Hi things have been a bit quiet, n the Carnage front, there re a lot of things I like about the games ideas... and was interested to see some the ideas that had been mentioned in various places...
I have wanted to use the rules for Vietnam and recently have been thinking on it for use of WWII pacific campaigns...
Had also considered expanding the concept and having players being officers of higher rank, perhaps starting as platoon, company or Battalion commanders

Is there anyone using these rules regularly or new projects being worked on?

Do you let your PCs keep their existing weapons when they go up in rank? I have a Corporal in my game who wants to keep his upgraded E-Cannon rather than switch to the Sergeant's weapon selection after being promoted. I let him, but I'd be interested to see what other people are doing. ("Sorry, regulations" could also be a setting-appropriate reason to shaft the PCs and take their stuff, but I didn't go that route.)

Also, Grenades only appear on the Trooper and Corporal weapon lists, but since the potential for friendly fire is so much fun I default to everyone having them equipped.

Do you now where i can find new weapons and scenarios? thanks. 

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Quite awhile ago I formatted the web expansion, So Few, into a PDF. Thought I'd share.

Whatever happened to Carnage Amongst The Web?

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Most 3:16 thing I've seen in a long while.

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New scenario by +matt jackson I've added it to my collection. I really like the ideas he's thrown into this.


Currently toying with the idea of bringing back my Fantasy hack for 3:16 and working on it a bit more so I can use it specifically to run a Sword & Sorcery game.

Right now the base mechanic stays the Same, FA & NFA, roll under. The main change so far is that Threat tokens are no longer an abstract number of enemies. A single token is one mook, and as they get more powerful they become a higher stack of tokens(I use poker chips), so a Boss might be 4+ tokens. A single successful attack still removes a single token. You no longer count kills, you count Tokens removed. In this system weapons aren't special. A weapon is a weapon is a weapon, since in Sword & Sorcery what the Hero is wielding is rarely important.

Love to hear suggestions, but I would like to keep from adding too many new mechanics.

Also, keep in mind that I don't have AD 316 and have seen next to nothing about how it works. So if you're suggesting using something from it explain it in detail. (Unless someone has a PDF of the Gen Con stuff, nudge nudge wink wink)

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Thanks for letting me in.

For the start, here is the link to AAR of the solo game I played recently.

Hi everyone,
it is assumed that with the pc's there are also other soldiers in the same squad?
(Even if they don't have a mechanical effect, but so that a player can say things like "I take five of them, and launch an attack to the enemy base").
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