Hello, first of all I'd like to say that I really like notepadqq and use it often when working on my ubuntu workstation.
I and using v1.4.2 and I tried to use 'Run' functionality as a basic scripting solution for performing some operations on selected text. Unfortunately I don't really know how to use it properly. I've written a script in python and executed it via run command giving it %selection% placeholder as a parameter. I can see in console that script is running but I do not know if it is possible to return script output to the editor (replacing selected text) and if it is possible, how to do that.
I searched the web for any clues on the usage of 'Run' feature but with very little success, hence this post.
If what I want to do is impossible via 'Run' then can you suggest how this can be done ?
I know that this is not a technical support community but I'd be very gratefuller for some advices.

I did build-it-yourself notepadqq on a RHEL server, after resolving QT5 dependencies. Make install gave an error, but I thought I should be able to start notepadqq from the command line. I went to /home/mydir/notepadqq/support_files/launch and entered ./notepadqq at the command line. this gave an error that there was no such file as notepadqq-bin. So I renamed the executable file to notepadqq-bin and ran it again. After several seconds, I got this:

/home/mydir/notepadqq/support_files/launch/notepadqq-bin: line 56: /home/mydir/notepadqq/support_files/launch/notepadqq-bin: Argument list too long
/home/mydir/notepadqq/support_files/launch/notepadqq-bin: line 56: /home/mydir/notepadqq/support_files/launch/notepadqq-bin: Success

I'm not sure what is meant by 'Success'. Notepadqq did not start.

I would really like to try this -- how do I start it???

Assistance is appreciated.


I've been using notepadqq for 2-3 months till Mar 2018 in my Ubuntu 14.04 i386. It was great experience using it, but for last 1-2 months its not working at all. I don't know how it happened, may be due to improper shutdown or due to any update.
When I start it either from launcher or from terminal, it doesn't appear at all and no error is displayed either in terminal or in GUI/desktop. And it stays running in memory. I need to either use Ctrl+C in terminal to kill it or use kill command if executed from launcher.

Please help me resolving the issue.

Is there a way to run diff on two files open in different views? Like N++ compare plugin.

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Post has attachment

I installed via snap on ubuntu 14.04. I understand that snap prohibits accessing files outside of the home directory but I need to have access to all files on my system. Is there any workaround that can achieve this?
(I already tried installing with --devmode, which did not have any visible effect)



I successfully installed snapd on MX17.

I just tried installing with "sudo snap install notepadqq" and got the following response.

"error: cannot communicate with server: Post http://localhost/v2/snaps/notepadqq: dial unix /run/snapd-snap.socket: connect: no such file or directory"

What is the solution?

What a great app! One big problem though that is driving me insane.. there is no "selection only" option in replace for replace all. N++ has this, and I desperately need that feature.

Is there a way to view all whitespace like you can in Notepad++ i.e. View>Show Symbol>Show Whitespace and Tab
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