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Kindle Countdown Deal time for my 1st novel, Only Women in Hell! .99 on June 18, $1.99 June 21, and $2.99 June 25.

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Don't forget to pick up your free copy of my second novel, The Not! For a limited time: 90 days.

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Stacey finds a happy foster home. But it soon turns into a hell. Can she escape? Only Women in Hell, only $2.99!

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Check out my new blog: Go Over It and Over It

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Check out my new blog, It's Different for Every Writer:

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Here you go! here is the July list!

Hi All,

Check it out, I'm trying to pick up my blog again. Don't know if this means I'm back....really wanted to say, I'm back bitches....but with my hectic schedule I was just able to squeeze in this newest post. So take a look and leave a comment....

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Don't forget! Do you have July goals?
Sign up and keep yourself accountable!

Show July who's boss!!!

Check out my new blog, Please Don’t Overprice Books Anymore

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Hi Everyone!

I wanted to leave this here for those that may not have seen or know.

My debut releases on August 4th 2015 and my cover reveal is this coming Friday - June 6th

I will have html ready for those who have blogs and other options for those who use varied social media platforms.

If you at all have a vacancy and would be willing to help me reveal my cover, please sign up on the link below. I know some of you already have and am eternally grateful for it. I just thought I'd reach out to others. I will have the files to people likely on Wednesday night.

If you would like to know more about the book - please go here for a write up.
It has been content and copy edited, professionally formatted and has an amazing original cover commission.
Any help at all is appreciated - and it doesn't have to be a blog
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