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Name: Aya

Age: 12

Side: Good

Status: Single

Eye color: Blue

Race: Lombax

Likes: The YouTuber 7, spending time with friends and video games

Dislikes: The rebellion army, Princess nightmare and the nightmare virus

Friends: Kylie, Elaine and Sloane

Sister: Isabella

Family: Bella (Mom), Hunter (dad), Isabella (sister)

Appearance: Aya appeared with a pink and red top, blue shorts, pink and Red streaks and grey gloves.

Personally: Aya is a sweet girl just like Isabella and she helped her family even the maverick Hunters (Which it's X, Zero and Axl)

Voiced by: Andrea libman (Voice actor of Fluttershy)

Theme: Song of the sea

" Whoa whoa whoa! I'm not here to hurt you I'm Aya. Bella and Hunter's second daughter"- Aya.

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Name: Darkness

Age: 14- 15

Likes: Being evil

Dislikes: The YouTuber 7 and moona being sarcastic.

Family: princess nightmare (Creator)

Counterpart of: X

Status: Taken (By Vivian/Evil Alia)

Voiced by: Kirk Thornton (He's the voice actor of Shadow in sonic boom)

"Saving the world? You! Don't make me laugh your weak and you know what makes you weak? Your loyalty to your pathetic friend Marie. Your going through that portal I'm gonna show just how weak you are!"- Darkness

Theme (Survivor by Die Happy):

What do you think of my bio of Darkness +MarieCarrasco143​ and +Chloe The Hedgefox/ Chloe Heartrocks​. He's also gonna be in Chloe's adventures of robots and +MarieCarrasco143 ​do you think you can make a script when X met darkness. He appeared with Phineas T ratchet.

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Name: Cameron "Cami" Leigh Stein

Age: 16 - 17 (In real life, I'm 18, will turn 19 soon)

Birth Date: April 9th, 2008 (In real life, it's April 9th, 1998)

Like: Her friends, pizza, her Pokemon

Dislikes: Evil, name calling, gross food

Family: Kathleen Stein (Mother), Howard Stein (Father), Jensen Stein (Great-grandfather), Penelope Stein (Great-grandmother), Ava (Ancestor), Temple (Egyptian Ancestor)

Friends: Jak, Pikachu, Yugi Mutou, Slaine Troyard (Love Interest), Yami Yugi, Asseylum Vers Allusia, Tyler Bowman, Kevin Reynolds, Jennifer Shope, Theodore "The Roach" Roachmont, +MarieCarrasco143, +Sonja Farrington, +Bella Silverstar2, +XxMadisonxX, +Lora Light MLPTM, +Chloe The Hedgefox/ Chloe Heartrocks, Kurapika, Klonoa, Memnock, Zenblock, Miley, Ziley, Inaho Kaizuka, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Adrien Agreste

Rival: Varion

Enemies: Darrienne the Hedgehog, Kaos, Lord Hater, Hawk Moth, Virus, Jock Jockerson, Count Venamus, Mr. Wertz, Amber Bourgeois, Bakura the Thief King

Race: Elf

Personality: Sweet, Loyal, Loud, Tomboyish

Gender: Female

Status: Taken (By Slaine Troyard)

Voiced by: Cameron Stein (That's Me!)

Theme: Battle Frontier by JorporXx (Mark de Groot) and Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

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Age: Teenager (All I know that he's a teenager but I don't know his age)

Status: Taken (By cosmic)

Daughter: Emily

Likes: The YouTuber 7

Dislikes: Darkness, Cosmic or Emily being killed and Red alert (Since he worked for red alert in Megaman X7)

Appearance: Axl appears as a teenager with green eyes, an X-shaped scar on his face and spiky auburn hair that sprouts outward rather than flow down. His basic armor design is somewhat similar to X with a black sheen (or indigo sheen in X7) featuring red accents. His shoulder guards are pointed and his legs feature small booster-like compartments. Jutting from his upper back are two long, white retractable "wings." His helmet design, when viewed from topside, resembles an upside down 'A' with a circular camera-like lens in the center.

