Template: LG V30
-Wall for Most Mobile Devices
-Wall for Galaxy S8/Note 8
-Wall for LG G6, V30, Pixel 2
-Wall for Essential Phone


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From Neuroscience News: What Grosses Out a Chimp? - Exposure to biological contaminants, such as feces and blood, through smell, sight and touch influence feeding choices in chimpanzees, a new study reports.

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Pluto's atmosphere could be colder than expected because of a cooling mechanism controlled by haze particles

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Russia 2018 World Cup venue cities with several air and rail travel time approximations

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Do you use Fi? How is it?

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Take back home girl

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Luis Gutierrez Tried to Play ‘Gotcha’ with Jeff Sessions – It Didn’t End Well for Him

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The Flagship Killer - OnePlus 5T has arrived with bezelless display and improved camera setup....

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7 killers/25 days= .28/day in November for a Lunar month; 4 in third quarter, before New Moon of 15th! Double for 4/7= .55/day:

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This Week @NASA: New International Space Station science & supplies; #Mars 2020 supersonic parachute test + new podcast debut. Watch:

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Source: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Centre
When our Sun erupts with giant explosions — such as bursts of radiation called solar flares — we know they can affect space throughout the solar system as well as near Earth. But monitoring their effects requires having observatories in many places with many perspectives, much the way weather sensors all over Earth can help us monitor what’s happening with a terrestrial storm.

By using multiple observatories, two recent studies show how solar flares exhibit pulses or oscillations in the amount of energy being sent out. Such research provides new insights on the origins of these massive solar flares as well as the space weather they produce, which is key information as humans and robotic missions venture out into the solar system, farther and farther from home.

The first study spotted oscillations during a flare — unexpectedly — in measurements of the Sun’s total output of extreme ultraviolet energy, a type of light invisible to human eyes. On Feb. 15, 2011, the Sun emitted an X-class solar flare, the most powerful kind of these intense bursts of radiation. Because scientists had multiple instruments observing the event, they were able to track oscillations in the flare’s radiation, happening simultaneously in several different sets of observations.

“Any type of oscillation on the Sun can tell us a lot about the environment the oscillations are taking place in, or about the physical mechanism responsible for driving changes in emission,” said Ryan Milligan, lead author of this first study and solar physicist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre in Greenbelt, Maryland, and the University of Glasgow in Scotland. In this case, the regular pulses of extreme ultraviolet light indicated disturbances — akin to earthquakes — were rippling through the chromosphere, the base of the Sun’s outer atmosphere, during the flare.

What surprised Milligan about the oscillations was the fact that they were first observed in extreme ultraviolet data from NOAA’s GOES — short for Geostationary Operation Environmental Satellite, which resides in near-Earth space. The mission studies the Sun from Earth’s perspective, collecting X-ray and extreme ultraviolet irradiance data — the total amount of the Sun’s energy that reaches Earth’s atmosphere over time.

This wasn’t a typical data set for Milligan. While GOES helps monitor the effects of solar eruptions in Earth’s space environment — known collectively as space weather — the satellite wasn’t initially designed to detect fine details like these oscillations.

When studying solar flares, Milligan more commonly uses high-resolution data on a specific active region in the Sun’s atmosphere to study the physical processes underlying flares. This is often necessary in order to zoom in on events in a particular area — otherwise they can easily be lost against the backdrop of the Sun’s constant, intense radiation.

“Flares themselves are very localized, so for the oscillations to be detected above the background noise of the Sun’s regular emissions and show up in the irradiance data was very striking,” Milligan said.

There have been previous reports of oscillations in GOES X-ray data coming from the Sun’s upper atmosphere, called the corona, during solar flares. What’s unique in this case is that the pulses were observed in extreme ultraviolet emission at frequencies that show they originated lower, in the chromosphere, providing more information about how a flare’s energy travels throughout through the Sun’s atmosphere.

To be sure the oscillations were real, Milligan and his colleagues checked corresponding data from other Sun-observing instruments on board NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory or SDO, for short: one that also collects extreme ultraviolet irradiance data and another that images the corona in different wavelengths of light.

Journal Reference:
Ryan O. Milligan, Bernhard Fleck, Jack Ireland, Lyndsay Fletcher, Brian R. Dennis. Detection of Three-minute Oscillations in Full-disk Lyα Emission during a Solar Flare. The Astrophysical Journal, 2017; 848 (1): L8

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