i need a pictur of pony flash sentry standing by an orange Colt with a black spiky hair & tail similar to flash's for my flash sentry fanfic anybdy wanna back me up?

the reason cutie markless was so bad was becuse, in other pirmere/finale episodes, there is a challenge like say, in, the pilot when NIghtmare Moon smashes the elements, or in "return of harmony" when discord corrupts the freinds into exact opposites of themselves, but nothing like that happened in cutie markless, big jim just dragged us though the cliche'd mud, i can think of like, half a dozen ways that episode could be better done

-twilight being the one believing nothing is wrong with the town, rather than fluttershy
-fluttershy is the one who led them in the trap taht removed their marks
-starlight goes over to equalize ponyville but cant cause there are citezens like say, spike who don't (or can't) have cutie marks, taching that you cant force your ideals on people, cause there will always be somebody who is not on the same page
-the ponies that yearned for their marks back never really wanted their marks back, & it turned out to be a ruse set up by starlight glimmer
-twi goes over to check on something, & when she returns, her friends are entirely brainwashed by starlight
_starlight "eqalizes" the princesses & in turn, "eqalize" the sun & the moon causing one side of eqestria to burn & another to freeze (they should've done that in the season 4 premier

wow, maybe hasbro should put ME On the mlp writers team

dumb idea #78: an LPS/EQG Crossover

Here's another joke i made up
 Ball bearing: all the ones who ever did this trick wound up there (points to sky)
Scootaloo: ya mean there dead,
Ball Bearing: no, in canada
anyone wanna put this in a comic? i'd prefer it in the  EQG universe

anybody working on any fanfics, or members they want to invite

what is the deal with twivine?

did anybody read the EQG 2014 holiday special

I hope to Start a Petition t find Rarity and bring her Back to the Sisterhooves Social

i finally got on to contiuing  MLP Return to canterlot high, anyone wo wants to read it can click on the link in the community description, after reading it, tell me what u thing

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gilda as a human
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