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Welcome to camp! Please make a Bio and wait for approval. When it's approved please comment your Name,Age,Gender,Years at Camp, and Godly Parent. Please comment if your name is on the list to prove your active. Please comment if your info isn't on the list so I can keep the list active and recent!

Rules and Bio Set up:

1. Limit of 2 Bios
2. You may share chain posts in here, but only put them in the chain post category
3. Please put everything in the right category
4. If your roleplay is open, please say open roleplay at the top.
5. If you see an open roleplay that no one has joined, please join it.
6. Do not invite people to join other comunities
7. Listen to the mods (+Fury Green and +Potterhead PJfangirl) and the Owner (+Laser Gaming he is currently not as active due to school and other stuff)

Bio Set Up:
| Name: | Age: | Gender: | Cabin: | Years at camp: | Looks: (optional: include a picture) | Personality: | Weapon: | Friends: | Enemies: | Sexuality: | Crush: | Mortal Parent: | Backstory: | Other: |


HEAD-Peyton McRue, F, 16, 10 years
Cassandra "Cloud" Mase, F, 13
Grant Lucas, M, 16, 2 years

HEAD-Miro Spano, M, 13, 0 years
Misty, F, 15, 6 years
Lilith M, F, 15, 2 years
Alex harper, Genderfluid. 13, 3 years
Rico, M, 15, 0 years
Jett Williams, M, 14, 0 years
Delihla, F, 13,2

ARMY COMMANDER-HEAD-Selena Elextor, F, 19, 4 years
Nicole Bilyak, F, 16, 3

HEAD-Alex Willow, M, 15, 0 years
Noah Harrison, M, 16, 5 years
Joules Anderson, F, 14, 0 years
Ashley (Ash) DiLaurentis, F, 15, 0 years
Evangie L' Corte , F, 18, 0 years
Noemi Torres, F, 16, 6 years
Courtney Rose Greyson, F, 15, 1 year
Grace, F, 15, 3 years

HEAD, SCOUTING COMMANDER-Nick Riding, M, 15, 5 years at camp
Phoenix Rogers, M, 16, 3 years
Jophiel "Dream" Far, M, 13, 7 years
Jack Ryan, M, 16, 0 years
Alex Sanchez, M, 14, 6 months

Artemis (Huntresses):
Jasper Siouxsie, F, 13, 4 years, Daughter of Poseidon
Ite, F, 16, 2 years,Daughter or Apollo

Flara Una Valdez, F, 15, 2 years
McKenna Titcomb, F, 15
Johnny Ramone , M, 16

HEAD-Alyssa Wilotyre, F, 15, 15 years
Misty Jones, F, 15
Katana, 14, F, 0
Evanna Aldaine, 15, F, 0
spasméni kardiá agápi , 12, M, 3 years

John, 12, M, 1 year

HEAD-Thomas bridges, M, 13, 0 years
Kirstin Groves, F, 15, 0 years

HEAD-Brooke Luman, F, 15 , 2 years
Zoe Coal, F, 14, 2 years
Violet Di'Morte, F, 13, 0 years
Demitri Light, M, 16, 0 years


HEAD-Selene Li, F, 14
Abigal March, F, 14 1/2, 1 month


HEAD-Furious (Fury) Green, M, 13, 3 years
Apsen Inkwell, F/M, 17,0



Natasha Bonetti, F, 16, 15 years
Alexander Zsombol, M, 13Tyche, 1 year at camp,

HEAD-Magus Potentioribus, M, 14, 0
Avery Atlas, F, 14, 3 years
Iona Dragontine , F, 13, 10 years
Amara Jones, 15, F
Racheal Jones, F, 15, 1 years
West, M, 19, 5 years
Kyle, M, 16, 4 years

Lily Samson, F, 17, 0 years

Jodar Mosoro, M, 13, 3 weeks

Celeste Dior, F, 15, 0 years


Chaos, Kelsey Brin, F, 14, 6 years
Ourea, Pyros oroseirá, M, 17, 0 years

| Name: Connor Schremer| Age: 16 | Gender: Male | Cabin: Dionysus | Years at camp: 1 | Looks: kind purple eyes, brown hair, olive skin, 5"9, athletic build| Personality: funny, party animal | Weapon: sword and bow | Friends: don't know yet | Enemies: don't know yet | Sexuality: Straight | Crush: Don't know yet | Mortal Parent: Mom | Backstory: His mom was killed by a gorgon and he got chased into camp | Other: already really powerful, can kill if you mess with his friends, his sword turns into a para cord bracelet when he's not using it |

What happened to the community?



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I just wanted to see im asking the age range you are currently if yoyre still reading the books, im 18 and still love them dunno if its weird or not
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Under 12

The mods and owners have moved on

Rp anybody

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Name: Lughaidh Mac Gabhann ( pronounced "loo ee". Translates in English: "Louis Smith")

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Cabin: Hephaestus

Years at CHB: 4

Looks: Tall and lanky, with shimmering copper-colored hair and shining, greener than green eyes. Always seen with a pair of green-tinted, mirrored welding goggles on his head, his ever present backpack, his trenchcoat (or tailcoat, depending on the season) and matching bowler hat, and his gentleman's cane with its spherical top.

