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Hello! I'm working on an Audio Drama, and while I got voice impressionist covered, we only have about five artists! It's mainly centered around Equestria Girls, but the categories are Human, "Ponied-Up", and Pony. Despite the due date in the video, I'm accepting artists at any time! Please send an example of your work to my email, thank you!

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If anyone needs art, I'm here, I do pretty much everything when it comes to content except NSFW
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Children of the Harmony needs artists by June 30, 2016 if you want to try out, please send it to my E-mail: ponypainter51@gmail. com

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I have an audio drama!!! For like... Three months... And I haven't even started picking out roles, so try out if you want!!! (I need lots more people!)

Children of Harmony:

hello all! i just checked the members thing and apparently i'm the owner? so... yeah! hello!

Ello~ Tis announcement time!

I have decided to finally step up. It is time for that special announcement on my new audio drama. Now, after a break from My Little Pony. I have decided to come back new! So, let's get started shall we? I'll just list the voices, and if you'd like to try for that role, then come find myself on hangout's!

Princess Celestia~

Princess Luna~


Queen Crysalis~

King Sombra~

Twilight Sparkle~ [Myself]

Rainbow Dash~

Pinkie Pie~

Apple Jack~




Sweetie Belle~

Apple Bloom~

★★Greeting's ~

Umm. Hello? If anyone remembers me. I made a new more official, My Little Pony Voice Acting account. I was under the names of Lily The VA, or Kayla The VA. Yeah, that changed. Anyway, I am starting up an official project!


I haven't made the casting call on YouTube yet, I'm still tweaking the video, but if you want to come get a headstart! Message me on hangout's!

Well. Thank You! I think?

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Hello! Can anyone draw my OC and Twilight Sparkle together? As in, shipped? It's just a fun joke that me and some of my friends have XD I did draw one of them two together (aren't they just too cute XD) but I was wondering if someone could maybe do it a bit more professionally? I would be very grateful!
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