Personality: Axl is cocky and has a sense of humor. Although he can be very whiny when there is nothing to do, which can get on X and Zero's nerves, Axl is kind-hearted and always cares about others. He often brags about how he is one of the best and this can get him into trouble. He is immature and naive, but he has his heart in the right place and still tries his best to fight for justice. Axl can also be noted to have a sort of fondness for battle, which puts him in contrast with X. However, this may turn out to be a good thing, as seen in Megaman X8 when twice he convinces X to continue fighting against their enemies, at least until the war is over.

Voiced by: Jeffrey Watson

" Just the thought of wiping the floor with those Mavericks makes my trigger finger itch!"- Axl


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I saw Amber wearing a new necklace and I asked her where she get that thing and I reached out to touch it, but Amber grabbed my wrist and angrily tells me that if I touch it, I'm gonna pay, so I told her that I won't and that she needs to chill out.

Amber and OC collab belongs to +MarieCarrasco143

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Name: Zero

Age: Older than X (Like I said about Axl's age I don't know his age)

Likes: The YouTuber 7

Dislikes: Sigma, The rebellion army and princess nightmare

Status: Taken (By iris)

Daughter: Rachel

Appearance: Zero prominently sports a red color scheme. In his first appearance, Zero's armor was round for the most part with a red, black and white color scheme and white shoulder guards with a stylized "Z" insignia on his left shoulder. His helmet is horned and features a sharp blue crystal in contrast to his partner, X's smoother red gem. Perhaps his most striking feature is his long blond hair that flowed freely about, making Zero appear fiery in comparison to X's more cool and consistent blue scheme. When Serges of the X-Hunters reconstructed Zero's parts, he upgraded the body, including reinforced shoulder plates and Z-Saber. Other enhancements were the improved arm guards (in contrast to the original streamlined ones) and leg joints, with improved mid-air dash thrusters and gold-plated covers, along with thicker and bigger chest armor. A small "backpack" device is also added as both storage and recharging unit for the Z-saber. The first version of Zero was apparently just an "incomplete" prototype, since this version is the outline shown in the blueprints in The Power Fighters. Like X, Zero's power source is solar energy. His body material is comprised of a Titanium Z alloy, and is equipped with peculiar mechanisms called the Z-Brain (the head lens) and the Z-Heart (the chest lens), which conceal an unknown power


Voiced by: Lucas gilbertson

"Even if we Reploids are destined to join the scrap heap when that evolutionary step does come about...We still have to fight...Not only against Mavericks, but against our own destiny as well."- Zero

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Name: Isabella

Side: Good

Race: Human

Status: Taken (By Taru)

Age: 15

Likes: The YouTuber 7, Music and technology

Dislikes: The rebellion army and princess nightmare

Family: Bella (Aka me), Hunter and Aya

Friends: Kylie ( +Chloe The Hedgefox/ Chloe Heartrocks​' oc), Sloane ( +Sonja Farrington​'s oc) and Elaine ( +Cameron Stein​'s oc) Rodney, Piper, and Cappy

Gem name: pink diamond (I'll make isabella's gem form soon which you'll see her gem form on deviant art and my deviant art is "Bellasilverstar2" So if you want to come see my art then search my deviant art name)

Appearance: Isabella had blue eyes, a red and pink crystal wings, a black pony tail and she first appeared in chloe's adventures of robots.

Personality: Isabella is a sweet teenage girl with a kind heart. She also show zero a way to forget his past when He worked for Dr. Wily. She is also nice to her parents and has a sweet voice

Voiced by: Kelly Sheridan (voice of liana from Barbie and the diamond castle)

Singing voice: Auli'i Cravalho (voice of Moana which I saw Moana and it was awesome but I don't want to spoil the scenes from Moana. )


" There is always hope inside you if you don't give up"- Isabella

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I'm sorry, but please share this to 5 communities

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NAME: Marie

AGE: 14

LIKES: Her friends, music, macarons, dancing, cats, singing

DISLIKES: Queen Vixion, the Shadowling Trio, Dusk Moon, Amber Bourgeois, Regina Overkill, Phineas T. Ratchet, Madame Gasket, villains, arguments between her friends, Shadowlings

GENDER: Female



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Does any of you know that I have create a new rivalry between the Shadowling Trio and 3 members of the Red Team?
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