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I am a star..

Why I created this page? That’s good Q... I always have this feeling that Somali will soon be peaceful country and it will form a fair government that learns from her past, unfortunately that has never happen yet but i am hopeful that you and i can change the future of our country.
Somalia was in civil-war for two decades, the offense act to overthrow our oppressive Gov. turn into a great destruction of tribalism and mass slaughter to the civilian of Somalia by hungry-man of power & money killing innocent civilians, including elders & young, children & mothers, this is happening until today, because of lack of regulation, our leaders forgets their responsibility to establish cultivation of achievement in their term of service, instead they turn them unfaithfully to the constitution of the land which they conduct full of corruption & injustice. long story short today we can turn the wheels and bring country to appease if we all stand against the wicked evil characters and support the leaders with good solid virtuous conduct who can restore the country from chaos and put rules and regulation in order....... act as one today (Unity)(Midnimo)
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