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Mission Map is marked with restroom locations, bus route in the area and local bike share rental locations. Group picture will be here 

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Xfac general hangout for the event.
We did have a join link but getting to many spammers. Please comment below if you wish to be added.

Potluck BBQ Signup.
Post in the comments what item you plan to bring to the event to share.
Bring your own beverage and alcohol will be allowed at the event. Please drink responsibly. We will try to have a point to collect items before the group photo if you wish or bring them to the park after you finish the missions.

+Kim Riser​ In answer to your questions from the other group. Enlightened local contacts are +Chase Pritchard+Jacob Boaz+Jomo​ We do not have any banner missions (I am not a fan of them so I haven't made one). Recommended missions would be art in the heart, grave keeper 1+2, hood of enlightenment, UAF sculpture, creamers field (be warned of mosquitos) mysteries of morris thompson, there are also a couple alphabet letter missions among others that use passphrases. 3 good ones in North Pole also. Non Ingress stuff- Chena Hot Springs, Creamers Field, Santa House in North Pole, granite tors or angel rocks hiking trails, Denali National Park is just south about 2.5hrs.

There is an agent I know from Vermont who has expressed interest in creating a Fairbanks Mission Day card. Are we interested in pursuing cards so I can get the ball rolling on them?

So they need a location for checkout. I have one business downtown that offered. My other thought is a picnic shelter at Pioneer Park. $50 rental fee. We could do a potluck dinner after checkout there?

Hotel Discussion thread.
We are going to try to arrange some discounts at the following hotels for the event and will post more details as we find out.
Spring Hill Suites: 20 rooms for 9th,10th, $189 (regular rate $279) Wifi + Continental breakfast Niantic Mission Day

Westmark(refused to offer discount because of tourist season)


La Quinta

Other areas-
Super 8- cheaper hotel not able to offer discount during tourist season.

Best Western- not willing to offer discount

Holiday Inn Express- holding 10 rooms at $179 Fairbanks Mission Day for discount. Only being held till May 10th then rooms are no longer reserved for us.

Hampton Inn

For those of us who never have, what is Mission Day 101? What can we expect from the Fairbanks Mission Day?

Dining Discussion Thread
Restaurants with Portals
The Bakery
Cookie Jar
Sourdough Sam's
Lulu's Bagels
Brewsters (both locations)
Pump House (not sure if reachable inside)
Pike's (not sure if reachable inside)
Silver Gulch Brewery
Hoodoo Brewery
Soapy Smith's
Pho House
Big Daddy's BBQ
Bobby's Downtown
McCafferty's Coffe House
Lin's Asian Bistro
Alaska Coffee Roasting Company
Pagoda (In North Pole)

Food Factory (new location no longer has a portal)

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