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Robin Hands on

Will there be any security updates between now and February 2018?

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To clear things up.

So did all support end today including email? Will any more updates be released?

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New smartphone? #Razer #Nextbit
Nextbit buyer, Razer, is reportedly working on a smartphone for gamers #Nextbit #Razer

Early this year, Razer surprised us all with its acquisition of Nextbit, the maker of the standout Robin smartphone. Razer has now reported to sources an IPO filing in Hong Kong, and that they are working on a smartphone thanks to the mobile division of…

Will cloud support for the Nextbit end on 7/31/17?

Switched back to my Blu Life One X2 for vacation and I miss my Robin so much 😭

Battery may be better on the X2, but doesn't make up for what a better experience the Robin provides.

How to use one hand mode in our nextbit Robin..

I'm very happy and excited with my new Nextbit Robin!

Any chance that the Nextbit Robin gets Android O?
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