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Did you know that there is a NEW member app you can download to your smart phone to access your law firm? Watch the video so you can have EASIER ACCESS to your attorney 24/7!

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This is not a member story but many of our members were in this position so I thought I would share it with you. Don't wait until it's too late to take care of your business.
I've read various opinions about Price not having a will but one cold fact is in this article. Most people I know love their family dearly and won't purposely do anything to cause and doubt with that. I know you want the best for them. Don't make this mistake and leave them in this position where they can't get what you worked hard for. With LegalShield, it's not a matter of cost or confusion. It's simply enrolling and doing it. What's your excuse?

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The rising cost of prescription drugs can be ridiculous. No family should have to chose between a healthy body and a healthy bank account, but in today's world that's what many Americans are doing.
My 15 year old daughter had a recent health scare that required a prescription. When we went to pick it up, they said that the insurance did not cover it and we would have to pay $260. Most people can't afford to just pay that amount in the middle of the week on an unexpected expense. In hopes of lowering the cost, we resorted to showing the discount prescription card we have through being an associate with LegalShield. When she ran the card, she replied that it will be $15. My wife said "Excuse me?". To be able to save over $245 on a much needed medication was a blessing this morning because that was more than I'm paying to have a year's worth of coverage with this wonderful company! Thank you LegalShield!!!! +Temeka Davis

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With the many "solutions" on the market, how do you choose the best coverage. Well the answer is not who markets the best. The answer is who is behind the scenes working hard on your behalf to protect you and if necessary, restore your life after you have been victimized. I urge you to compare Kroll to any company and you will blown away!

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When was the last time you requested your Medical Information Bureau (MIB) report? Most don't know that they have one or how to review it. It can save you from one of the most common types of ID Theft today. Here is what it is and how to access it:

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Timeline for our most recent call with LegalShield.
4:26 Called the law firm about a speeding ticket we got in Louisiana (we live in Texas). The rep was courteous and took his time getting our information. I loved how he asked what was the ALLEGED speed too! ;)
He advised us that we should get a call from the attorney within the next 8 hours (by contract) but it should be much sooner.

4:50 Got a call from our attorney making sure we could fax or upload the ticket to the law firm so they can begin our defense. He told me they valued us as clients and not to worry about it because they had our back.

Now that is FAST service. What did it cost me? Nothing outside the $20 a month I'm already paying! Living MORE... Worrying LESS. #LegalShield  

Top 10 Reasons LegalShield Members called the Provider Law Firms in 2014 (from Leslie Fisher, VP for Attorney Services)
#10: Criminal Matters 
#9: Civil Litigation (Lawsuits)
#8: Employment Matters
#7: Collections Matters
#6: Real Estate Matters 
#5: Traffic Tickets (Moving Violations)
#4: Landlord - Tenant Matters
#3: Family Law
#2: Estate Planning
#1: Consumer Finance
The number of calls regarding the Top 5 matters are significantly higher than the rest of the calls proving once again that what most middle income
people believe about the need for attorneys (i.e. committing a crime or being sued) is contrary to what they actually need help with.

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