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Name: Trinity
Age :23
Past life : a .....demon and salve
Daughter of: hell king
Bio : ....don't know
Ships: Kiki X kiba , trin X ninja , viovet X Laito and more
Strength: 10000
Powers : demon heart , CPU , wolf , neko , baby , eagle , dragon
Weapons: anything is her weapon
Pets: , dragons , wolf
Characters : Viovet, kiba, Kiki , Yuki , Lila, lily and ANIT shot and star and kou ...and more
Outfits : ....fighting gear and normal clothes


If your new Please hurry and do your oc for roleplaying and if you have ships to share post them thank and good day ...-owner

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Thanks For The Invite!

Oc for roleplay ,.....

Name: .
Past life:
Daughter of: (or son of)
Powers: ,
Pets :

Hi welcome I'm the owner I'm name is Trinity you can ship anyone without fighting about ships also we can roleplay you need to do the oc for it .... please take your time with your oc to roleplay if anyone fights about a ship someone please get a mod or a owner remove them you all get 5 warnings if you got 5 your on the ban list ....and owners will remove those people on the list ...have fun and the oc is on the thing you can type it down ...have fun .... -owner
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