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Welcome to any new members! Here you can ask philosophical sorts of questions about life, the universe & everything & such, & join the conversation in the comments. The mods & I are here to do what we can to ensure that everyone's opinions are respected, though I have to say that so far, it's been a quite an easy job because the people here have been awesome. ^-^ Enjoy

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Relativism, i.e. "all truth is relative" is self-refuting, e.g. if all truth is relative then the statement that all truth is (or all truths are...) relative is also relative. Consider the complementary statement of relativism that "there are no absolute truths" - shall we make an exception for this one case?


So what then is truth? Merely a condition of propositions which requires no capitalization of the term except at the beginning of sentences, e.g. Truth is correspondence of utterance and what is.

Do Not Run the Risk

If you hate someone you run the risk of someone hating you.
If you yell at someone you run the risk of someone yelling at you.
If you hurt someone you run the risk f someone hurting you.

We are all connected through consciousness. 
This consciousness we have is me and you there is no separation.

The mind makes an identity of the self, this is what you call the ego. That is how we have individuality. But if you meditate and go in deeper beyond the mind, all that only exist is consciousness. And this consciousness is what connects us all.

That is why we have Karma. 
What you do to others will only be done to the self. Because everything that have a consciousness is a part of you and you are a part of that consciousness.

That is why: We are All One in the Same. Just like how we have a body but underneath we all have a soul, but a soul is just another way of describing consciousness.

That is why I tell you Do Not Run the Risk.

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walk that extra mile
*the attitude of going an "extra mile" makes a difference in what we undertake. The extra mile brings difference in the personality, making one ,an individual with interesting character. That is an attitude of looking beyond the rules.
True leaders emerge by ds attitude only! In science ,it leads to innovations!
Limiting ourselves to just match d basic requirements is fulfilling d responsibility. It may not originate from active interest....
So do adopt a habit to walk dat extra mile!!

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We humans are same As d diamond needs to be cut many make it look marvelous... But we also need to be careful that how much pressure we apply on d process of cutting d that it does not lose its beauty!!!

U know wat friends....v all might hv been through d phase n lost!!
But wats most important z not to hide ur pain or fear....
But let ur heart cry out to fullest n let ur tears roll to extreme...n wen nxt morning u vl wake up...u vl feel relaxed n vl definitely feel dat u missed urself....for so long!!
Jz....never stop luving urself...even if u r single:)

Who would like to debate? Personally, I didn't want to say my philosophy, without knowing if anyone would actually hear it

I'm looking for a word or phrase and have faith the answer can be found here. I'll lay out the situation/conversation. This isn't in a formal debate setting.
The US is founded on natural law; the rights to life liberty and property.
A casual debater claims property is undefined because different people define "own" differently.

My instinct is to argue that disputing "own" is being too abstractly argumentative. We generally accept when we own something. It is usually when someone wants to take something that they try to be overly philosophical in defining such a concept to muddy the waters.

What is a word or phrase to describe that more succinctly? Is it a recognized form of fallacy?

This is a philosophical predicament I have. 

As humanity creates, we begin to understand the origin of creation. 

As so God is the creator and we as humans created in the image of God are co-creators. 

We will return back to the origin of creation when we perfect creation. 

Any ideas to justify this?

Here is a good question
If God is loving, why do natural disasters happen?
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