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{Regular form/first 3 pics}
" does Zetty sound for you ZETTON?"
~Shocky Naming her new Friend/ZETTON Zetty"
Zetty the ZETTON
Calm, kind, caring
Likes Destroying stuff and destruction
Likes her friends and Shockey
Likes Sleeping
Dislikes being defeated
Dislikes when someone calls her weak
Dislikes her inferiority to Hyper ZETTON
Zetton staff_____ Zetty carries with her that she uses for most of powers and energy manipulation, she also uses this to beat enemies down_
{Rebound Beam}
By catching an incoming beam with her hands and when combing her fists, Zetton can absorb any energy beam based attacks with her hands and convert the energy into her own and reflecting the energy as a stream of missile-strength, purplish energy waves from his hands. These waves are very powerful, able to bring down opponents in a single shot due to its fatigue-inducing powers.This attack is also known as "Zetton Blader". If aimed correctly, this can kill Ultras with a single use if the beam strikes their colour timer.
One Million Degree Fireballs
Zetton can emit and launch a variety of yellow fire balls from her mouth, or the orange-yellow stripe spot on her face/forehead. These fireballs range in power with explosive results, vary from being small and weak, which can be fired in rapid succession, to being bigger and more powerful (about the size of his face), creating entire explosions that are larger than himself and are capable of overwhelming the strongest of foes and energy shields. The attack is also known as "Meteorite Fireballs"
{Zetton Shutter (ゼットンシャッター Zetton Shattā?)}
When attacked, Zetton can create and erect a large, powerful, protective, crystal-like energy force field shield around his entire body that is capable of protecting her from all but the strongest of attacks. Should Zetton close the force field while being attacked, projectiles will be bounced directly back at the source. However, the barrier has an opening at the top, and does not shield him from attacks thrown from above his head. In Ultraman, it is yellow, in Max, it is blue.
In order to confuse opponents, Zetton is capable of instantly teleporting herself short distances.
Super Strength
Zetton has great strength, capable of taking on the combined might and forces of Gomora, Litra, and Eleking at once. This great strength he has also allows her to rival the strength of powerful monsters such as King Joe Black and even the Ultramen.
Red Beam
Zetton can fire red-coloured beam from her head.
Light Balls
Zetton fire light balls from her yellow spot at her face It also can be fire rapidly.
Breaking the habit by linkin park
Along with Shockey, Zetty was a ZETTON captured by Scientist and humanized into a human, for months she tested on and experimented on by scientist. She didn't like Shockey nor did she even like the other Humanized kaijus in the facility but she did agree with them that they want they're freedom back.

After 2 months, when Shockey escaped her cage and freed Zetty, this was her only chance to make them pay after all the pain they caused them and blew them to pieces with with One Million Degrees fire balls. After the dust had Settled and the facility was burned to ash, Shockey had persuaded her to become allies but she couldn't call her ZETTON all the time, So she gave her the name "Zetty" because Shockey fitted how adorable her face was when she looks bored.
On a distant island somewhere Unknown where she lives with Shockey

{Hyper Zetty form/last 3 pics}
Arrogant, calm, determined
Dark Fireballs (暗黒火球 Ankoku Kakyū?)
Hyper Zetton (Imago) can launch extremely powerful fireballs from the yellow orbs on its chest, capable of generating immense explosions on impact. When fired, they can also split up and be shot multi-directional and in rapid succession. These can also be charged for a much more powerful attack.
Hyper Zetton Absorb (ハイパーゼットンアブゾーブ Haipā Zetton Abuzōbu?)
When an opponent fires a beam or some other form of energy attack upon Hyper Zetton, it can extend its arms and absorb beam attacks by generating a portal-like hole vortex in front of himself that will quickly absorb the projectiles. The energy is absorbed when the vortex is collapsed and then fired back at his attacker with his "hands."
Hyper Zetton Teleport (ハイパーゼットンテレポート Haipā Zetton Terepōto?)
In order to disorient opponents and land several blows consecutively, Hyper Zetton (Imago) can and is capable of teleporting short and long distances. It appears as his body taking on a wavy form. While performing this, he can temporarily create a shadow clone of himself to attack his foes.
Hyper Zetton Barrier (ハイパーゼットンバリヤー Haipā Zetton Bariyā?)
Hyper Zetton (Imago) can and is capable of generating and erecting a powerful energy shield around its entire body, capable of protect it from even the most powerful of physical and projectile attacks.
Double Strike: Often used with its teleportation, Hyper Zetton (Imago) can generate a short-lived clone of itself that will strike an opponent on the opposite side before returning to its body.
Collapse Aura (コラプサーオーラ Korapusā Ōra?)
Hyper Zetton (Imago) can surround himself in purple flames born of the evil energy that empowers him. It is stated that this ability can also help Alien Bat create monsters without the use of Sphire.
Hyper Zetton (Imago) can fly through the air with ease both with or without the help of his retractable wings on his back. When the wings are unfolded, Hyper Zetton is capable of flight at Mach 33.

