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Ive created a discord server for GoPlayNW.
+John Powell if you want I'll hand it over to you, otherwise I'll just mod any of the organizers of GoPlayNW who contact me. This way we can plan and chat about GoPlayNW up until the conference and even during. The link to the server:

I just grabbed my Go Play NW 2018 tickets! Plus got me a sweet +John Harper t-shirt. It's going to be a great year. I'll be bringing Free Spacer, which should be Kickstarting by then.

Go Play 2018, what games are people interested in this year.

Go Play is a few months away and what I learnt from last year is preparing a game to run as a oneshot at a con like this requires more thought (not necessarily more work mind you) than other settings.

So I figured I'd ask what games are people interested in? Do they want more Blades in the Dark? Or fate? I'm not sure games like burning wheel, zweihander or D&D work in the short 4 hour bursts that occur in a con, but if people are keen for those I could work on creating a fun session using them.

So, what nearby hotel do people like for GoPlay NW? We want to stay a short walk away, but not in the dorms. Suggestions?

So we get teased with the Con' date but still no tickets. Im planning to stay on campus this year, hoping I wont get sick like last year and trying to decide what to run and looking forward to seeing what is available to play.

Hi Go Players!

I have been bringing Free Spacer to the con for the last several years. Now you can play it too. I am running a streaming playtest of my unpublished, but finished™, sci-fi tabletop RPG Free Spacer. The session is primarily to promote the game for a eventual Kickstarter. We recently finished our first contract, but we lost some players. I found one replacement, but need another. I'm looking for someone with a camera and mic that wants to play while streaming to twitch and saved to YouTube.

We run Monday nights starting at 6 ~10pm PST. We're planning to start up again on Monday, January 22nd for about 9 or 10 weeks, but I'd like to do character creation before then.

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I had such a great time. Played some incredible games and met some fantastic people, including the amazing cast of my session of Inheritance.

Hey, had a great time. I played in a really satisfying game of World of Blades, a hack that mixed World of Dungeons with Blades in the Dark. Is that PDF available somewhere? I have Blades, but am infatuated with all things World of Dungeons related.
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