Personality: Quite serious and generally shy, although he can be friendly once you get to know him.

Weapon: He favors the mechanical, and therefore generally tries to stay out of conflict. However, if push comes to shove his backpack can dispense a series of controllable spider like limbs, enabling him to move with startling levels of agility and a various assortment of blades attached to more mechanical arms, all of which seems to be controlled by his thoughts. He wields his backpack better than most people handle cars, and as such he is a formidable opponent against even multiple opponents with firearms. His cane, when used properly can block even sharpest of blades without so much as a scratch to its surface, and his bowler hat can be converted into a spinning shield, capable of deflecting even the strongest of firearms. Both the hat and the cane can only be used for a short time, however, before their effectiveness must recharge. His trench coat (or tailcoat,  depending on the season) contains two concealed blades in the sleeves, but which can be used to pry, cut, slash, dig, or stab.

Freinds: He tends to stay to himself mostly, although he has made friends in his own bunk and others. He tends to hang around  Róisín Mac Giolla Bháin (Or  "Rosaleen White" in english), since they joined at the same time, and in fact were freinds even before Camp Half Blood, giving rise to several rumors that they are a couple, though this has never been confirmed and both categorically deny the allegations.

Enemies: not many to speak of, though he does seem to have some sort of feud with some children of Ares.

Sexuality: Straight

Crush: He has a secret crush on his freind Rosaleen and has wanted to tell her for some time, though he has never manged to gather enough courage.

Mortal Parent: Róisín Mac Gabhann

Backstory: Louis grew up knowing he was different, though he was never sure how different. As a child, he loved to play with anything remotely mechanical, and eventually discovered he was quite talented with repairing and building just about anything. Around the time he turned thirteen, he began to draw the attention of monsters. Wherever he went, it seemed as though another nightmarish creature would try to attack him. One day, he and his mother were attacked by an unknown monster. His mother screamed at him to run, and handed him a backpack, telling him it was a gift from his father. She gave him the address to the camp and told him the people there could help him understand who he was. He escaped, but his mother died fighting the monster. After running for some time, he ended up at his freind's house. Together, the two of them set out to find the location of this mysterious address. They eventually arrived in NY, and discovered that the address belonged to a camp of similarly gifted children. It was here that Louis discovered that he was a demigod, and that his father was Hephaestus, the God of the Forge.

Other: Being the son of the Forge God, Louis is quite handy mechanically. He tends to use this to help others, though on occasion he has pulled pranks on some of the other campers, and even some of the head staff, much to their chagrin.

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Name: Róisín Mac Giolla Bháin (Pronounced: "Rosheen," In English, Rosaleen White)

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Cabin: Aphrodite

Years at CHB: 4

Looks: Slender, with a small chest, and shimmering golden curls, which she generally wears in a long braid. Always seen with her parasol slung over her arm, and a fan in her hands, like a proper lady.

Personality: very upbeat and cheerful, hardly ever seen without a smile on her face. But despite her good nature, she has been known to cause serious damage to those who anger her, or try to harm her or her friends.

Weapon: Like Louis, she generally tries to stay out of conflict, but when pushed, or if her friends (espeially Louis) are the ones in danger, she will fight to her death to protect them. Her weapons are concealed, just as Louis' s are. Her parasol, when deployed properly acts as a shield, but care must be taken for it can be broken. It also has a rapier concealed in the handle, with a baked that can grow thicker or thinner depending on the opponent's own blade size. Her fan is in actuality made up of bars of razor-sharp metal, and when used properly can be very lethal indeed. Conversely, it can be used to block otherblock bladed weapons and some firearms, but has limited resistance and should be used in such  a fashion as sparingly as possible.

Freinds: Again, just like Louis, Rosaleen tends to stay mostly to herself, although her charming smile has been able to win over many people. She tends to hang around Louis almost exclusively,  having known him the longest out of anyone, giving rise to the to the rumors that they are a couple, though this has never been confirmed and both categorically deny these allegations outright.

Enemies: None to speak of, though she seems to have a particular dislike for any of the more war oriented gods, specifically the Ares bunk.

Sexuality: Straight.

Crush: Secretly in love with Louis, though she is just as shy about admitting it as he is about admitting it to her.

Mortal Parent: Séamus Mac Giolla Bháin

Backstory: Like Louis, when Rosaleen knew she was different, although in her case it was her unnatural beauty that gave rise to these suspicions. However her fsther never talked of her mother, so she never asked. When Louis came to her house, with his story of the monster attacking, Rosaleen initially suspected shell-shock to be the culprit behind his fantastic stories. Her father overheard them talking and told her his words were true, but would explain no more to them. Instead, he gave them money and provisions enough for a few weeks and instructed them to take the next boat to England and from there to NY,  to find this camp Louis's mother mentioned. So they followed his advice, and they traveled to NY, eventually finding the camp, where they were welcomed with open arms, and it was revealed that Rosaleen was a daughter of Aphrodite,  Goddess of Love.

Other: She is quite smart, and is often Louis's accomplice in pulling his pranks, earning her status in the eyes of the other members of her bunk and his.
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