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Check it out, you could win a copy of my 2nd book, Striking the Soul!!!!!! All you have to do is, either, tweet a message (which is shown on Rafflecopter) and/or write a review of Striking the soul on Amazon for 3 entries, instead of 1! Good luck!

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This beauty was drawn by my illustrator. She illustrates my fiction while I write it. It's a team effort. This is a picture of Scar. He is one of the Naga witch's creations or "experiments" as she calls them in my book. My book (which this drawing is from) is called Striking the Soul. Hope you enjoy the magnificent picture.

Medium: HB pencil (she prefers them to special drawing pencils)

Paper: Regular printer/copy paper (we're showing that you don't need fancy stuff to be an artist!)

Everybody's doing great. Hoping to get more members! Don't forget to check out my contest, it's almost over!

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Everybody's doing a great job with art and stories! I'm working on my 2nd book. It's called "Striking the Soul" When I'm done I'll post a link to where you can buy it! I'll add a link to the first chapter! It's also illustrated by my friend!

Hosting an art AND writing contest on my blog! Check it out!

Once we get a certain amount of people (not sure how many yet) I'm going to run a contest! Just letting you all know.

Hey everybody! Just getting this community up and running! I hope you all enjoy it!
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