It is stated that if Hyper Zetton's wings are destroyed, he will lose his increased speed, as well as his teleportation and barrier abilities. Even though he has an absorption ability, even a blast so powerful such as the Cosmo Miracle Ray can overpower Him
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"T-this will be fun!"
//Code Name//
Shockey the Eleking
//Real name//
Determine, Stubborn, kind/Caring towards allies, Hungry
Likes destruction
Likes Electricuting things
Likes Food
Dislikes having her tail cut off
Dislikes having her antennas blasted off
Long Electric Whip Tail
Eleking’s tail is very long and flexible that he is capable of extending it long enough to allow it to be used as if a whip for whipping opponents mercilessly or even a tentacle used to constrict his foes, wrapping around and choking opponents. His tail can also deliver paralyzing shocks of electricity.
Lightning Bolt
When needed, Eleking can launch a powerful bolt of lightning spewed from his mouth. This bolt has tremendous firepower, strong enough to be able to completely kill weaker monsters in just one hitting shot.
Electric Burst Wave Disc
Eleking can launch blue or yellow, crescent-shaped, electric disc wave bursts of electric energy fired from his mouth. These waves are very powerful and can create missile-strength blasts, cause moderate sized explosions and large fires, and also surge electricity through an opponent. He can even fire these in such rapid succession they develop a beam-like effect.
Electric Shock
Focusing its power, Eleking can send surges of thousands of volts of immense amounts of electricity through any part of its body, delivering a nasty shock. In addition, by simply grabbing hold of a victim, Eleking can channel and send millions of volts of shocking electricity into an opponent’s body through his touch, shocking anything and anybody that makes contact with him. His shocks are strong enough to kill/destroy monsters, if used long enough.
Adept Swimmer
Eleking is able to survive underwater even without being in tadpole form and can also swim very fast.
Carbon Dioxide
Eleking III can spew pure carbon dioxide from its hands. This can cause both humans and Ultras to suffocate.
Electric Shock Surge
Focusing its power, Eleking can sends surge thousands of volts of electricity through any part of its body, including the end of its tail, delivering1 a nasty shock that can electrocute others.
Electricity Absorbtion
Eleking can and is capable of absorbing electricity from nearly any power source around its body through its touch.
Well, Shockey is humanized Eleking that was created in a lab where at team of scientist were humanizing kaijus for research and Shockey was one of them. Shockey was tested for her abilities to conduct/Absorb and Manipulate Electricity but she didn't like either of the kaijus nor Scientist that tested on her and always try to break free of her cage. Shockey was always put in a cage or cell designed to keep her tamed and left her nothing to do there but sit there until she's tamed which never happens, after a few months Shockey started to grow more hatred for the Doctors than kaijus execpt for that one scientist who took good care of her and fed her while the others only fed her once a month when he's Gone.

Now grown tired of her confinement, she Escaped by freeing A ZETTON from being humanized and let rampaged Through the lab facilities. Now Free, Shockey had nowhere to go but wonder the world learning how to live like this seeming that she is no longer her old self and is now stuck as a human. Atleast she made Squad of kaiju friends with her so she doesn't feel alone
Has none but her allies
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I need some warriors.
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