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If God(s) exist and they want us to know this, who has "The Burden of Proof" ?
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The God(s) in question
None of the above

Is time a quale?

“No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.”
A touch of madness. Not a dump truck load of madness. 

An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Is justice a subjective term?

Who would win in a fight between an omnipotent being and an omnipotent being? I love this hypothetical scenario. lol

I have come to a certain realization it would seem we transform to look like long crappy behaviors, making us look like what we are and so kinda can go against the saying "don't judge a book by its cover" the cover can possibly so lead you to understand not talking to these people will be less a head ache for you than you thought.

Three types of people I have found are these

The victim cry: these people go about life crying about everything, getting hysterical about things that didn't happen when they are on a victim complex from things like verbal communication and things the like... They are traumatic and dramatic and like the drama mask that has a sad face. Mimicking it they do! Commonly these are sjws.

The alien gleam: when you live a lie for so long you start to develop fakeness smiley mask and a desire to heavily sickenly lead people on a lie. so compulsive at that they usually strike children at a young age to join them in their lies strongly.

The swine: yes you know how we call the uncultured a piggy pig pig? Well it is a true characteristic of one that looks like a pig! Out in society these people are surprisingly gross human beings that have no culture, lies, stinks (pigs apparently do not like being dirty), tries to cheat you for material things like drugs so they use thievery and lying, they are also major gluts... Like they eat too much and are fat as a pig and their faces make them look like a big fat pig!

What do you guys think about my idea on how life can transform us based on who we are? These all are negative but I usually see that good and better people look better and are more healthy....

Idk where to put this so I am guessing social philosophy.

"You talk about postmodernism quite often. Can you sum up this philosophy in a sentence or two?"
"Postmodernism is when you carefully and lovingly place your fake flowers in a vase of water."
"I see..."
True story.

Certainly by chance, a substance that absorbs energy from the outside world and performs some activity, that is, a creature was born. Since that creature has diversity according to the root that it originated from coincidence, each organism has a different structure, absorbing energy by different methods, and carrying out different activities. And, while all the living beings were formed, organisms that divide themselves and proliferated appeared. Furthermore, while these self-propagating organisms are being created, organisms have grown that propagate individuals with structures that have altered their structure slightly. By this, the creature started evolution. Vulnerable organisms will soon die and strong organisms will leave more offspring than vulnerable organisms in the longest lives. As a result, creatures of species with fragile structures were culled, and organisms that could withstand strong, that is, more diverse natural environments flourished. By repeatedly repeating this, organisms have shifted to strong, that is, capable of withstanding more diverse natural environments.
And this fact reveals the essential principle about living things. That is, the existence of living things is the philosophy of improving survivability. Survivability is the property of all living creatures that affect the life and death of the creature and the prosperity of that species's living things. Evolution has been made so that organisms are destined to die where fragile individuals die and fragile species to be culled out and from that fate the organism inevitably seeks survival and to have properties suitable for survival. Therefore, all living creatures, which are products of evolution, are themselves formed by the philosophy of improving survivability, and the philosophy of the behavior of living organisms and organisms is the establishment of survivability.
In addition, organisms acquire the information of the outside world by repeating evolution, analyze the information, the mechanism to conduct activities that are more likely to survive themselves, ie the sensory organs and intelligence and behavioral power An organism with which it came was produced. Animals make decisions by conducting all kinds of analyzes, but they can store information on such analyzes, and can analyze them in addition to information on past analyzes when conducting new analyzes , That is, they can learn.
For organisms before animals, the change in the survival of that creature was made only once in the generation, ie only when modifying the self's inheritance at the time of proliferation. However, each time an animal analyzes by an organization of learning, the next analysis changes, and due to the change, changes in survivability are repeated many times in one generation. By learning, animals can adapt to the environment without changing generations from conventional organisms.
Furthermore, animals repeatedly evolved, changing sensory organs, intelligence, and behavioral power, and while pursuing survival, people with advanced intelligence arise. Humans detect the wavelength of a wide range of light which can distinguish most of the objects existing on the earth and recognize the vision of stereoscopically sensing the object and the sense of hearing sense of the intention of other animals to emit, It has five senses: tactile to sense obstacles to the body, sense of smell to sense dangerous chemicals, and sense of taste to sense if the ingredients of the ingested crops are suitable for themselves. Moreover, it has both limbs that can move even in a stepped or uneven environment on the ground, and both hands that can precisely manipulate the object. And, it has intelligence that analyzes information from five senses highly and gives instructions to limbs. In addition to the development of powerful input and output institutions of five senses and limbs, the intelligence which analyzed the input information and judged the action to be output was also advanced.
And man invented the language while doing activities. Human beings have advanced intelligence and, in addition to that, the use of languages ​​has made it possible to say that it is also the extreme of evolution of living things. Language enables the transfer of survivability among individuals. Whatever the animal before human beings learn, the outcome of that learning can not be conveyed to another individual, so if the individual dies, the result of that learning has disappeared. However, human beings have become able to communicate the results of learning to others by language, and acquisition of survivability by learning has become inherited among generations.
Creatures self-proliferating and acting in a certain chance were born. The organism evolved in the dimension of the species by natural course and acquired survivability. Within that evolution, organisms are equipped with intelligence, and by the mechanism of learning it has become possible to acquire survivability in the dimension of generation. Furthermore, human beings are born while the intelligence is acting, and human beings invented the language makes it possible to communicate the survival acquired by learning, and accompanying it, the survivability by inter-generational learning is inherited
It came to be. Following these changes, organisms pursued survival by all methods, and there existed existence with advanced civilization and technology of human beings.

What type of punishment should Nazi officers be facing today? 

can the truth be studied scientifically? The truth is not falsifiable.
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