In the state of Maine there still exists a very large gap between the rites of a Father and the rites of a Mother. Often times Maine Fathers are forced into the role of a "Disneyland Parent" which is to say only weekends and every other holiday. In some situations this is justified, but in many this is simply the result of a lazy family court system which continues to view mothers as having the rite to parent while fathers have the rite to "prove" they have the rite. As a 10 year "veteran" of the family law battlefield I can tell you that this situation is not going to change unless Fathers start demanding it. I have been able to successfully fight for my rite to be a parent on my terms but it has cost me countless hours of my time, more money than I care to think about and a fierce determination to keep my children with me. The intention of this group is to gather together in one place, Fathers who have ideas for change. I am looking for an exchange of information and thoughts on how we can bring this issue to light in a meaningful way and maybe lend each other some support along the way.
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