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Name:Kristo Blitz
Hobbies : drawing, sports
Fears: heights
Likes:adorable things
Dislikes:scary things

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My profile!! :3
Name: Ava
Age: 17
Nickname: Av/A/Ave
Hobbies: softball,modeling,makeup,singing
Super powers: mind control, can take over someone's body(posseses ppl), indestructible
Personality: loving, shy a lil, playful, athletic, smol bean, pretty, hot (I think xD), funny, single :3
Looks: brown hair with highlighted ends, brown/black eyes, white(race)
Outfits/style: casual, sexy, hot(sometimes), comfy , cute
Fears: bugs/ spiders/ clowns
Sex: Girl :3
Likes: animals, food, Starbucks, coffee, sleeppppppp, nature, Minecraft, SCREENS/PHONES/COMPUTERS!
Dislikes: Being lied to, being betrayed , being pranked, being tickled, being bullied, braggers
Spirit animal: Horse
Fav animal: horse, pig, dog, EVERY FRIKIN ANIMAL!
Fav food: pizza
Fav Starbucks drink: peach green tea lemonade, cotton candy frappe, caramel frappe
Fav color: red, pink, black, green, blue, white

Hello! I hope my role gets approved, and I would also like to ask to be a moderator and help out with this community ^_^ :-D ;-)

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