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#Didyouknow ? Here are the main symptoms of diabetes 

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Thank you Scott K. Johnson +Scott Johnson  scottdiabetes{dot}com for your review ★★★★★ ❝GOOD LIKE THIS is a fast paced fiction book with type 1 diabetes right at the heart of it. Awesome! Peter Arpesella quickly pulled me into the story of Paul who is living a dream life on the outside, but battling a few different demons on the inside. Wonderfully written, Peter peels back the layers of Paul and his vulnerabilities. As with any of us, diabetes isn't the only struggle Paul faces, but the attitude he takes towards his self-care may be causing him more trouble than he realizes... artfully pulled me through a tangled set of emotions and brought me through the other side having enjoyed his book. If you're looking for a fun read with a little bit of type 1 diabetes thrown in the mix, this should do the trick for you.❞ Get it here

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LAST DAY of the HOLIDAY COUNTDOWN DEAL for this top selling novel, GOOD LIKE THIS ★★★★★ ➔Why is it important for me to tell you about it? Because it's the first time in fiction that diabetes is not a stigma but is... ❝Sexy-Smart-Triumphant-Highly entertaining-Mesmerizing-The journey of a lifetime❞ It is the catalyst for a world of good, for everyone involved. I'm humbled and grateful for the reviews (see them on the Amazon page) and I really hope you'll give it a go. NOW only $2.99! in the US and UK

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❝Mesmerizing story w/universal appeal❞❝Triumphant & delightful❞❝ #mustread ❞ GOOD LIKE THIS - #T1d is seamlessly interwoven in a passionate and gripping story like never before in #fiction - now on #kindle - get it now and love to hear your experience of GOOD LIKE THIS #IndieAuthorAnon

Really good news for a cure for T1 diabetes:
"Dear Friends,
 With the holidays soon approaching, it is a good time to check in and look back on all of the happenings at the Faustman Lab this year.
In 2013, we've continued to make progress on planning for the use of the BCG vaccine in a Phase II human clinical trial.  We are currently screening subjects with all durations of type 1 diabetes, an early step in the Phase II process.
There also continues to be an incredible ground swell of support for our treatment pathway for reversing type 1 diabetes, and we will be meeting this fall in Europe with researchers who are studying BCG in other autoimmune conditions.  We were also very happy to see, this year, that at least two additional studies have confirmed the ability of the pancreas to continue to function decades after diagnosis, a finding we first reported in 2012.
Over the summer, we had a terrific night on Broadway hosted by Stephen Schwartz in support of our research.  There were also more bike rides, golf events, and other fundraising as well.  The individuals that make up the Faustman Lab community of supporters never stop amazing us!
You can read more about all of these highlights by visiting our website and reading the Fall 2013 newsletter at http://www.faustmanlab.or/news/news_nl.html.  
Finally, with over $17 million raised for the Phase II trial already, our goal is to have fundraising completed (by reaching $25.2 million) by the end of 2014.  If you would like to help us meet these goals, please visit to make a secure, tax-deductible contribution today.  Please also continue to tell others about this research, in person and online.
Thank you so much for your support!
Warm regards,
Denise L. Faustman, MD, PhD
Here's the Newsletter Update

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Yesterday we celebrated six years of kicking type 1's butt.x

Dr Denise Faustman is as far as we' re concerned the only viable option for a cure as of this century

Havent you ever wounderedwhat it is like to have type 1 diabetes???
 Sometimes it stinks and sometimes it is awesome but just because we have this doesnt mean that we always need to get bullied for it!!!!

I agree with you jazmyne lets try to STOP type one diabetes
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