name: aquilla arellano.
age: 13.
parent: Bellona.
appearance: black eyes & hair, slender, 5 feet 2 inches tall.
weapons: celestial bronze shield, imperial gold dagger that transforms from a key, when the key is twisted in the lock.
talents: battling, coming up with plans, can run fast.
personality: sense of humour, smart, trustworthy.
cohort: 2.
legion: 12.

Hey guys.....i'm back! Ashish Patel! i made a new account. so moderators....can you guys put me back up at owner?

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I know I do this a lot I just want people to join but anyway im the owner and ill accept anyone

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Name: Luxa Carinna McLean
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Godly Parent: Pluto
Hair: medium length, blonde hair, often in a braid or bun
Skin: Tan
Eyes: blue, occasionally pink
Strengths: great with animals, doesn't care what people say about her, stealth 
Weaknesses: crazy, decision making, OCD, roller coasters, feeling unwanted
Likes: horses, pegasi, reading romance novels, eating
Dislikes: Sharks, snakes, boring people
Weapons: dagger, Pegasus
Zodiac: Sagittarius  
Height: 5'5
Pets: a Pink w/ blue spots Pegasus named Waffles
Cohort: 5 (or whichever one i don't care)

is there really only 3 people in the 5th cohort

K guys I'm bored

Name: Nathan Figy
Parent: Vulcan
Abilities: can control fire can build any weapons
Physical abilities: strong, fast, charming
Personality: funny, trustworthy, easily angered
Eyes: brown
Hair: light brown
Cohort: 5th

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i stood in the clearing, watching over the daily activities on my Pegasus Aurora when...
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