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After ending the consulting at Sea Restaurant, we are again available for all your event, let's us take care of your wedding, lunch corporate, or just a Diner with friends and family as "Easter" & all others needed...

Our 20 years experience on seminars, salons, wedding, Private event can make you feel secure, we will take care of you and you'll just have to enjoy a highly cooking mixed with lots of traditional flavors as our "Grand Mother" made & a touch of Chef Michelin's stars knowledges...

For Easter Menu, you can order until March 22nd 2016, and if you want to adapt something on this menu, feel free to ask us by email:

or by phone: Joelle: (954)296-7901

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Marcos classic furniture of timeless charm. With its English-style fits in anywhere in the home. Everything you see can be had in white, dark brown, light brown and solid mahogany and plywood.
Please email us for a quote. 
Our e-mail address is as follows:
Thank you for your attention.

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For Christmas, Le Carré USA and Philippe Martinetti propose you a special Menu and wish you Happy Holidays
For special command, we adapt the menu to your desires
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