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Name: Katie Snow
Gender: Female
Weapon: bow and arrow
Age: 16
Bio: A high schooler who was on a plane with her best friend when the plane was about to crash her friend saved her life

Name: Ayame Kuzonoha
Age: 12
Gender: female
Appearance: waist length brunet hair (normally in a ponytail), brown eyes, lightly tanned skin
Weapon: hunting knife, throwing knife, hand made bow and arrows
Bio:I've been an orphan my whole life, the person who "adopted" me had plans to sell me into slavery. While on rout we had a ship reck ending up on the island.
I was only four when we recked but I still remember what had happened. After the reck i had found a wolf pup that had been abandoned, I was sympathetic towards it and decided to raise it. Since then Erebus (the wolf) and I have lived on the island together.

Name: End
Gender: Male
Weapons: End has homemade sharp wooden katana he made with a branch, as well as a knife he had on him
Age: 18
Bio: End is a weapon's crafter, and was on his way to a weapon's convention, when his ship was attacked by extremists, and he was shipwrecked. End always has at least a knife on him, so when he got ship wrecked, he used a knife to make a durable wooden katana to use to help him survive.

Andreas is walking around on the beach, looking for items he can eat or make tools out of

Andreas is lifting and carrying heavy stones to get stronger ~Pant~ work!

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Name: Andreas

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Weapons: A sharp piece of stone with a short bit of drift-wood tied on with some of his own shirt (A dagger-like weapon)
Bio: Was going to a country by boat when it was sucked into a whirlpool and washing up on the island.

Sitting on the mountain top thinking

Name: (Doesn't remember)
Gender:  Male
Weapons:  Colt M1911, Machete, 5 throwing spears (Homemade)
Age: Doesn't remember looks around 18-19
Bio: Was on a airplane when it crashed into a ocean using an inflatable raft   and winded up here lost his memory in the crash 

Name: Nikolai
 Gender: male
  weapons: combat knife hunting rifle and a home made bow
 Age: 32
 Bio: ex cop retired after busting a major drug lord and got trapped in the wilderness after his boat wreck into the island
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