I forgot this existed I shall say

Like I mentioned, I'm Village Roadshow.

What the hell just happened?

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There's still time! Comment below to tell me which parody you want
I've got a few spaces left for companies you could base off of!

-20th Century FOX
-Dimension Films
-Warner Bros
-New Line Cinema

IT'S OK EVERYONE! I kicked out Shadow66, so Sonic82 won't hijack him or raid the community

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I'm sorry for not posting a video of the week this week, it's just that I had a strep throat + felt kinda sick. But VOTW will be back next week

Let's set +Imageny as our TimeWarner, whenever he joins

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Video of the week #1. Keep in mind that I'm gonna post VOTW for certain occasions

Welp, since I'm United Artists, Trenton is Turner, Mitchy is MGM, Shadow is Viacom/Paramount, and Sam is Cartoon Network. Any idea who our TimeWarner should be?
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