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Hi! Welcome to the community. Um.. Here's the template for the OC's and characters your using. and Bio is optional, ENJOY YOUR STAY!! :D

Love Interest:

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Goku is amazing

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My meow is cuter than yours
Unicorns are more real than your boobs
I want blood, guts, and angel food cake

Name: Alexia Blue

Preferred Name: Alexia or Candy

Age: 17

Date of Birth: 10/29

Race: Caucasian

Gender: female

Sexuality: bi (but it really just depends on the person ^w^)

Relationship status: taken by +Axel Night

Appeared Age: 18/19

Height: 5'5

Weight: 134lbs

Skin Color: white (but sometimes has a light brown tan)

Eye Color: natrually blue (but frequently uses colored contact lenses)

Hair Style: just a bit long and wavy (but does dye it and wears wigs offen)

Hair Color: natrually brown (but again dyes it and uses wigs offen)
Personality: sort of a pastel punk (since she is pastel goth) but does have a kind side, if your nice to her she'll be nice back

Brief Biography: when Alexia was young (around 4/5) her parents couldnt support there whole family so they had to give her away, she lived in an orphanage for most of her life but on her 17th birthday she was allowed the choice to leave or stay. She left. Now alexia lives by herself, and has a job as a barista in there local coffee shop

Friends: none yet but is has high hopes to make some! ^w^
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+Axel Night i was walking through the park, the stars glimmering above me. I stopped at a nearby bench and sat down, but i could hear footsteps off in the distance.


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Name: Axel Night

Nickname: Guitar Dude

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bi

Likes: Playing my guitar, rock&roll, gaming, and partying

Dislikes: Braggers, couch potatos, and reading

Bio: Raised in a family of five, it was my two brothers, my mom, dad and me. My father was the classic sporty dad and never failed to let each of us know that if we werent athletic like him we were sure to let him down.
My brothers on one hand were ecstatic, and always happy to practice with dad. But me, on the other hand, i hated sports. My heart had been just like my mothers, in love with music.
Every time my dad would call us outside all my mind was ever on was waiting till i could go back inside and practice my guitar with mom... sadly my father began to catch on. He hated my love for music, and had multipul times threatened to leave my mother if she didnt tell me to stop.
Well, one day he got his way, but not the way you might think. My mother filed for a divorce, saying how she "couldnt live with a man that couldnt accept her child for who he is". Soon after the divorce we ended up moving, not wanting to be surrounded by old memories. That was 3 weeks ago, now were here...

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sitting on a table in the local park with guitar in hand. Playing hey there delighla on a bright sunny day (( anyone wanna rp ))

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Sooo cute
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Chippy by Jaba
My first legit music video so
tell me what you think 🙋 😁
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I'm Jaba, if You Don't Know

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I'll Be Myself, I Pretend I'm Me in everything I play anyway 😂

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My First Freestyle
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