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Be Raedy to be amazed!!!!

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Live streaming of inktalks in my college on 25th,26th & 27th
#gsa   #gsaindia   #gsaamrita   #inktalks2013  
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Photo story of GCDC Hackathon conducted on 26th of oct 2013 :)

#gsa   #gsaindia   #gcdc2013   #gcdc   #Fun   #Hackathon   #google  

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GDG Bangalore is organising a hackathon(#GCDC) in infosys On Nov 16th from 10 Am to 6PM Interested People Register Here  

"*Google Cloud Developer Challenge - Show the world what you can do with Google Cloud Services.* "

Participate in the 8 hour hackathon. 

Register here: 

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Hi Everyone...

I am Proud and Excited to announce my Open Source Project "OK GOOGLE"

Project Began With a Simple Idea bringing the 'Power Of Google'  To Next million/billion of people in india who don't have daily internet access....

Please visit here to know more about the project

The project is still in beta so tell me if you find any bugs..

Dear google. I love you. I love you so much its ridiculous.... 

Sitting here with my google finance, gmail and youtube tabs open whilst using google chrome i think back to my day today and here is some things on how u made my life better.

1.) i google searched ridiculas and you told me how to spell it correctly
2.) Whilst at work I have google crome permanently open and use it as much time as possible, at my company IT will only support IE6...and the less said about that the better.
3.) i google dry cleaners in my area and found thier addresses
4.) used google maps to find the dry cleaners and then decided i didnt like the look of it and googled/mapped another one.

 #GCDC  #LoveGoogle #copiedthecotation

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The last date of submition for the college level app submition for GCDC is 15th of november!!!!!
We will be giving away T-shirts to the 1st 20 good apps team and top 5 app will be getting google bags,bottles,dairy,T-shirts and many more too ;);)
So what are you waiting for Hurry Up!!!!Start coding and submit us Your app in this Form:


Best regards,

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The video says it all!!!! :)
Be there and I promise you that YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!

What is INKtalks ?

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Here's a video explaining what the 10th anniversary of Google Summer of Code holds in store!

Google Summer of Code
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