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Yes guys , I made the community. Yes I ship Perico . Yes I dont ship Percabeth that much
Mah Life Mah Rules

name: aquilla arellano.
age: 13.
parent: Bellona.
appearance: black eyes & hair, slender, 5 feet 2 inches tall.
weapons: celestial bronze shield, imperial gold dagger that transforms from a key, when the key is twisted in the lock.
talents: battling, coming up with plans, can run fast.
personality: sense of humour, smart, trustworthy.
cohort: 2.
legion: 12.

Hey guys.....i'm back! Ashish Patel! i made a new account. so moderators....can you guys put me back up at owner?

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Bye guys i m going on a g+ vacation from tomorrow evening(India) till the end of the year .The reason:EVRYBODY IS GOING TO POST DAM HOH SPOILERS AS SOON AS IT COMES OUT AND I DONT WANT TO SPOIL IT FOR ME JUST LIKE MOA.So guys i am just going to be inactive i assure you no monsters are going to kill me(All comunities who remove people for being inactive:Pls Don remove me In the end the decision is yours but pls dont remove me)
PERCY JACKSON?HoO Fan who doesnt want to spoil the book for himself
Alex aka +Harry Jackson 

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I am DAM ANGRY!!!In recent days There have been some post from Rick Riordans  twitter account @camphalfblood about who is going to die in House of hades.But it turned out someone had hacked Ricks account and that info is not true.So at the time being no one(nico,leo,percabeth or anyone else) is not going to surely die.Calm Down.(and kill that F**ing B*** who hacked Ricks account)(sorry for my language I am dam angry)(share this everywhere you can and help out fellow demigods who are all sad)

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So guys calm down.That pic with ricks tweet saying one of percabeth would die is false.It says so on Ricks twitter account

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I know I do this a lot I just want people to join but anyway im the owner and ill accept anyone

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Name: Luxa Carinna McLean
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Godly Parent: Pluto
Hair: medium length, blonde hair, often in a braid or bun
Skin: Tan
Eyes: blue, occasionally pink
Strengths: great with animals, doesn't care what people say about her, stealth 
Weaknesses: crazy, decision making, OCD, roller coasters, feeling unwanted
Likes: horses, pegasi, reading romance novels, eating
Dislikes: Sharks, snakes, boring people
Weapons: dagger, Pegasus
Zodiac: Sagittarius  
Height: 5'5
Pets: a Pink w/ blue spots Pegasus named Waffles
Cohort: 5 (or whichever one i don't care)
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