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Another child abuse incident in Pakistan . I M very sad. Please See the video

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Cry For Help!
Hello everyone, I recently appeared on Dr. Phil to expose a very dangerous ufo predator - Child Predator - and possible serial killer
You can see the taping here
Here is what you all need to know, I supplied Dr. Phil with unbelievable evidence that showed this criminal predator calling little boys and girls claiming he could read their minds by touching their shoulder.
See it here —>
He told these kids that he was a prophet after getting abducted by aliens, getting taken to the moon , witnessing a little girl getting raped in a group environment, and then aliens informing him that he was a prophet.
The con artists name is Richard Wellner Graniel but publicly he goes by Rick Graniel or Ricky Graniel or Richard Wellner.
On Dr. Phil he introduced himself as OG RawDeal a Sacramento gangster rap artist
Dr. Phil took me on stage and then lied. He set me up.
He claimed I had no evidence against this man, and he claimed I was the bad guy.
Dr. Phil knew this man was calling little boys and girls talking about is private and being able to read their minds if they met him.
I Need Your Help
Please share my content and try to create awareness that this man is still at large and that Dr. Phil is a fraud.
Please, I’ve been set up by America’s favorite doctor.

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Do your kids know the difference between appropriate touch and inappropriate touching? Follow the tips and teach your kids the difference between good touch and bad touch. #AskOpinion #SexualEducation #ChildEducation

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This speaks so deeply to me - maybe you too? Sometimes we stay in relationships, live in environments, and keep close contact with people and things that bring so much oppression, fear, and pain. Yet - we normalize it for whatever reason. Maybe to keep our sanity intact while we figure out how to end the madness. The feeling of freedom sheds so much light on the weight we carried. It’s illuminating and energizing.

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Sexual Abuse in 'Fame' Schools

A recent report has revealed a dramatic rise in the number of sexual abuse allegations made against Teesside’s dance, music and stage schools in recent years[1]. The report also highlights a drop in the number of prosecutions.

Almost a third of cases involved historical sexual abuse.

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I’m finding it very hard to write this exact post, maybe it’s because I haven’t been completely reconciled with my past or something.
Okay, I know I am going to confuse some of you because earlier I leaped back into my eleventh year to bring out some Memory Files and this was after sharing what happened when I was a young teenager. Now I’m back into my teen years, got it?

Do you remember me telling you about being ‘kidnapped’ by a couple of uncles?

Well, here we are, a new life is before us. Now we are living in a proper home once again, one with running water, lights, and all that good stuff we were used to in this modern day and age. I assume Mom’s brothers and church family were instrumental in having that happen though it is a piece of the puzzle I never actually searched for.

We were given a warm welcome: I remember the girls my age, a couple of them which were my cousins, putting on a party which included presenting me with a homemade scrapbook where they had each added a page or two.  It was a very nice gesture.

But somehow, what lingers most warmly in my mind is going to school on that first day of grade ten. Just inside the glass doors of the big school were two girls waiting for me. They became my best friends.

  Okay, I guess I need to venture into what’s really hurting, can’t skirt it any longer.  Mom had gone home to her people but she wasn’t ‘one of them’ in spirit, if you catch the drift.

I’ve always shielded myself from this fact because it hurt too much. It was easier to say that Mom was depressed because of all the pain she had gone through, but the truth was I, we, were hurting and she wasn’t there for us. 

The silent disapproval I had already felt as a child remained, and I found her quite unapproachable.  Once, maybe a year or so after we got there, she shared her heart with me. It was a heady experience for a fifteen or sixteen year old, but I was too young to really help her. 

So what did I do? I turned to writing and finished my first novel while in my teens but later threw it out. I also wrote poetry that expressed my anguish and other moods. 

I still quote these lines from one of the poems from time to time: ‘Chains of darkness flung around me binding me with fear’, hmm, the rest of the words are escaping me. What were they? I wrote about the ‘echoes from the past’ meaning the sexual abuse that had such a damaging effect on my ego.

Teenage years can be tumultuous even for those from a stable home, and mine wasn’t easy. I had such extreme mood swings that on one occasion I took way too many aspirin in a desperate attempt to end it all. Did I have side effects? Not really. Did Mom know? Shrug.

But was God there? Yes, He most definitely was, and although at times I couldn’t feel Him, looking back I realized that what I thought were stumbling blocks were really stepping tones that shone like jewels on my way towards Heaven.

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I feel I must deal on my own. Like Noone else can understand
Most, well all of my support systems have their own problems. I'm on my own. Always!!
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