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Channel Trailer For Bonehead Ninja Rider

This is the beginning of my MotoVlog life and I hope you like the videos.

I'm far from professional so learning all the editing software has been challenging and fun. There's lots more on the way.


Let me know what you think. Do I need to make some changes?

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What Kind Of Motorcycle Do You Ride? Episode 1 – Touring

This funny, entertaining comedy is a video titled Touring and is Episode 1 of 6 from my selfmade series What Kind Of Motorcycle Do You Ride?

It combines bikes and babes, the best things in life. There's a twist to this series and it will most definitely offend some viewers. For all you people that are "Old sticks in the mud," don't get your shirt in a knot or hate me for doing it. Find the lighter side of life and live it up for just a few minutes.

Hope you enjoy.

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My First MotoVlog: Buying a bike could end in divorce

I just bought a new Kawasaki Ninja 300. One problem . . . I didn't tell my wife. She's going to "freak" when she finds out. Will she kick my ass to the curb?

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Ninja 300 Driving to Florida For Sex On The Beach

I'll be riding my Kawasaki Ninja 300 to Florida if my wife finds out I bought a new sportbike. She will divorce me and kick my ass to the curb.

This video tells a little about me, my awful friends, and why I started MotoVlogging.

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Lamborghini Scared To Race Kawasaki Ninja 300

That Lamhorghini had no idea I was a little Kawasaki Ninja 300 ready to race. I was out riding around earlier today with my Gopro Hero 4 attached and came across this guy.

I pulled up behind him to play a little "Cat and Mouse." . If we raced, he would have destroyed me. All he saw was a bright green sportbike. As a result, he chickened out at the last minute. Here's the custom thumbnail and the video.

Hope you like it.
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