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Name - Colonel Radec

Species - Helghast

Age - 35-40

Faction: Helghast

Titles - Colonel, Hound of Visari

Affiliation - Helghan Empire, Autarch's Guard

Weapons - StA-18 Pistol, M32 Combat Knife, StA-3 Light Machine Gun, Teslite Grenade, Frag Grenade

Early Career

Mael Radec was born sometime in the 24th century on Helghan around the time of the great depression. When Scolar Visari rose to power, Radec joined the newly formed military. Due to his extremely impressive skills, he quickly rose through the ranks. He was made Colonel for his ruthless leadership and later set up the Radec Academy in Pyrrhus City. Radec helped plan the invasion of Vekta in 2357 and worked as an adviser to Visari, along with General Lente, General Metrac, and Colonel Cobar. He never took part in the invasion himself, and remained behind to train more troops at his academy. He is a rare commander as he requires a breathing mask similar to the lower ranking Helghast however many of the lower ranks speak highly of him unlike the troops under Lente.

Colonel Radec was placed in command of the Helghast forces assigned to protect the Empires' Capitol, and Radec was personally entrusted to protect Autarch Visari. For the next two years, he prepared the defenses of Pyrrhus in anticipation of an invasion from the EDF Radec helped evacuate the civilians of Pyrrhus to Konstantine City, set up a fleet, and prepared the Arc defenses for the likely invasion. Before the Helghast retreated from Vekta, they managed to obtain the nuclear weapon named Red Dust, but failed to obtain the launch codes and so Radec had made it his priority to find and retrieve them.
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Is anyone gonna be active on here or what?

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Name: Victor Civeris Altec

Nickname: Civeris

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Species: Helghast

Height: 7,7

Eye color: Blood Red

Hair color: Dark Black

Skin tone: Pale

Home planet: Helghan

Rank: Assassin

Abilities: Stealth, reconnaissance, assassination, high amount of knowledge in weaponry, marksmanship, superhuman agility, superhuman speed, and close quarters combat

Weapon: VC32 Sniper Rifle, StA-409 Keyzer, StA-19 Reigner, Kunai daggers and an assasain blade

Style: I mostly wear black when I'm at home with my girlfriend. Due to the mandatory regulations on Helghan, I always keep my gas mask on so you can only see my eyes and hair.

Transportation: For all my missions, I use the Helghast Stealth Bomber

Species description: The Helghast are isolated demi humans that have been exiled from their original home, Vekta. Because of Helghan's hazardous environment, the Helghast evolved to become stronger, faster, and smarter than humans but also more anti social and isoated.

Personality: Despite the environment of my planet and how I look, I'm actually a kind person. Just don't get under my skin or attempt to hurt/harass my girlfriend.

Interests: Learning of other planets besides Vekta and Earth.

Likes: Anime, cyber punk art, manga books, tea, spiders, sleeping, and firearms.

Dislikes: ISA (Basically the Helghast arch nemesis).

Transportation description: The Helghast Stealth Bomber is a fast and sleek aircraft. It can travel up to 185 miles per hour and is equipped with a cloaking device that is invisible to the most advanced radar and sonar in the universe. The Helghast Stealth Bomber has a variety of armaments incuding a 120mm nose canon that fires 60mm petrusite ammunition. The Helghast Stealth Bomber is also equipped with 4 air to air guided missiles that can not be destroyed by flares. It also has 3 JDAMS (Joint Direct Attack Munition Systems) that can be dropped on any target from any range.

Bio: I'm very secret about my past and would prefer not to tell it to anyone.

Girlfriend's Name: Angela Marek Ramius

Nickname: Angoline

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Species: Helghast

Height: 6'5

Eye Color: Dark Black

Hair Color: Dark Black

Skin Tone: Pale

Home Planet: Helghan

Rank: Military Police

Abilities: Close quarters combat, high amount of knowlegde in weaponry, marksmanship, and superhuman strength.

Weapon: StA-19 Reigner, Kunai daggers and assassin blade

Style: Same as mine but more feminine. 
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*I had remained home as Orlock had gone to a meeting with the helghast senate and ordered that I stay and continue my studies. After several hours had passed I had finished my studies and decided to go for a walk outside around the private home.*
(Open rp)

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Name: Reign

Nickname: Rose of Helghan, or Little Angel of Helghan.

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Hieght: 5'3

Weight: 125lbs

Race Centaurian (My own made up species. Has a human body with the ears and tail of a horse.)

Personality: Shy, honest, loyal, and curious.

Faction: Helghast

Weapons: Sometimes carries my Sta19 Reigner

Bio I am the adopted daughter of Admiral Orlock. My family was killed on my home planet Centaurious when I was a young child. The cause of their death's is unknown to me. I spent several years living in an orphanage after being sent to Vekta by my only surviving family members then captured and placed into the hands of the helghast. Many children were taken and brought to be trained as soldiers in the near feature. Only a handful of them were sent along with me to a helghan orphanage. When I was 17 I was adopted by Admiral Orlock and sent to live in his privet home where I was brought up and taught proper manners and how to conduct myself like royalty. Here I was also allowed to keep the belongings that came with me such as my horse Aviatrix. For two years I was kept away from the public eye. Orlock's wishes were to keep me safe until I was old enough to take on some responsibilities of my own. But I still remain under his protection and safe guard.

Rank: None. I'm pretty much a royal adopted into the line.

My artwork btw =D
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Does anybody still rp on here?

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Name: Jacob Winters
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Race: Human 
Faction: ISA 
Weapons: M224 LMG, M4 Revolver, combat knife
Bio: Jacob has been a career soldier with the ISA as a squad gunner. Jacob entered the ISA invasion of Helgan with the second wave of soldiers, his squad getting quickly cut off from the main platoon in the Helgan Capital, forcing Jacob and his squad to go into hiding to avoid getting overwhelmed
Rank: Staff Sargent
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Some one play killzone 2 ?

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Name: Catarino Alfaro
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Faction: ISA
Rank: Corporal
Weapons: M82 assault rifle, M4 revolver, M194 frag grenades
Bio: Born in a military family, he joined the ISA marines at 25. He was still in basic training on Vekta when the Helghast attacked. He was the sole survivor in his platoon. He almost met death untill a tank platoon saved him. Two years later, he was in the 2nd wave invading Helgan. His current status is unknown.

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