Solved my tinnitus problem!

There's a new mix competition for Reason.

i am such a sucker

Do not forget the Mic to Monitor is on Monday night 15/8 at 6pm at Southbank Conservatorium.

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I am may have some "creation activity" for an upcoming computer game (I can't really say "I have a gig").

I am just going to put some stuff up on Soundcloud and see what they think.

Tips always welcome.

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oh my gerd oh my gerd

Reason is now only $299. That's a lot of Reason to buy right now. You buy it, you own it for life.

Comes with 10 instruments and 20+ devices. And a bajillion ways of connecting that stuff.

Meeting for 3 Feb has been cancelled due to renovations at The Edge.

Can anyone recommend a proper-weighted 88 key controller.
I don't need a synth (prefer not) and don't need a controller with anything (faders/pads/rotaries) - I just need 88 keys with a piano feel. I am getting sick of synth-style semi-weighted keys with no travel and poor response.

How's that end of year partay looking?

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