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Found this great product that deals with bare spots in lawn. Not sure if it works yet 

Happy Monday all! Please feel free to post questions!

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April showers bring May flowers, but spring rain may also wreak havoc for homeowners. Protect your property from water damage with these helpful tips.

Q: How do you deal with a neighbor with a barking dog? 
A: Most dog barking complaints can be resolved simply by letting your neighbor know this is happening. If the homeowner is away and the pet has access through a dogie door, they may not know the dog is a constant nuisance to the neighbors. If the that option is not available reporting the complaint to the local Animal Control and finally the HOA may also have rules on this item. The HOA can issue a letter per the violation policy but the next letter or pursuance of such violation can only occur if the person complaining keeps reporting this matter based on the violation compliance timelines. For more information contact

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What should you do when you get a violation letter from your HOA?
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