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Beauty Tips / Totkay For Skin, Long Hair, Hair Fall, Dry Hair and Dandruff Shampoo Tips Best natural beauty tips for clear, glowing skin and long thick hair/
Beauty tips hath gory krny ka tarika in urdu | hands white tips | spotless hands in one time Beauty Tips for Dry Skin Face in urdu||Face ki Dryness khatam karne k tips||Beauty Tips in urdu||
Rang Gora Karne Ka Tarika - Face Beauty Tips Skin Whitening Miracle Formula (Results In LIVE Video) By Simple Beauty Secrets
Simple Skin whitening Beauty Tip / Rang Gora karne ki Ek Beauty Tip /Simple Secrets Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips for Dry Skin Face in urdu||Face ki Dryness khatam karne k tips
hands white tips | spotless hands in one time Simple Secrets Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips for Skin in hindi urdu tips hands white tips Simple Secrets Beauty Tips

3 Beauty Tips For Clear, Soft & Beautiful Hand Care / Simple Secrets Beauty Tips in hindi urdu

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If you are using NeoBux too, and you have been paying attention to what is happening in the PTC World, you know what is going to happen.

PayPal have been suspending the services to a variety of system with a Revenue-Sharing model. Of the main sites that I promote here, EasyHits4U was hit first by the policy change, and not long after ClixSense followed.

I think it is not unrealistic to expect that NeoBux will be hit at some point. So, how can you prepare?

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It doesn’t matter if it is from an E-mail, from an “investor”, from a PTC Site, from a BitCoin Faucet; if you are asked for Money / BitCoins to receive Money / BitCoins, it is a fraud / scam.

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NeoBux had a lot of Christmas promotions, but for New Year they have all of them in one promotion, available until January 1st one of them, and the others until January 2nd at 18:00 server time. These promotions are:
- Renewal discount on referrals for all memberships.
- Discount on Golden Membership purchases and / or extensions.
- Golden Packs discounted prices.
- AdPrize visualizations.

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Now it is 2016 that is almost over. Not surprisingly the main sites didn’t change at all, and again many are gone and some stopped paying. And my objective also remains the same, to go deep into the PTC world to find opportunities that work and protect people from scams, while teaching some good marketing techniques that have worked for me. These are the sites that were and still are very solid.

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I still lack the whole story, and the people from EasyHits4U is yet to answer me (well, I wrote them over the weekend, I am not expecting any answer until this week), but PayPal is not available in EasyHits4U right now, neither to upgrade the membership, nor to cash-out.

I only have rumors, so I can not assure that they will get PayPal back (I hope they do, it is a Traffic Exchange that I really like) or that it is gone for good (they are polling the users to see which other payment alternatives they would like to see implemented).

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Second Halloween Promotion at NeoBux: Discounted referral extension renewals

And the Halloween promotion where it is cheaper to extend referrals for long periods of time has arrived :)

I also wrote a little about the Rented Referrals in NeoBux. It is a system that works, and it gets to the point in which it is a little addictive, but unlike those games these days, if you win here you will have an additional income stream in your life :)

NeoBux has been around for 8 years and it is stable and strong, I can not think of other network where it is worth it to invest the time to build the rented referrals network. And the money that you receive, you earn it, it is the way in which NeoBux keeps its users active for long periods of time.

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As every year, the time of Halloween is a good time to invest a little in NeoBux or to use those funds which you have been accumulating. Every year Halloween brings discounts in both the Golden membership and in rented referral extensions.

At this moment we haven’t get a discounted referral extension, but Golden membership purchase or upgrade has a $20 discount, so it cost USD$70 instead of the usual USD$90.

In adition there is an extra AdPrize chance per Ad viewed, so you get 5 chances instead of the usual 4.

As an advertiser this means that you get extra Advertising views with your purchases, an extra 25% more views in AdPrize on every package.
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