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1. Ask to be teacher by leader or mod
2. Gary and Mary sue are okay
3. Sign up first don't change name or pic unless I trust you like fire bird she a mod even though she maybe a member
4. be nice unless when you sign up and she or he is bad it okay

((+reapertale toriel life ))

Fire listened to the teacher's introduction.

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Name: Pastel Mark (i adopted her in a post)
Sex/gender: female
Age: 18
Bio: she was born on time on of sonic rainboom, some would say that's how her mane was so colorful but her mane was her reason she got teased cause it was to colorful, she looked to the bright side much as possible at times
Cm: a penicl that drew a rainbow
Cm story: a crazy and long story
Parents: ME!!!

Weeeee don't have any teachers on here!!!!

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Name: "melody"
Sex/gender: "female"
Age: "17"
Bio: "don't wanna talk about it..."
Cm: "microphone crossing a music note"
Cm story: "long story...."
Parents: " again don't wanna talk about it...."

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Name: Ice Cake
Sex/gender: Female duh
Age: 16
Bio: She is popular, but is really nice. She's average smart, and she has no boyfriend, unlike her popular friends.
Cm: Ice Cream
Cm story: She is sweet to almost everyone, and almost everyone loves her. like ice cream
Parents: Sugar Sweet (mother) and Chocolate Drop (Father)

Fire was sitting alone at lunch, silently. Her 2 friends were sitting with their boyfriends, and her other was sitting with snobs. just like in real life ((open RP))

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Name: Circuits
Sex/gender: female
Age: 17
Bio: she smart ponybot but can get curious and confused and loves to game
Cm: a pc showing circuits
Cm story: she is surious gamer and intersed of what in side of a pc one day her pc broke down and she fix it then it appeared
Parents: XGH-19 (alive) and Minty fresh (dead)
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goes to school's parking lot gets in my car goes street racing a beautiful girl who goes to this school sees me (open rp)

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Name: Fire Bird
Sex/gender: female
Age: 16
Bio: she's a hot-headed pegasus who happens to do youtube. she is not popular whatsoever and she's smart, and on;y has 3 other friends. most of the boys hate her.
Cm: fire
Cm story: her youtube name is fire bird, so when she started youtube, it appeared.
Parents: Falcon and Humming Bird
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